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  1. Thankuuuuu. Yes I definitely will but I can't get to that until tomorrow. Currently at work and then have plans tonight too. Both I mean....I guess? xD not super helpful tho:P literally no other suspicions?
  2. I've read this cycle at least Anyone wanna give me some kind of a sum up from the past 2 cycles? I'll try to do a read through tomorrow but I'd like to not miss anymore of another cycle. With flogs dead we need to be really sure of who we're voting on. Maybe if I could suggest it, everyone post a list of like their top 3 suspects? I think it could help to see who everyone is thinking of because while gut reads aren't the best reason for lynching, a group of gut reads is certainly a good starting point for analysis. I don't know much of what's happened since I went inactive but i do remember having a bit of suspicion on shard of reading, matrim, and some other people but I think they died since then lol.
  3. I'm sorry guys. No activity for me really until probably Monday. I haven't caught up but skimmed some of this last page. I'm guessing the reason everyone is voting on Elkanah is to get bleeder out of the game which has become an instant priority since karnage is probably almost dead. Can't a bartender just kill pyro?
  4. Oh geez. I don't wanna have to catch up xD. Been super busy so I have about half a days worth of last cycle to read and then all of this cycle. But after 8 hours of work and then grocery shopping after I'm so dead. Will check in when I can. Sorry all.
  5. Gonna ask me?:P I'm reading your posts too by the way. It's the massive analysis I wish I could do but this game is starting to overwhelm me. I voted Karnage because I didn't want a tied lynch? it was 6 to 5 with Karnage and Sart and I also thought at the time that there was another runner up but I was wrong. I didn't want a 3 way tie with vote manip roles in the mix. I could see it being an easy way to knock out 3 people on cycle 1 if we let it be that close so I just was trying to make 1 player be lynched instead of more. I only had a little time yesterday to read everything and make a vote and I really don't like not voting.
  6. Hedging is where you cast suspicion on someone but don't actually try to get them killed (because they might be an elim teammate) And while I still think this could be true I appreciate your answer. I'm always open to changing my mind on people because if I don't I tunnel hard on them.
  7. I think the simplest answer to all of this is that Karnage is actually Flogs and that Straw is an elim. Also, I don't understand why this would be the reaction to Karnage's post unless they were trying to save Straw. It feels too obvious but maybe they didn't think it through? This just feels like they realized they couldn't save Straw at this point. (elim read on Pyro) Again, I don't see why Karnage would be faking that claim. You thought it was odd that Pyro voted Karnage but you were gonna suggest killing Karnage too? Or am I misunderstanding? @StrikerEZ (elim read) This looks like hedging so they can vote later on a teammate if they have to if they can't find a way to save them. This sounds like an elim trying to find a way to join the Straw lynch and make themselves look more innocent by saying they had the idea already. (elim read) If Straw flips elim here I'd like to go after Pyro next cycle but Striker and Matrim are close behind. Orlok and Wilson both tried to lynch Straw last cycle which makes me think they aren't elims if straw is. I'm getting a village vibe from Rae and really like her analysis this cycle on Straw and Pyro. Those are all my reads for now.
  8. I don't have time to make a big post this cycle. Hopefully next one. right now to avoid there being a tie I'll go with Karnage
  9. I wasn't complaining per se xD I was feeling overwhelmed while simultaneously being happy that there were a lot of posts since last QF I checked the thread like every 20 min every day cuz I had nothing to do that week haha. I didn't mix up team names? I think the post you're referring to was this one? I was wondering why they wouldn't be able to trust someone if it said they weren't a Constable (elim) because that would mean they were a villager? But then I realized they were probably saying this because of the bleeder roles who wouldn't show up as a constable but you still couldn't trust them. Hopefully that makes sense. Also the part about me agreeing with Straw about the team being not bigger than 7 or 8 is incorrect. Because I said I hadn't thought about how large the elim team would be with this many players and it is laughable how many there probably are because we have freakin 30 players in a MR which stills is amazing and weird. But yeah I literally quoted Striker in that same post where he mentioned the possibility of 9 elims and I said it was a very good point and one to keep in mind. If anything I'd think 9 a much more accurate sum of elims and want to be on the larger guesstimation side because of the dispersal rule. I'm almost done with my read through. Apologies, I'm a slow reader.
  10. Oh geez...I knew this would happen if I was busy all day. I have about 2 hours to catch up before I'm busy again for the evening. Let's see what I can do in that time. The lynch looks insanely close with that vote update. Thanks Striker by the way. Will try and do my best to catch up and be back.
  11. As much as I agree about information based on player interactions, I really don't want to lynch the most active player so far on cycle 1. (Especially since it's straw and I always seem to do that to him) We still have a good like 25 hours until the end of cycle? I'd like to think we have a lot we can still look at and consider first. Will try and do that tomorrow after work and maybe a nap.
  12. Yup all day my brain was in a bad fog, finally starting to be clear now and I'm supposed to be asleep. *face palms
  13. Ohhhh I thought you were just saying you had to remove it cuz you said you would if he responded. Lol got it.
  14. Usually I'm of the mindset that an elim would be the one being more careful not to make jokes that would get them killed. So if anything I would read Elkanah as more village for that. Although personally I'm reading it as completely NAI because it was just a joke and I think they would've made it either way. I finally read back through the rules and caught up on thread again lol. I kept putting it off all day cuz I don't feel like I have the brain power for this right now. I have been reading some posts off and on but that's all really. Based on my feelings from thinking about the game and seeing posts throughout the day I feel like the Straw lynch just reminds me of old times. xD I literally always wanted to lynch him cycle 1 and had to realize I always just read him wrong. I'm really loving his activity tho, this might be the most active I ever remember seeing from him. This being a cycle 1 lynch where I don't suspect much of anything most of the time I'd rather not lynch someone adding so much to the game right now. Thankfully it's not a QF so maybe my brain will work better tomorrow and I can look at things more again. Oh also the thing with pyro taking heat for saying he won't be as active cycle 1 is kinda odd. I mean I feel like it was NAI to say. He would've been better off not saying anything and then just being low active haha. @little wilson I like your new style! Having fun is the best part of the game and I hope you have lots of it! Nuuuuu people stop ninjaing me I don't wanna catch up again lol. I'm trying to remember things that caught my attention from reading the thread without having to read it again. hm. I mean you don't have to. (not accusing you of anything lol, just found the wording funny) I like Fura's analysis of how many elims there could be. Got a good village vibe from it with them really considering how many elims we could have. Ugh okay I'll go look back cuz my brain won't remember what I read about the thread now xD Oh yes, I wanted to comment on this. If you're Flogs and are considering telling your reads to people please don't do it early in game. We want you to stay alive for as long as possible and I would think maybe keep your reads to yourself until you suspect you might be killed or something. I dunno I just never like telling a player to confide in a chosen person in PM cuz that backfires all the time. xD Especially if Flogs is a newer player, don't let another player trick you into this in PM. Not really saying DeTess is sus for saying this, just wanted to add to it so that we don't end up with Flogs outed super early. *thinks about how the last QF day 1 lynch led to us never finding another elim oof lol Matrim said this too and pyro is taking heat for the same thing? Weird. Okay I hate losing posts because of the shard being weird about reloading and deleting stuff so i'll pause here in my looking back. Brain won't think anymore. I'll have to continue thinking about it later.
  15. Too many posts happening and I'm trying to catch up and wrap my head around this game. I love it! Keep them coming! Keep in mind I just woke up and started reading the thread so bear with me if I sound confused to some of this stuff because it probably is stupidly easy to understand but I'm probably just being groggy lol. to quote @Straw Why would they not be able to trust the people they scan if it says not Constable? omg yeah as I typed that out my tired brain realized it's probably cuz of bleeder right? Okay hopefully that's it cuz I'm tired and feel like I'm just making myself look stupid but I'm not gonna erase it cuz I wanna post something before the thread is like 5 pages long haha. also by Straw: dango I didn't even think about how big the elim team would be with this many people! omg that just seems hilarious to me, I have no idea why lol but also also, quoting @StrikerEZ THIS is a very good point. I would totally see Joe making there be like one more elim than we would expect because the whole thing about needing to disperse after the elims are dead. Definitely a good thing to keep in mind. If we killed what we thought was the right amount of elims and then if an elim or 2 were left they would just need to stop killing people to make it look like we were done right? I need to go back and read roles and rules etc but wanted to at least say something after scanning the thread real quick and I found the thing about elim numbers really interesting since we have the whole dispersal thing this game. Okay be back later when I feel like I'm having a less dumb period. (literally Taravangian) probably spelled that wrong lol