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  1. I’m also fine with people voting on me \:P. However, I’m a villager and will hopefully type out more before the cycle’s over, though I doubt I have time. Either way, I’m probably going to get killed soon since I’ll claim being a Firesoul.
  2. Noooooooo Elandera!! At least we got a Loyalist in return, but I must mourn Kynedath's loss as well. Elims are valuable members of the team, giving us reads and info that we can go back to analyze. Also, I'm not going to vote until I read some stuff in the backlogs that I've only been skimming over. This calls for some serious analysis for which I am not up, so I'm gonna have to prepare tomorrow to do so. ---- Lerin was pretty sleep-deprived. Of course, that was probably because he was secretly part of a big meeting with Loyalists in attendance, but that reason applied to everyone. Now that he looked more closely, he saw they were a little sleep-deprived too.
  3. Quick recap question: are we all in agreement that Emi and Ashbringer are soft-cleared, and are there any other topics we have a consensus on? And it looks like we've still got favorable village numbers, though a mislynch and mis-village-kill could bring us frighteningly close to parity.
  4. I didn't get roleblocked by Ventyl, though I didn't use any Allomantic power (sorry). Uh, and since I still haven't looked through the game like I said I would, nor plotted out anything, I'll be making half my claim here. I'm a Copper Misting (hence not using it last night, though I forgot it could be used because I hadn't used my Feruchemical action. Good luck, all!
  5. I have nothing very useful to say, but as it may help us narrow down suspects for the elims, I’m considering claiming. I’ll read the thread(s) through after the cycle’s over (don’t have enough time now) and figure out what else I can do, but for now that’s all I’ve got.
  6. I'll return tomorrow, but first I'll offer my two cents by saying Ventyl can roleblock me. I'm sure my role won't be of a whole lot of use, technically, though I'd like to keep it secret until the day is more over than it is now. Also, having procrastinated the whole day, I'm going to plan for tomorrow on reading the past two cycles if I can. What it seems like from my current skimming, Ventyl and Ash are the two most under-suspicion, while we don't have a whole lot of evidence saying that one is elim and one is village. Is that right? ------- Lerin probably did interesting stuff. To him, it was interesting. But to others, perhaps it would not be. You see, with all of this stuff about the Loyalists and Faceless Immortals, it would be kind of strange to suggest something else as a course of discussion to follow. And no, Lerin was not thinking about instruments nor mayonnaise; neither zinc nor brass would tell you someone's thoughts. No, tin could not let you read someone's mind by studying their mannerisms and facial expressions. No, Lerin had not started thinking about mayonnaise and instruments when he thought the conversation was over. Lerin stalked away from the room despite not actually having that conversation with anyone. He'd find mayonnaise somewhere else, without all these pestering thoughts.
  7. Hey, everyone! Sorry I haven't posted...at all. I'd like to say that I was busy, but it was more procrastination. I likely won't be able to read cycle 1 before the end of this cycle, but I'll read through all the posts of today if I can and offer some insight. And hopefully figure out if it'll be a good idea to claim or not, hehe.
  8. I’ll join since the game looks really good and needs players, but I can’t promise good activity. Before reading the rules, I’m going to say that I’ll probably just place votes based on other players’ analysis, do RP, and put in actions. I’d like to set aside more time to do it properly, but alas, I won’t. I’ve got lots of things to do as well. Signing up as Lerin.
  9. Wow, there was a lot to this game. It was a blast for a comeback to SE, though I think I'll be too busy to join the next game(s) without slipping into the same level of inactivity I was in this game. With being an elim and reading a doc that was *that* long and had additions every day, as well as not having many ideas for RP nor much experience with analysis, I wasn't very active in thread (as per usual, though I think I tried harder this game). Nor in PMs for that matter, lol. I was a bit salty at getting killed the turn after I became a Master, thus not being able to use those newfound powers, but it was funny and (obviously) a good thing for the village. And at the same time, in Mafia anything goes, and you can be killed or sabotaged at any moment. The mechanics were all fun; Naming (as expected) was extremely popular, so I stayed clear of that to get as much elevation as I could, picking Alchemy at the beginning (but even more than that, with an elim team, planning for specific fields and abilities means going into just one field). I thought about some potential RP things I could do, like hinting I was going to Imre despite never going there, going insane as an Alchemist and blowing up several areas--Green Rover and I thought about distributing bone tars to all the Skindancers so we could blow everything up simultaneously, but that obviously didn't happen. Thanks for the game!
  10. Wheeoo! Time to cram in another post right before the cycle's over, without doing proper analysis. I do assure you all, I have a notebook, but for now all it consists of is the title "LG65: KKC University (Walin's Notes)." Ahem. Zillah, Zillah, yay bandwagoning, I'm gonna go set my actions since I didn't earlier. ------ Lin Wa was confused, because he thought that as a Master he wouldn't have to keep cramming and studying quite so hard. After all, he'd learned enough that he could instruct and grade, right? Wrong. There was always a need to study, not to mention the sheer thirst for knowledge that attacked him sometimes. It was strange that he would still be stuck in a book after hours, even after finishing all his tasks for the day.
  11. Hey, everyone! I have lots of ideas for what I'm going to do, but without any solid direction I don't think I'll end up being very helpful. Any direction on what to do would be greatly appreciated (though I won't be saying my field yet, lol--gotta keep some paranoia going). I started the game in Windy Tower, but I actually ended up with 17 EP in total (somehow) in my field; I also put in 1 EP for Naming just in case I got a Naming friend to elevate me. I'll look through my GM PM's to figure out how that happened, since in the words of Kronk, "by all accounts it doesn't make any sense." Though I never lost any EP to DP, and as I read it it seemed to make sense. I plan to post some analysis this turn, though my habit of procrastination may end up changing that. My reads: Xineohp is quite villager, especially considering what's been said this turn to un-clear and re-clear him, and so do Fura and Elandera. I'm not sure about the rest, though in some PM's I indicated I'd be taking some notes this turn so I can do analysis. ------ Lin Wa was doing very cool things. *Very* cool things. But he wouldn't tell you about it, because as he was recently elevated to the rank of Master, he was too busy trying to find his notebooks, figuring out which students needed more instruction, and feeling like an imposter because he didn't have nearly the capacity to be a Master. But better to accept the rank than not to, right? Somehow, despite feeling so unlike a Master, the power started to get into his head. Imagine all the things he could do and get away with it...not like he would do anything but delve into more books, but it was nice knowing the lack of limits. He hoped that he wouldn't later do something rash, what with the Skindancers and his newfound position. Perhaps he would be instrumental in stopping them, though without the help of other students he would likely help them instead.
  12. Hmmmmm it appears I have went under the radar once again with my procrastinatory habits. I don't have anything useful to say this time, either; neither have I taken any notes on the cycle so far. I'll, uh, do that. In a bit. During rollover, probably. Uh, let's see where the lynch goes. I have no read on Kynedath, for all that matter.
  13. Sorry I haven't been active this turn. Uh, I got nothing to say, really. I have a bit of a village read on Xineohp, DeTess, and Fura, and neutral reads on everyone else (except Bard, because he's got a lot of votes and I think a bandwagon on cycle 3 is probably well justified? Also WGG's are good to check for; sorry Bard if it's not one, but we gotta stay safe)--I've got no more comments, and no time to make them anyway. ------ Lin Wa had eaten a banana. It tasted good. That didn't help his mood. He had written down all he needed to know, but he had misplaced his notebooks, so they were of no use to him! (aka I haven't taken any notes)
  14. Ok; for the rest of the turn it’ll be impossible for me to write anything down about other players, so I must once again defer judgement to them. Uh, I’ll do some analysis next turn if I remember to do so. I noticed a few people tagging me for my thoughts on the game; sorry I haven’t delivered on that front. I think that in order of priority, we have: Starting to lynch people, using our abilities (people are hopefully already doing that), PM’ing (lots of people are doing it but I’m not; I’ll get into it next turn), and then other things I forgot. I didn’t include Imre or other things in the list, since they heavily depend on what you’re planning on doing. Hmmmm...since I won’t be around for the rest of the cycle, I won’t put any poke votes on anyone, and I don’t have a firm enough read on anyone to really vote on them. Next cycle I’ll do it. ————— Lin was walking around, looking for something. Even though he was out in the open, and hadn’t walked through a doorway in about ten minutes, he had just experienced a short-term loss of memory, for he didn’t know what he was doing. That was strange; he had thought that sort of thing only happened when walking into another room while indoors. Oh, right! He had been looking for the students who seemed to be more focused on the Skindancers; they had already told him what they knew (and what they suspected), but this time he was armed with something important: a notebook to write all of this down. And if they had learned more since the last conversation together, all the better! Hopefully when his studies for the day, were over, he could finally put an end to the confusion that he had over all this. And perhaps he would be of use to the rest, if he studied hard enough to draw some certain conclusions. Though after recording all of the other students’ thoughts, he still had to do his regular studies before turning over to study those. And that would take a while, considering how much homework the Masters gave him. It seemed that ever since he was elevated, they began to expect more than he was capable of. It was frustrating, but it was definitely a good thing to be elevated. So Lin just kept walking, looking for the other students, content to study their words after his other priorities were seen to.
  15. Hmmmm. So it appears I haven't been good at being active. I'll be busy tomorrow, so I'll be trying to get all of my posts in right now. As far as analysis goes, I'll defer to the better judgement of other players; I don't have any good gut reads seeing as (uh oh) I haven't read the entirety of each turn, and for the posts that I read I just forget about who posted what, and eventually, what was posted at all. Looks like votes are still at very low number, which we'll need to increase. The likelihood that a Skindancer will fail on any of their sabotages is getting better, because more people have been elevated, and more nobles may have obtained protection. But that doesn't do any good if we don't do anything in return to retaliate against the Skindancers; abilities are a good way to do so, though we can add the lynch to all of that. ------------ Lin Wa sat down on a stool. He had been thinking about all of this stuff, but not very hard. Honestly, he needed to write everything down. However, he never really tried to. Being too distracted by his studies, or too tired to do so, or just lacking a writing utensil, he had never managed to record all he had learned about this Skindancer issue. And because of that, he started to forget about it. There were Skindancers, who were disguised as students. They were out to sabotage the University. Certain people...were suspicious (of others), and if you believed hearsay, other certain people...were suspicious (in their behavior). But despite hearing everyone's reasonings, and even agreeing with them, by the end of the day he forgot about whom, exactly, they were suspicious of being a Skindancer. It was time to just strap a notebook to his wrist and keep something to write with on him at all times.