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  1. Tsa and Mishims swap feels like it uses the Fused body inhabiting mechanic. And the only mention of orange was in the TWoK prologue IIRC. With the mixed blood.
  2. Note that Renarin 'summoned' Stormlight not breathe in Stormlight.
  3. Shardplate would be too bulky. A shardsuit perhaps.
  4. My take is that Stormlight within a container brings the 3 realms closer together within the container be it gemstone or physical body. Hence the glowing.
  5. Its odd that the voidbinding chart features 'trapped' aspects that we associate with Honor and Cultivation.
  6. Aimia. Larkin. True Desolation.
  7. The conventional idea is that the Ryshadium evolved from horses. But I think they came from something else and evolved to shape like horses.
  8. I think Preservation didnt align the metals to the powers but made it so that only sixteen were discovered at the time it was needed. Just as the 10 Surges are known, but their greater powers are still concealed.
  9. 10 is tied to Greater Roshar. I think the 9 of Braize indicates that its 'broken' somehow and is tied to the home of the voidbringers thats mentioned in the Eila Stele.
  10. It could be that spren only started granting Surges after the introduction of the Honorblades. As far as we know back then, a spren grants distinct forms to the Singers but not access to the Surges. When Syl say that the spren copied the Honorblade, there are three distinct components that I could see. The bond, the Surges and the Physical Manifestation (Bladeform). It could be that when an Honorblade is dismissed, it bears some similarity to a spren in the CR or at least the spren could perceive the similarities to copy it.
  11. Im of a mind that it refers to Renarin but alot of people would have to die for that.
  12. fused

    It might not be that larkin dont eat spren but that spren keep away from larkin.
  13. More this instead.
  14. I wouldnt be suprised if all this 'Him' business actually refers to another entity entirely.