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  1. The Stormfather, why do people trust him? He doesn’t volunteer useful information. He doesn’t believe Tanavast’s visions are even useful. Wouldn’t have even given them to Dalinar except Honor basically forced him to. He doesn’t want to be summoned as a shard blade. He discourages Dalinar from exploring supposedly useless or unauthorized parts of the visions. Claims not to have seen Odium/Odium’s champion in that one vision but how is that possible? Brought an extra high storm about to mercy kill all the humans, like some crazy herald or something. He is so sketchy, I sometimes wonder if he is working for Odium.
  2. I have her pegged as a Kandra but GB would also make sense.
  3. Well Wayne, mere mortal at least so far, was able to successfully entertain Milan. Milan is many centuries old as of the BOM so I imagine that Wayne’s talent for “making a connection” is exceptionally high. I’d go for a talk with Hoid, if I thought he would do anything but hand me RAFO cards. Same for Kryss. But you can literally take Wayne anywhere and he will fit in and have fun. The perfect 24 hour companion.
  4. I’m lonely so Wayne. TMI?
  5. I think they have to be caught before they get tortured and break. Taln might just be excellent at hiding.
  6. Seriously, all the religions Sazed talks about in the first trilogy are candidates for popping up other places. And so, I'm really suspicious about the origins of the keepers and their relation to (other?) world singers etc. I always thought the same thing you pointed out. Great minds think alike. So props man.
  7. I'm with you Zellyia. There should be something significant to that regarding the underlying mechanics and/or the nature of Hoid. It's like the red eyes occurring when something of shard X coopts something of shard Y. The nausea has to be something like that.
  8. Wait, wait, wait. Is this for sure? I expected somebody to thrash back with some obscure WOB. So you're telling me... what I thought was the sand (with lichen) is actually something used to repel mold (and lichen) by absorbing water? Either way, isn't there's potential relevance in a universe where the presence or absence of particular species lichen substrates is pretty important?
  9. Well the sand has to be there right? Since there are little piles of sand at the end of each library shelf in Kharbranth?
  10. Kelsier is not now and never was a sociopath. His disregard for the laws of his society are for a good reasons, some related to his upbringing and societal station, but also to the hideousness of the laws themselves. Not only doesn't he lack empathy, but he resolves to get himself killed, on purpose at least to some extent OUT of empathy. Vin's question to him at the end of Secret History is a fair question, but doesn't imply that even Vin thinks Kelsier doesn't care about others. He spared Elend man. And not just once. OK that out of the way. His connection to Ruin is the best argument against some kind of interference by another shard. However, I'd argue that prior to the Pits, his connection wasn't actually that strong. It was only after that that Kelsier began tearing apart society wholesale. Doing Ruin's work for real as it were. So it's not a case of an all but immovable object (Kelsier's connection to Ruin and low allomantic potential) being moved by an almost unstoppable force (the horror of the Pits). Indeed. There's a world of space between Kelsier's pre-pit connection and post-Pit connection. And low allomantic potential I think we can rule out due to the simple face that Brandon acknowledges the mystery in the footnotes.
  11. Hi, I tried looking for this theory somewhere but I only saw one half joking mention of it, which I therefore upvoted. Theory: There is a shard of Hope. It had something to do with Kelsier snapping into a mistborn, which is not fully explained by preservation commanding him to survive. I take it Kelsier should have already snapped but hadn't and was made to snap by some external force. We've seen preservation make someone a mistborn, Elend, via feeding him lerasium. We've also seen Kelsier command Spook to survive and Spook not becoming mistborn at that time. It seems like you need both ruin to make the cracks and preservation to rush in with power to make a misting/mistborn in the typical case, else feed lerasium. Kelsier never gives up. And when he distills his message down to one word to get through to Spook, the word is Hope. Also obviously "I am that thing you cannot kill." Hope. Also a good candidate for a shard that is just trying to survive but whose intent isn't strictly speaking survival per se. Hope... Just the kind of thing that you can't kill even if you think you did. OK apologies for the abbreviated defense of theory. Got a bum arm atm. Also apologies if I missed this particular permutation of Kelsier is/will be/take up a shard.
  12. The only issue is that there are infinitely many Hoid theories and only a finite amount of internet and time.
  13. Thanks! (And sorry!)
  14. Ooooo... excellent question.