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  1. I think I might be up for a game. This time I plan to be active, unlike the last three games I’ve been in. I’m gonna RP, and bandwagon, and generally just make a fool of myself. But as long as the villagers win, it doesn’t matter if I didn’t do my part! Right? Right? Anyways, I don’t think I have the time to analyze throughout this game, so I’ll try to do some of the other activity things this time around. See you all in the Shard game; Walin is signing up and coming out of hiatus, however temporarily.
  2. Just hopping in to stay active; I'll try to get more reading done during Day Two. I have been contacted so far; unfortunately I'm probably going to be unable to reply unless I get some responsibility and get my stuff for today done faster. See you all in ~40 hours.
  3. I think I'll rejoin the Shard for this one. I'll maybe be Nedran, a guy who likes dirt. And also is an obligator. He tries to keep the two from ever interfering, but now that dirt has been dug up on people, he's having trouble distinguishing between figure of speech and literal physical attacks done to dirt.
  4. Wow; I'm surprised I'm still alive. As is apparent, I've been inactive. I also don't have anything to say. I may as well say, though, that I'm an Independent. I also think that if we band together, Elantrians can make a pretty convincing zombie horde. We could probably take on Hrathen without Aons.
  5. I have been inactive for about three turns now, despite a PM that I responded towards with a confirmation of me ending up doing something. I won't make any promises this time, but I think that by the end of the day today I should be able to get some analysis and RP done--just not now, and not until I read through all the cycles.
  6. Seeing as Trell is also a name that came from off-world, I'm really hoping this theory becomes canon (or always was canon) in the future. If Cultivation's Vessel's name isn't Larsta, it'll hopefully be something close, like "Larst" or "Lars." Hopefully we see some more of this religion in the future, or a reference to Cultivation's name outright, to give this theory more evidence. In terms of Tanavast and Larsta being of the same language, I think that makes me more uncertain. On the one hand, maybe Tanavast and Cultivation lived in the same place before banding together with the Shatter Quartet Quartet (we don't have complete evidence that there aren't Shard quadrants yet!), but on the other hand, the other Shardic names don't have that same kind of pairing.
  7. If there are any Independents keen on roleclaiming, is it better to set up a PM chain and then reveal, or tell everyone as soon as they start PM'ing? That sounded like I'm an Independent trying to figure out whether to roleclaim or not. I'm totally not an Independent, unless I suddenly say I am with a host of PM's. ------------------- Agri Kai continued his practice on modifiers, and began looking for some wood. If this Spirit brought change, perhaps there would be a change in the Aons. Perhaps the time of fire-works and fireworks would return, where fire works and fires works (of clay). Of course, if he were to start pottery again, he'd have to find a kiln. If the Aons changed, there wouldn't be any containment modifiers for a while.
  8. I will join as Agrii Kai, who once studied Aon Ehe extensively. He almost mastered the art of kind-of-firebending. He researched with others together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Reod a-cracked [the landscape]. Only the AonDor, power of all Elantris, could reverse it. But when the AonDor was lost, it...er, was lost. If the Spirit of Elantris is restored, he plans to take the fight to the Dakhor, whether or not AonDor really works that well outside of Elantris. If he ever were to go Hoed, his last words would be "Fire. The solution to conflict, darkness, cold, unsanitary water...fire." His favorite pastime before the Reod was boiling water, but fortunately he has no lasting burns. Now, the only burning he can do are the chemical and frictional kinds--he's not witty enough for banter. If I were to be an elim at some point, would I need to lose access to my original docs (and still be part of the original gang, since you can be in two gangs)?
  9. This game was really fun! I wish I had done more analysis in the middle, or done some more rp. I suppose this will be a fitting aftermath: Higsedal heard the announcement of the killer's identity. He could return to Investicon without fear of losing his metalminds, or getting killed. He looked around at all the opportunities, the different research available for sale, the signatures and the gadgets. He traded for a Scadrian musical device, noting that he had to replace the ettmetal battery once every two months--quite a chunk of Investiture, but then again, the device also functioned as a glass-breaker, sonic range-finder, deafener grenade, and speaker system. He really didn't get the appeal of making the multitool so...varied in application, but he supposed it was worth it if he kept it in good condition. It was time to return to Scadrial, and make copies of this event. It might prove something useful in any further conflict.
  10. I think we've got few enough hours left that I can make an accusation without others clearing it first. Since Bort is the almost-center of attention right now, I'll guess him. @Herowannabe I accuse Bort of using a Booby Trap and leaving behind Footprints.
  11. I...don't really have any analysis to share. ------------------------------------------ Higsedal looked behind him, but didn't see anyone. He looked thoroughly, and still didn't see anyone. Well, it was a nice day to listen to music anyways. He put away his PM, considering whether to get an ettmetal-powered music player--while it would have a more limited battery life, it didn't have nearly as much of a maintenance hazard. Or, rather, it had more of one--wet fingers while removing a spent battery and all that. But it wasn't as gross, and it would hold more of a tie to his Realmatic home, the place of his Connection, Scadrial. Either way, he knew one thing: the murderer didn't find any necessity in following him, so he was free to pick up his skill-granting copperminds. He tapped, and relearned their location. It was time to start walking again.
  12. Hmmm. I have no idea who's doing what yet, but I would say that an "accident" would make the killer likely to be far from the scene of the crime--because if they can be further away, then they would be, to distance themselves from the evidence. Then, that theory is overturned by the murder taking place in the wilderness. Far less foot traffic, more cover, and a wealth of "accident"-favoring death traps--the murderer can take their chances and just stay by the victim to make sure that when they trip or bump their head, they'll die. There wouldn't be any witnesses unless the victim was hiking with a companion, so the only thing the witness could do is hear rustling or see some shadows in the forest. Add that to "untidy" and "footprint," and the victim looks like they were searched after death (or rather, had their vitals checked) by the murderer. In real life, none of these connections could exist with any level of certainty--the witness could have searched the body, the murderer could have set tripwires and not even been present in the murder (meaning the sight the witness caught was during the setup phase of the scene), the victim could have been killed completely by accident, etc. etc. But here, I think my meta-analysis stands well. The murderer stayed near to the victim, and will likely have grass stains on their skin or some other form of evidence. ----------------- Higsedal walked in a direction away from Investicon. It wasn't the direction, if he knew what he meant, but it was enough of one for his purposes. Of course, he didn't know what he meant--he started walking in his current direction, then stored the location of the...supplies...once he had his bearings. If anyone was reading his mind, they wouldn't know anything that Higsedal didn't intend for them to know. He should have brought his course on Checking Surveillance and Tracking with him; however, he hadn't expected a murder to take place. Thus, he kept his eyes forward and occasionally looked at scenery. When he turned around, he would catch his trail. If there was one. Was Higsedal even a target here? What was the murderer's game? The Oracle had said they killed out of necessity--but was it so they could hide evidence of a previous crime, or so they could use the victim's death to further their own ends? Lots to think about, and plenty of distance to walk. Higsedal pulled out his Pocket Musician (the Nalthis equivalent of a Walkman, somehow costing only a quarter of a Breath, due to the Lifeless inside being that of a centipede, which played a piano) and activated it. He'd have some songs to listen to as he went.
  13. Proof: Spikes can be used on people, and Ryshadium are almost as intelligent as humans. They also live on Roshar, where many fauna are Invested, which means they can be Invested. Thus, Ryshadium can have head-spikes, and since unicorns can fly, they're Ryshadium spiked to mandras. Theory: Miles Dagouter was Nale, and faked his death for some reason.
  14. I was intending on Kinetic Investiture for F-Tanavastium, so you can store Stormlight, Breaths, or AonDor in a Tanavastium-mind. And the Hemalurgic property is the same as Raysium, except without taking control--it more just keeps the cognitive shadow in stasis, and once stabbed makes the shadow return to the Cognitive Realm, but bound to the recipient of the spike.
  15. Cadmium. Get some oxygen tanks, 40 pounds of bracers, and live off of fish in a lake for the rest of my life. Though I did hear that cadmium is toxic—I hope that Feruchemy negates some of that, otherwise I’ll be out of a plan. And that’s not to mention that he’d get the resources to fish me out of there with a massive net. I choose to bring a knife, and a heat lance that runs off of my oxygen tank in case he uses a metal cage. And that’s not to mention he wouldn’t use a giant mining team to turn my lake into a river source, and drain me out. In that case, I think I’ll go with bendalloy and be on the run living in forests for the rest of my life after spending six months massively stockpiling on storage.