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  1. Hahahaha sorry, they needed a scape goat LOL That's alright, thanks for playing. (:
  2. I think that the elims did a great job, but I do agree with this. The village could have caught on a lot more had they been paying more attention. Also, in case no one noticed by now. I did set up events in the writeups that gave away hints of who could have done things and I'm glad no one noticed because I was trying to keep it low key so no one was outed by a writeup LOL. Also, also, ....anyone notice by now that @Crimsn-Wolf was murdered in that last writeup? And @Gancho Libre you were invited to join the elims in the writeup because of poisoning CadCom LOL.
  3. Never assume
  4. Father Fuchsia had always lived a good life. He always tried to help those in need and keep his faith that someday humans and epics could live together peacefully. The cold revolver in his hand felt as heavy as the guilt in his heart. He couldn't kill anyone even if it was in self defense. He tossed the gun aside, disgusted with having even considered it. “Don't worry, Father. I'll commit the sins you cannot.” Father Fuchsia whirled to see Major Muave standing before him, an evil leer across his lips. “How did you get in?!” “Walls are merely doors that others cannot use.” He grinned and aimed the gun at Father Fuchsia’s head. “By the way, what would you like your suicide note to say?” ____________________________ Supreme Slovenly slouched in a chair as the police chief addressed the remaining occupants of the hotel. He barely knew what everyone was talking about since he'd mostly spent the entire time in the hotel asleep. “I have good news and bad news.” Chief Chartreuse addressed the civilians along with her police force at the dining room table. “The good news is we have solved the murder of Governor Green.” Eyes shifted nervously around the table and people waited eagerly for her next words. “The bad news is that Shaman Sky has escaped the hotel and vanished. An epic made of steel who's chosen the wrong path is not someone we want on the loose. I promise you, we will do everything in our power to bring her to justice.” She paused and cleared her throat. “That being said, I thank you all very much for your patience and cooperation. You are free to go.” ____________________________ “We are here today to honour those who have fallen in the name of Democracy.” Zar Zaffre stood before the city, his hands folded behind his back and his expression solemn. “These great men and women shall be avenged.” Tears caught in Zaffre's throat and he stopped to wipe his eyes. Mega stood among the crowd gathered to hear the speech. A small grin tugged at the corner of his mouth. Zaffre certainly could put on a good show. He spotted Bro. Biege not far away and made his way through the crowd to stand next to him. “That was quite an experience, huh?” Bro Biege recognized Mega and nodded. “I can't believe I made it out alive. I was sure I was doomed in there.” Mega lowered his voice to a whisper. “I can't believe they didn't catch you for poisoning the Colonel." Biege’s eyes flicked to the side and the muscles in his neck twitched as he continued to stare at Zaffre along with the rest of the crowd. “Don't worry, your secret is safe with us.” “Us?” Biege felt a piece of paper slipped into his hand and turned to face Mega but he was gone. Trembling slightly he opened the paper and glanced down at it, hiding it’s contents from any nosy onlookers. Thanks for the help. Call us if you're interested ~RR ____________________________ Mega killed Green with the knife by using illusion to hide that he wasn't actually at the table. We hired a mutation epic to try and kill Shaman Sky because I suspected her weakness was wolves, but I was wrong. Raven was hard, but we managed it. Clever of Sabien to play that song so they'd be sure and dance long enough for the poem to be read while the Chandelier was successfully released in time. All Mega had to do was set the book on the table and wait for someone to read the poem. Then there was Mega playing around by scaring Snip with those illusory shears just so he could see his expression before he killed him from behind. And once again someone was foolish enough to enter the kitchen. Mega does love his illusions. A bomb disguised as a can of beans. Chief Chartreuse chuckled to herself and shook her head. A light rain fell as she breathed in the misty evening air. It was a lot of work, but these days it was safer to hide in plain sight. Ruling a city from the position of Police Chief was a much better way to go about things. She didn't have any know-it-all young men trying to find her weakness and take her city from her. She stepped up to the door of a beautifully extravagant house and rang the bell. Footfalls sounded and the door opened to reveal Sir Sabien Ash in his stunning maroon suit and that smile that looked charming and cavalier while also having that psychotic twinkle to it. “Sorry I'm late honey, work was murder.” Sabien’s grin widened knowingly and he nodded towards the box Chartreuse was carrying under one arm. “A gift for the host?” Chief Chartreuse handed him the box. “A set of beautiful knives that were hand crafted just for you. I melted the steel down myself yesterday.” Sabien's grin widened even further, and he broke into a laugh. “I shall treasure these always as a momentum of our time together.” _______________________________ Sart was murdered by the Rightful Rulers and was an innocent Democrat with a Mobile item. Stink was interrogated and found to be an innocent Democrat with a Mobile item. The Rightful Rulers have won the game! Rightful Rulers Police Headquarters Thanks for playing everyone! It was all for the greater good.
  5. Game has ended. Aftermath will be up as soon as I can get it done.
  6. Cycle is closed.
  7. Sorry for the writeup delay. Busy day. They're up. 5 minute warning since there is no cycle clock. (5 from the edit time lol)
  8. Cycle 6: Doctor Dandelion knelt beside Colonel Ketchup. “I'm afraid all the symptoms point to poison. I can't be sure what kind of poison unless I was able to get him to the hospital.” “I'm sorry, I can't allow that, Doctor.” Chief Chartreuse stared of in the distance as if lost in thought. “This man will die if you don't let me take him.” “He doesn't have enough time, Doctor. He's barely clinging to life as it is.” Doctor Dandelion felt a surge of helplessness and anger wash over him. “You're in on it, aren't you?! You're just keeping us all here until we die!” He pulled a gun from his back pocket and pointed it at the chief. Several guns pointed at him in return, the policemen in the room ready to defend their chief. “Stand down, Doctor. I'm on the side of right. I'll allow you to be interrogated next so that we may decide whether we can escort you to your hospital. Then you may run your tests.” “He could be dead by then!” Doctor Dandelion saw a quick movement out of the corner of his eye and it caused him to jump, accidentally firing the gun, and hitting Chief Chartreuse square in the chest. She looked down at the hole in her jacket, her expression unwavering. “Are you quite through?” Doctor Dandelion gaped and dropped his hand to the side. “You're a...a…” “A high epic? I'm just like you, Doctor. Powers don't change who I am. They only allow me to serve the greater good to the best of my abilities. Now if you please, follow Officer Olive to the interrogation room so we can allow you to go on with helping others where we need you. I'd much rather have you on our side.” Doctor Dandelion started to protest, but the sound of Colonel Ketchup's last breath escaping his lips was a sign that the Chief was right. ____________________________ Señor Shqueeves was hungry. The kitchen would surely be empty this time of night. Especially after all the murders going around. Thank goodness he could just use his invisibility to sneak in and out. The kitchen was quiet, save for the soft ticking of a clock on the nearby wall. He tread softly, not willing to risk becoming visible. He glanced around the kitchen and noticed a can of beans sitting on the counter. Perfect! Just what he was craving. He picked it up and began to move towards the cabinets, looking for a pan. He paused and cocked his head. The ticking of the clock sounded abnormally close. He absentmindedly looked at the clock on the wall. It read half past 2...PM? That wasn't right. Come to think of it...the second hand wasn't even moving. So where's the ticking coming…. He glanced at the can of beans in his hand and his eyes grew wide. Señor Shqueeves made a mess in the kitchen. _______________________________ Kidpen has been interrogated and found to be an innocent Democrat with a Gun item. Shqueeves was murdered by the Rightful Rulers. He was an innocent Democrat epic with the power of Invisibility. Cadmium Compounder has died from the poison. He was an innocent Democratic epic with the power of X-ray Vision. Vote Count: Due to there being a death, the Dining Room has been closed as a crime scene and will be reopened next cycle. All players in the room have been randomly shuffled elsewhere. ________________________________ Room distribution: Dining room: Closed for this cycle. Living Quarters: Sart Crimsn-Wolf Droughtbringer Devotary Ballroom: Gancho Libre Megasif Kitchen: Stink Mr Doctor _______________________________ Cycle clocks are currently down. Rollover will be at 10 PM CST on 10/24. Player List:
  9. Apparently now the cycle timer won't even let me update it. So gonna try here. Nope it failed lol. 4 hours left.
  10. Cycle 5 "I do hope that you're not trying to poison me, Colonel." Colonel Ketchup was about to take offence at the suggestion before Sir Sabien Ash laughed and he realized it had been a joke. “Oh, yes, right. Good one, Ash. I must say, you had me worried for a second there. Poison indeed. With everything happening around here my nerves are a bit on edge. “Cheer up old boy. You'll stress the meat right off your bones if you keep that up.” Sir Sabien grinned and took the sauce, leaving the Colonel alone in the room. Colonel Ketchup heard a scuffle from upstairs and left to investigate. ____________________________ Naidiriv was tired. The day had been long and emotionally trying. He had tried staying awake for his own safety but he couldn't keep his eyes open a moment longer. I'll just take a short rest. I've got my vest, so at least I'll be somewhat protected. There was a knock at the door of his room. Sergeant Salmon walked in and pointed a gun at him. “What's the meaning of this??” Naidiriv stared in shock. “Don't give me that. We found a note you wrote to Governor Green and the handwriting was identical to that of the notes from the Rightful Rulers! I'm gonna need you to come with me to headquarters.” Naidiriv gaped. “My handwriting?! That's absurd!” Salmon held up a note in a plastic bag. It was the most recent note from the death of the epic, Raven. Naidiriv paled. It was identical to his handwriting...but how? He was escorted downstairs. Colonel Ketchup wandered out of the Dining Room when they reached the bottom of the stairs. “I say, what's going on, Sergeant? Has a murderer been found?” Sergeant Salmon replied, but Colonel Ketchup didn't hear him. He’d begun vomiting uncontrollably and fell to the floor, clutching his stomach. Maybe poison wasn't such a stretch after all. ____________________________ Sapphire Snip needed a snack. The kitchen had been watched closely since an officer had died there earlier, but when he worried he got hungry. He didn't think anyone would mind if he snuck in for a midnight snack. The kitchen was dim, lit only by some small lights above the stove area. Snip glanced around and didn't see anyone. He shrugged. More food for me. He began looking through the cabinets and heard a noise from behind. He turned and froze. Were those….giant gardening shears??? They came flying right towards him at a frightening pace. He side stepped just in time as they hit the cabinets with a heavy thunk. He ducked down, searching the room with his mind trying to find the person responsible for throwing the shears. did they get… Sapphire Snip was struck from behind. The police found his body, a giant pair of gardening shears lying on the floor beside him. Sapphire Snip had been snipped. _______________________________ Xinoehp512 was interrogated and found to be an innocent Democrat with a Vest item. Snipexe was murdered by the Rightful Rulers. He was an epic Democrat with the power of Mind Control. Cadmium Compounder was poisoned! (one more cycle to live) Vote Tally: Due to there being a death, the Kitchen has been closed as a crime scene and will be reopened next cycle. All players in the room have been randomly shuffled elsewhere. ________________________________ Room distribution: Dining room: Stink Gancho Libre Shqueeves Megasif Living Quarters: Sart Crimsn-Wolf Mr Doctor Droughtbringer Ballroom: Cadmium Compounder Kidpen Devotary Kitchen: Closed for this cycle. _______________________________ Cycle ends in... (4 hours) 10 PM CST Player List:
  11. 5 minutes left
  12. Left side is lynch candidates and right side is voters
  13. Tsk tsk Yeah the LG clock is also frozen apparently. Yes. 45 min from now