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  1. Naming the airship “the Fourth Bridge” is like naming something “the Titanic” or “the Hindenburg.” I feel really bad for whoever gets caught up in the horrors sure to occur on that giant flying target. Also - Kaladin’s next oath in something only Lirin can teach him. I suspect he’ll have to let Lirin die and save himself. Also Also - Shallan’s last memory is going to be Hannibal level bad.
  2. So Yelig-nar somehow leaves Aesudan. So I don’t think Yelig-nar confers immortality, though perhaps Yelig-nar somehow consumes its host rather than let the host completely die. Many of these questions though, might be answered if we figured out what it means tha Thaidakar was too late.
  3. Maybe Gavilar was bonded to Yelig-nar. Then when he died, Yelig-nar went to Aesudan. Just a thought.
  4. So... I doubt TLR could read thoughts very well with Ruin’s power. I would think there would have to be at least one silent malcontent. He couldn’t have been right about the blind loyalty of every one of those he chose for first generation. I guess only Harmony knows if there is such a one around somewhere.
  5. I like to think not all of TLR’s buddies liked being turned into Kandra 1st gen and might have gotten the frell out of dodge at the first opportunity. You can brainwash the next generation to be zealots. But you are going to lose some of the first, especially when they know that you are kind of a frellnick, to put it mildly.
  6. theory

    Then how was/is Dalinar supposed to get his 9 shadows? Use Bondsmith powers to bond them to himself on purpose?
  7. Ok this seems right. Phew! Thanks!
  8. Ok. Sorry to dredge up an old issue but I haven’t found the solution on search and just relistened to the OG trilogy. Where the heck did Mare get the drawing of the flower and the notion of green grass and a yellow sun? If from the 1st Kandra, then that’s kind of out of character for them. Did Ruin somehow get it into her hands like he did for Kelsier’s 11th metal fake myths? Was it from a keeper? That seems most likely. Help me before I start thinking Mare was a first gen Kandra with a Tineye Hemalurgic spike. Thanks in advance.
  9. Or perhaps Taln was never really tortured, which was why he never broke, and he, not Ishar, is the one who betrayed the others. And when he seemed to be happy to give humans so much time to catch up, he really meant he gave the parshmen or some other party that much time. Muah ha ha ha ha
  10. Thank you for that WOB hero! Thank you many times over. So now I need to go find the club where people think voluntarily colocated Perpendicularities are what is really keeping Odium on Roshar (similarly trapping Cultivation and Honor).
  11. Oh right. Ruin was inside preservation’s perpendicularity. Silly me!
  12. I was wondering recently if there is any reason to think perpendicularities of disparate shards can be co-located. In Mistborn, there’s almost an example of this when Meanwhile, the Horneater origin legend says that Those two things made me wonder if cultivation’s perpendicularity might be only That’s probably wrong but maybe something like that is possible. Perpendicularities could be really near each other or even in the very same physical space, powers intertwined. That could be really weird if the powers were intertwined. Would anyone even be able to take up one power without also taking up the other? Becoming like a partial harmony or a double lord ruler? I just think that could be really interesting if it were possible, but it seems like it would be difficult or impossible to do, particularly with powers from shards of opposing intents. What does the jury say? (Please excuse typos and all other standard disclaimers apply.)
  13. None, because Lift is actually the Nightwatcher. Cultivation is her mother, whose end she experienced via Fortune. Snip, snip, prune prune and she is human looking but keeps her warped Nightwatcher sense of humor and fairness. I will die on this head cannon.
  14. So we have a WOB that Gavilar’s personality change was JUST due to the visions? Or is his being a Kandra replacement a live possibility? If he were Kandra when he was killed, that opens up a lot of answers, both on how he seems to have known so much realmatically compared to post-visions with help of ardents to interpret-Dalinar, and with respect to what his motives and plans might have been.
  15. Are we entirely sure Lift isn’t the Nightwatcher herself with some memories altered Dalinar style? Maybe the Nightwatcher asked Cultivation for a boon? Ok that’s crazy. But are we sure of her backstory? Lift is the most heavily altered human amongst everyone touched by Cultivation. Cultivation, known to alter memories. Her backstory before her encounter with Cultivation is up for grabs as far as I’m concerned.