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  1. Looks like I only have a few hours left before I die. One reason why I didn't post that much was because I couldn't think of anything to reference, so I'll drop the shtick in my last few posts. I don't expect Aranduesis to go online before the cycle is over, so there's no way that I'll live through this voting cycle. The turn I came into the game, PM's were disabled. However, when I joined I got a secret role: Internet Explorer. Everything that affects me (targeted actions, game mechanics changes, votes etc.) affects me 24 hours later. Due to this, I was still able to PM, and I established contact with one of the elims right before they died. Though I haven't analyzed anything this entire game, just hopping in sporadically, I'll look back at that and everything they posted to see if they had a code anything like Furamirionmind and decode it for any elims they were contacting during the game (just in case the doc closed at the same times PM's did). For some reason I got a full paragraph in my PM with them, which should give me enough to go off of for decoding. Also, I forgot which elim it was, but I'll check after this post. I just want to get this post out here as soon as possible before I get lynched and die at the end of the Weekend.
  2. I'm a JOE as well; not a convert, and no other roles for now. I can't think of any references from the Internet that are in a unique category, so concerning my schtick: TO BE CONTINUED. ------- I guess I'll put a vote on Rand to avoid death by lynching for now; I'll change it once I have fewer votes on me. In terms of suspicion, I'd say either Steel or CadCom, because being metal means being conductive, and that means being the conductors of nefarious plans.
  3. Wait, what? From how I understand that code, it looks like o2, e, and a all have the same number of letters in their words. Also, Snipexe dying wasn't too much of a surprise, but I am surprised that I almost came close to dying. I really need to keep track of others' roles in this game. In other words, I need to actually read the full threads and not search for keywords.
  4. Oh baby a triple! Snipexe ...I ran out of references, there’s a bandwagon, and the pun presented itself. I’ll be more active once I get a few references to use. —— I’m seeing a lot of activity this round, so I probably won’t be able to read through it all and analyze before the cycle ends. No one suspicious in my book, but it looks like the reasoning for the train on Snipexe is good. Keeping my vote there this cycle.
  5. Well, that’s a shame. Drought was a good player. In terms of suspicion, I’m thinking either CadCom or Kidpen could be an elim, on account of having two syllables in their usernames. Two is the same number of syllables that “elim” has, and the number of characters in all three words are multiples of two! Beyond that, this is Weekend 4–two multiplied by two—and the total posts in this thread so far from CC and KP is a multiple of two—4, to be precise. It all adds up. One of them is an eliminator, and is using the other to cover their tracks. ———— Welp. I ran out of ideas for internet references in my posts; I’ve done SCP, greentext, copypastas, and reddit thread titles. Now, I did a variant on Half-Life 3/Illuminati confirmed jokes. Anyone got more material I could use?
  6. I also choose this guy’s last game. Zoop ——————— I’ve got very little attention on me, but what little there is I can’t exactly counter. My playstyle is just: Post once per cycle, forget sometimes, avoid the inactivity filter. Whether I’m a villager or an eliminator, my inactivity is not a ploy, despite how helpful it is at not getting me killed. I’ll try and be more active if that makes analysis of my actions easier—I’d rather not get lynched because of my constant willingness to forgoe actual activity. Neither of my arms are broken, after all. On the subject of the lynch: I haven’t read enough to have suspicions. Since Drought’s already going to die, I’ll just throw a protest vote on <color=red> Bard <\color> for now. And a message for Drought: F. You were a good player, and I’ll miss you (before I go as well), which deserves a well-pressed F.
  7. hi every1 im not new!!!!!!! *holds up WoK* my name is walin but u can call me t3h ShaRD3r oF d00m!!!!!!!! lol…as u can see im very random!!!! thats why i came here, 2 meet random ppl like me ^_^… im zero years old (im mature 4 my age tho!!) i like 2 listen too Shardcast w/ my disCord buddies (i spend more time there if u dont like it deal w/it) its our favorite Podcast!!! bcuz its SOOOO random!!!! theyre random 2 of course but i want 2 meet more random ppl =) like they say the more the merrier!!!! lol…neways i hope 2 make alot of freinds here so give me lots of commentses!!!!DOOOOOMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <--- me bein random again hehe…toodles!!!!!love and waffles, t3h ShaRD3r oF d00m --------------- ...I'm sorry; I couldn't find any other clean copypastas to Shardify. I'll have to come up with a less cringeworthy Internet reference to put in my RP next time. Perhaps I'll just do popular Reddit phrases--as a warning, do *not* look any of them up; I can think of literally one that doesn't link to an R-rated story (though the phrases themselves are quite innocuous). If that's not allowed, I'll come up with something else. ---------------- For analysis of what just happened: that's kind of strange. If Rath had a tie with Alv last cycle, I wonder why the eliminators would choose to kill Rath rather than letting him serve as a scapegoat while they targeted someone else. I read Weekend 3, and it didn't look like anyone else was a possibility for the lynch today (there were a few suspicions mentioned, but the majority of the discussion revolved around the troll team)--could someone with more (cough, any; I still haven't read much) knowledge on Week 3 or with more analysis ability bring some insight to the table? I don't have anyone to vote on; a lack of analysis ability and a lack of suspicions combine to form a very indecisive Sharder.
  8. Alright, I know this is a double-post, but I just realized that |247|-| is Rath, so I'm leaving my vote on him. While Alvron is somewhat suspicious, I'd rather leave it up to chance that he dies--if he gets to prove his claim (which I only skimmed over) then all the better. Secondly, if Aranduensis unvotes on Alvron, I'll be up on the randomized chopping block, and I don't want that. --Be me --Trying to find spammers on the Internet --Steepledfingers.jpg --I read some of the posts and it looks like long-time players are getting banned in the meantime --Press F --I make references to things only experienced interneters would understand --They're almost so obscure only a spammer would link to them --Grusplan.jpg --What do I do
  9. Hmm...I'm still reading through all of this, keep in mind, but for right now I'm going to put a placeholder vote on |247|-| . Can't have a containment breach, now can we? The SCP Foundation monitors the Internet, and seeing a memetic-effect inducing SCP being mentioned on the Internet is of particular note. There may be a broader radius to 247's field than prior anticipated; recommended change to containment room and a thorough sweep for fiber optics and wires going offline. This site was supposed to be off the grid. ------------- As an aside--for as long as I'm alive, I'll make a reference to a new thing or two on the Internet; call it "sneaky spam" or "experienced forum dweller," but I need a shtick to come up with stuff for more RP.
  10. I have been quite inactive; I'll try and get some reading done here and see what I missed. For now, I'm going to say that I think it was Dio who did it, whatever it was. It's always Dio, and when it's not Dio it's lupus.
  11. Glad to be in the game! There's seven pages of thread to read, not to mention the cycle beforehand, so I'll stave off on the analysis until later today. For right now, it'll just be RP. ----------------------------------------- Opening another new tab, Walin thought back to the days when he was a few-tabber. A young, naive Chrome-user who religiously trimmed his tab selection so that only three were in a window at a time, and only rarely opening a second window. He remembered how it all went south--doing a short research project, learning that it was sometimes worth it to keep eight open, and gradually expanding his range. Still, he never remembered opening a third window. Well, that was because he was still a few-tabber, just a more practical one. All open tabs had to be active, he told himself, so if there was something he wanted to remember he just bookmarked it, never to look at it again. Either that, or he would revisit it daily, and lose sight of the real world around him. Suddenly, Walin's phone vibrated. He'd gotten an email; why didn't his laptop notify him as well? It should know he only checked his email once per day; he spent more than 5 hours on YouTube and the rest searching definitions or basic facts. Google should know his internet activity if he spent so much time using its sites. Or rather, because it already did, it should accomodate them without him having to turn on any functions manually. Oh well. Time to check the notificati--- ----- The 17th Shard. Of course! How could he forget? It had been months, nay, (months+1), since he had last been active there. And they needed his help. Walin cracked his knuckles, dusting off his spreadsheets. Good to know they were still empty. He took out his notepad, also empty. He took out his pencil, out of lead. He took out his encryption codes, nonexistent, and his cryptography knowledge, mediocre. Walin nodded; he was back in business. Only now, he was taking a beginning CS course and knew some basic C++, which would give him an edge. Maybe it was time for another first game, before he inevitably left again. This time, he'd analyze, or at least provide the others with a good time. Accusations or RP, adding something to the thread was good, for it provided evidence to look at. The others would know how to stop the spammers, and to trace them back to the source. Walin just had to do what he could to increase the chance of not getting deleted along the way. He opened a fifth tab and signed back in. Two glorious notifications. A message received, and a message to read.
  12. I'm normally super inactive, so I don't mind not being in the game--I'd probably either die or drop out in like two cycles. But I do enjoy RP, and if I can just pop in now and again to do that (in the game or as a "third-party spambot detector" who comes from outside the game), it'd be great. Still cool if I can't, though. So thanks, @Adavantos, but I don't think I could use your slot effectively, so I'll decline that offer.
  13. Uh, I know I'm not on the player list and I didn't post on Week 1, but I signed up before signups were over--can I join the game and never post again? Or if I'm not a player, can I still post in the thread, giving cryptic feedback and analysis without making actions?
  14. I clearly put this on the shelf for too long. Here's the next installment; it's more present tense than the last one, because you can only have one soliloquy at a time before it starts to get stale. I'm also doing the "homage" opening line, so if I end up doing 7 of these I'll probably end with that (unless I remember this once there are even more Mistborn books). As seen in Wilsoon, I don't know how to keep a consistent narrative and things start to fall apart after they go on too long. Also, a short pre-definition--"wetleg" is an immersion foot syndrome like trenchfoot; I just came up with a new word because all the others (Paddy foot, etc.) have names depending on where the person got them. I assume there isn't trench warfare anywhere else on Scadrial, and that the Northeren Scadrians have no other context to call the affliction by--the Roughs were dry and the Basin was lush, so they'd have no words for it. Once again, I have no experience in the army, so this has several inaccuracies.