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  1. Understandable. However, I'm a weirdo and don't care much for Wax and Steris so it would have bonus side-effects(evil grin).
  2. I'd say Paalm. Favorite dead person(?) in the cosmere for me.
  3. Or, a little tinfoily here: since Honor's death, Radiants are now able to summon/use common spren in addition to their Radiant spren. Perhaps that Kaladin scene along with Dalinar's glory spren scene are forshadowing that current KR are able to do more with surges than their predecessors because they don't have Honor's restrictions. Just a crazy shot in the dark.
  4. All I know, is there better be at least a Rlain Easter egg in the Eshonai flashbacks.
  5. The only way I would be happy with Kaladin dying is if he pulls a Lightsong and saves Moash and in the process gives him Syl. Vyre becoming Moash Stormblessed, Knight Radiant would be totally worth it.
  6. I always figured that Kaladin's first experience with a weapon back home was the thrill having an effect on him. Otherwise it seems like some kind of odd 'magically-predisposed' situation. The WoB saying that the spren were protecting him does seem pretty reasonable. Maybe Maya was doing likewise with Adolin. And maybe the Stormfather was too rattled by Odium or Dalinar was too intimately familiar with the thrill to prevent the effect.
  7. When I read the 3 books serially a few months ago this situation also bothered me. However, it does fit quite well with their rhetoric and partnership. Obviously he knows 'how' to write but it seems he either doesn't like to or isn't very good at it. I take the conversation now to be Wayne teasing Wax and Wax coming back at Wayne. It's similar to how they portray their roles as Wax being the planner/investigator with Wayne being the foolhardy thug. They are both more than capable of each others' jobs, but they just gravitate towards and present the roles they prefer.
  8. @WeltallEh, I think the spren-named blades are only the living blades. In this case Kaladin calls it his Syl-blade which isn't even naming the sword. I'm pretty sure Oathbringer is not a spren's name but the name some historic king or muggle knight gave for the sword, presumably the Sunmaker himself. As for the Honorblades, I'm guessing they don't have names because they seem to be absent from the story. Religion and storytellers would certainly have recorded names if they were ever used. Perhaps their sacredness, lack of sentient nature, and being owned/used by one owner caused them to be purely associated with their perspective Heralds. They could certainly have pretty cool names so just fire up your head-canon and take a stab at it(pun intended).
  9. The Rift king, Tanalan. Poking the Blackthorn and giving him the highground. Shhshshhsh, Evi.It's cold but true in my opinion. Elhokar and realistically Kaladin... sure, let's wrestle with oaths in the middle of absolute chaos. Kelsier, plan A is a hailmary, plan B is death and hope things get better. Presumably Adonalsium, I am God, but let 16.5 mortals tear me apart.
  10. The KR oaths could be seen as 5 oaths between 2 beings. Humanoid says the 5, spren agrees/accepts the 5. So the number ends up being the neat 10 we want.
  11. Perhaps, since he couldn't remember, he assumed his boon was sobriety, emotional peace, or to be a better man. And he thought from his lack of recalling Evi or hearing her name even that his curse was forgetting his wife. Maybe his perceived confidence in 'knowing' his boon was to ensure he wasn't open to further suspicion and doubts from Adolin and co.
  12. I would imagine it works the same as with hand radios. If both buttons are pressed, nothing is received. If both buttons are released, nothing is sent.
  13. I think it's a lot simpler than all of these proposed theories. I think Mr. T is just too easy to underestimate/overlook. He's an old, simple man from the outside looking in. And even though Dalinar has glimpsed Mr. T's intelligence and ruthlessness, Dalinar is a social fool and is being blinded by his optomistic belief in others.
  14. The role of a guide is to lead. You can't guide if you are following the ones you are guiding or completely absent. I don't think Bondsmiths are/were oracles but shepherds.
  15. Execellent points Yata and Lump-wing. Perhaps, in Odium's planning, he made sure to break down the boundaries where the Parshmen were being secured. If this is the case though, it seems like Odium has been under-utilizing such an impressive weapon. I am still holding out for some good lighteyed souls who would have kept their expensive pets/friends/slaves with them. It's just too simple for me to think he would have restored all of them so precisely.