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  1. When the Shard is the last site you visit before leaving to another country for two years
  2. I have had several people say that I should switch from Debian to Slackware or Ubuntu. How would you describe Slackware?
  3. android tablet

    Thanks for the response! I was not really set on Debian, that was just my example because I knew that they had generic images. Do you have any ideas about where I could look for the old mobile version of Ubuntu, or where I should check to find drivers? Is it possible for me to get the driver files off of the device?
  4. I recently found an old Ematic Funtab pro, and I decided that I wanted to make it into something useful, or turn it into a brick trying. I have been unable to get to any sort of bootloader or recovery menu, but while looking around with adb shell I found a flash_image command, which I intend to try to use to put a new image on, unless anyone else wants to recommend something different. My main question, for those of you still reading, is where should I go to get the image to put on the tablet? I have checked for just a generic android image, similar to how you can find generic versions of Debian at, but there does not seem to be any such thing for android. I have not been able to find reports on what kind of hardware the Funtab uses, so I do not know if I will need specific drivers for any of it, but I am willing to try without any drivers. Any help would be appreciated. P.S. Before someone posts it, I know that devices like these are typically considered worthless, bricks, or better off left alone, and that any attempt to change them may break them and is almost certainly a waste of my time.
  5. I am a member of the tautology club because I am a member of the tautology club.
  6. Can sharing such light count as Evil? If it does, would Nightblood want to destroy it?
  7. I just had the idea a few nights back that Inquisitors would probably love nail guns as a way of spiking things, so I invite you to add to the list of unusual armaments that may be useful to Inquisitors, not just as ways of spiking people.
  8. I did this in my Psychology class.
  9. When you convince two of your siblings to read Sanderson and get and account on the Shard.
  10. Or perhaps, a steelrunner.

  11. Today I found a small steel pin in my sweater, and my first thought was that it must have been the cookie I ate earlier. My next thought was "Do I get to be a coinshot now?"
  12. I just looked over it again myself. It is amazing how much simpler it seemed when I was typing it. Do you want the instructions for Windows or Linux? I think they will make more sense if I am not trying to explain two different methods at the same time. Would it help if I posted screenshots of what I am doing?
  13. I just tried to explain the poor quality of the school wifi using duraluminminds.
  14. You will need python 2.7 and nltk installed. For Windows and Mac OS X, the downloads are at, and for Linux it is usually already installed. Detailed instructions for installing nltk can be found at For Linux, sudo pip install -U nltk For Windows, download nltk at, and then run the file. Once you have python and nltk installed, copy and paste the code into a blank text file (use something like notepad, Microsoft Word will not work) save the file (make sure that it has the .py file extension), and then close it. Find the file and right click on it, then go to properties and make the file executable. Next, open a command prompt and type start path_to_file\name_of_file on Windows or path_to_file/name_of_file on Linux or Mac, and then press enter. The command prompt should go to a new line as if the computer is taking a long time to complete the command. On this line, type sentence="your sentence here"&ref="home.htm" and replace "your sentence here" with what you want translated, then press enter and control+d. Depending on your computer, the command may take a long time (mine is from 2005), and should then produce some HTML code. Paste this into a new empty file (once again, do not use Microsoft Word) and then save and exit. Right click on the file and select "open with" and then pick your web browser. If this does not work, or I did not explain very well, please let me know.