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  1. It gives me a mental picture where the chasmfiend is actually a caterpillar.
  2. He need not climb the mountain. He could have crossed over to Shadesmar where he would emerge at a level plane to the Oathgates and then cross back to the PR.
  3. With multiple Rattles alluding to 'failing light' (especially with Lift getting Light through food). I think there will be a stormlight drought and the child is actually a young spren which I think the Radiants must splinter to gain Light.
  4. Kaladin riding the highstorm in his dreams?
  5. I think Shard refers to the Radiant spren, since Honor refers to them the same way. I don't think this is Taln, he wouldn't use 'Almighty'. And technically he carries the burden of ten. There are Voidbringers on Asyhn?
  6. The difference in style is more related to the period they were made in I think.
  7. Huh, I've never noticed the 'Green-lightning' on the background of Adhesion and Progression.
  8. Though with the improvements in motion capture. In 10-15 years time. I don't think a full CGI with fluid motion capture adaptation would be out of the question. Especially with what I've seen in Love, Death and Robots. Plus most CGI have issues with hair and fur, shells not so much I think.
  9. Is that Evi on the voidbinding frame?
  10. They could be part of a different secret society.
  11. Yeah, it does point to Kaladin. 'Favored of the winds'.
  12. Then it would be safe to assume that Shallans mother herself is an apprentice Skybreaker, or a would be apprentice.
  13. Im not sure if the man with Shallans mother is even associated with the Skybreakers.
  14. Possibly a Dawnshard. The specific spren grants all the surges with Yelig-Nar being the odd one out.
  15. The 'Parsh' term entered the lexicon before the Recreance. Which I believe is tied to this: