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  1. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....... Who wouldn't want cookies like that? Seriously?
  2. Soaring into the dark alley on self-granted lines of blue light, the small man lands before the void. His bones crunch from the impact, but immediately knit together. He approaches the Void at Feruchemical speed, his dark blue robe rippling in the fluorescent glow of the mist- like stormlight rising from his skin. "I have done what you asked..." He rasps to the Void in a heavy Scottish accent. "And..." MY GREAT CONTRIBUTION TO THE SCIENCE OF HEMALURGY-- Drumroll- I have gained ethical licensing for our "baking experiment"!!! *Fanfare* Hemalurgy.docx *Trumpets* He awaits the approval of the Void.
  3. Don't eat the cookies? why not? Cookies are wonderful and sweet and tasty! Why not have cookies? Cookies are great! If someone offers you cookies, you definitely need to take them. I took the cookies, and look at me! I'm doing great! @Secrets, we need some more cookies over here.
  4. How would I make a sale? Find a new "customer" and have them come down the dark alley o' baking?
  5. Another soul under @Secrets belt, I have partaken of the forbidden cookie. Although I am no longer... "properly" human... I shall devote myself to the culinary arts. BTW- how many spikes did Telsin have? I think Suit had three.
  6. Here I would like to compile a list of cosmere references, implications, just anything you want for any of the Mistborn, Era 2 books. Theories and speculations are welcome! Please, this is a continuing list! Try to find as many obscure or not references and post them here, this should be very useful for future purposes!
  7. I am sorry my friend.
  8. Aw no... Who doesn't like cookies? Seriously?
  9. How does one become a member of the cult secret practitioners of the evil art of baking?


  10. Hello! Good day! I hope you have a good time on the forums! Have yourself an up-vote! Please, have some cookies with hemalurgic spikes with chocolate chips!
  11. Oh mighty ... BAKER! I wish to join your ahhmmm.... guild! baking guild!
  12. I sincerely apologize for my misnaming of the ugly lizard crab thing. Also...
  13. Cookies or Brussels Sprouts...
  14. Soundly defeated through the power of brussels sprouts...
  15. Favorite character- Wayne or Hoid Cookies- What cookies? I know no cookies!