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    I can read, breathe, and talk--those are just a few of my many talents. For real, I like wasting time by taking tiny breaks very, very, very often. Right now, that is done by browsing 17th Shard 4 hours out of every day, yet never posting. Hopefully I'll either start posting more or stop browsing so much.
    AS OF 7/7/18: Actually, for the past few months I've been browsing reddit 4 hours out of each day. I'm switching out of both until I get better time management skills.
  1. Wow, that was fun for the 1 cycle I got to stay alive. Glad to see the Villagers won. Wait, the Elims. Well played, everyone! After briefly reading the dead doc's ending cycles, I concluded that we played well for the information available to us. Go Village! Elims did super well and the hammer->openwolfing was hilarious. My only complaint was that I wasn't an Elim and thus get to take part in the spoils, but alas. I was merely a medallion-Mistborn.
  2. Welp, I've just finished reading D1 and that was pretty long. Most of it was NAI as far as I can tell, but to be honest everything is usually either NAI to me or is based on faulty logic that I myself pick apart. It's why I generally end up following trains. Anyway, just posting to avoid the inactivity filter. Also, some RP despite not having read through any of the other cycles before D5. I'll pick up from where Fifth left off, which is the signup thread Also, welcome @xinoehp512, fellow pinch-hitter! ------------------------------- Christel walked tensely through the corridor. Being old as she was, she would have to rely on her wits and skills more than her strength when she entered an altercation. With the Mistborn medallions, technically she should be able to hold her own against any of the mutineers, in the event that one of them jumped her. Christel had seen combat several times before, and with her nearsightedness she had always compensated her poor markmanship with a greater emphasis in hand-to-hand proficiency. But that was assuming she had a vial of pewter to down, which she did not. And given the state of the bodies of others who had died, these rebels had used Steelpushing for their initial approach, weakening their targets before going in for the kill. There was no way to stop that. However, there was still much within Christel's control--and the thought reminded her that, despite facing near-certain (well, maybe 50/50) chances of death, there were always things to be glad about. She was ready for whatever came next. She would take her remaining vials of metal and use them at the soonest opportune moment, giving her hopes a reasonable chance to succeed. At the end of the day, Christel would be satisfied with death if she met it with the might of her optimistic will.
  3. Welp, I was expecting to be able to catch up on the last few cycles but all I was able to get done for now was read through my GM PM and this cycle. I happen to have 2 Brass vials, but alas. I haven't read very thoroughly and it seems like there's some suspicion on Araris with a defense, some suspicion on Biplet and a post mentioning activity, and suspicion on Karatheon with a rebuttal to one reason why. I'll go for the latest reads as for which posts to give the most weight to in my vote--so that makes Araris I have nothing to add right now, but I'll try getting through the pages of cycles before the end of the next Day turn, whenever that is. Araris, with a Brass tap to push the edge over. Sorry man, I would be more thorough in my analysis if I had the foresight (and the time) to make the time to do so.
  4. Wow, that was a good game. I wish I had been more active. I only skimmed each cycle, so I didn't remember how Archer had quite finagled his way out of a hard elim read, but for the most part I accepted it. Then, in the last cycle, I was reading Matrim's Dice posts and thinking "now that's a villager if I ever saw one." And then sending replies to the two PM's I had gotten multiple cycles ago, minutes before turnover. Always riding the edge of timing on that. So, it's clear that I was Mechanic. What surprised me is that I was the one to find the pieces of the Secret, both times. After the second piece, I was surprised no one else had found one, and it also indicated that we wouldn't get all four in time--or really, that it was super unlikely. Speaking of being the Mechanic, I was super grateful to have a role that only allowed me to use an action once every other turn. Being mostly inactive as I am, it's plausible this was a deliberate choice in the distribution. Well played, everyone! I never got close to figuring out the elims (though I had suspected Archer, I never really got to a real "I think this is an elim," I was only at "if we vote someone, this is a solid choice for my vote"), and especially not anyone of the Alliance. Last of all, thanks Elandera for GMing and Araris for IMing!
  5. Alright, hopping back in for the round. Looks like I'm on the chopping block, and now I'm regretting voting for Archer last round. I could have sworn that a tied vote meant a double execution, but alas, I read wrong. Has anyone claimed being the ones to find the pieces of the Secret of Miranda? If not, I'll be happy to come forward and claim which cycles I found pieces for, as well as roleclaim, to avoid getting killed. In the meantime, I'll vote for Tiea to stay alive for the round. Sorry if you're village, Tiea.
  6. Hey guys, sorry about being inactive. Time got away from me. I’ll be more active next cycle if I haven’t been killed by then. It looks like Illwei’s got the most votes right now, though if we get this wrong then there’ll be 5 of us, and likely with 3 Reavers. On the other hand, if we get a tie and two executions, there will be 4 remaining, and maybe one Reaver will be dead (assuming at least one of either Archer or Illwei is a Reaver.) I’m going the tie route since 4-2 is better than 5-3. Archer
  7. Alright, time to hop into the thread. Sorry for my absence; it was unintentional. Now, time for some analysis! I'm partly joking, because I don't really know how to analyze, or how to make reads. So as of now, pretty much everyone is at the default 70% village-ness in my mind. I'll review the last cycle, though, see if I come up with anything to add to everyone's individual analyses. ___________________ Nonto woke up. He didn't quite remember laying down inside a cargo hold, but he did remember staying awake for nearly 40 hours working on that tricky component. Had he fixed it yet? If he hadn't, then why...he rolled over, and got up. He would go through his morning routine first, then answer all these questions. After all of that, he would be clearheaded enough to really do some thinking. Looking back into the recent past, Nonto tried to retrace his steps. ...It appeared the repair required a couple tools that Nonto didn't have. He'd have to ask for it from someone else, and considering the time, they probably weren't awake. He'd already been up 40 hours, and the component wasn't on a ticking clock. Besides, he really started to lose focus after about hour 22, so staying up was more an exercise in procrastination and optimistic delusion about his capabilities. He'd get some sleep, then go borrow some tools. Then after that, he'd finally be done with all the backed-up work for the week, and he could return to his normal "waiting for something to break" routine. Or rather...wait, there was something else going on in the ship. Some discussions of some kind. He'd have to go ask someone to give him the full run-down; maybe it was important.
  8. It's been...a long time since I've played a game, and I haven't seen Firefly, but this sounds like fun. I've gotten better at setting priorities, or so I tell myself, anyway. I'll sign up as Nonto Wheran, a maintenance technician who occasionally downloads ship schematics to browse through in his free time. (Until I watch the show/movie, in which case I might change his name and character development to fit the setting and environment better) Thanks for putting up a game at this time of year when we (presumably) all have a bit more time!
  9. I’m also fine with people voting on me \:P. However, I’m a villager and will hopefully type out more before the cycle’s over, though I doubt I have time. Either way, I’m probably going to get killed soon since I’ll claim being a Firesoul.
  10. Noooooooo Elandera!! At least we got a Loyalist in return, but I must mourn Kynedath's loss as well. Elims are valuable members of the team, giving us reads and info that we can go back to analyze. Also, I'm not going to vote until I read some stuff in the backlogs that I've only been skimming over. This calls for some serious analysis for which I am not up, so I'm gonna have to prepare tomorrow to do so. ---- Lerin was pretty sleep-deprived. Of course, that was probably because he was secretly part of a big meeting with Loyalists in attendance, but that reason applied to everyone. Now that he looked more closely, he saw they were a little sleep-deprived too.
  11. Quick recap question: are we all in agreement that Emi and Ashbringer are soft-cleared, and are there any other topics we have a consensus on? And it looks like we've still got favorable village numbers, though a mislynch and mis-village-kill could bring us frighteningly close to parity.
  12. I didn't get roleblocked by Ventyl, though I didn't use any Allomantic power (sorry). Uh, and since I still haven't looked through the game like I said I would, nor plotted out anything, I'll be making half my claim here. I'm a Copper Misting (hence not using it last night, though I forgot it could be used because I hadn't used my Feruchemical action. Good luck, all!
  13. I have nothing very useful to say, but as it may help us narrow down suspects for the elims, I’m considering claiming. I’ll read the thread(s) through after the cycle’s over (don’t have enough time now) and figure out what else I can do, but for now that’s all I’ve got.
  14. I'll return tomorrow, but first I'll offer my two cents by saying Ventyl can roleblock me. I'm sure my role won't be of a whole lot of use, technically, though I'd like to keep it secret until the day is more over than it is now. Also, having procrastinated the whole day, I'm going to plan for tomorrow on reading the past two cycles if I can. What it seems like from my current skimming, Ventyl and Ash are the two most under-suspicion, while we don't have a whole lot of evidence saying that one is elim and one is village. Is that right? ------- Lerin probably did interesting stuff. To him, it was interesting. But to others, perhaps it would not be. You see, with all of this stuff about the Loyalists and Faceless Immortals, it would be kind of strange to suggest something else as a course of discussion to follow. And no, Lerin was not thinking about instruments nor mayonnaise; neither zinc nor brass would tell you someone's thoughts. No, tin could not let you read someone's mind by studying their mannerisms and facial expressions. No, Lerin had not started thinking about mayonnaise and instruments when he thought the conversation was over. Lerin stalked away from the room despite not actually having that conversation with anyone. He'd find mayonnaise somewhere else, without all these pestering thoughts.
  15. Hey, everyone! Sorry I haven't posted...at all. I'd like to say that I was busy, but it was more procrastination. I likely won't be able to read cycle 1 before the end of this cycle, but I'll read through all the posts of today if I can and offer some insight. And hopefully figure out if it'll be a good idea to claim or not, hehe.