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  1. I'm thinking Renarin is actually using the Old Magic variation of Illumination. Commanding Surges, I think, requires Light. His visions just come to him, its beyond his control. If in ancient times Surges manifest without the direct/straight-forward control that surgebinding provides, it may explain the Desolations in a way.
  2. Adhesion to make a Connection, Tension to strengthen that Connection.
  3. theory

    If Odium returns it will probably be similar to what Honor did with the Stormfather.
  4. theory

    I think this fits in there somewhere. Just not sure if its end of Act 1 or Act 2.
  5. Herald - Divine Attribute - Surge (Honorblade) Radiant - Oath - Spren
  6. The Oaths specificity need not be a factor at all. The fact that the Heralds share a singular Oath which then granted them powers is pretty much mirrored by the initiation of the Nahel Bond.
  7. Could it mean that before the Orders were formalized the surgebinder would only need to internalise a certain mindset, an ideal. But on the founding, the words were defined to fit those ideals.
  8. I dont think its Timbres increased strength but the type of voidspren she was up against that was more of a factor on her success.
  9. The Hierocracy and the Sunmaker were of the same time. So there might have been some cross over there. One influencing the other.
  10. Well, this theory I like. Quite similar with mine where the various aspects of the Nahel Bond were divided at the Recreance.
  11. It might be more of a area of denial in Shadesmar.
  12. I thought the increase in demand was due to Dalinar needing to be prepared by the Weeping.
  13. Tsa and Mishims swap feels like it uses the Fused body inhabiting mechanic. And the only mention of orange was in the TWoK prologue IIRC. With the mixed blood.
  14. Note that Renarin 'summoned' Stormlight not breathe in Stormlight.
  15. Shardplate would be too bulky. A shardsuit perhaps.