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  1. Personally I dont think voidspren are of Odium but with the Singers. Only the Fused and the Unmade carry significant Odium investiture.
  2. Rlain for the Skybreakers.
  3. Venli and Timbre.
  4. Did Honor create the Radiant spren for the Orders? Apparently not.
  5. Amaram and Moash abrupt turning was the low points for me.
  6. If that is a Willshaper oath, how would it relate to Venli?
  7. I've always wondered why the surgenbinding chart was called the 'eye of the almighty'. Does Tanavast have double iris mutation?
  8. The chasmfiend and Sylspear in the Urithiru drawing.
  9. Sightseeing with Ulim most likely.
  10. We're getting her part on the next book I believe. All the Parshendi were at the feast though right?
  11. I think its Syl thats the factor more than its him being a Windrunner. We dont see it with Teft or Lopen.
  12. I don't think the Sibling was corrupted. I think it just went there because the other spren went over. I think it was named Unmade because of historical issues. Spren don't really discuss what they're going to do with people. The Unmade shouldn't really be an issue especially without direct management from Odium. As we see, the humans lived with them for over 2000 years without major issues. As I see it, the Radiants were more concerned with the Unmade providing the Singers with voidlight (somehow). And some spren did survive, Ulim and his gang. The Fused call Ulim, the envoy and at first glance one would assume that he is an envoy to the Parshendi. But I believe he is an envoy for those spren that have 'defected' and returned to the Singers hence 'the spren of redemption'.
  13. Didn't know that futuresight is a manifestation of Fortune.
  14. I think they are tied to the Spiritual Realm, but are not conscious of that connection.