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  1. Using a base metal wouldn't work because it would open the chimeras to Harmony's control. That's one very important reason to use trellium.
  2. Spoilers for OB and Secret History.
  3. Recently on Reddit, somebody mentioned that Autonomy's investure doesn't empower sapient beings directly. 1. On Taldain, the sunlight contains investure that energizes microscopic lichen in the sand. Sandmastery is the manipulation of these organisms, but as far as I can tell, involves little to no flow of investure through ones self. 2. On Patji, Avien are formed when normal birds eat the grubs in the Eye of Patji. Notably, there is no effect if a human were to consume said grubs. I believe that this is intentional on the part of Autonomy, and I believe that I know the reason why. We know from Oathbringer that Autonomy is leaving sentient splinters of herself around the cosmere. From Secret History, we know that a share cannot be taken up without significant connection to it. As there is more Autonomy to go around, the likelihood that someone could eventually take up a splinter is higher. Autonomy tries to limit others connection to it, either as a precaution or simply due to her intent, by providing this buffer between her magic and the people of the cosmere.
  4. I wonder if he'll have trouble manifesting shard plate. Will he need corrupted lesser spren?
  5. It's just 40 pages of screaming.
  6. "I will not dwell on those I couldn't save, but focus on those I can." "I will accept I cannot protect everyone."
  7. She gets Adolin powers, like having to eat, and not being dead yet. My feeling on the matter is that she'll get one eye back, but it might not be a complete nahel bond if there are parts lf her missing. So Adolin might only get one surge, or reduced powers or something.
  8. Tha reminds me of Galivar's eyes being replaced with stones before his corpse is soulcast into a statue.
  9. The other humans wouldn't need to associate Shinovar with stone if the Shin are the vast majority of people who see this kind of spren. On the other hand, higher spren seem to have some degree of control over their appearance, so it may not mean anything.
  10. On the other hand, the Shin revere stone. Maybe the appearance is related to this?
  11. We know from WoB that the Nahel bond could be amiably severed with the consent of both parties. However, during the Recreance, the Knights Radiant killed their spren. Could Ishtar/ the Bondsmiths link the Spren to the Parshmen in some way such that when the spren lost their sapience, so to did the Parshmen? Could the spren even be in on it? I imagine that being bonded to a dead spren would have effects.
  12. Do we know what Cultivation's number is? There could be a third shard in play here.
  13. I hope Kaladin's kid brother doesn't turn out to be Odium's Champion.
  14. I really hope that Dalinar's curse was specifically to forget shshsh and not "his wife." It would be quite sad if he gradually lost his ability to see Navani and I don't think divorce is possible. I don't think that would go over well with the stormfather. All oaths are important, whether or not they were done in haste, or without full knowledge of the consequences.