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  1. My guess is that since feruchemy rips off part of your soul, it can steal anything. I further guess that we have seen people with stolen powers before and not known it, but that's neither here nor there. Why Hoid doesn't use Feruchemy... just ??? Voluntary spiking is a thing so maybe he will once that gets popular. Aaaaaand now I am off topic.
  2. OooOoooOoooOooo controlled by allomancy we haven't seen recently. I like it.
  3. Ok, here is the thing... yes there was a way he could have survived. We may not have found it yet, but I mean sequential speed bubbles maybe? Maybe a giant speed bubble with one edge just outside the blast then steel push to the other side of the bubble. Reserve one vial and a couple bags of Bendalloy. But... he was doomed.
  4. It's humane yet totally inhumane at the same time.
  5. I think a pain grenade would be pretty useful if something could be rigged up.
  6. Was that whole exchange just to make me cry? Or is there any way Wayne will come back from the beyond and impersonate Sazed?
  7. But is that something a couple dozen more spikes really couldn't solve? And I'm still skeeved out by how his body has flesh and so forth. I know people have said maybe a Kandra assembled the bones then you staple in Kelsier or some such. Seems weak to me though. More likely he is time sharing his body with someone.
  8. Okay I don't think he is EXACTLY a Mistborn. I think something weird happened. Soon afterwards from his perspective he thinks there isn't any Mist. But I think he just can't see it from unconscious tin burning. That would be weird. I would think that unconscious tin burning would just sharpen things a bit. Maybe he is using the powers a bit without even burning metal.
  9. Spook is out there. Trust. Source: Blind Faith
  10. Just a Wayne portrait made with AI.
  11. I am not even sure Roshar will still exist after Stormlight 5 tbh.
  12. I am thinking of posterity. 100 years from now this forum won't exist and someone might pick up Alloy of Law out of Cosmere reading order, arrive at Lost Metal and be confused.
  13. Okay random incomplete list of thoughts: Wayne... I cry. I hope he will return in in-world stories. So many answers and so many new questions. Now I have to reread all the WW books again. The pre-read isn't enough. Of course 1st the second read of LM then the all four post new book marathon reread. Wonder what Wayne is having his people steal from Wax. Does it feel to anyone else that even though this is supposedly the end of era 2, there is another era 2 book needed? The "how Roshar became United" story has got to be novella worthy. Right? Right? Also Wax's new powers not fully explained or explored. Who drained the bands? Why? When? Top suspects: Kelsier/Spook/Nightblood/Discord. Or where they just keyed to a person? Why are the off-world Ghostbloods so different? Wayne was so loved and worthy of love and didn't know it. AaaaahAether!!! So awesome!!! Steris's experience and skill in disaster preparedness could make her uniquely valuable in the Cosmere. Liked her more every book. Anyone else want an escape room of cool "find the metalborn trick to open this lock" things? Like "The Room" series if anyone remembers that. Wax and Wayne. We should have known from the beginning who would live beyond the last era 2 book and who wouldn't. The stamps!! OMG! I just... I just love all the crossover stuff. Even though I think perHAPS if I were not Cosmere aware I might be confused. I truly don't know. At some point Brandon may need to hire virgin readers. This book makes the previous three into part of a masterpiece. Fight me. I would have married Wayne in a heartbeat but now I can't. So sad. Fiction Shmiction. Wayne is my soulmate.
  14. I think you have to be right.