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  1. Ending explained: My guess is the author intended it to be ambiguous. However, it’s not. The original killed the murder-clone. The murder-clone was revived. The original left the final chapter message for the revived murder-clone. The last bit is a message from Holly to Holly. So there are two Hollys. The powers that be would have left the original Holly dead if murder-clone had killed her. This if the murder-clone has killed the original there would be only one Holly at the end. There are two Hollys though, the message giver and the message recipient. You are welcome.
  2. In Oathbringer, Shallan literally tells her newly budding squires that Veil and Shallan are both fake. So here is my rant about this new Formless personality being totally telegraphed and not at all surprising. Shallan has always seemed fake to me from book one. Her mandatory quips are a little too mandatory. Her goody two shoesness a little too goody two shoes, especially in light of her behavior. And her dumb idea to save her family by stealing another fabrial? So shortsighted considering her plan to do that invoked so much opportunity. Leaving her family was unthinkable for some reason. “I killed my mom and dad” seems like a great reason NOT to be around your own family. It’s fake. It’s a fake story. Read or listen closely to Shallan and she questions her own identity or who she is as a person from book 1. I don’t know if Formless is OG Shallan but that would be a good name for it. It’s the one that doesn’t fit into some prescribed form, some invented character sketch. Remember Pattern being so confused she couldn’t make her illusions walk and talk anymore? How much funnier are all those interactions if she basically IS doing what she wants to be able to do, holding a Shallan illusion. i can’t wait to see what supposedly horrible but actually fine thing Shallan did that broke her down originally. This should be good.
  3. Lirin’s primary purpose plot wise is to die and somehow in so doing advance Kaladin’s depression plot. Who has living fathers in this series? Dalinar and Adolin are also in trouble, but it’s Adolin I’m worried about there.
  4. Naming the airship “the Fourth Bridge” is like naming something “the Titanic” or “the Hindenburg.” I feel really bad for whoever gets caught up in the horrors sure to occur on that giant flying target. Also - Kaladin’s next oath in something only Lirin can teach him. I suspect he’ll have to let Lirin die and save himself. Also Also - Shallan’s last memory is going to be Hannibal level bad.
  5. So Yelig-nar somehow leaves Aesudan. So I don’t think Yelig-nar confers immortality, though perhaps Yelig-nar somehow consumes its host rather than let the host completely die. Many of these questions though, might be answered if we figured out what it means tha Thaidakar was too late.
  6. Maybe Gavilar was bonded to Yelig-nar. Then when he died, Yelig-nar went to Aesudan. Just a thought.
  7. All I really know is what DIDN’T happen. Ten people, nine intended and one not, didn’t all start out loyal, go through the trials, remain loyal, then nine of them gave up because they couldn’t take the torture anymore, leaving only the unintended herald to stay loyal, thus creating the most advantageous scenario possible for finally defeating Odium. That’s what didn’t happen. Taln is suspicious. The other nine are suspicious. Ishar is suspicious. How Honor died is suspicious. The Stormfather is suspicious. Cultivation is suspicious. The honor blades themselves are suspicious. The Shin getting the honor blades is suspicious. Oh and giving a guy you think is the worst traitor/bad guy (Szeth) an honor blade is suspicious. As to what did happen? There is always another secret.
  8. So... I doubt TLR could read thoughts very well with Ruin’s power. I would think there would have to be at least one silent malcontent. He couldn’t have been right about the blind loyalty of every one of those he chose for first generation. I guess only Harmony knows if there is such a one around somewhere.
  9. I like to think not all of TLR’s buddies liked being turned into Kandra 1st gen and might have gotten the frell out of dodge at the first opportunity. You can brainwash the next generation to be zealots. But you are going to lose some of the first, especially when they know that you are kind of a frellnick, to put it mildly.
  10. theory

    Then how was/is Dalinar supposed to get his 9 shadows? Use Bondsmith powers to bond them to himself on purpose?
  11. Ok this seems right. Phew! Thanks!
  12. Ok. Sorry to dredge up an old issue but I haven’t found the solution on search and just relistened to the OG trilogy. Where the heck did Mare get the drawing of the flower and the notion of green grass and a yellow sun? If from the 1st Kandra, then that’s kind of out of character for them. Did Ruin somehow get it into her hands like he did for Kelsier’s 11th metal fake myths? Was it from a keeper? That seems most likely. Help me before I start thinking Mare was a first gen Kandra with a Tineye Hemalurgic spike. Thanks in advance.
  13. Or perhaps Taln was never really tortured, which was why he never broke, and he, not Ishar, is the one who betrayed the others. And when he seemed to be happy to give humans so much time to catch up, he really meant he gave the parshmen or some other party that much time. Muah ha ha ha ha
  14. Same mechanism could function if shardplade were made of lots of dead squires. Or if it were made of all the Spren that go with a person... like arm spren, wrist spren, third vertebrae spren etc. muah ha ha ha ha
  15. Thank you for that WOB hero! Thank you many times over. So now I need to go find the club where people think voluntarily colocated Perpendicularities are what is really keeping Odium on Roshar (similarly trapping Cultivation and Honor).