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  1. So we found out that part of Urithiru is a Radiant graveyard where presumably dead Radiants would be soulcasted into statues.. And we have a powerful, knowledgeable Awakened in near vicinity who knows how to transfer stormlight into breaths.. And we have at least one Bondsmith who can open a perpendicularity that can provide large amounts of stormlight for a short duration.. Soo... What's do you think the chances are of Awakened Lifless Radiants.? And than think... What are the chances of these guys being kinda "Returned" due to crazy Bomdsmith powers.? P.s. by "Returned" I mean some spirit realm connection mumbo-jumbo that may or may not be temporary. !~ HIF ~!
  2. What if the loophole is to destroy the planet Roshar and book 5 ends with a mass exodus and a scene eerily similar to Dalina's vision at the end of book 1? No planet, no place to be bound..? !~ HIF ~!
  3. Well I originally had some out there ideas about who would be whos champion. E.g. Adolin is going to revive and bond all deadeye spren and be everyone's champion! I have since calmed down a bit and I think Dalina will realise again he can't do everything himself and choose another champion. And i still thought Adolin because he's been shown to be an awesome duellist and this "battle" is essentially a duel but with magic.. And than I started thinking outside the storms and had an epiphany... Who is the unquestionably, no hesitation required best fighter amongst the Heralds? TALN!! (Seriously, who doesn't want to see this guy fight?) So I was totally on board with Taln being Honours Champion.. and I had a scary thought.. What if Taln did break.. And now I'm convinced Taln will be Odiums Champion. And that's the story of how I made myself a bit sad. !~ HIF ~!
  4. I'm thinking maybe all the Dawnshards can do the same thing but in different ways. But there's this one.. !~HIF~!
  5. I like this idea of Dalinar becoming the Dawnshard of the Divine Command of Unity. It tickles me right, thank you! It made me think some profound interesting things.. Firstly, is anyone else thinking that Tanavast may have been deliberately misleading in his visions knowing full well that Raise would be able to hack them? I feel like Tanavast may have had a chuckle over Rayse spending years trying to figure out if he meant Dawnshards as a plural or a title.. Secondly, I feel the idea of "change" could be used to "bind", so to speak. E.g. I change the strength of your magical / non magical bonds.. Anywhere, fun theory! Fun book! One more week!! !~HIF~!
  6. I've always assumed there would be a final battle happening in the end. I have a crazy theory that part of what Hoid is doing is "tagging" people in a outraged attempt to access the spirit realm, but it has to be the right person at the right time in the right place (Spirit realm is wierd guys ). His goal originally was to bring a person or people back from the Spirit realm. Fast forward to this hypothetical final confrontation... the battle isn't going well and Kel, with his control issues gets into an argument with Hoid and Hoid is all like: "You never did understand did you Kel.. this was never about you, it has always been about everyone" (this being a hard lesson that Hoid recently learnt). And bam, Hoid does something... magical and brings all our favourite heroes and villains back for an assist. Unfortunately the cost of this is hoid is basically trading himself - another thing Hoid has been doing is gaining enough raw power for this trade.. And this is where I learnt to laugh and cry again P.s. I know its a bit of a take of the WoT horn of valere but as Brandon has said... there's no such thing as a new idea, its all about style (kel in secret history i think, and pretty sure Hoid says something similar somewhere else. !~ HIF ~!
  7. Well, lightning is technically a giant static charge.. A few years back I read that they found ice in lightning storms and what happens is as the rain falls it steals electrons off the ice and paints the ground. When there's a big enough charge.. Boom! The charge jumps back up to the clouds and balance is preserved. Now could a Skybreaker emulate this with the surge of division? With what little we know of the surgery, I'm thinking yes! !~ HIF ~!
  8. Its documented somewhere a lack of Spren in Shinova and most of us theorise the Shin have most of the lost shard blades and plates. If we're correct in assuming the Shin do indeed have these shards, im wondering if this corelates to the lack of Spren in Shin-land? E.g. In the cognitive realm Shinova is like the Spren Graveyard with hundreds if not thousands of dead eyes and the equivalent of shard plate dead eyes (if that's even a thing). So theres an unspoken anathema on Spren going to Shinova hence the lack of Spren..? Thoughts?
  9. The Heralds didn't abandon Taln, Taln abandoned the Heralds. Taln doesnt pay taxes. Taln doesn't need toilet paper, he's got Roshar. Taln once bonded all the Spren. Odium really really wants to be friends with Taln. Everything he's done since he became a Shard was to impress Taln. Taln isn't impressed.. All of Hoids stories are about Taln. Ash isn't in love with Taln. She's in love with the idea of Taln. Taln once farted and created Investiture. Taln can slam a revolving door.! Brandon Sanderson is a figment of Taln's imagination. WOT for fun! !~ HIF ~!
  10. Have we had confirmation the honorblades are broken and no longer capable of drawing directly from honors investiture? I know Honor was shattered but his investitute wasnt destroyed.. A couple of possibilities with this line of thought: 1) you need to be bonded to the honorblade before you can access investiture directly 2) only the Heralds are capable of using the Honorblades in this way 3) its all about perception - we know that someone holding an Honorblade without knowing what it is is incapable of accessing the surges they grant. What if accessing investiture like the Heralds used to is as simple as knowing you can do it? This reminds me of the scene in Edgedancer at the when Nale breaksdown and acknowledges the Voidbringers return. The whole fight between Nale and Lift I cant remembet him gkowing much, but right at the end - bam - he flows like the sun and flies off.. !~ HIF ~!
  11. Oathbringer / mistborn era 2 spoilers guys. So by the end of OB we see Hoid bond a Cryptic, which was quite an exciting event, add to this we know MB era 2 is between SA 5 & 6. So its got me thinking.. (my answers in bold) 1) Is Hoid still Bonded? yes 2) Has Hoid figured out how to take a spren off world? yes 3) Can anyone remember if this may have been suggestive in the texts? cant memba I can only remember two scenes; SoS - carriage driver when Wax talks to Harmony BoM - homeless person who talks to Wax out the front of "that" party where Hoid gives Wax the copper mind medalion. Anyway, thought this eas interesting and wanted to share. Thoughts guys? Anything else we can think of here..? !~ HIF ~!
  12. This thread has reminded me of something ive been sitting on regarding the Shin and Odium. Its slightly tangential to this thread but I think it fits.. Ive been hesitant to talk about this as I think I may be misreading. I want to point out the interaction stated above between The Shin merchant and.. Rysn and co! I was thinking about this scene and I get the impression that The Shin appear to be kind and considerate people and it seems they lack a certain... Passion. Im also looking at Szeths Povs in OB and he seems to have this same trait - dont get me wrong he's still a bit cracked, but not as much as the previous books and as with my postulation above, this kinda "sane" Szeth lacks that Passion we've been hearing all about. Im inclined to agree that the Shin definitely know more than theyre sharing and they have something going on. Considering they know more of Odium then most cultures on Roshar, it maybe they have been resisting him all this time.. Or..!! Are The Shin already taken by the Void and this apparent passionlessnes is them waiting for their god to return their.. Passion! Now I dont know what to think.. !~ HIF ~!
  13. Just fleshing this one out. Im not very realmatic and I think this pushes the boundaries of what we know so I thought you guys could help (expand, denounce, enjoy, etc). To start with I want to point out the importance of perception in the Cosmere, especially where investiture is invloved. And also consider Odium has already convinced at least one civilization he is Passion - ok, talking about the Fuzed and ancient singers and I known he didnt get all of them, but they are an invested people so maybe this "hack" works better with them.. Also is this the only culture hes integrated with as "Passion" i wonder? Now the big Q: what if Odium is using "Passion" to gain "access" to more investiture? Now im not saying that there's no passion in hatred, but I do want to point out Passion isnt an emotion dedicated to hate alone - especially when looking at other Shards intents. Have a look at the shards Odium has already broken and consider the potential "passion" involved with their intent. Hmmm, i wonder if a Vessaless shard is easier to "access"..? Now back to the question, im not trying to suggest Odium is doing this for more power as it has been stated a few times he does not want anothers intent to influence him. Im thinking more abstractly regarding what this "access" intales. For example if someone invokes passion it gives the big O a window to view them, and knowledge for a General in wartime is quite important. Thats just an example, what do we think? !~ HIF ~!
  14. @LtGrimes618 Sorry for the tardy reply. Honestly I feel I'm a bit biased regarding Mr Weeks: Lightbringer. I think its great, love it.. I would more say the 1st half is slower and I dont think any of it was a chore - 5th book which is the "last" book of the series is scheduled for late 2019 and Mr Weeks is fairly regular in releasing every 2 years so at the least its going to be finished soon. Though in saying that it was supposed to be a trilogy and than suddenly its 4 books and than the author is apologising that it just wont fit.. so, lets say tentative last book. But as I said previously, love the magic system and may be interesting for Sanderfans due to the magic revolving around colors. !~ HIF ~!
  15. Ever had one of those thoughts that made you think I am the only person in the whole world who could have thought this, and disregarding everything else - this makes me special (in an endearing way I'm sure) So, Theory Magic Time.. (TMT) Is Preservation's / Leras's plan concluded? To expand: was Fuzz's "brilliant" plan only to deal with Ruin / Ati and create Harmony or is his "plan" still happening and potentially have greater Cosmere implications than has been insinuated.? I know I know, its heavily implied that this master plan was to deal with events in Mistborn Era 1, but!! It is Mr Sanderson.. Anyone else feel a curve ball here? Guys, I'm afraid i shall need some input here as I've only got my swelled head to put me in his place.. !~ HIF ~!