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  1. I honestly haven't read many of his quotes from signings, but if this is something people have asked him I'm really interested in what he has to say on the subject. That's really weird, cause I recently reread Warbreaker (I'm searching out all of Hoid's appearances on my own, so I can read them in context) with the annotations and don't remember him talking about that. I'm very forgetful though, so that doesn't surprise me one bit. And I guess my thoughts, specifically on the inquisitors, is that you have to kill people to make them, and they pound giant spikes through their brain... to me that makes them kept alive by magic alone, thus undead. That may be a less popular way of viewing it.
  2. Haha, that is awesome! I may have to go stalk it and see what is happening in the imagining of my poor state. Thanks everyone for the welcomes!!
  3. Okay, I'm excited to bounce this off more Sanderson fans. My brother in law and I have this ongoing discussion about Brandon having an obsession with the undead. It started when we were trying to figure out what Voidbringers were, he chimed in and said "I bet they're zombies" and I was so thrown. Why would they be zombies? Well, he explained to me that everything we had read from him had some form of the undead in it. Spoilers ahead, both minor and major if you haven't read any of the following works. Wheel of Time- he made a whole village that murders everyone at night and then comes back to life in the morning Warbreaker- The Gods Elantris- We figure that the Elantrians count as sort of undead until the end, they don't age or change in any way, and wounds can't heal. Very zombie like. Mistborn- Inquisitors or Koloss... or both. Stormlight Archives (WoR spoilers)- At first we assume it was the Parshmen, but now it's the Shardblades These are just to name a few that we have discussed. I'm just curious if anyone else has noticed that he kind of has a pattern of using the undead in his stories, or if there are any specific theories behind why.
  4. Hey there Sanderson fans! I'm kind of a Sanderson nut, so I assume I will be in good company here. I used to frequent forums a LOT, but have been out of the game for a couple of years. If anyone was on in 2010 we probably know each other. Anywhoo, I discovered Brandon via his completion of the Wheel of Time books, and just kind of fan-girl'd out from there. I'm currently on a reread of everything Cosmere, searching for links that I missed by just not knowing that things were connected. I really enjoy forums, so hopefully this will get me back into an online community outside of just facebook pages. Personally, I'm from Oregon but have recently transplanted to Texas, I am married with a 9 month old son, and I really look forward to theorizing and such with everyone.