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  1. As soon as I read "loud thumping" I thought "mistwraiths", soon followed by "mistborn".
  2. I had been trying to ask what it was that took the most of your time, and added the 'or otherwise' when it occurred to me at the last minute that there may be some resource like patience or interest that was being consumed more than time. That said, I can easily see where your interpretation came from.
  3. What is it that demands the most out of you in these endeavors (time or otherwise)?
  4. So tell them it's about his plans for the future.
  5. when watching is the first thing that you do in the day.
  6. When your way to celebrate finishing a midterm is to go read select parts of the Stormlight Archives.
  7. When this doesn't stop you from posting anyways.
  8. In my inbox, I turned on the "Forums" option under settings -> see all settings -> Inbox -> categories. They have all been showing up in the forums tab with no issues.
  9. Also not me who gave the upvote, but I am that kind of person. When I read, I must start at the beginning. So I started at the fist post of you know you're a Sanderfan part one and read all the way up to the most recent post in you know you're a Sanderfan part two, stoping for the day whenever I ran out of upvotes to give.
  10. When you convert your brother, who then goes on to convert your sisters and now has your mom started on Emperor's Soul.
  11. I think that the extent of the reduction would affect the time taken for a shard to splinter, and perhaps the guidance from the vessel would need to be removed entirely. An idea that I had as I was re-reading the origional theory: What if we used as a model the concept of a Shard being a collection of splinters, each representing a thing that the shard wants done, with a small allocation of power to influence things in that direction, rather than a singular whole? The focus then would not be so much on the splintering itself (under this idea, the Shard comes pre-splintered), but on causing the vessel to lose control of all the splinters that make up the larger entity of a Shard. I think that could be a much easier task. Splintering as we know it would then occur when the pre-existing splinters lose their sense of Shardic identity, and the connection between them is no longer strong enough that any vessel could bind with one of these splinters and assert controll of the others. Reforgeing the Shard would also be an option by trying to collect all of the splinters in a singular vessel, and hold them long enough to restore their connections and sense of Shardic identity.
  12. I had thought that the mind was considered part of a Shard's power. The actual theory seems to have held up to the debate so far. It seems to be well established that a Shard over-extending its resources will, at some point, splinter; especially if the guidance from the vessel is reduced or eliminated. Do we want to try to find counter examples to look for flaws in the theory, or do we want to continue on to the mechanics of how to cause a Shard to over-extend itself to the point that it splinters?
  13. Excellent points. Thank you for the correction. The OP's theory, to reduce scrolling and spoilered for length: To get back on track, as I see it the theory states that a Shard is splintered when it is made to over-extend itself, and is left with too many demands on its resources to remain stable. If I have understood correctly, I would like to bring up the state of Preservation before Vin's ascension. It seems that he had had so much of his power invested in Ruin's prison that he was unstable, yet he did not splinter. Do we know if Preservation would have splintered if no one had ascended to become its vessel?
  14. I think that for huge events we could also add the shattering of the shattered plains to the list. As far as where Honor's investiture is, I had always assumed it to be mostly in the physical realm, due to all the spren and also the effects of the highstorm. That said, would determining the location help advance the theory of how to splinter a Shard?
  15. I think that my point of view can best be summed up as "I think, therefor I am". I can observe the world around me, and I can act in line with my preferences. Independent of how deterministic the universe may be, my will to do something exists, even if only as a perceived preference between physical needs, and I am free to follow it, even if only as the natural result of some complex chain of events in my head. Is this not free will? The ability to have preferences and follow them?