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  1. I'm of the same opinion. I don't think men of gold necessarily means literally gold skin. Just gold armor or investiture of some sort. That quote is from super early Scadrial also, so an image of a Taldain warrior may have looked like gold skin, but it could have been armor or sand mastery
  2. I didn't think about that....does hemalurgy affect a person's genetic spirit web? I don't recall a WoB on the subject. We wouldn't have found out about it during the Lord Rulers time since all spiking resulted in the death of a person But that would also mean that spiking a person would introduce those metallic art genetics into their line And I don't know if the extra preservation investiture was for sapience, I had thought it was just to make people "good", but also resulted in Ruin having an edge over Preservation. Could be a factor in a harmony vs discord situation.
  3. Sand armor. Looks golden, and it's right up against their body, so it looks like skin.
  4. I mean....Ruin right now is being repressed...that Shard needs to have some sort of expression. It's going to be let out in one way or another
  5. Near the end of TLM we saw that there was some progress towards using hemalurgy without killing the source was hinted at in Band of Mourning, but now we see it being used not just for abilities, but for possibly inert investiture too. If this gets refined to a more professional and less gory process....think getting your ears pierced....I wouldn't be surprised if we have an economy in Era 3 of people selling off their investiture/ abilities at Hem banks. Go in, get a little spike across your back, and walk out with a bandaid, a glass of orange juice/cookie, and a few hundred boxings. If you can burn a metal, and you don't really have any need for that skill, you can sell it for a large payout. Would it be any different then selling off your breaths? If Hem becomes more acceptable, then we can see an entire economy of harvesting investiture from the masses...either for commerical means or military might.
  6. I was fully expecting the bomb to go off at the end of TLM, or some kind of twist that Sazed was pushing for a disaster to jump start the basin. Either Sazed fully aware of it coming, or Ruin pushing through to act more. Ever since Alloy of Law where Harmony talked to Wax for the first time in the book and went on a rant about how things have been too easy and civilization has progressed too slowly I've been waiting for the Ruin side to poke out...but maybe we'll see more of that in Era 3. But there was no big Harmony twist that I was hoping for. That was probably my biggest disappointment for this book. In the end Harmony was just another character along for the ride trying to figure out what was going on with Autonomy. No grand plan, no deep thoughts, no real big twists. Just a dues ex machina that provided some supplies for the finale That may be the point though....Sazed is not a good Shard right now. Era 2 may have been about showing off how overwhelmed he is, and Era 3 will be about some culminations of his grand plans (Safely introducing Mistborn without the possibility of them becoming another Lord Ruler) to set up Scradial to be a force in the Cosmere to not be steamrolled
  7. Intent is going to be a deciding factor I think on whether somebody can split harmonium. Wax had put in a lot of effort into the task, and his intent on trying to split it was strong. Very similar to how investiture is split/combined on Roshar. Gotta have the right mindset
  8. I'm still gathering my thoughts regarding this prologue. I'm going to have to reread it a few times. But my initial impression of the Stormfather was that yes, he was completely different than what we've seen in the other 4 books. My first thought was that he was trying a different approach with Gavilar than with Dalinar. That he was trying to prevent another return by restoring the Oathpact and hopefully using Gavilar by baiting him with false promises. But by the end, when Gavilar dropped that he intended to allow the returns to go non-stop made me question that, especially considering how the SF nonchalantly reacted. Overall, I'm still iffy about what the "SF" was trying to get out of Gavilar. Was it more info about Heralds, by baiting him with immortality? Was it a legitimate attempt to try to get another person to swear to the oathpact? Was it trying to force the actual Stormfather into a Radiant bond by "tricking" Gavilar into swearing Radiant oaths? I'm not sure what the purpose of baiting Gavilar into searching for "Herald" oaths was supposed to accomplish. Or was it all 1 big con by voidspren to push for an earlier return or Thaidakar to get more Herald info? Also, it looks like Gavilar might have discovered a scary easy way to generate anti-light using aluminum boxes and Shadesmar, unless I am misreading that section.
  9. Every ideal ends up bringing their spren more and more into the physical world. The 5th ideal will probably allow the spren to maybe manifest additional objects, or different spren in different ways
  10. There's a reason why he appears in Avatar form only.....
  11. I don't think there's going to be a clear champion or duel or anything that's to be expected. A big theme of RoW was that you approach a game with no chance of losing. That there's going to be a punch across the card table when your opponent isn't expecting it. And Rayses goals were far different than Tara's goals. Rayse wanted freedom to dominate other shards. TOdium wants to ensure that Roshar is still standing. I don't think TOdium will nuke Roshar to get what he wants compared to Rayse who has caused permanent damage to multiple planets for his own goals I think we'll see something more complex resulting in a compromise of conditions that we don't really expect. We might not even see a 1 vs 1
  12. My thought was that this was Ishars version of what Raboniel was attempting to do. To bring a permanent end to things by being able to kill spren I mean...if he can bring a spren of Honor or Cultivation over, why not one of Odium?
  13. My gut feeling it's going to less of a Radiant vs Mistborn, but more of a personal investiture (Radiants) vs industrial investiture(metallic arts) In a 1 on 1 fight it might end up being the Radiant that comes out on top. But with being able to develop investiture and have people be able to use powers by strapping on a coin, it's going to be a matter of numbers. There can be only so many Radiants, but anybody can use metallic arts.
  14. We still don't know if book 5 will take place over 10 days, or if the contest will end up being blown over and end at the first or second part.
  15. What do you think you even get with the 5th ideal? Every oath basically unlocks something. With Nale we saw that he was able to accept the oaths for another radiant of his order. Maybe those of the 5 ideal are able to accept the words to progress in their oaths.