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  1. The difference I see with the medalion and the primer is that the primer/ettmetal essentially gives the ship a 'singular soul' which then perhaps another mechanism grants/affects the ships allomancy. I'm probably wrong though.
  2. I don't think Helaran was with the Skybreakers, when they moved to join the Singers, there was no mention of collecting shards, just gemstones.
  3. Its Shardblades and Shardplates man. Thats the most distinct aspect of the Radiants.
  4. Kaladins not part of the scene I think, Syl have a different spear tip than the ones in the picture.
  5. I would think the corruption allows the Oathgate to be used to get in and out of the CR. It doesn't need to be un-corrupted to function for PR transport.
  6. As yet, Lightweavers are the only Radiant that have the ability to fully 'encase' a person in stormlight.
  7. I'm thinking Lightweavers make shardplate.
  8. Chemoarish = DustMother Moash = Father(?)
  9. I'd be cool if the Urithiru contingent had to move into Shadesmar.
  10. I'm surprised Moelach never found his way to Cultivations perpendicularity, since its presumably stationery.
  11. All the Hoid epilogues.
  12. K.. o.. Wall.. T..
  13. The 'side effect' from Melishi is my guess.
  14. Wasn't the shardblade cache just a lie to trick Amaram?