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  1. I didn't mean leaching in the literary way, just trying to wrap my head around what we know and Kels epilogue. What if..! Kel knows Harmony can read his mind and is lying to him with his thoughts? So, they are both lying to each other.? But.. wouldn't Sazed know if / when someone is using Scadrian magic?
  2. Could Hoid have leached the memory maybe?
  3. Kels epilogue shows he no longer has Allomancy, Hemelergy doesn't work as he knows it outside of helping him reach the physical realm. This also insinuates the medallion system doesn't work for him. Hence the naming of the Bands.. he's mourning his loss of Allomancy.. another "failed" experiment.
  4. We still don't know what Sazed is doing with all that extra Ruin. I'm thinking he's creating an Avatar (discord), but in a splintering fashion and not 50 / 50 so he's still more powerful. Kinda like he's splintered a 3rd of his investiture favouring Ruin and cloned himself.
  5. I'm still in the Odium is Trell camp and Odium has a habit of corrupting investiture instead of investing. Which makes me think the "Trell" spike is a corrupted God metal, most likely Harmonium or its derivatives.
  6. I'm thinking the spike and letter apparently encouraging Wax to use a Trell spike may not be from Harmony, at the very least it's a misdirect and if it is Harmony its not talking about the so called Trell spike..
  7. Well if that's our Hoid he'd still be a lightweaver right? We know from the SP's his Cryptic is still around. Gunna keep an eye out for odd patterns nearby.
  8. What if the Trellium spike was providing the fuel similar to Elend and Preservation at the end of HoA? As in it provided a connection to "Trell" and the Shard provided the fuel to use the abilities of the other spikes. No metal minds were found on the body as far as we're aware, could be inside the body I guess.
  9. Wait.. I though God metals can be burned by anyone? Wasn't that the point of Atiums retcon? I think there's still connection issues preventing burning God metals from other Shards outside of Scadrial but aluminium is tried and true. Silver maybe, it's currently known as an inert Allomanctic metal. Though if I'm correct about the connection problem, maybe you need to have a spiritual connection to all 16 Shards to burn it..
  10. Since ROW I can't help but think the Stormlight Archive is just Sanderson showing how the God of war came about. Theorising along these lines my guess is at the end of SA Odium will be split in half, most likely with a Dawnshard and gets divided between Honor and Cultivation. Im also thinking that Honor and Cultivation will swap a bit of their.. power. Main reasoning is to remove Odium from the board by providing some Divine context to its divine hatred. Thus we have two new 1.5 power Shards.. H + O = War C + O = Vengance Dalinar is the obvious fit for War and I'm also guessing Lift takes up vengance and we'll find out in the back 1/2 that the Ghostbloods were involved in mummies death so she's off to cause some drama.. something something Trell.. !~HIF~!
  11. So we found out that part of Urithiru is a Radiant graveyard where presumably dead Radiants would be soulcasted into statues.. And we have a powerful, knowledgeable Awakened in near vicinity who knows how to transfer stormlight into breaths.. And we have at least one Bondsmith who can open a perpendicularity that can provide large amounts of stormlight for a short duration.. Soo... What's do you think the chances are of Awakened Lifless Radiants.? And than think... What are the chances of these guys being kinda "Returned" due to crazy Bomdsmith powers.? P.s. by "Returned" I mean some spirit realm connection mumbo-jumbo that may or may not be temporary. !~ HIF ~!
  12. What if the loophole is to destroy the planet Roshar and book 5 ends with a mass exodus and a scene eerily similar to Dalina's vision at the end of book 1? No planet, no place to be bound..? !~ HIF ~!
  13. Well I originally had some out there ideas about who would be whos champion. E.g. Adolin is going to revive and bond all deadeye spren and be everyone's champion! I have since calmed down a bit and I think Dalina will realise again he can't do everything himself and choose another champion. And i still thought Adolin because he's been shown to be an awesome duellist and this "battle" is essentially a duel but with magic.. And than I started thinking outside the storms and had an epiphany... Who is the unquestionably, no hesitation required best fighter amongst the Heralds? TALN!! (Seriously, who doesn't want to see this guy fight?) So I was totally on board with Taln being Honours Champion.. and I had a scary thought.. What if Taln did break.. And now I'm convinced Taln will be Odiums Champion. And that's the story of how I made myself a bit sad. !~ HIF ~!
  14. I'm thinking maybe all the Dawnshards can do the same thing but in different ways. But there's this one.. !~HIF~!
  15. I like this idea of Dalinar becoming the Dawnshard of the Divine Command of Unity. It tickles me right, thank you! It made me think some profound interesting things.. Firstly, is anyone else thinking that Tanavast may have been deliberately misleading in his visions knowing full well that Raise would be able to hack them? I feel like Tanavast may have had a chuckle over Rayse spending years trying to figure out if he meant Dawnshards as a plural or a title.. Secondly, I feel the idea of "change" could be used to "bind", so to speak. E.g. I change the strength of your magical / non magical bonds.. Anywhere, fun theory! Fun book! One more week!! !~HIF~!