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  1. A bunch of little details struck me as odd until I decided that the stairs must be Ivory too, and this is a snapshot of Ivory changing back into blade form as Jasnah starts to leap back into battle as she finishes the soulcasting. It would explain why the pure white stairs are fading from the bottom up at the same time the blade is forming, why the stairs can float without visible support, why the shardblade is hovering without Jasnah actually touching it even though it looks like it's almost fully formed, and why she would be jumping off the stairs right at that moment (like others I thought she was levitating somehow, which made no sense with the levitating stairs right under her). @DSC01, I won't speculate as to why that person made the comment, but I certainly don't see what they described either.
  2. The link to my Sunday signing recording is below. Sorry it took so long, things got busy. I've never used Google Drive before, but I think I've got sharing set up correctly on the file. It's in amr format which is not one I'm used to seeing, but I checked to make sure it played on a couple different apps so that shouldn't be a problem. Around 48:30 is the start of the part that @Ironeyes's recording missed.
  3. Right, my bad. Since we had to change physical locations between the reading and the signing my brain separated them into two events... and then shifted one back by a day for some reason.
  4. Should the reading transcript go in a separate document since it happened in the Saturday readings/Q&A? Not sure if you were commenting on the question or the answer, but since I had a hard time making this question out I've changed it to " [Something about where should I look to find Ambition’s influence]" in the transcript for now. Not yet, but I'll try to get it up here before the end of this coming weekend. The sound quality's not pleasant to listen to, but it's good enough to transcribe from. I'm looking forward to speculating about the cover art when it's finally revealed since Brandon mentioned in the "building a career" panel that... @ccstat, I'll put together something about the Mistborn game in the next few days too (don't have much time tonight). Thanks for giving me some questions to work from.
  5. How do people here usually revise other people's transcripts? By adding comments? Also, if anyone is interested in hearing about the Mistborn: House War game let me know what kind of things you'd like to know. As @ccstat mentioned in his day 2 report earlier in the thread, I got to play it (leaving everyone else free to crowd around Brandon and ask questions when he showed up ).
  6. @jofwu, the spoiler tag below contains my take on the Interlude transcription you captured. I added anything I heard differently in highlighted text and struck through what it replaces in your original text. Almost all the names sounded phonetically correct to me, there were just a couple that I indicated some minor differences in what I heard. Nice work! I actually ended up using the YouTube video someone posted instead of my own recording. Better sound quality and I could watch his lips to help with the trickier bits. :-)
  7. theory

    Since the energy is coming from the Spiritual Realm, could the reaction actually create the equivalent of a Spiritual perpendicularity? That could lead to a much different form of exploration than what the current world-hoppers do since space doesn't exist in the Spirit Realm.
  8. @jofwu, I'll check my own recording tonight or tomorrow night if others haven't already filled in the unclear parts of the interlude. My phone was on the table right next to his water bottle, so it should be pretty clear.
  9. Thanks! Hope it helps, I haven't had a chance yet to read through the thread that you're discussing it on.
  10. I finally had some time to give more thought to your idea that the spren who would have been interested in Jak may have been killed or estranged during the Recreance. IIRC there's an in-book comment that some types of spren were hit harder than others, so that makes sense. But if they're not available or willing to bond with Jak after the Recreance, then I think the portentousness would be that the type(s) of spren in question won't be bonding with anyone on Scadrial, so not all the Orders would be coming back.
  11. @Ironeyes, I put the transcript of your signing Q&A in the file @BeskarKomrk made (thank you BeskarKomrk). Maybe you can fill in a couple areas where I couldn't quite make out what you were saying. I'll keep working a bit at a time on the part of the Sunday signing that Ironeye's recording cut out on.
  12. No problem, I know you've been waiting for the verbatim. If someone wouldn't mind creating a google doc for the Sunday signing for me to throw it in after, that would be great! The harmonium question turned into more of a conversation.
  13. Someone put a video of the reading/Q&A up on Youtube if anyone wants to see it: @Ironeyes, I'm working on transcribing your Q&A about harmonium right now.
  14. There were a couple people video recording the Building a Career panel, so hopefully it will end up online somewhere.
  15. @ccstat, interesting interpretation on the Allomancer Jak answer. My first thought was that something happened to Jak that has made him less appealing to spren. Just curious, was anyone else hanging out at the reception?
  16. Thanks, sounds pretty straightforward. <reluctantly cancels pulley order> I'll see if I can lurk after I have my books signed. I don't think I'll be there until after Friday's book signing, but I plan on trying to get into all his subsequent events.
  17. I might be able to find an older cell phone to use per @ccstat's idea back on page 1. I'm assuming Q&A's can just be recorded from your seat, but what do you guys do about signings?
  18. Hello! Much like @Stevorso, I'm finally making an account here so I can post over on the Boskone event thread. But first I wanted to thank the community here for all the work they do on the Coppermind, the Interview Database, or just hanging out here discussing theories. I started lurking over on Tor's Stormlight reread a few years ago, which led me to finding these great resources for looking up all things Brandon. Who knows, maybe now that I made an account here I'll actually find the time to participate every once in a while. Oh, and most importantly, I have looked around here enough to know that I should refuse all offers of cookies. No matter how tempting they may be...
  19. Thanks, I have been making my own list but I'll take a look at that thread and requests before the event.
  20. Good to know! I pretty much got all my punning out of my system in my earlier post, so you don't have to worry about me contributing for a while. Now I'm just wondering if everyone's continuing with it to punish... I mean, treat me harshly for derailing the traditional cookie thing. Thanks all for the welcomes and upvotes!
  21. Thanks for the upvotes! And the puns too I guess... although normally I try to cultivate at least a sliver of autonomy when odious puns dominate the conversation, I will honor your devotion to the wordplay.
  22. I'm new to the forums too, but if there's anything I can do to help at Boskone I plan on being there starting Friday evening. It will be my first time going to anything like this so I'm not sure what to expect, but I figured I should at least try to do my part since I've spent so much time pouring over the Interview Database and Coppermind.