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  1. If The Sibling doesn’t care whether humans live or die then the bigger concern is the spren, not the Bondsmith lol. I personally don’t believe The Sibling will continue to be as against humanity moving forward. We saw them on screen being attacked after a centuries long slumber, so of course they were going to be on edge. The circumstances have changed now.
  2. The part of the argument against Navani I do follow is that we’ve seen how devastating Bondsmith powers can be, so you obviously want to be cautious about who these Radiants in particular are. The reason I’m not as worried about this is because I think there’s a temptation to apply what Ishar can do to what Navani may do, when Ishar is mainly scary because his powers are unchecked through an Honorblade (and he’s gone insane). We’ve already seen on screen what happens when a Radiant bonded to a spren uses their powers in a way that disregards their oaths. Kaladin nearly killed Syl due to this. I’m not so worried that Navani can just circumvent her bond with The Sibling to do whatever she wants. She’ll have plenty of power, but she won’t be unchecked like Ishar. If she starts ripping Connections apart from people as a weapon, that goes against the entire “I will unite instead of divide” oath that she’ll eventually have to say.
  3. And I really like Dalinar’s journey from the beginning through Oathbringer. I think he’s easily become a worthy Bondsmith, but I also think Navani has been a strong character. The moment that sticks out the most to me for Navani was how she held everything together in Urithiru when Dalinar’s memory flooded back to him. He locked himself away and couldn’t function once he remember what he’d done to Evi, and Navani was the one who saved the coalition from collapse during that moment. I remember reading tons of “Navani will bond The Sibling” theories post OB, and now that she has, it’s like a bunch of people think it wasn’t foreshadowed any lol
  4. Honestly Dalinar probably wouldn’t be a Bondsmith either if he wasn’t explicitly given visions and told “unite them.” He was kind of hand picked for the role. I feel like he’s held to a lower expectation because of this. The Blackthorn maybe unified through fear but I wouldn’t call that true unity.
  5. I feel like the Fused lost a step after not fighting a Desolation for 4,500 years. We really have no idea what ended up happening all those years when they were stuck with just Taln. It’s like watching a professional athlete that used to be the best in the league come out of a 5 year retirement and realizing that are way out of practice. And in RoW it also seems like many of the Fused are just as eager for the war to end as anyone else. They’re all sick of fighting endlessly, just like the Heralds were.
  6. Edited this into a spoiler tag since we’re in the SA only thread. Not really any major Mistborn spoilers but just to be safe:
  7. I don’t think he’s going to have Odium completely lose after just giving the Shard a new Vessel, but there’s the other option that Odium meets his demise in book 5 and Cultivation becomes the antagonist... I think Taravangian will be around for a while though. His story has been setup too long through The Diagram to not continue playing a key role into the rest of the series imo.
  8. Oh yeah that sounds familiar. Was that on one of the Kickstarter perks for the Stonewards or did I doze off during a part of a book lol
  9. ^ That sounds like the second ideal for Stonewards.
  10. There’s a difference between vengeance and justice. Moash killing Elhokar was vigilantism, not true justice, and not very honorable.
  11. There’s a line in the book where Navani realizes the lights and anti-lights are producing identical tones. In sound mechanics this is happening when the waveforms are running at the same frequency, but they’re 180 degrees out of phase. Same waveform, but they cancel each other out due to the opposite phases.
  12. Good points. It’s been a while since I’ve read the exact scene closely, but the whole deal about her mother’s soul was always kind of confusing. I do think there’s something more to her mother that we don’t know, even if she wasn’t a Herald.
  13. That was part of my biggest question too, as much as I like the theory in general. When Shallan’s mother died, there was still a body there. I’m not sure if we know the exact mechanics of what used to happen to a Herald’s body immediately after death during desolations. Did their bodies disappear upon death? We know Heralds have to be able to “die” because that’s how they got sent back to Braize during desolations. But who knows how that whole mechanic has worked ever since the other 9 abandoned their Honorblades and walked away.
  14. There has been a group of Cryptics watching Shallan for a while. That’s why Pattern was sent when she abandoned Testament, and it’s also why he’s told her before that if she kills him, they’ll send another.
  15. Yeah, I know some are less cryptic than others. I still think in the case of his 3rd Ideal and the situation at hand, his Stormlight returning was the big deal given that he had lost it. And it could be a mix of both. I just always read it more in the Stormlight way.