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  1. It’s also important that with the others, a spren was already forming a proto-bond before ideals were spoken. With the Skybreakers, the Highspren specifically do not begin forming a bond until the “applicant” proves themself worthy.
  2. stormlight archive

    My understanding of the Skybreaker oath progression is that it follows their philosophical development of justice, and therefore later oaths may override earlier ones. As Szeth swore, “I swear to seek justice, to let it guide me, until I find a more perfect Ideal.“ Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think it would be surprising if Szeth’s 5th ideal freed him from his third oath to obey Dalinar.
  3. Regarding Shallan’s mom probably being the herald that died, has anyone thought about what’s going to go down when they meet? Because you know it’s going to happen. And I doubt that her time on Braize will have… improved… their relationship.
  4. Agreed. Also, there’s the issue of the Hierocracy deleting/editing history and manipulating doctrine. We don’t know all the details there, but it’s not hard to imagine Unmade/human agents being involved.
  5. @Duxredux hey, don’t go away! It’s not easy on the forums to always come across as you mean to. We need people who think differently and ask the questions no one else is asking. Otherwise, theorizing just isn’t going to happen. I’ve posted a quote before that was saying the exact opposite of what I thought it was and had to eat my words. For what it’s worth, you came off far less defensive than some regulars do sometimes.
  6. I’m not trying to attack you. One of the purposes of the forums is to bring counterpoint to each other’s ideas. I think it’s possible Chromium might do some of what you are proposing, but the point I’m trying to make is that when I extrapolate from the evidence we do have, I don’t see it having the effect you propose. My guess on savanthood would be that it would allow a person to be more selective in what investiture they are wiping from another person, just like a person who is very practiced with aluminum is able to be more selective in what they wipe from themselves. Say a leecher savant is trying to wipe a Twinborn who is actively using allomancy and feruchemy. I would guess a savant might be able to target only one of the kinetic investitures if they so choose. That’s what I would suggest based on how I understand Sanderson’s magic systems generally working. Kurkistan If you're on Threnody and you get withered by a shade, are you better off burning Allomantic aluminum, or tapping Feruchemical gold? *laughter* [clarification on the question] Brandon Sanderson They would both work pretty well. I would say if you burned aluminum, that would kind of have the effect that you are wanting it to have, which is the effect-- negating and sucking out, so that's probably safer. But the gold would work, too. Kurkistan So would it be fair to describe withering as a kind of cancerous Forging- Brandon Sanderson Sure. Kurkistan That just kind of slowly takes over your soul? Brandon Sanderson Sure. Shadows of Self Chicago signing (Oct. 12, 2015) and also, Douglas What benefit does an aluminum savant get? Yes, I know this would normally never happen because aluminum burns itself up. Suppose a mad scientist with a willing Mistborn test subject shoved a feeding tube down the Mistborn's throat to pump in a continuous stream of aluminum, replenishing it steadily so there's always a new unburned supply. Add another tube to pump out excess water if necessary. What would he discover? Alternatively, what would Sazed with his Shard-granted knowledge know? Brandon Sanderson Ha, that IS a little silly of a method. However, on the extreme end of aluminum, I have in the notes the possibility of cleansing the spirit of unwanted effects of other Investitures. You'd get really good at this, and maybe even be able to cleanse the body of other impurities. 17th Shard Forum Q&A (Sept. 27, 2012)
  7. Keep in mind that unless you have a primer cube, we have only seen leeching happen when there is physical contact with the person using the invested art. We don’t know all the limitations of leeching yet. Reacting to neutralize investiture as it affects you is more the sphere of allomantic aluminum. What you are proposing is not flat out impossible, but it’s very questionable.
  8. Fun idea, but it doesn’t account for Odium’s activities prior to being trapped on Roshar. He was going around having (we are led to believe) direct confrontations with other shards.
  9. Good point, but I was thinking more along the lines of human agents of Odium actively influencing Vorin doctrine.
  10. Interesting idea. Not sure if I agree or not, but it does make me wonder just how much Odium us behind how Vorinism glorifies war.
  11. Wax: You really put aside everything and came all this way for me? How did you even get here so fast? Steris: Several traffic violations. Marasi: Three counts of resisting arrest. Wayne: Roughly thirteen cans of energy drinks. The Sovereign: Also, that’s not our car.
  12. I’ve always been partial to A-electrum as a protective measure. Combine it with F-zinc or F-steel and you have someone who is very hard to catch by surprise. If you’re a cat thief, then being a Slider with F-steel would make you able get in and out in literally the blink of an eye. No one would see it coming
  13. I didn’t think he was going to die, mainly because him and Maya had been too built up to let him die by that point.
  14. My guess is that the “not yet” is probably about Yelig-Nar since he needs a host body. I was trying to find this one WoB about how if a person bonded an Unmade it would be analogous to a Bondsmith or something like that, but I couldn’t find it.
  15. Questioner Someone asked you last year if the Unmade could be bonded and you said technically yes. Have we seen any evidence of this, or will we? Brandon Sanderson Uhh, you-- Eh-- Not yet, no. It doesn't really happen. Technically it could but it just doesn't really happen. Shadows of Self London UK signing (Oct. 19, 2015) I take this to mean he probably doesn’t intend for it to happen, but I may be wrong.