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  1. My guess is that the “not yet” is probably about Yelig-Nar since he needs a host body. I was trying to find this one WoB about how if a person bonded an Unmade it would be analogous to a Bondsmith or something like that, but I couldn’t find it.
  2. Questioner Someone asked you last year if the Unmade could be bonded and you said technically yes. Have we seen any evidence of this, or will we? Brandon Sanderson Uhh, you-- Eh-- Not yet, no. It doesn't really happen. Technically it could but it just doesn't really happen. Shadows of Self London UK signing (Oct. 19, 2015) I take this to mean he probably doesn’t intend for it to happen, but I may be wrong.
  3. As someone who is related to the Donner party, I approve of this method of provision, but only when all other food sources have been exhausted and you have no reasonable hope of a speedy rescue.
  4. In the WoR interludes, the Five agreed to hold a meeting at a specific point in a specific rhythm. Unless they all started attuning simultaneously and didn’t switch rhythms at any point (which is hard to believe, given what we see in singer perspectives), it doesn’t make sense to set the meeting time this way, unless the rhythms are always playing independent of singer observation. I believe we see Eshonai even checking time by tapping into a rhythm BECAUSE the rhythm is objectively tracked, not subjectively tracked. @Keefasks a good question. Singer rhythm dynamics have become much more than mere worldbuilding based on the last few series of WoBs.
  5. I think it’s also relevant that Kelsier has not gone through the ordeal of dying over and over, unlike the Heralds and Fused. Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t the books themselves call out their cycles of death and rebirth being part of their decaying mental state?
  6. If a person acts in accordance with a particular Shard’s intent, that in no way means they actually hold any investiture associated with that Shard. In order to corrupt Odium, they would theoretically have to be invested with another Shard’s investiture, so if Mr. T did corrupt Odium, it would be with Cultivation’s investiture, if any.
  7. I think he is similar to Cenn in WoK, I that he is a character that exists to provide an outside perspective on main characters. I doubt he’ll play an important role, but I wouldn’t be shocked if he popped up again. Edit: I WOULD be shocked if Cenn popped up again.
  8. I believe the Sibling says outright that after they bound BAM they intentionally ended their bond with Melishi. No oaths were broken. They lost their light as an unintentional consequence of BAM’s capture. As the Radiants were already abandoning Urithiru, and subsequently breaking their oaths, there was no one either willing or able to check up on the Sibling, so it was assumed that the Sibling became a deadeye.
  9. I think what makes Bondsmiths unique is not the pairing of specific surges, but their ability to manipulate Connection. A theory of mine is that most Rosharans would call anyone who can manipulate Connection on this level a Bondsmith, similar to how some Rosharans would call all magic surgebinding.
  10. Ah, ya got me, @Jofwu
  11. It can’t be Teatament because the inkspren shopkeeper in RoW was taking care of Testament. They wouldn’t be able to go seek Shallan out in the cognitive realm. Cool thought though, @wordspren
  12. The Regals have to directly petition Odium for voidlight via the specific song/rhythm. I’m going to assume that Odium is able to exercise some volition over whether the Regals receive voidlight or not. If he sees the dispensation of his investiture as being at cross purposes with him, I would be surprised if he would give voidlight in the scenario the OP described.
  13. “ I am intelligent and articulate. You should compliment me now.”
  14. I see what you’re saying, but Dalinar himself is admittedly ignorant of how to even use his powers, and I doubt you can utilize a Dawnshard without intent. We still have a lot to see when it comes to Ishar and Bondsmiths in general. Solid point. I don’t have any hard evidence, and there are posts that go more in-depth than I can about the light that Dalinar experiences that the Stormfather is seemingly unaware of. Some people think that may be related, some don’t. So you got me there. I’m really just spitballing an idea I had while getting off work. I’ll keep thinking about it.
  15. So we know from Rysn’s novella that the bearer of a Dawnshard... is the Dawnshard. “That’s how it works.” Now, in Oathbringer, right before Dalinar does his massive power tap, he of course says, “I am Unity.” And what does Odium say? “We killed you!” Seeing as how he is addressing Dalinar, and seeing as how Dalinar has 0 years of experience in being dead, the question then becomes, “ How could Odium have killed Dalinar if he has never killed Dalinar?” The answer, is of course, that Odium is addressing the Unity Dawnshard, who happens to at this time be Dalinar. Because “that’s how it works.” Odium killed the previous bearer of the Unity Dawnshard and is quite put out to find that a replacement was found. Change my mind.