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  1. I don't think so, but if they found a method to move Stormlight out of Roshar, they can use the same method to disconnect Kelsier from Scadrial allowing him to freely move around Cosmere. This is one of few problems Kelsier has right now. Stormlight won't help him keep his mind sane, nor will it give him back Allomancy. But even if he can't use it to fuel his invested arts, there are many others in Ghostbloods that can. And Stormlight is far easier and safer to get than Dor. @Frustration you are on fire lastly with all those theories and connections! They are so simple yet so logical it makes me wonder how could I miss it. Edit: Kelsier's main goal on Scadrial is to popularize metal arts, so everyone could have it. And if they also would have easy access to Dor or Stormlight to fuel it, Scadrial would suddenly become a very powerful faction in the Cosmere. Then they could easily defend themself and also project power across other systems.
  2. So, there is this WoB And this one is suspicious And this one: I think Nohadon was a Dawnshard and a Bondsmith, but put his Dawnshard in a vision, like Change Dawnshard was put in the mural. Dalinar was able to enter that vision, because of the connection between him and Nohadon, and felt it in a similar way that Rysn was feeling when she was looking at a Dawnshard. It seemed familiar to him, he knows it very well, yet he didn't pick up this Dawnshard yet. The description of Dalinar's last vision in WoR was too similar to the Dawnshard's description Rysn made. This Dawnshard is still locked in the vision. Nohodon is most likely still alive, due to Torment, but doesn't hold a Dawnshard anymore. Nohadon doesn't seem like a guy who would keep the Dawnshard to himself forever, he might pick it up at some point because duty compelled him to it, but once it wasn't needed anymore, I think he would give it up. He was a honorable man. However I never thought about "the Dawnshard, known to bind any creature voidish or mortal" the way you did. I always thought that Dawnshards can either be picked up by anyone, or they can be used against anyone. I like your interpretation far better.
  3. That's a great idea. It'll be fun to read. There isn't much about it. Probably with some age people just get powers, most likely young age, like Wax was before he went to the village. Maybe it's happening in the mists. It won't work. F-pewter gives strength by increasing muscle mass, but those muscles grow on your body, you become bigger, so the density of the muscles doesn't change. A-pewter just gives magical strength so it doesn't increase your body characteristics, it doesn't stop bullets or coins, it makes you able to withstand damage cause by them. Density of the muscles is around 1.06 kg/L, and the density of the water is exactly1 kg/L. Human body is 60%, muscles are around 75% water, so it makes sense that those tissues have similar density. You can't make muscles bulletproof. Even just bigger muscles won't stop a bullet, in Mythbusters they had 14in (35cm) muscle that didn't stop a bullet. I think as a ferrings they would be welcomed in Terris as long as they don't use allomancy/use it to fight. Ferrings are just too rare to ignore them. Marrying an allomancer might worsen their relations however. But their kids would still be welcomed in the village, like Wax was, in hope that they would choose to stay there. I don't think that it would be a big news, judging that Wax's grandma may have done it. Elendel society would just ignore it. They are not noble afterall. Twinborn happens in Elendel, ferrings and mistings too, it isn't big news until you are involved in politics. Only Wax's grandma knew who was the steelrunner in the city, and that was the only one, and it wasn't big news in Elendel. But as said before, that's a lot of powers, and twinborns for a single family. They are rare. I like the idea proposed by @Werewolff Studios
  4. That was because there was a strong connection between them, as Dalinar was seen as a champion. But I think that even Venli spoke to Odium only in the Everstorm, and Taravangian at the beginning as well.
  5. The only very visible "not like Stormfather" moment for me was when he told Gavilar that he will be a "... Herald". They had very consistent conversation through the whole chapter, and even this herald moment was not out of place. While he sometimes behaves weirdly, he still is consistent relative to previous conversation. If there is some Stormfaker, then you are right, he would have to hear what the Stormfather and Gavilar are talking about, to make conversation not out of place. Stormfather might not notice this intrusion, but Stormfather saw Lift as soon as Dalinar saw her in his visions, so if Stormfaker was talking to Gavilar during visions, Stormfather should be able to detect that as well. Therefore Stormfaker can't talk to Gavilar in his visions at all to avoid detection. I think Odium might also be a likely candidate, as Gavilar traveled to Braize for Voidlight, and might acquire some kind of connection to him. But this is a shard level power.
  6. Defenses: Shardplate can protect not only Radiant but also their squires as sprens can move as seen in RoW. It might be a unique ability of Windrunners due to their Ideal focusing on protection.
  7. So there is this huge and beautiful WoB relevant here: So by this you could spike a Bloodmaker, and if he's somehow still alive, give him that spike (it would most likely be placed in a different place than where he was first spiked, so it's a different piece of soul), and if he has enough health stored, he would be able to heal back his soul, restoring his feruchemy, then you can take that spike and give it to someone else. It would work far better with someone like Miles, as after spiking out his feruchemy, he can still compound his full goldminds and heal it back. But you brought up an interesting topic. The spike contains a piece of someone else's soul, identity and connection. However that piece of soul is disconnected from the rest of it, so unlike how it is in SA Here you have a disconnected piece of soul that is forced into your soul. There will be some weak connection between that piece of soul and its original host, it has the same identity, but because it's disconnected I doubt there would be any effect. At the very least it might be possible for the original soul donor to have some sort of weak life sense, just enabling him to detect proximity to his stolen piece of soul. But I don't think it would work both ways.
  8. It depends on what you already know about era 2 and certain stuff, and I can't really ask you about it because the question itself is a spoiler. The best experience of SH is after reading BoM, so I agree with @Frustration. But SH is mostly about events in the original trilogy, and it gives an interesting new perspective. So while you can read it right after finishing Hero of the Ages, it's better to read it after Bands of Mourning.
  9. Radiation poses danger because of long term effects - it breaks the DNA chain, which prevents cells from copying and healing themselves. Your body slowly loses cells that it can't replace anymore. Radiation also breaks the bonds between molecules, atoms and electrons. Radiation doesn't kill instantly. Death is usually caused by infection, as Radiation kills immune cells. All Stormlight needs to do is to heal those bonds between atoms. That's it. This is microscopic damage. And if it's healed immediately after being damaged, there are no long term effects to heal.
  10. Not a factor, you have Stormlight, it will heal you and that wouldn't require big amounts of it.
  11. Yes, in the atmosphere there is terminal velocity, and that's because of the air drag. In space there is nothing that would stop acceleration, so just like man-made objects with propulsion in space, they would just keep accelerating until reaching near-light speeds. But it would take a long time. It would also take a long time to travel between planets or stellar systems. In cosmic scale the speed of light is painfully slow, so it wouldn't be a good way of traveling between planets.
  12. Interesting, very interesting. I think it also depends on how much hemalurgic charge can be in one spike. If it's enough for all 4 powers then it's extremely useful. I would have to think about it more, but I would take some more useful powers from allomancy and feruchemy and compound them (if Harmony allows it, for now it's a no). Taking both physical feruchemical and allomantic powers would be a good choice. While gold compounding is op, only allomantic bendalloy is very useful form that quadrant, so I think it would be a bit of a waste. F-zinc and emotional allomancy is very useful, but rest only occasionally. Spiritual Feruchemy seems to have great potential, but only duralumin and chromium have some uses, so I would take just feruchemy from that quadrant.
  13. So they form a bond with Ryshadium? For Windrunners it seems a bit useless? We have it foreshadowed with plate and lesser sprens but with a mount there was nothing so far. No Radiant, except Dalinar, is close to Ryshadium, and they are sapient enough to choose their own rider. But, from Coppermind "They are often referred to as "the third Shard" in addition to a Shardblade and Shardplate." OB ch 10. However Notum in RoW was riding on some kind of majestic spren so maybe they do bond some spren, and maybe that's only in CR to allow for easier transportation? And just a note, I would be very grateful if you also put the chapter number with the source so that it can be easily found in other language versions of the books.
  14. Not much tbf. She and Honor arrived first on Roshar, before Odium came We know she wants Nightwatcher to develop without influence of people and learn by herself. She was romantically involved with Tanavast She helped Honor with fight against Odium And was close enough to learn from Odium how to splinter Shards And currently, despite what people in world think, she is still fighting against Odium Cultivation was also briefly on planet Ashyn, and established Cultivation-based magic there That's most likely it. She came with Honor on Roshar, was involved in cultivating sprens and the planet, allowed humans from Ashyn to settle on Roshar, and later helped Honor and humanity fight with Odium. She learned how to splinter shards and is still fighting against Odium in a way, as we saw in RoW. She wants Nightwatcher to learn by herself, and made her in such a way to be un-Connected to humans and is unaffected by the way they think about her.
  15. Lesser sprens seems to have some lesser abilities related to surges. I remember Kaladin thinking that Windsprens stick things together (that was when he was slave in Tvlakv's caravan, and Syl was doing that, but it wasn't a surprise to him). But are they granting those to Radiant or they just extending the reach of Radiant by transmissing their surges? What Kaladin did was just pressure manipulation - adhesion. Windspren allowed him to precisely target it. So this tunnel Kaladin made was because of Windsprens innate abilities, or Kaladin's surges used by those Windsprens? Both possibilities seems valid to me.