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  1. There are three different blood types, therefore three different ecology, hence three different planets. That's where I'm leaning towards these days.
  2. A related point: Why is it that Braize never had life yet Ashyn and Roshar did?
  3. Vedel = Maben (Mr. Ts maid)
  4. No one is connecting them to this...
  5. Possibly Lirin had similar upbringing like Teft. Growing up with parts of Radiant lore.
  6. Yelig-nar has no mind. Its his bearers will that has to be manipulated.
  7. Perhaps the difference is because she has access to Abrasion. Basically peeling off flesh layer by layer.
  8. Rosharan dont have knowledge of molecular biology? Or perhaps they only work on dead flesh.
  9. Division severs bonds, Cohesion alters the structure of a bond and Tension alters the strength of a bond.
  10. Larceryn swarm in the caverns ala Pitch Black.
  11. Am I the only one that... thinks the larkin will be the cause of the True Desolation.
  12. Fused would not get blades because the Fused itself would have to form it.
  13. If Renarins Illumination is Spiritual linked, I'd say he should be able to intuit the process.