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  1. Wayne is one of my favorite Sanderson characters. His personality always jumps out on the page. Glad he got such a heroic ending, but also sad because he seemed like a perfect vessel for Whimsy.
  2. There is a possibility Wax will live the rest of his life not knowing he’s a full Mistborn. The book ends with Sazed telling Wax he will finally let him live his life. I’d expect him to retire fully, and as some others have guessed, father another child who’s a future full Mistborn. In one sense Wax’s story is done, but his bloodline is still going to have a major impact on the future of the planet. The character left with the most unknowns is Kelsier, but with him being known as a future player in what’s to come, I didn’t find that very surprising. And if Brandon writes Era 3 between Stormlight 5 and 6, we won’t have to wait terribly long to find out what he’s up to.
  3. When the line of a Herald dying was mentioned (most likely Chana from the years of fan theories), I was sold on Gavilar ascending as a Herald on his death bed after Szeth left him. Guess he ended up just being a blowhard lol
  4. I usually chalk it up to Alethi culture not exactly being real life diplomacy. It’s part of why Dalinar is seen as such a hypocrite by a lot of the other nation’s leaders when he tries to make peace deals.
  5. There’s a more recent interview where he confirmed we’ll know in the next book. It’s likely that the consequences will be explored a lot more in Era 3 while we’ll still learn an identity of some sort in the Wax and Wayne finale.
  6. I watched it tonight, and I have never read any of the books beforehand (only knew there were sand worms). But even with no knowledge of the series I thought it was an awesome film. I can’t speak for book accuracy but the movie had a lot of world-building/lore going on and seemed like it was handling a large plot well. It interested me enough that I may give the books a read in time. Not sure if I want to spoil the series before sequels come out or not though lol
  7. Before you added in all the Kelsier stuff I was following this theory to think you were going for Dalinar symbolizing humanity and Elhokar symbolizing the singers/listeners. An ending where the two sides learn to live as one within the world they both knew is cool to me.
  8. Like someone else mentioned, it already had quite a few twists in the original trilogy. The big reveal at the end was that it all pointed to Sazed. To find out years later that it really wasn’t pointing to Sazed feels like a bit of a waste. I’m fine with Kelsier being around and potentially even holding a Shard at some point, but calling him the Hero of Ages is a stretch to me that takes away from the original trilogy. It’s why the way Star Wars handled its newest trilogy went over so poorly with fans. The way they wrote the story made all the events from the original films feel pointless.
  9. It’s been a while since I read WoR so that’s probably more clear than what I recalled lol. The difference between what Shallan is saying in this scene and what actually happened though is that this blade is Testament, not Pattern. I’m assuming the Testament blade just disappeared all the same though. I just never got why the blade didn’t disappear until after it got put in the box and not before.
  10. The scene at the end of WoR always confused me. 1) If the blade was locked up before Shallan broke her oaths, why didn’t it just disappear back into spren form at some point? It doesn’t make sense that Shallan would be in the state of mind to keep it actively summoned. 2) How big was that safe if it could hold an entire Shardblade lol. Maybe Testament manifested as a shorter blade for Shallan so she could hold it properly but I don’t know. 3) Shallan is the most unreliable narrator I’ve ever seen. One of these days we’ll find out her dad put the One Ring in there.
  11. It could happen but from a story standpoint: 1. I don’t want to lose Taravangian after one book. 2. Spoilers for another Cosmere story:
  12. My first Sanderson series was the Mistborn trilogy. It’s so good when you read it for the first time. If you want to get into the Cosmere as a whole I’d recommend something like this after you read Hero of Ages: 1) The Way of Kings (Stormlight 1) 2) Warbreaker (Stand-alone novel) 3) Words of Radiance (Stormlight 2) 4) Edgedancer (Stormlight 2.5) 5) Elantris (Stand-alone novel) 6) Oathbringer (Stormlight 3) 7) - 10) Mistborn books 4-6 (Wax and Wayne novels) plus Mistborn: Secret History novella after Mistborn 6. 11) Dawnshard (Stormlight 3.5) 12) Rhythm of War (Stormlight 4) This gives you a break between the more massive Stormlight books while also giving you some insight into some of the Cosmere Easter eggs that appear in the Stormlight novels. Enjoy all the new material!
  13. I tend to agree with this. I’ve heard Brandon talk about a writing concept with sequels in that you want to make sure you don’t undermine the events of earlier books and make them kind of pointless. Having a different Hero of Ages years after the original trilogy tends to undermine the entire purpose of what Sazed went through.
  14. When Wax learns Lessie’s true identity.
  15. She comes to terms with the part of her past that Veil protected her from, but Radiant is still around.