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  1. If this was a standalone series without a second season planned then I’d agree on the finale ending kinda weird. But knowing that they’re coming back, it ended a bit more like Infinity War left me feeling (the shot of Loki looking at Kang’s statue overlooking the TVA in his new timeline was ominous). As far as how it fits into the MCU moving forward, I think it’s actually the most essential show we’ve had since Endgame. The multiverse is about to become the staple plot line of Phase 4. Season 2 of Loki will obviously explore this more, but so will Dr. Strange 2 (I mean…Multiverse of Madness), and Ant-Man 3. I think other movies like Thor and Spider-Man are going to see their fair share of consequences based on what just happened. Because this finale was so dialog heavy and didn’t have much actual action, I can understand the initial feeling of “huh?” But the creation of the multiverse and introduction of Kang the Conqueror is gonna be the staple plot line of Phase 4 imo.
  2. The show was one of my favorite MCU related shows/movies in general. Can’t wait for Phase 4 to really get going now.
  3. So Episode 6…
  4. I really enjoyed it overall. Thought this was gonna be a tough movie for them to pull off in a really meaningful way just because of what we ultimately know about Natasha from Endgame, but I really enjoyed her relationship with Yelena. The joking about the hair flip pose cracked me up lol I was a bit underwhelmed by the Taskmaster. That’s a villain I was really looking forward to that just wasn’t in too many meaningful scenes. The way they set up the villain also reminded me a bit of the villain from Ant-Man and the Wasp so the idea felt like a bit of a rehash. An AI enhanced fighting suit programmed to copy moves should have been pretty difficult to actually disarm due to its ability to predict attacks as well as perform them, so if I had a gripe with the movie it would be that.
  5. That’s cool. I usually only have the movies to go off of cause I’m not really a comic reader. A lot of online discussion with these shows usually ends up with “well this is what happens in a similar comic” and then introduces people I’ve never heard of lol. I’ve really been enjoying this show. It was the Disney+ one I was looking forward to the most after the announcements and so far it’s lived up to the hype.
  6. My theory on the TVA (has some Episode 3 spoilers):
  7. I also voted for El. Seemed like a pretty purposeful introduction of him in Rhythm of War setting this up.
  8. Star Wars Spoilers
  9. Maybe a reverse lashing works by inverting the waveform for lashings…
  10. My biggest hesitation on Trell being Odium is that we’re supposedly learning Trell’s identity in The Lost Metal which comes out before Stormlight 5. Seems like a spoiler to learn Odium has already made it off world. Unless if it’s possible to do it through another agent (Fused army?) rather than Odium himself needing to be on Scadrial.
  11. I’m also pretty sure that’s exactly why the first Wax and Wayne book is called The Alloy of Law.
  12. You’re gonna want to put all this in spoiler tags. There’s a different thread for RoW that involves other Cosmere works. To answer your question:
  13. Those are the terms. Doesn’t specifically mention a fight I suppose…but it’d be quite the triathlon if they had to participate until the death lol
  14. Imo it should be Kaladin vs. Moash. That would bring their arc since the fracture that occurred in WoR to a final close in a monumental way.