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  1. I forgot about that. I was trying to make a bad metaphor, but I didn't make it as internally consistent as I thought I did.
  2. Oh boy. I can't really refute any of those points; I've been an inactive eliminator sticking to the shadows before, and my post history certainly corroborates me "pretending" to be an inactive villager, while actually being selectively active. However, it's wrong. I just don't know what I'm doing most of the time, and when I'm inactive, it's not on purpose. The time that I was inactive and an eliminator, that was just me playing as an eliminator, but inactively; not being an inactive eliminator. As for the voting with the bandwagon, I tend to do that. I'm not very good at analysis, and when I try it ends up being very flawed and counter-able. So instead of coming up with my own arguments, I tend to read the ones of others and follow their lead, voting on who they say is most suspicious. It's worked somewhat in the past, but everything I've been doing here has been done in the wrong way. I voted in the wrong cycles, forgot to post at the right (alibi-inducing) times, and now I'm gonna get lynched. Once I turn out to be a villager, I think you all should target Fifth or Roadwalker. They're the main analyzers, and when one dies we'll know if their arguments were based on flawed information or falsified information. With that, I think I'm going to rest my case and finish Nawl's story. -------------------------------- The mists were thick. Up in this shaded slot canyon, they weren't burned away by the sun, so they played here. Toying with one's mind, pretending to be natural but flowing like something alive. Nawl and the others were understandably nervous. The Deepness reached far into the mountain, and reminded the group daily that they were never free. Thankfully, no one had died during the day, and there hadn't been any attacks, but there were a few sightings of a misty figure off in the distance. It was unsettling. How were they to survive when...this is what they fought. And each other, no less? If the group kept bickering, the Deepness probably wouldn't have to do anything. They'd just split up, or die, or get lost. And then the world would end. What then? Would the world be missed? Is there some justice system after death, sending them all to suffer in the Deepness for their failure? Nawl couldn't let that happen. They would succeed, no matter how many traitors were left. Wait...he had an idea. "Hey everyone, we didn't bury Fourth Letir or Declan very deep, did we? What if they had a list with them, a metalmind that told us who the other traitors were? What if they had secret meetings, and they had a schedule? I say before we keep going, we should check their belongings. It may grant us further information."
  3. This fic explores a thought I had one day, about whether Hemalurgy would be used in wars as a way to slow down the rampant waste of resources and human life. It's written from the perspective of a soldier reflecting on the war--though since I didn't do any research, it comes across as a sort of cross between World War I and the Vietnam War, but without any of the accompanying hopelessness and poignancy. For ratings, this one's either PG-13 or R.
  4. Those are all good counters. Devotary knows how to prove innocence. I don't think Shanerockes is that suspicious, but I don't see much information on any other players around here. I'm probably not going to vote this cycle, in that case. Unless there's no definitive lynch and we need a tiebreaker, I'll sit on the sidelines and do some more RP. ----------------- Lunch was pretty good. Nawl's thoughts of the morning weren't at the forefront of his mind anymore, so he could start thinking about metalminds again. Fourth Letir wasn't buried yet, if he remembered correctly. Which he probably didn't. He'd heard something of the Deepness altering people's memories, or something like that. Either way, he decided that thinking while eating lunch was the best way to think; afterwards, he would just try to admire the mountains. It was strange--he hadn't actually climbed many mountains, though he knew how to hike. Step carefully, balance weight, look for the easiest paths. This mountain was no different from the others. It contained the Well of Ascension, but besides that, it was simply a place with trees and grass. A forest in the mountains, dying as if it were winter. The trees had lost their leaves already, and it wasn't due to the temperature. The grass had wilted and turned gray, and bushes were falling apart. It was only a few days ago that the group pushed through shale and walked by shelves of granite, a geological wonder with no nature to be found. It was such a drastic difference, coming from the leeward side into the supposedly lush face of the mountain. They would cross back over to the rocky side after today, after hunting for food. Right. Food. Nawl had forgotten to hunt yesterday, and he hadn't checked his pack to see how low his supplies were. He got up and grabbed his knife, some twine and a few good sticks.
  5. That's a pretty good analysis you got there. It would be a shame if someone...didn't expand on it. Really though, all those pieces of evidence for Devotary look good. I'll add a vote on Devotary for now, and wait until I can look at more posts. I can't tell very much right now, but to me it looks like Fifth and Roadwalker are doing the heavy lifting this cycle. I'll add a hand to that, in the form of RP--I'm not good at analysis. Secondly, I've only skimmed the posts of last cycle since I wasn't there while it went down, and same here. I'm not the Deepness, but I was inactive, and because of that I don't know who would be a better candidate. ------------------------------------ Nawl paced around. So far, there were two traitors. Both dead. How would it end? Would Alendi be the last left standing, as a cruel but ineffective attack by the Deepness? Would one of the party have to use the Well in his stead? He didn't have these questions when he first joined this expedition. He was simply thinking it was a better idea than to sit in the valley below, waiting for the world to be saved. Nawl wouldn't help anyone by waiting around. Of course, he wasn't helping here either. He hardly knew the terrain, and he wasn't a Feruchemist. Come to think of it, why had he joined? He didn't even remember. Perhaps someone had been killed before the party even left, and he was a quick replacement. Not a target. Someone who could avoid death long enough to stave off the final attack of a treacherous group. Or maybe he had been planted to dilute the ranks. Keep the group from forming a united front. The collector, the scientist, the one who didn't have any business being here. Nawl thought on this more. The others had their eccentricities too. Were they simply pawns, and Alendi the unwitting king walking towards checkmate? They should have brought a philosopher along with them. Nawl was feeling lightheaded, and it wasn't due to the air.
  6. Nawl ate lunch with the others. He forgot how split they were on the usage of certain phonemes; perhaps a silly thing to make important, but Nawl was a collector. He knew what it was like to have superstitions; to be a little...apart from the others, because of how one looks when collecting useless implements. He went along with the "battle" for the rest of his meal, but then got back to normal. He was still in turmoil from the killing, the haunting monster following them; his walk and coming to terms with his behavior--he needed to think. There could have been a traitor among them, or the Deepness could have turned one of them, or the Deepness itself walked among humans...too much to think about. He still hadn't decided whether he could still, on the side, collect unusable metalminds. People had already died here. It would be highly insensitive to ask for someone's metalminds right after their death, but Nawl and the others would probably die anyways, so what was the point of avoiding social taboo? On that same note, how could he justify such a frivolous thing in the face of the world's destruction? Could he really learn anything about metalminds on this journey, or was it just for the sake of collection? He likely wouldn't return from here. Alendi was getting on edge; perhaps by the time they reached the Well he would be unhinged. The world would survive, but would Alendi crush the mountain with them in his state? Well, for right now, he wouldn't think of collecting metalminds. Just on mapping their path and the sky, making sure no danger would befall everyone. After all, while the Deepness killed crops back home, weather even slightly harsher than that could kill the whole group, up here. He walked over to the mappers' table, adding his walk to the sketch for today.
  7. I forgot about medallions. However, for the sake of argument, I'll still argue that spikes have a few advantages over medallions that will still make them very valuable. Medallions require recharging by the Excisors. We don't know how much Feruchemy they can actually store, but since they're metalminds, they will run out eventually. For the military, nicrosil could be Compounded (if that's how medallions are replenished) in supply areas, but for espionage spikes would have to be used because of how espionage works (though dead drops coupled with communication could probably work). Adventurers and mappers would definitely want spikes, because they may get lost--or lose medallions on their way--and being able to compound Bendalloy for survival is much easier with spikes. Everything else, though, like copperminds and goldminds in a first aid kit, etc. would best be done with medallions. Medallions work really well in a society with access to the Southern Scadrians, and after Bands of Mourning it looks like there'll be a good supply of charges for most cities. While spikes might let you use more than a few powers at a time, having two powers is pretty much all one needs in modern situations. Though that makes me wonder--since spikes don't need recharging, would the sale of Hemalurgic spikes be highly regulated or just illegal? Would there be an underground market for spikes, selling burglary and white-collar crime tools like A-Tin and F-Zinc spikes?
  8. I know there's already a thread right now about the ethics of Hemalurgy, but it primarily deals with those getting spiked, and whether they can recover. Based on two pages of results for "Hemalurgy," and seeing nothing about industrial Hemalurgy, I decided to make a thread for speculating about Hemalurgy's use on a large scale. Hemalurgy isn't super efficient. It can be used to kill one person and preserve their power for a few more people until said power becomes so small as to be negligible. With the use of Feruchemical gold, a spikee can be spiked multiple times without dying--though they probably suffer from so many scars that using gold is impractical. If Hemalurgy were to be treated like organ donorship is today, it would clearly not have a large supply. Lots of people abhor the idea of getting spiked in the chest, even if it helps their fellow Scadrian/worldhopper/their country as a whole. Because of this low supply, efficiency in distributing and using Hemalurgy is critical. Ethics are a part of this discussion, particularly because Hemalurgy causes physical, as well as psychological, discomfort. How does an advanced society use Hemalurgy, and how can it do so without committing war crimes? There are several choices regarding the distribution of spikes--help the military, or improve infrastructure, or perhaps safely remove spikes from people after their task is done? Does a Pewter-Tin Allomancer rifleman retire? Should a Steel-Compounding rescue operator return their spikes when off-duty? Is gold plentiful enough for use (like an IV) in any hospital, or is it reserved for the elite or the workers with dangerous but irreplaceable jobs? Can people charge for, or buy their own, spikes? What should be the Hemalurgic appendum to the Geneva Convention, and how should ethics be weighed over efficiency?
  9. I think that taking attributes is way too hard to do without irrevocably damaging people. Harvesting people at the end of their lives, like having a Hemalurgic Donor card, and a spike set in emergency response teams, is what I foresee in at least a few cities or countries on Scadrial in Era 3 (2.5). Harvesting gold spikes is just about the only one that I can justify repeatedly farming people for; I'm going to go with what Rossamund said, that farming a person multiple times isn't practical. While it'd be unethical, perhaps during wars (especially in early Era 2 where trench warfare is still a future possibility) soldiers could have reloadable bayonets for spiking enemies with? Healing victims of spike damage is a good thing, though I have no idea how viable it is to actually be implemented.
  10. Nawl awoke to mist. It wasn't like the Deepness, however; no, there must have been rainfall during the night that left the air humid and foggy. Keeping the fog in mind, he went to relieve himself. The terrain here was like a cultivated mountain trail--the area to walk was fairly linear, and going off trail meant either scaling or descending a steep slope. The last time he had seen trees were two days ago, about twenty miles back. Of the inconveniences of coming with Alendi, this one was quite unexpected. Even though the fog was fairly thick, Nawl found himself still walking, even a mile away from camp. This whole time, he had been thinking of collecting some filled metalminds to put on his family's shelf. Preserve the legacy of his non-Feruchemist, but appreciative, ancestry--and all that. But several were stolen recently. If any of the Feruchemists died now, they'd do it using their resources to defend themselves. Having such refreshing air to hike in gave him time to think. Why was he really here? Was Nawl as shallow as he perceived--and wanted himself--to be? Half his friends had died in conflicts with foreigners--the other half weren't Feruchemists. How deep had he buried his fear of fighting to preserve his people? To preserve his history, his world? Was his collector's attitude a symptom of his admiration, or an excuse to forget about his friends' sacrifice? Could he give that up? His study and collection of antique metalminds had clearly flavored his interactions with others, and being noble helped fuel his hobby. But was it actually what he wanted to be doing, when the world was at stake? Why would he use false bravado to disguise his fears? If he became sincerely a part of the group, could he keep up without a mental crutch anymore? Two things were for sure. It was now late enough in the morning that Nawl needed to return to camp. And he no longer needed to pee.
  11. I think that Nightblood acts sort of like a black hole/infinite-charge object. When it is introduced to Investiture, it consumes said Investiture beyond the hope of getting it back; in return, it releases vast amounts of energy. Like a black hole, or an object with infinite charge, I think Nightblood produces a field that allows for extremely high potential energies. The Investiture introduced to it then falls through the field, releasing kinetic or Investic energy while it falls, finally reaching an unsee-able ground state. However, the field can be cancelled out by aluminum, like a Faraday cage blocks an electromagnetic field (this is an intentional misinterpretation of what Faraday cages are; bear with me here). Because of this, I think Nightblood is like a charged object--it can only use Investiture up until a certain point, at which there is enough captured Investiture such that its field is cancelled out. The charge-theory also means that Nightblood should lose effectiveness as it gains more and more Investiture, until it doesn't produce a field anymore. However, Nightblood is extremely heavily Invested, and has still not reached that point. I think that Nightblood's limit for capturing Investiture and releasing energy is about the limit of a Shard. With that amount of power, Nightblood could probably reconstruct itself to be able to accept more Investiture, but for right now it's not going to become a new Adonalsium. TL;DR--Poorly worded psuedoscience to explain that Nightblood can eventually stop working and not absorb Investiture out of everything it touches.
  12. I, uh, haven't played in a while. I've signed up and immediately gone inactive, twice now, so I don't think this time will be any different--especially that I'm a little more busy right now. I'll take a spec doc, and if there aren't enough pinch hitters, I'll be Nawl, the ancestor of Walin--a Terris noble who used to be in possession of several antique metalminds, but they were repossessed after a new geneology came to light. Now, he's going up here with Alendi in case some of the people here die, and he can get some full metalminds. He has a thing for collecting Invested metal; he's not a Feruchemist, but somewhat wishes he was one. He doesn't know it, but he's got a Breath, and can tell whether metals are Invested or not.
  13. I think I might be up for a game. This time I plan to be active, unlike the last three games I’ve been in. I’m gonna RP, and bandwagon, and generally just make a fool of myself. But as long as the villagers win, it doesn’t matter if I didn’t do my part! Right? Right? Anyways, I don’t think I have the time to analyze throughout this game, so I’ll try to do some of the other activity things this time around. See you all in the Shard game; Walin is signing up and coming out of hiatus, however temporarily.
  14. Just hopping in to stay active; I'll try to get more reading done during Day Two. I have been contacted so far; unfortunately I'm probably going to be unable to reply unless I get some responsibility and get my stuff for today done faster. See you all in ~40 hours.
  15. I think I'll rejoin the Shard for this one. I'll maybe be Nedran, a guy who likes dirt. And also is an obligator. He tries to keep the two from ever interfering, but now that dirt has been dug up on people, he's having trouble distinguishing between figure of speech and literal physical attacks done to dirt.