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  1. Starting my first day of work today so I'll be back on at some point but still don't know my schedule. The manager just told me to come in after my college appointment this morning so that's not very helpful haha. I want to look at Fura and Rand specifically. I didn't like the meta lynch and I want to state my reasons when I get back in full.
  2. Okay I caught up! (I may not have totally gotten sidetracked with life after dinner) I don't have time to go through as much analysis as I'd like and I have to admit to myself that life is too busy to be as active as I'd like for me right now. If I had to pick an elim out of the active players, I'd say that Fura is giving me a bad vibe from some of his posts and reasoning so I'd like to read back through all of his posts before next cycle if I get the time. Rand is also setting off red flags for me with some stuff he's done, but I can't recall what they all were. I just doubt myself with Rand because I always think he could be an elim and don't want to rule it out. I'll try to look closer at some more people soon. My biggest village read is probably Karn because I feel like an elim wouldn't have risked pushing that hard for Snip's lynch in only cycle 2. Almost all of his posts so far have felt too genuine to be an elim. (If you are than well done, especially for your first game.) @Ookla the Unprepared Are there specific reasons you feel this way about me? I know your first suspicions against me I answered as best I could, but I never got a response as to whether you acknowledged or didn't believe my reasons in any way. I feel like your just sticking with a gut read instead of looking elsewhere very much. In regards to my vote on Rath, I did say it wasn't a retaliation vote as much as it was for his voting reasons and because I misunderstood part of his post. Just because his vote had been on me does not make it directly a retaliation vote and it slightly irkes me that it keeps being called such. I would have voted on him after that post, irregardless of his vote being specifically on me. Just wanted to clear that up. I don't have time to do much to determine the vote at this point and feel wrong putting a vote on Fura without doing more research on him. I'll be abstaining from the lynch this cycle which I've never done before. I feel it's gotten enough votes to carry it through and I ran out of time to look at Meta's posts. Edit: okay, looking back through. Why are people lynching Meta?? I see 2 votes that look like they missed Meta's reasons for voting Fura and they weren't just following Ookla the East's vote. Then other ones that just kinda hopped on.
  3. Crap.....I forgot about the game because I had so much to do today. College registration, stuff for my job I'm starting tomorrow, and babysitting. Apologies all, I really haven't had any time today. Edit: Let me eat dinner and I'll try and be back on for as much as I can before the cycle ends.
  4. Sorry for not being active this turn. I've been busy irl. I'll be back next turn. Although I do have some college stuff tomorrow, I should be free in the evening.
  5. The Snipexe lynch is pretty well explained in some of the last several posts if you're interested. Got about 7 minutes to read them lol.
  6. I feel like I should point out that if he does flip village, that we shouldn't be too quick to kill Karn. I'm not certain that elim!Karn would push that heavily for a lynch this early in the game? I just get nervous when I see so many people saying that it would essentially confirm Karn's alignment. Remember to keep an open mind.
  7. Okay so about Snipexe, I said I was leaning village on him because: 1. He was already in the spotlight so much on Day 1 then why would elim!Snip want more spotlight on him with the redirected action that Fura talked about? 2. If Padan Fain exists and could have killed Village!Snip than would they have or would they use a mislynch? Or could they have been inactive? Or could they have missed that rule clarification? 3. If Snip flips as Rand then that could be really bad. (I know this isn't a point in favor of him actually being village, it just made me worry about lynching him.) However, based on the fact that Karn is pushing very hard for his lynch, I would like to see Snip's alignment and for the same reasons as day 1 I would like to know Snip's alignment based on all of the interactions people have had regarding him. I think at this point, it's probably just worth it to find out his alignment so we have more to look at from there. Rathmaskal Snipexe
  8. I said "felt" because I misunderstood part of what you were saying so I'm thinking about what I want to do and if I still suspect you based on reconsidering my position.
  9. Retaliation votes on their own are sketchy. But, I found your vote sketchy regardless of the fact that it was on me. It was because i thought you were saying you should vote for one of the other people but then just voted on someone else with a gut feeling. That could be an elim trying to not play sides and just keeping the lynch at 1 and 1 and 1 and etc. I still don't see how keeping the vote tied at all 1's by just adding a gut vote would really help the lynch and so I felt like you were avoiding getting involved until maybe someone else did analysis towards the end of cycle that you could jump on.
  10. Yeah so would that actually kill him then?
  11. How would he die? In the rules, it just says that Padan Fain basically cancels actions taken against someone and blocks their passive traits and abilities right? Doesn't say they have a kill or anything?
  12. Honestly, that could be why they were targeted. It's good for the elims if people don't list suspicions because when they die there's nothing to look back on regarding that. So, even if you only have very limited suspicions then you should post them. It makes it harder for the elims to target people. It also helps people with reads. I know I personally usually go through and make lists of who I think might or might not be able to be teammates if one is evil depending on interactions. Lists like that have often helped me to narrow down suspicions and find elims as a group. This is how we always feel about each other xD Also, I was planning on doing a longer in depth post today about suspicions and rules etc but I had stuff come up irl and then spent a while finally reading over the rules really in depth. Hopefully I can do as much catching up as possible before cycle ends. I don't mean for my posts to have little content, but that's probably on me for taking so long to really think about all the rules and roles. Last few posts have just been me rambling and trying to get a feel off the game. But I did try to tag a lot of people last cycle to promote discussion and figure out my reads better on people. @Mark IV Sorry I didn't respond last cycle. I said I'd be active and then ended up getting caught up in other irl things. (aka the finale of Stranger Things 2 that I needed to finish xD) Yes, it is common for me to be very active regardless of my knowledge of the rules. I've always been the type of person who absolutely hates learning any kind of game rules. I must admit I put off trying to figure these ones out on my own for way too long. I just really don't like complicated rules and I did say I was going to try and give analysis on players rather than on the rules. Especially since up to that point most discussion had been about rules and strategy and not a lot of players posting analysis of other players. I tend to do that better and then like reading other player's posts on the rules cuz it helps me wrap my head around the rules better to understand how they work. I wasn't saying his post didn't matter? I don't think a 3 paragraph explanation in response to someone accusing me says that? I hope not, I'd feel bad if it did. I was merely trying to explain my reasoning and my posts that he questioned and seemed to feel strange on. Just giving him more clarity into what my thought process had been. Also, I paused here and caught up on the rest of the cycle and since I quoted you I'll try and address other questions I had for you. I don't really understand why a villager would want Rand to claim in thread since losing him would be very bad for the village. There can be elims in the anon docs and if they find the Green Man then, as you said, then they could proceed to take out the Green Man and Rand one after the other. I don't know if an elim would have suggested this tho. It seems to risky. I'm not quite sure whether to read it as NAI or to lean village on you just for saying something that could be potentially dangerous because elims tend to avoid stuff like that. For now I'll keep it at NAI because it doesn't sound like a good thing to do for the village. I also wanted to point out that you also said that you thought Devo was probably killed because they hadn't posted a lot of suspicions and that was my opinion too. I guess it's still NAI tho since even an elim could give a reason like that for why someone died. Not sure what to think about your action being redirected to Snipexe. If he was an elim then I'd think they'd not want him in the spotlight more than he already was last cycle. They would probably have known that you would reveal the redirect in thread or that there was a chance you might. That makes me lean slightly more village on Snipexe. @randuir I'd really like to hear your theory on why Devotary was killed. I'll wait for it.:P @Rathmaskal I'm a little confused on why you voted for me after saying that you'd be best served voting for one of the other players with a vote already on them? Especially when it was just a gut read and all it did was add another 1 to the pile. That doesn't really help anyone much? Rathmaskal Also, we need to ensure early lynches because the elim roles get really powerful the later the game gets by what I can see in the rules. Summoning creatures doesn't happen until night 3 and Balthamel gets a roleblock after this turn I think? Or after Night 2. It's really important to find the elims quicker because of the roles in this game. I feel like there's more I wanted to say but I kept having internet issues and having to switch between my laptop, phone, and actual paper. *gasp
  13. Ugh internet slowness >> I'm working on a post and have been for a while but gag it's taking so long and it's getting late. I'm just gonna read through the rest of the cycle instead of doing it post by post and commenting. And then I'll be back with my post. Just letting everyone know that I'm here.
  14. @Ookla the Ring Thank you, Karnatheon. That sum up of actions helps a lot. I think I'm finally wrapping my head around the rules and have been reading through them more today. I don't have a lot to say other than don't forget your defense actions if you haven't already put them in. I'm never really sure what else to discuss during the Night turns. I'll probably be checking in and out and have been following the conversation so if anyone has any questions for me I'll be around.
  15. Fifi poked a stick at the young soldier's chest. "Are you implying something, you young bat. Bats? Oh I LOVE bats, they're so cute and their little squeaks are just adorable!" Fifi stared off into space as if she were actually watching a bat and smiled. She quite forgot what she'd been saying and smiled at Jancey. "Hello, young man, did you need something?" Oorp: Eh, I was very confused and you can look back at almost any game I've played with complicated rules and roles and see that I have a really hard time figuring out how these type of games work, but having read through last cycle and just rambling off what I was thinking at the time then I changed my mind on a bunch of stuff as I was going because I was doing it all in a real time read through of the thread. My confusion was real, but a lot of players explanations have really helped me a lot and I was trying to be as active as I could during the last part of the cycle. If my info came across as forced i guess I was just really trying to push myself to hurry because the cycle was ending soon and i wanted my post to go up with enough time for people to respond etc. Not sure what I can say about it sounding strange? Maybe I just am. xD And about Snipexe, I tend to be very skeptical of all reasons for day one lynches, even my own. Because they rarely seem good enough for a lynch, but it also gives us information regardless of what they flip and I decided that by the time the end of the cycle was that close that if it was down to Snipexe or you(who hadn't said anything but hello in the cycle) that I'd rather lynch someone who had been talked about by a bunch of different players because that may help with my alignment reads and others if we knew his alignment. I don't know his alignment, but was saying that his post could just as easily been village as elim and I've seen villagers get lynched cycle 1 for that sort of post a lot. I guess that was where my hesitation came from, but for the reasons I outlined, I decided to vote on him. Hopefully that makes sense.