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  1. Those questions are further touched upon in RoW.
  2. definitely could be Ishars Blade.
  3. could be a Sleepless, we haven't gotten one of them.
  4. Sja-Anat is gonna be merged with the Nightwatcher.
  5. From what I can tell, dead Shardplate has no Cognitive representation. So I would assume it resides 'entirely' in the PR. That could account for the weight difference.
  6. an argument could be made that the Highstorm can be made to represent Odium+Honor, with it being an embodiment of channeled fury.
  7. The first one.
  8. 3 is a significant number in ancient Roshar.
  9. Would the combining of Cultivation and Odium allow for bonding of these greatshells?
  10. I think if Dalinar looses, technically Odium would also get Szeth/Nightblood if Szeth doesn't progress.
  11. They are available on
  12. Thoughts?? With Todd in charge would the voidlight glyph be different?
  13. theory

    Also the Cognitive Storm that blockades Braize. Whats with that.