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  1. There, fixed it for you. Remember, 1 spike, 1 attribute per victim. That is why spiking a full mistborn or full ferochemist were considered a waste.
  2. That is a very real possibility that I had not considered. However Cusicesh's name might still be untranslated. Also the ducts and passages throughout Urithiru's structure would be a perfect conduit for a giant waterspren to inhabit without getting in the way of it's other inhabitants, and it could then ferry away waste and bring fresh water and even pump air using arterial contractions. It would basically become the blood of a living structure. It would be rare for such a large spren to not be spotted or named this far into the series. However if Cusicesh is not the sibling then the next best guess would be the giant blue glowing being that hurled a rock at Dalinar during the highstorm in one of his flashbacks (the one where Evi first got screentime). I believe Kaladin also saw it once during a highstorm. Those are the only 2 candidates for a great spren that I know of... but I do miss things, does anyone else have a candidate for the unnamed "Sibling". I hope it isn't something that just shows up "Deus Ex Machina."
  3. There seem to be 3 great spren, the StormFather, Cuisecesh (SP), and the NightMother. the Dialogue with the NightMother seems corrupted by Odium playing off passions and desires very strongly, the StormFather also seems to have a bit of corruption as well. He doesn't act purely in an honorable fashion. perhaps the 3 great spren are not directly a representation of a single shard, but are a mix, each with a large portion for their represented shard. What if the NightMother is Odium/Cultivation, the StormFather is Odium/Honor, and Cushicesh (SP) is Honor/Cultivation and thus the one most hurt by the broken oaths. Perhaps Cushicesh is a DeadEye, and is actually OathBringer. There could only be 3 Bondsmiths, we have seen 2 with their minds still intact, one is just a giant silent water statue that only appears at a certain time. And if a BondSmith were to name his blade something "OathBringer" would be that name, plus it looks like a giant fishhook (appropriate for a giant water spren), also it was carried by a proto BondSmith (as a Bit of Foreshadowing) and this blade also doesn't scream as loudly to Dalinar anymore, for a few vague reasons given by the StormFather. I wonder if a BondSmith could reforge the bond between a DeadEye and a compatible host, or Just Reforge the broken Spren, much like Dalinar reforges the broken temple of Taln.
  4. I see this as a capture, not a kill. Because How do you capture a Spren? Give it what it really wants then trap it in the appropriate gem. and Jezrein really wanted to die because of what the heralds did to Taln (How would Kaladin feel if you told him "all you need to do is abandon one of Bridge 4 to eternal torture"?). The Herald is similar enough to a spren, he just had to leave behind his meat puppet. Odium wouldn't want the herald back on Braize blocking the rainbow bridge to Roshar. Jez was only really upset when he realized he wasn't finally going to take up the watch in Damnation. But Spiking Jez into another body, would that give Jez a new body? or would it give the Herald form to another person? Could you differentiate based upon where you spike them? All hemalurgy involves loss, you cannot avoid it, it is intrinsic to the power, but you can try to mitigate a fair percentage. Why did the Singers not do this? I feel it has something with why the troops swapped sides, and the trap for Odium. Odium had to switch to the Parshendi so he could have them kill the human's which are anchoring him to the system. I wonder, assuming Dalanar is the intended Honor replacement, would Dalanar need to absorb all of the heralds as well as tapping Honor's pool? Perhaps this move is Odium blocking Dalanar's access to full Ascention. Else is he just trying to assemble the parts needed to make the "Best" champion he can, for the eventual showdown.
  5. I believe Dalanar made a statement to the point that without choice there cannot be honor... that I feel is why Honor favored the Humans over the Parshendi, the Parshendi seem to have very little choice when it comes to spren. Also somehow Cultivation had a hand in making the Parshendi, I feel she changed them to be the trap for Odium, perhaps that is why they became less favored to Honor, so easy for them to bind him to the system by inherently bonding to his power. Remember the Parasaphni story from the end of Way of Kings, sounds alot like Cultivation creating/recreating peoples. but I am full of crack brained ideas so laugh at them if you wanna.
  6. "Touch the beginning point on a wheel." Historians "in-story" found references to an age that came before the age of legends, The Age of Legends started around the time when Tamrylin first started channeling. The "third age" has no information going back any more than that. So by their frame of reference that would make the Randland age the "Third" and since most of the records in the third age survived. the next one will know it is the Fourth, but if the fourth age ends as badly as the "Second" the next age might think it is the second or third age, because they will not have any surviving knowledge of ages before. We know the Age before the Age of Legends did not have channeling, but we don't know in which of the 7 ages Channeling gets "Lost", it could be the 4th through the 7th ages, probably near the end of one of those ages i would imagine. I would assume that the one age that completely loses all knowledge of any age before would best be considered the "First". Which might be the age before the age of legends or one of the ones before that. All of this is assuming that each time an age ends it ends in a fairly similar fashion.
  7. You could only channel your way out of TAR if you dreamed your way in "In-the-flesh" and of course can channel. Very few know how to dream their way into TAR in the flesh. If you are merely dreaming into TAR you can only channel Spirit in your physical body (this is addressed in-story about the minor TAR ter'angreal, when talking about dream channeling and hurting others), thus you cannot form the needed gateway out of TAR, you just need to wake up. When in TAR in the Flesh you are not asleep and can thus channel all 5 powers. When channeling in the dream "not-in-the-flesh" You aren't actually channeling, you are forming things with your will, thus why "It's just a weave" is an important statement. People in the Dream in-flesh are more dangerous because their channeling, while still just a willed existence, it is much more than that, a much more solid belief and thus much more difficult to counter with dream only power, but if your understanding of the dream is deep enough even that can be shrugged off by changing the reality of the event. The gateway into and out of TAR is slightly different than the gateway for traveling, but a talented person could figure it out. I presume you have finished reading the series but wanted to be a bit vague in case someone drifts by who hasn't read all the way through. The end of the book series will show the depth of this understanding in the extreme, and thus a pipe is lit in the real world. The testing ter'angreals use the waking One Power to place limits on TAR pocket realms, but with a deep enough skill the way back will come more than once. LOL
  8. You will alternate between wanting to pump your fist in the air for all the awesome that Egwene does then go right back wanting to pump your fist into her face for all the undercutting and dismissive things she does. She still remains the same character, just more capable of doing great things and stupid things. Nyneve and Verin are more my favorite female characters.
  9. I believe it was confirmed by Brandon that if Adonalsium were shattered differently the shards would have been different, i.e. Justice, Integrity, Jealousy, etc..., instead of Honor, Preservation, Odium, etc... So Adonalsium didn't just have 16 flavors (I realize you didn't state that, just using it as an example), those were just the flavors that it shattered into this time, assuming that it has repeated this process in the past, cyclical like, and if not, then it just could have happened differently. A question for Brandon would be, if different people were present when Adonalsium was shattered, would it have shattered differently? Perhaps the intent of the people present determined the manner in which it shattered.
  10. I'll have to re-read Shadows of Silence, I must have missed the significance of three there, but I miss a lot. From what I know, Parts of Ambition were ripped out in Threnody, so some of him/her would still be there. Once I see what you are saying I will pencil it in. I have a particular interest in Ambition as well, as even though Ambition is splintered, it is vague if Odium got to finish the job by stashing the splinters into the cognitive realm (ala D&D) or Ambition managed to hide until vessel death and splintered due to trauma or some other event. Still curious as to exactly why Odium was so concerned about Ambition. My best guess is that Ambition would be drawn to conqueror other vessels and begin combining like Harmony did, which seems to be contrary to the way Odium is going about it.
  11. I wasn't sure if he was a shard holder that is why I listed it as only a possibility. note the "might have". If someone can remember the WoB that puts a nail in this I would be grateful. I believe everyone thought this because Hoid states that Frost is now "effectively immortal". But I suppose Frost could be a cognitive shadow much like Kelsier.
  12. As Yata posted the colors are not unique. To date the Numbers have been unique and also fall into the 16 and under domain, which is important as there are only 16 shards. Perhaps the colors align to an attitude or a purpose being exercised. Syl is White most of the time but at other times she is bluish (this could be atmospheric, but she doesn't provide light so I don't believe so). Cultivation has presented as black and also green, and Brandon has stated that Ruin and Cultivation share a symbiotic link (or complimentary/supplementary relationship). Probably one of the best comments to one of my loony theories. You actually read it, and suppressed your gag reflex long enough to make a thoughtful comment. I am not the type of person who takes every step, I leap and bound. If you want to fly, you have to get both feet off the ground. I am not looking for someone to disprove my loony theories, to do that all you have to say, and many have, is "That hasn't been written!" I am looking for things that noone else is talking about or willing to talk about because of the toxic nature of these forums, and believe me, it is toxic (I know a dozen Cosmere readers who won't even post because they see how others are treated). Brandon is trying to maintain the mystery of this story, the more material he puts out the harder that becomes, many of the statements he makes are deliberately passive, or the exclusivity of his statements is left deliberately vague, so as to have people make an assumption and put them on the wrong path, especially if he sees what they are after, he can lean his statement into going down a trail of red herring. Brandon has said that some shards won't have a significant number, My theory is that they all have a number, some shards such as D&D and Ambition who are splintered have lost the cohesion to express that aspect. Others, such as whatever shard Frost might have will not ever make it into the story proper and thus doesn't need to be developed storywise. The Theory that the numbers are planet based falls flat, I suspect that it will fall even flatter as the story unfolds. I cannot articulate why, this is yet another intuitive leap. I believe people have taken Brandon's words for MORE than they are worth. If another shard shows up on a different planet and their number is expressed there then we will have proof that the planet number theory is WRONG. I appreciate that you have posted and have actually acknowledged that I do not believe my theory is 100% correct, it is in fact guesswork based upon fictional writing. I sincerely appreciate it, many people do not see that this is a flow of consciousness theory, only dead people have static theories that never change to accommodate new data. I look forward to the ridicule as parts of my theory fall apart when new books are released, as I am not afraid to be wrong. @Yata H&C arrived at Roshar together, Roshar the Planet or Roshar the System? See this is what I mean by deliberately vague, and people taking his words for MORE than they are worth.
  13. screwed up post, how do I delete or hide this post?
  14. There is a persistent storyline in the SA books about the Tranquilline halls. They were lost and destroyed, just as Ashen has been effectively destroyed, some long time in the past according to the silverlight article on the system.. The Belief system about the Almighty is structured such that they (Honor's people) need to retake the Tranquiline Halls. That is where I am getting this. Not all myth is false, and not all stated facts by unreliable narrators are true. Either Brandon Sanderson is either a very poor writer and everyone has figured out exactly where he is headed with this series (I don't believe so, he learned that lesson with the Tower of Genji in the WoT, It was a great bit of story but it was diminished as everyone had figured out pretty much everything that was going to happen there), or there is more here, and he is paining with shadows. look for information that has been omitted, or deliberately dodged, there is where you will find what he has staged for a big AHHAH moment, that is what I am looking for. Am I saying I am right? No... I am not making that claim, this is a theory board, If I could prove all of this I would be able to point to the page where it was clearly written in the books, but then it wouldn't be a theory and it wouldn't be worth posting about.. So Please if you do not like this theory then say so. then move on if you think i am bonkers. Feel free. But this question you asked is a much thought about thing, not just by me. Honestly I might be completely wrong about the human's being what Cultivation recreated with the stones, It might very well have been the Parshendi, there is something hidden there as to why some are RED and WHITE and some are RED and BLACK. The RED-WHITE parshendi mgiht be HC parshendi and the RED-BLACK ones might be OC parshendi. But If I do not post my thoughts and theories then no one else will think about them. We do know Cultivation trapped Odium in the system, and prevented him from splintering Honor. I still don't know what the Gavilar stone is about and I am hoping more information comes up about it in the first 5 books else it is just a Chekhov's Gun dropped in the first books and just lolling around for a long time like the Horn of Valere. I don't believe Honor was invested in Roshar (the Planet), I beleive he probably was splintered there or Cultivation pulled his shattered remains there.
  15. #1, so could be means it couldn't be anything else? Don't be so polarized. (PUN-Intended) #2 I didn't say she used gemstones, because the Parasaphni story at the end of WoK didn't say she used gemstones, it said she used stones touched by the 10 heralds (which is believe is the same type of stone that Gavilar held, which would be the 11th type of stone), and collected the seed of her fallen lover to create 10 new peoples, it is attributed to the Origin of tha Makabaki tribes, but that I believe, as I stated, is a false view from an unreliable narrator. Look in WoK before the horn sounds that calls Dalanar's forces to join Sadeas for the fight on the Tower Plateau. Dalanar, Adolin, Renarin, and Navani are discussing various topics, this is one of the last things they discuss before the horn sounds. #3 Surge binding was a facet of honor blades on Ashen, that is why the Heralds require honor blades and do not have and never had Spren. The heralds are seen as uncontrollable forces by the Spren, with no check on them now that Honor is gone, who it seems acted as their guidance/conscious.