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  1. Sorry guys, I've been dealing with some really rough stuff irl. I'll see if I can make a post later tonight.
  2. Same. Opened at work and I'm too tired to process anything. Hopefully I can post later tonight, but I'm gonna nap. Be back later. I've been reading everyone's responses but can't think to say anything myself. xD I'm sure my thoughts will come back after some sleep.
  3. I dunno what you're talking about Daaaaaaang that's awesome!
  4. Soft clearing Aman made me chuckle since his alignment was revealed. Guess paranoia of him never dies:P
  5. Right. That's very true. That's what I get for posting early in the morning after getting only 6 hours of sleep. xD I knew I had agreed with Aman's plan enough to advocate doing it in a few cycles before but I couldn't remember why I wanted that. Lolz Also nooooooo our Rand activity. :'( what is your major out of curiosity? Edit: RP: Doreen barely flinched when she accidentally pricked herself with the needle. She'd been sewing since she was a child. She now ran the business that her mother once had. Making dresses for all of the stuffy noble women. She remembered as a child she'd always dreamed of putting on the beautiful gowns her mother would make and going to a fancy ball with all of the twinkling lights, lilting music, and graceful people. The older she got the more she had seen how those same people had treated her mother. They yelled at her for not working faster, not getting the details the way they imagined them, or the dress making them look fat when that was all their doing. She brushed the fine silk between her fingers, sewing careful gentle strokes and remembering her mother hard at work every day and night of her life. Those spoiled pigs didn't deserve such finery. Doreen sighed. It was a living. She couldn't deny that she still loved seeing the finished products on display. She was proud of her handiwork. She heard that someone had been killed in the city and it hadn't been human. That sent a shiver down her spine. Even after that, people were still going out and about tonight to their grand parties. She doubted even a war would stop them.
  6. Okay so last cycle Aman asked me towards the end (which I saw after rollover cuz I closed at work) why I thought fifth was village. But I'd like to point out that I never said he was. I only voted Aman when I did because he was in the lead and I was trying to avoid a tie (counting in Aman's soothing) because a lot of people seemed to either forget that a tie would kill all of the people or they didnt care which is kinda concerning to me. Y'all are really bloodthirsty this game xD I didn't want to tie a lynch on the first day cycle when 1 of them was for certain a villager since there's currently only 1 elim and there was a good chance they both are/were village. I didn't think it was a good idea to dwindle our numbers so quickly. I don't understand why we want to speed along the elim team so quickly when they're surely not going to use every conversion right away. Not unless the inquisitor is just really suicidal xD oh that reminds me, we should know that there's always a chance for conversion until it shows up in the writeup that the inquisitor died. Because we know then that they used the last one and we'll know how many elims there are at that point. So I doubt that will happen early on. Anyways, rest in peace Aman. If you were right about this plan then apologies for doubting you but at least now there might be a conversion like you wanted. xD
  7. Actually I did but it wont color red and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong xD so there are 5 votes on aman vs 3 on fifth Edit: I'm at work now and I already tried to color it like 5 different ways. If @Straw could pls accept it as a vote I'd appreciate it. Gotta run!
  8. Ugh so much effort xD thanks:P
  9. [color=red]aman[/color] @Amanuensis thanks mr suicidal xD hmmm I'm failing xD
  10. I actually forgot it was announced. That does make a big difference since I was assuming having to reevaluate my reads like every cycle just in case it had happened. I've never played a conversion game before. But just having 1 more elim won't be a full team? I'd prefer that too but that's not a conversion game. That's a regular game. I honestly think your gambit is well intentioned and honest and at point I have to leave to get ready for work. I didn't want you to sacrifice instead of hunting for the inquisitor but I don't have more time and I apologize for showing up later in the cycle. Because I don't want a tied lynch when 1 is definitely a villager and 2 could very well be villagers I'll go ahead and vote Aman as well. (As soon as someone reminds me how to do that on mobile xD)
  11. Okay well answering my question before it's asked xD I don't agree with killing both of you. That's not healthy for the village unless one of you is evil and we know for sure that one of you is not. I don't like taking out 2 people in the first cycle when there is only one elim. How is that a good strategy? Edit: whoops forgot I was double posting sorry
  12. Okay I caught up from last night. Personally, I think the inquisitor should play the game however he wants. While converting early would definitely help him out, it doesn't mean he will decide to. Besides if the inquisitor is inactive or forgets than that goes out the window too. xD personally, I feel Aman's stance would only be helpful if we knew the inquisitor was planning to use all of their conversions asap. But I feel like they won't do that so how will that help with our reads at all throughout the game? @Amanuensis you claimed your idea will help because it will make the game be more like a regular game but it won't. Not if the inquisitor saves a conversion for like the entire game. Our reads will always vary from cycle to cycle because of it. We'll be starting over again and again and I don't think that's gonna change. I don't see why helping the inquisitor get converts is a good thing because there will always be the possibility of conversion for the entire game. And what's wrong with winning on the first cycle?:P I mean you clearly don't care about being out on the first cycle so how do you know other people wouldn't mind it ending after 1 cycle so they can brag about how they won on the first day lol. Also did anyone else notice that @Haelbarde pointed out that a tied lynch kills both? Do we really want to kill 2 of our heavy hitters on day 1? That feels like we're very much advocating village suicide and speeding along the win process for the elims. I don't like that at all. (Okay Araris just untied it. Except not cuz Aman could still soothe a vote) I don't have time to read through the thread again cuz I have to leave for work soon. @Amanuensis if you want to die so badly then why did you tie the vote with fifth? That will kill you both
  13. That's why I suggested only considering Aman's proposal of lynching a known misting after a few cycles if we only hit vanilla players. Besides, if we do follow Aman's plan, there's no guarantee that the inquisitor will even convert the first night anyways. They may decide to not convert at all for a while. It's pretty easy for 1 player to hide among a large group most of the time and later conversions help them out with throwing off reads. I wouldn't guilt trip the inquisitor into making their conversions right away and I'd argue that it wouldn't make it more fun for everyone because everyone likes different play styles. Personally I do like regular games the best where it's just village vs set elim team but that's not what we signed up to play. The inquisitor shouldn't feel like they're required to convert early just because other people might say it will make the game more fun. It's part of the mystery for who would be converted etc. Trying to wipe out the game mechanic won't work because you don't know how the elim team will want to play the game. I'd guess they'd save at least 1 conversion for late in game anyways with the suicide thing. So we won't be able to completely rule out regular reads early in game anyways. This cycle will be the only one where we know for sure that there's only 1 elim so we should probably vote suspicions if any or at least talk about them today because it'll be the only for sure cycle we get if a misting dies where we can look back and analyze who might be the inquisitor. I'm gonna do a read through later for who I'd rather vote for. While I think Aman's idea was probably well intentioned, the more I think about it, the less helpful it seems to try and focus on.
  14. I think you're just keeping this post count to show off
  15. I agree that the inquisitor doesn't have to(and probably won't) use all their conversions up on the first couple of cycles because that kinda loses them the element of surprise and confusion which they want and is kinda the whole point of a conversion game. So while it would be nicer for the village if they do convert early, that doesn't mean we can expect it to happen. Maybe if we don't hit the inquisitor or a misting after a cycle or 2 then we can think about lynching a misting purely for being a misting to hurry the conversions along? Edit: Oh also, @Amanuensis care to take the inactivity vote off of me?