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  1. @Rage why should I eat those cookies? Do they contain metal?I'm quite partial to eating copper myself. Or do they contain gem stones? I'm also quite partial to eating infused sapphires everynow and then. Or do they contain charcoal? I'm quite into eating a fogoten as they taste absolutely scrumptious. as you can see I have quite a food palate.
  2. Hi everyone who replied. thankyou all for replying and giving me advice it's really helping me. And thankyou everyone for making me a dark eyes with you upvotes. Regards a curious (ninja) scholar of the cosmos
  3. Ahh Mr staccato, yet agian you mention another book I've read as I have read the golden compass/ northern lights. You seem very well read so good for you.
  4. I would be either a rithmatist or a forger. Rithmatist because I so want to vs people in it and a forger because I would want to experiment...... just a question though staccato what fury would you have. I like metal so I can turn into metal and be epic.
  5. Hi everyone I'm extremely new and I wanted to know if there were any tips or tricks I should know or what the rules are. Not to mention what are the cookies? By the way I can't eat them because I'm giving up chocolate for lent really should have thought that one through more.
  6. That has got to be the funniest thing I heard all day. Have an upvote plus 5 random claps
  7. I don't know if it would be the soul it could be a quarter of its power for all I know. You can have a debate with some one else but I'm neither for or against it being a soul or any other thing. Thx though for the reply
  8. This is one of the basis of my theorys so please if you do get the chance to read it and criticise it. It is the final post on the fourth page
  9. This is an extremely valid point but I'm just going to add my own theory to it so here it goes. we know from the book there is a fourth element removed when a rithmatist is created. When I hear fourth element I think of quarters so what if when a shadow blaze makes a rithmatist it gives a quater of its soul. If so the different quarters could do different things for example the fourth part could be the rithmatics we all know and love while the other three could do other things like make charcoal come to life. ( I only suggested charcoal because we know the forgotten is like a charcoal substance.) This could be why Nazilar originally thought he was a rithmatist and could explain why in the room Joel didn't become a rithmatist because he already was one. With this it means that something would have had to have happened when Joel was a baby. This still has flaws so does anyone agree with me or have something to add or do you want to rip my theorie to shreds?