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  1. I've just checked and the old stones unhallowed title is from a book shallan/jasnah use in their research by a shin author. So trying to figure out if there would be any uniqueness to how szeth, or one of the daughters-Hasweth, or shin authors in general would title their works. Anyway: Keep on Waffling: Szeth denounces the shamanate Knowing ofing Wasing: Shin logicmasters have been influenced by the Lord Mistborn (via you know who) Ketchup on Waffles: my 2 yo is the main character of SA5
  2. Dives into dense piles of coins as if they were water. Present during one or more Christmas miracles... any healings perhaps?
  3. Just stumbled across this guy who is a real life "Wit playing flute among the chasms." His name is Armin Küpper and he plays saxophone with himself next to giant pipes and such. It's a trip. (I don't remember the rules for links on here, so just going to recommend you look him up on YouTube.)
  4. 3 replies to get to excrement. It's probably not a record, but it's still nice.
  5. Worst. Job. Ever.
  6. So I've just heard in Oathbringer > 60. 'Winds and Oaths' where Kaladin observes the colorful strata of the Windblades. I've heard this at least once before as well. And searching through other forum topics - it seems like other unique stone formations on Roshar may have similar. Question is: why are these not covered over with millennia-worth of crem by now? How are external rock-faces exhibiting colorful strata at all? Any ideas?
  7. Do we think Dalinar did this in his early life? Or was on the path to it perhaps?
  8. I hear what you are saying here, I think i may have fallen into a fallacy with this one - trying to match surges to essences when it is the orders from the double eye that associate to the heralds/essences/attributes, while the surges fall between the lines, so to speak. Need to think a bit more on it...
  9. Welcome! I came in through the audiobooks as well!!! I pretty much am listening to one Sanderson or other on repeat these days. Just finished my second WoR listen yesterday and mind spinning with all the new things that stood out this time around. Now that I've joined 17th Shard though... starting to eye the print copies so i can get my hands on the maps and charts and miscellany that doesn't come across in audio form very well, if at all. So far just White Sand, as it can't be consumed in audio form. Gah!
  10. Yes this!! I've been wondering about the essences and the appearance of Syl in partiicular! Most often, her non-human-like appearances are either as a zephyr or a cloud/mist. Those align with the 2 essences for windrunners of Zephyr/Translucent Gas/Air and Vapor/Opaque Gas/Smoke/Fog. I love the idea that the times she takes those forms relate particularly to her feelings on the current situation and the divine attributes that might be involved in it. I'll have to pay attention to this on my next re-read.
  11. Oh nice! Yes and you even wondered about the orders being related to more than one type of spren (a la the inner connections on the chart.) Though since not all the orders have 4 total connections to other orders, not sure what those mean thus far.
  12. Why do we get 2 effects from a Nahel bond? Building off the theory that the focus for surgebinding is the Nahel-Bond itself, or more precisely, the puzzle-piece-filling of a Spren into a broken human to form a new reforged/"whole" entity. I posit that it is because the bond works in 2 directions: The spren completing the person's brokenness while the person completes the Spren's sentience. This then implies that each type of bond-forming Spren requires a different aspect of sentience to become whole. So, can we line this up on the Ars Arcanum chart for Divine Attributes and Surges? Let's try! 1st Theory of Combination: Each participant in the bond provides a single row from the Divine Attributes table. - Kaladin provides Protecting/Leading/Adhesion; Syl Provides Just/Confident/Gravitation. - Lift provides Loving/Healing/Abrasion; Wyndle provides Learned/Giving/Progression. - Shallan provides Creative/Honest/Illumination; Pattern provides Wise/Careful/Transformation. Ok this one just looks wrong. Shallan is *not* the honest one in this relationship. But she is the creative one... So on to our... 2nd Theory of Combination: Each Participant provides one of the 2 Divine Attributes from each of the applicable rows in the table. It is then the combination of these 2 attributes that results in the specific surge that is expressed. Furthermore I posit that the two participants in the bond will form an 'X' on the chart between the attributes. Let's see if it holds up: - Kaladin Protecting + Syl Leading = Adhesion; Kaladin Confident + Syl Just = Gravitation. - Lift Loving + Wyndle Healing = Abrasion; Lift Giving + Wyndle Learned = Progression. - Shallan Creative + Pattern Honest = Illumination; Shallan Careful + Pattern Wise = Transformation. - Dalinar Pious + Stormfather Guiding = Tension; Dalinar Leading + Stormfather Protecting = Adhesion OK so far those are looking spot on! Yeah! Now on to more speculative pairings: - Renarin Learned + ____spren Giving = Progression; Renarin Honest + ____spren Creative = Illumination - Jasnah Wise + Ivory Careful = Transformation; Jasnah Builder + Ivory Resolute = Transportation - Skybreaker/Szeth Just + Highspren/Nightblood Confident = Gravitation; Skybreaker/Szeth Obedient + Highspren/Nightblood Brave = Division - Stump (Edgedancer vs. Truthwatcher): I must say I'm stumped by Stump either way. Followup Questions: Can we use this theory to posit the types of spren that will bond the other surgebinders? (E.g. Renarin's spren would in some way bring Giving and Creative to the relationship, so what might that spren be?) Are the Honorspren always Leading & Just and the Windrunner always Protecting and Confident? Could you gain access to the same 2 surges via a different bond with a being who was Leading and Just and a spren who was Protecting and Confident? Could it be that Szeth's pairing with Nightblood is actually a swap/subversion of the traditional Highspren bond? Meaning a normal Skybreaker provides Confident and Brave while the Highspren provides Just and Obedient. Even further - are there 4 types of bonds which could theoretically grant access to the same 2 surges?? (Add Protecting/Just being + Leading Confident spren as well as Leading confident being + Protecting/Just spren.)
  13. The bond as focus! I like this a lot. (Though distinguishing between the Spren and the Bond may not be necessary in the end - i.e. would the same type of Spren be able to form a different type of bond? We have not seen this yet in Stormlight Archive so far as I know - Voidspren being distinct from the Spren that form Nahel bonds.) There may be a relevant implication of using the word "Nahel" for the bond between human and spren. With the word having connotations of "Quenching" (as in thirst), and knowing that surgebinders must first be broken in some way, It has seemed to me that different Spren are attracted to different "shapes" of brokenness. The Spren, in the Nahel bond, quenches, or fills, the hole in a person created by their brokenness. So, more specifically, if we are looking for the specific "shape" for our bond-focus/filter, might it be this? Investiture: The Spren, as pieces of shardic power, become linked to a person. That link is formed by the Spren choosing to bond someone with a form of brokeness that matches their nature (or perhaps which is the inverse of their nature?). They graft themselves into the person's soul(Cognitive Aspect?), filling the brokeness and reforging the person into a newly "whole" person. This investiture turns the person into a fun factory that can squeeze stormlight/play-doh. Focus: So, now bonded, the person can breathe-in play-doh. (No, Lift! You're not supposed to eat that, silly child!) The Stormlight may then be expressed through the filter/"shape" of their soul-graft. Effect: Ok, so I'm still fuzzy here - why do we get 2 distinct expressions/surges (plus the additional side-effect of each combination)? - Is it that the bond works in 2 directions? The spren completing the person's brokeness while the person completes the Spren's sentience? Implying that each type of bond-forming Spren requires a different aspect of sentience to become whole. (This one has me stewing - must go start new topic to discuss!) - Or is that the Spren which form Nahel bonds already have some duality in their nature? (E.g. Do Honorspren have both a "Protecting/Leading/Adhesive" and a "Just/Confident/Gravitational" aspect?)
  14. Bah, good point! Then in what way is it different from the stones on the rest of Roshar? Any ideas? Absence of Crem seemed the obvious answer - but I didn't recall the moment with Dalinar hacking his way up. Is Dalinar making an assumption? Did he instead have to dismiss a lashing on the door perhaps? And did so without realizing what he was doing?
  15. So I was stewing about this and found out Falconite beat me to the conclusion by a few years in But wanted to gather what we know and have a think: - Szeth says he can stand on the stones in Urithiru. - Shin are OK with using/touching metal as long as it’s soulcast, so might they feel the same about stone? - WoB says the distinction is cultural: So I agree with Falconite, Urithiru is an immense soulcast structure or collection of structures. What think you? Furthermore, as such an old place can *still* be considered OK to tread upon by Szeth: - There must be no crem build-up. Or at the very least there is no crem build-up on the upper part of the tower. - Also there are glass windows facing east. Again, at least in the upper part of the tower. - Then there is partial confirmation that Urithiru is protected from Easterly storms (Everstorm) by mountain(s) and (possibly) protected from westerly storms (Highstorms) because of extreme height: So Storms do not touch this place. Or at least they don’t touch the upper tower. Which leads me to my second point/question. Why is Crem "hallowed?" We know it is not completely natural. ( Is that all there is to it? The Shin are aware of its nature?