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  1. This page was about the only thing he said cosmere related on friday evening (except the questions by other fans, but i haven't heard them), but he told some funny stories: how he got the idea for mistborn while reading harry potter and about the "petering" As i got my autograms, he told me, that dragonsteel will be rewritten/released before the third timeline of mistborn will come out, and that yolen will be, additionally to the dragonstell books, mentioned/of some importance in some other books. Saturday i asked him weather mistborn:birthright will be turned into a book, and his answer was, that he'll wait some time, because maybe there will be some other companys trying to make a game around it, so it will take some time till we'll get the story.
  2. I was there too. Sadly i haven't had the idea to record it. He wrote the page (exactly one page) "two days ago", so around wednesday. It was about hairy animals (horses) and how bizzare they seemed for the protagonist. I haven't understand the beginning completly, but my brother said it was dalinar or adolin and a flashback to the youth of one of them.
  3. Woooow, thanks for your effort guys ^^ well i have but it seems like i've missed something ^^" Oh okay i didn't know that. Where has this been said ? Well you answered this basicly with your answer on 3. ^^ nice Awesome metaphor. Hm i'm not so sure about this, and i've looked around in the forum and i often found the answer that they are possibly in the world, but sazed placed them somewhere unacessiable for humans (if he placed them at all). But if they are somewhere on the planet, the crystals are producing again (kelsir said something with 300 years, and i only got this idea because the alloy of law takes place about 300 years later). Either way it makes atium almost not usable.
  4. Also interesting for the modern era or overall for the time after the usage of nicrosil(xmetal)metalminds was invented/found is the economy. 1. An NicrosilBendalloy Metalmind Industry, effecticly solve the beautystandard of our time and additionally making food thousand times more effective if you can burn Bendalloy. 2. A Lifetime Industry using AtiumNicrosil Metalminds. The Atiumgeods which were destroyed by Kelsir should work again (300 years passed) so only the rarity of atium is a problem. This Industry would also fit into the hardcore capitalistic world of misborn (in both eras money reigns) because the poor one's could be paid for storing their lifetime in a Metalmind which would be bought by someone rich, making the rich one's basicly immortal. I find that thought pretty scary, and someone in this thread said, that he coulnd't imagine a world more dystopian than the first empire, but i would say, that this makes this timeline FREAKING SCARY.
  5. What do you guys think of an Nicrosil-Ettmetalgrenade Assassin ? He could "poison" everyone at a party with impure allomantic metals and then throw an Nicrosil-imbued ettmetalgrenade in the crowd, effectivly killing every allomancer because the burning of impure metals leads to sickness or death. (Source: i think kelsir said this to vin in Book 1).
  6. Hi guys, I'm pretty new to this forum. while i started reading the books already some years back i just now started to go into the internet with my questions. I'm not sure wheather my questions are stupid or already asked, so i'll just fire them away. 1. Does burning Copper protect the user from the feruchemical effect of duralumin ? I think not, but i wanted to be sure. 2. In an earlier Q&A Brandon said, that the storingspeed is limited. Can an Duralumin Feruchemist lower the awareness of other people so much, that he can sneak easily past them (is this even a part of duralumin)? 3. Someone who stores connection in an duralumin metalmind and burns it afterwards will release an extreme outburst of it. So does it multiply the power to an even more extreme extend compared to the other metal's or doesn't the allomantic effect of duralumin apply to burning metalmind's (sound's unlogical but somehow it stuck in my mind) And does duralumin increase the stored energy in metalminds while burning or does it only multiply allomantie? 4. Is there something like a compounder savant ? Like someone who burns often full bronze metalminds will become extremly wakefull, so that he's an more tired/wakefull person overall. Additionally, is burning an bronze metalmind for a long time as unhealthy for the body as being an pewter savant or not? 5. Another Question to Duralumin: the ars arcanum say's it stores connection. The complete description only talks of connection between humans, but does it also store the connection to the country ? Because there are some magic system's, which depend on connection to a certain landscape. (I think this was already answered as yes). 6. allomatically burning copper protects the smoker from emotional influence, and bronze makes the bronzeeye able to see the usage of magic. Does this only include other allomantic use or does it also include magic from other planets like roshar? Example: a lightweaver forms an illusion. I'm not sure weather he influences the brain of the victim or the reality, but would a bronzeeye see through it or a smoker be left uninfluenced? 7. Question to the process of storing into an metalmind: Do you need to do the thing you are storing at the time you are storing it ? For example Speed-Metalminds: do you need to be in motion to store speed or are you also able to store it while sleeping ? Ok maybe i can answer this question for myself, because it simply increase the bodyability for oxidation. But for the example of storing wakefullness: is this able to be stored while sleeping ? If yes, could it lead to a koma-like stase ? 8. in a previous q&a brandon said, that splintered shards can be "united" again. Does this also count for adonalsium ? Because he's splintered too and basicly he's just a huge shard. 9. Does burning Aluminum also erase metals the mistling can't use ? 10. nicrosil creates an extreme outburst of all metal's inside the user/person he touches. Does this also include feruchemical metalstorages. Also: do allomantic metals have to be in the stomach of the user? Miles was a gold compounder, but in the alloy of law it was never mentioned that he swallowed one of his metalminds, but it's unlogical that he doesn't use his best advantage. 11. every shard has a different personality. Does this personality comes from the first sliver of these shards or does the different shard represent the different charactristics of adonalsium? 12. can shards steal power from other shards or how comes that odium has more power than the others, when all shards startet equal. 13. does an tin compounder who burns an sight-metalmind gain an extreme sight-bonus and all other 4 senses "normally" enhanced or all extreme or all normal ? 14. aluminum does decrese the effect of all magic systems respectivly of investiture. Odium is the "evil/anti" shard so is there possibly an connection ? 15. (Not really a question) what do you think of an nicrosilbendalloy-metalmind industry in the nowadays timeline of mistborn ? I mean it would drasticly increase the effecticness of food (if you burn a full one) and would solve the "beauty"standard-problem of our time. I could also imagine an Age-Industry, with the use of AtiumNicrosil-Metalminds. Even without the burning of them, the rich ones could, on cost of the poor ones, become immortal. Both timelines had a very kapitalistic society, so it would fit. Sorry for this extremly long post ^^".