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  1. I agree up to 3, except that I would introduce Tuon in Season 2 and keep the Seanchan on permanently, even if they just have a couple of scenes per season when they are not too evident in the books. Merge Seasons 6 and 7 and Seasons 8 and 9. The reason for introducing Tuon early is that the Seanchan become too huge a part to ignore for as long as they are ignored in the books. After all, in tv you need to know who are the characters and who to root for from quite early on, when people are added randomly later on the audience loses interest. That Tuon is one of the girlfriends of the three boys just makes her early appeareance more important. They could add some more completely new material of the Seanchan too, as that could allow the audience to empathize with them a bit more than how they appear on the books. The same goes for the Black Tower, too important to cut off, yet too much in the background in the books, maybe make a whole new plot for it with some hints from parts of the books which are cut off. Cut off a ton of Aes Sedai, Wise Ones and so on, partly because there is no real point in having so many, and yes, due to budget too .I myself lost interest in the mid books partly due to the million Aes Sedai, Wise Ones, Aiel and whatnot introduced out of the blue when we already had plenty of secondary and tertiary characters around to fill in the gaps. While some fans might hate the idea of not adhering completely to the books, I maintain that tv is not like reading. When reading we have a lot more information, and we can let our minds fill in for a lot that is not said. In tv its just watching and assuming that anything not onscreen did not happen. I wil take the approach of hope for the best, plan for the worst. Since lets be honest...WoT is HUGE, just handing the books to the person in charge of the scripts to read would raise some eyebrows as I, who am a fast reader still took a month to read them all. And you need two readings at least to even become aware of half of the prophecies, clues and mysteries. Then there is the decision on what to cut and what to keep. And so on ^^.
  2. I want to think that Kelsier won't be the killer, and I will grab onto any argument that he is not for as long as I can. But lets be honest, do you think there is a single fan that hasn't at the very least thought of this possibility? I don't think it will be Kelsier, for many reasons already stated. The only reason why it could be him would be to prevent an even bigger threat (Shard level threat). But the possibility that it will be him will likely always be in our minds until we read Era 3.
  3. Kaladin is the last person the GB would want to recruit. Honesty, an inability to lie and a need to follow his morals in a very strict sense...add up to make the worst possible fit into the GB society. As an aside...can I just say how many of the times I try to make an acronym in SA I get SS. Stone Shamans, Shin Shamanate, Secret Societies .
  4. While I'm sure there will be problems with Szeth's crusade I doubt that one will be one of them. Why? Because I'm in the camp that believes that Szeth was a Stone Shaman or at least very high up in their hierarchy, which means that he knew everything that the Stone Shamans knew. Therefore, I believe if he said "the Voidbringers have returned", he had as much information on the past as the Stone Shamans did, and they understood what he meant. As an additional point, language is a tool of communication. The words exist so that groups of people understand each other and know what they are talking about. If someone says "the sky is blue" and everyone knows what they mean, it would be pointless to say "he is lying because blue used to mean pink 5000 years ago". It is irrational and inefficient, as going down that hole means that the point of language as a way of understanding each other becomes irrelevant. Of course you could then enter a philosophical debate about whether what matters is what is said or what is meant, very Skybreaker-Windrunner .
  5. Adolin. He is basically the proverbial Hector. Perfect son, perfect brother, perfect lighteyes, perfect noble, perfect fiance...except for some rough edges to add realism and make him even more lovable in my eyes. Even the people that hate Adolin tend to admit that they would love to have him as a best buddy. Navani was always a bit bland for me, although I respect some parts of her. There are also still unanswered questions about her. Like: what in all the worlds made her attracted to the Blackthorn and Gavilar? Both men the lowest possible crem around! Dalinar for some reason always frustrates me, long before learning his past, this is a problem I have from book 1. He is always on the precipice of making the wrong decision, and seems to often do mistake after mistake after mistake, but then recovers and gains ground from a single right decision. I realize this is something other people will like, but for me it becomes frustrating in that it is continuous. Jasnah, I am mildly fond of her, but I still don't know her enough to make a decision. Same for Renarin. Elhokar is someone I mildly hated in WoR, and become mildly fond of in OB, but thats all.
  6. Gavilar didn't bond the Stormfather, but the potential was there. Basically like Dalinar before he came to Urithiru and said the First and Second Oath. Gavilar simply never progressed to that stage, and was going in the wrong direction than what the SF wanted. That been said, that Gavilar was on the path to potentially become a Bondsmith doesn't prevent him from possibly becoming a Voidbinder. But I suspect that may have been more by accident than on purpose. It's possible he was chasing pure power, and Odium's power was easier to reach and see than Honor's where you have to swear the Oaths and not just go off in a destruction spree . Another possibility is that he was trying to Voidbind, believing he could pick it up and drop it after some experimentation. I'm not too convinced on the Sja-anat angle. It is entirely possible she played us during the brief time we saw her, but she seemed honestly worried of what Odium winning would mean for her and her spren. So I don't see her hastening along the Desolation of her own free will, or at the least dropping warnings with other people who would have worked to prevent it.
  7. Szeth. 1. The Shin are to me one of the biggest mysteries in Roshar. We got some clues in OB about their origins but are still pretty much blank when it comes to their present culture and reasonings. 2. Redemption stories are always amazing if properly written, partly because they are not so easy to fully capture. 3. If the bunch of clues we have put together are right, Szeth bonded or semi bonded a spren years before killing Gavilar, making him the first new (proto?) KR of this era. 4. Szeth flashbacks will most likely equal more present Szeth which equals more Nightblood.
  8. Thats currently my favorite theory, but honestly, I have changed my mind 4 times on this topic already . Do we have any in-text, or WoBs shedding light on Sliver powers? Since most people die soon after dropping a Shard its a topic where I feel we have too little info. Kelsier's location is something else I am quite curious about, but don't have any firm ideas of where he could be. I'm somehow hesitant to think North Scadrial, as while I am sure he has a lot of covert unknown influence there, I'm not sure that he could prevent himself from getting a very hands on and rather visible (if not him then his group). At the moment I'm thinking he is offworld, mainly because even though Sazed is his friend Kelsier would be loath to having anyone capable of controlling him even if Sazed wouldn't normally do that, and the chances that he normally has more than 1 spike are high. I know distance is not always relevant, but I think the further he goes from Scadrial the less able Sazed/Harmony would be able to take control of him through his spikes. So regardless of the difficulty of Worldhopping for him if Kelsier put his mind to it I'm sure he could figure it out after 300 years. I hadn't thought of that, but it makes a lot of sense. It would be so ironic and so Kelsier to spend all that energy into escaping the CR and returning to the PR just to make his power base on the CR once he suceeds. Much like spending so much energy and hatred on overthrowing the Lord Ruler just to pretend to be the Lord Ruler .
  9. Aboshi seems more like an honorific to me. Shin culture seems to be full of them. This is an interesting point, I think you may be on to something. It could be Urithiru was not forbidden to the original humans as it was the domain of one of the great spren, so it was accepted both humans and Singers were welcome there. Or maybe it is as simple as knowledge from two different times mixing up to create a single cultural idea: Stone can't be walked on as it is meant for Singers + Urithiru is a refuge to go to during Desolations = stone can't be walked on, but Urithiru is acceptable from Shin perspective. Syl explains that spren are not like humans who have a soul that is lost when they are "broken". She was quite specific that splitting a stone changes the state but it is still stone and intact. I doubt stone spren would be bothered by castles or mining. The Shattered Plains may be dicier as its entirely possible what broke the SP caused spiritual damage. But if it were just physical damage I doubt the spren would care. I think Szeth just found Urithiru by chance when he was flying around, maybe he had a vague idea where it was. But in any case, he probably just went for the same reason someone might go to the Great Wall of China, its impressive and has historical significance. (Basically touristical reasons). At the end of the day Szeth is a solitary person, when needing to think his first pick would likely be somewhere that he can't be bothered. If there was a deeper meaning to Szeth going to Urithiru after fighting Kaladin, I think it may be that he was questioning his faith and the judgement of the Shin Shamans, so he went to the only place that the Shin accepted walking on Stone was not a sin to try to strengthen his faith. Much like someone questioning his faith might go to a church to pray hoping to find peace that puts the questions to their faith to rest. My view when I read that was that Szeth recognized the platform, not the beam of light itself. But I wouldn't discard the possibility that the Shin may ocassionally go to Urithiru with an Honorblade. I've wondered since finishing OB if Dalinar might fix the SP again, but I don't see a big relevant reason to do it. Except maybe showiness to show his powers, or maybe to make the journey from the camps to the oathgate a bit easier as they can skip crossing all the bridges. (Although just think what an ecosystem from the chasms that would destroy!).
  10. First read Mistborn: Secret History like Calderis said. Then:
  11. There have been a lot of theories since BoM on what, how and when Kelsier's current status is. I am curious what people in the shard think of the topic right now and which theories have more weight at this point. This is also in case any WoBs or plausible theories came up which I missed, so please tell me if I left out important options .
  12. What do I want between book 3 and 4? A novella. One of my biggest pet peeves from OB is how we see zero reactions to Szeth strolling around Urithiru as Dalinar's main guard. Now, I don't think that the rulers would really raise a stink about him being there, as when it is about survival people get their priorities in order pretty damnation quick. If asked "Do you want the assassin in white to fight us or them during the end of the world?" the answer would be quite obvious. However, some questions would need to be asked, some things (Truthless, followed orders WHO GAVE THOSE ORDERS) would need to be clarified for all the leaders of the human side, and yes, some things would need to be gotten off their chests. If grilling Szeth for a week and shouting at him would make the rulers feel better, then go for it, then have a clear head for the years to come. Rather than be suspicious of him for the next year. So I'd say a novella starting when the battle of Thaylen city ends and ending about some time after the wedding would be good, as there are some questions that I just can't see easily shelved for a year, other than the Szeth issue which is my biggest point there are: Dalinar to his sons: I killed your mother Adolin's coronation as highprince (or whatever the term for that) Shallan to her brothers: I know last time we met I was a 17 year old naive, innocent girl, but now I am a KR and the wife to a highprince. So...we should talk Jasnah to Ash and Taln: I know who you are, spill Ash and Taln to Jasnah/Dalinar/coalition: expect no help from us, we are a mess. Also, Jezrien is permanently dead, so we really may be on our last life. Szeth to the coalition: the Skybreakers fight for the Singers this Desolation Begin debate of how not all KR are innately fighting for the humans Renarin's odd KR/voidbinder status can't also be parked for a year. Additionally I really want Szeth to split the King's Drop with the Unmade inside with Nightblood. Shame for the gem, but lets be honest, we all know Nergaoul will eventually escape if he isn't killed for good. So basically, have a lot of conversations just to wrap up loose ends that no-one would want to leave flying even for the end of the world.
  13. I'd say Demoux as he is (was?) probably the least invested of the three (considering how hard it is to get your hands on atium, specially after the consumption spree). Galladon is unlikely as he probably has to drink Aon-juice now and then, which would kill the cold in an instant. So most extreme case, Demoux and Baon.
  14. And as we see in OB that would have done everyone a huge favor...Jasnah isn't cold hearted, she is merely controlled in her emotions. However she won't do something that her heart tells her is completely wrong. Aesudan was such a completely morally wrong person that she barely felt twinges of guilt about killing her, and the only reason why she probably didn't was because her death after Gavilar's might have shaken the family. But Renarin was...Renarin. Killing the self-serving witch of the family is very different from killing the sweetheart.