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  1. But Felt appears only briefly and infrequently and a point in made of mentioning his features. Then there is the fact that hawk faced world hoppers is a very exclusive group indeed.
  2. And now you have brought Jasnoid back into my head. Still hoping that wasn’t romance. Someone needs a girlfriend but it isn’t Hoid.
  3. Crazy idea and I am preemptively putting it here instead of general even though I don’t specifically have any RoW content in mind. I am rereading the Mistborn series and can’t help but remark to myself on Felt’s “hawkish face.” Felt and Hoid cannot be the same person, but could they be related? I know it is weird to think of Hoid procreating but maybe there is some relation. I can’t get over the attention to detail in the description of this allegedly minor character. Please someone help me stop thinking this.
  4. I have trouble with: 1) That no other spren besides the bonded knew the oath breaking was deliberate. Because why? 2) That the bond somehow had to be broken by the human, killing the spren. 3) That until this nobody cognitive-side knew about what broken bonds would do. The recreance was quite late. Nobody ever broke a bond before? These were the first dead eyes? Please. So yeah. Still confused here.
  5. Thanks Indigo. I was wondering about this. Wonder why the different colors. Probably just deadeye blades looking different.
  6. I like this because to save humankind everywhere, you would need at least the power of a shard. At minimum. So it does make sense. We will have to see whether Todium still has compassion/intellect variance of any kind and how that meshes with the Odium shard moving forward.
  7. Are you talking about when Shallan killed Tyn? Do you think that was testament, not pattern?
  8. In WoR, when Shallan kills Tyn, she summons a shardblade. In the text, there is doubt raised as to whether or not she needs the ten heartbeats to summon the blade. Is it possible the shardblade she used there was not Pattern but her original? Edit: Corrected spelling of Tyn
  9. In WoR, when Shallan kills Tin, she summons a shardblade. In the text, there is doubt raised as to whether or not she needs the ten heartbeats to summon the blade. Is it possible the shardblade she used there was not Pattern but her original?
  10. Then issue I see with this is that there are more than Four Unmade. But there must be some relationship between Remade and Unmade. Remade seems like an almost total rewriting of the spirit web but then what would Unmade be? A cutting off from the spirit web?
  11. I will protect even those whose culture I find immoral.
  12. Even as a surgeon Kal had a problem learning to let a patient go. This has been coming forever. Not everything can be a shock twist.
  13. Just popping into to say rumors about Wit and Jasnah better be false. If she’s hereto I’m going to be pretty upset.
  14. Ending explained: My guess is the author intended it to be ambiguous. However, it’s not. The original killed the murder-clone. The murder-clone was revived. The original left the final chapter message for the revived murder-clone. The last bit is a message from Holly to Holly. So there are two Hollys. The powers that be would have left the original Holly dead if murder-clone had killed her. This if the murder-clone has killed the original there would be only one Holly at the end. There are two Hollys though, the message giver and the message recipient. You are welcome.
  15. In Oathbringer, Shallan literally tells her newly budding squires that Veil and Shallan are both fake. So here is my rant about this new Formless personality being totally telegraphed and not at all surprising. Shallan has always seemed fake to me from book one. Her mandatory quips are a little too mandatory. Her goody two shoesness a little too goody two shoes, especially in light of her behavior. And her dumb idea to save her family by stealing another fabrial? So shortsighted considering her plan to do that invoked so much opportunity. Leaving her family was unthinkable for some reason. “I killed my mom and dad” seems like a great reason NOT to be around your own family. It’s fake. It’s a fake story. Read or listen closely to Shallan and she questions her own identity or who she is as a person from book 1. I don’t know if Formless is OG Shallan but that would be a good name for it. It’s the one that doesn’t fit into some prescribed form, some invented character sketch. Remember Pattern being so confused she couldn’t make her illusions walk and talk anymore? How much funnier are all those interactions if she basically IS doing what she wants to be able to do, holding a Shallan illusion. i can’t wait to see what supposedly horrible but actually fine thing Shallan did that broke her down originally. This should be good.