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  1. Seventh Son:
  2. I don’t think the Radiants have to necessarily gain anything new beyond Stormlight efficiency/effectiveness because that’s all they get for the second oath. And they can even use surges before swearing an oath if they are a squire first. If they gain anything new, we don’t have any solid evidence as of yet.
  3. Revenge of the Sith:
  4. Mystery Science Theater:
  5. To add my two cents, in Era I there were pocket watches and canned food. TLR's grip and influence on what technology was available was very strong, and in my mind advanced smelting processes and cast/crucible steel is not too much of a stretch. In fact, in a society like that I would expect those scientific advances in metallurgy.
  6. Treasure Planet:
  7. "I think so, but how will we convince Elend that Human is a better choice to be emperor?"
  8. Magic School Bus:
  9. Just finished Ender's Game today:
  10. The black spheres are what drove the Heralds mad.
  11. The Little Mermaid:
  12. To be fair, an unpracticed user of Gravitation could be very dangerous as well, just in a completely different way.
  13. If I understand it correctly, they are able to use Division, but they are not allowed to use it until they have their own spren. And if we know anything about the Skybreakers, it's that they only do what they are authorized to do.
  14. So if I understand this correctly, Skybreaker squires are able to use Division, they are just not allowed to until they have their own spren/swear the Third Ideal.