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  1. Is Tyn's name a pun? She's a counter for Shallan, she's ... Tynfoil.
  2. Okay, let me say I believe that chances of this happening is slim to none. But it’s pretty cool. What if Urithiru isn’t just a tower, but a giant barrel of some sort of “shardgun” that can fire into the Cosmere to other planets. I cant even jokingly back this up, but it’s so cool. Also: I’m almost positive Urithiru has a basement or sub levels.
  3. So it's a trope in anime that their massive swords break at least once. Tetsusaiga breaks in Inuyasha, Guts' sword breaks in Berserk in the battle of Doldry. So what if a Shardblade broke either in half or was shattered worse than the plains? How could this happen? My best guess would either be Nightblood, Odium or a Fused. Would an Honorblade break differently from a Shardblade? What if Syl was broken in blade form? Or Maya, what would happen to them?
  4. Kalak's Breath, what if that's a reference to Nalthis?
  5. Doesn't Oathbringer sound like a name of one of the Returned? It has the two word compound name. Light-Song Blush-Weaver War-Breaker Oath-Bringer I mean it fits, but what it could mean, I got no clue.