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  1. My take on Preservation, as he is giving humans a sliver of himself.
  2. Hiya, thank you! The drawing is made in pencil, then inked and coloured with Photoshop
  3. Vin and Elend have been one of my absolute fictional pairing from the start. Pure perfection.
  4. Hello and thank you for setting up the site! I have discovered Brandon Sanderson's books this summer and I have by now read all the Cosmere books published in the UK where I live – and currently reading Arcanum Unbounded! The Mistborn trilogy has been the first set I have read and it has been an immense inspiration for me as an illustrator! I have rushed through the books because I just couldn't have enough, and I am going to re-read them with the intention of illustrating more of the characters and salient scenes, as I often imagine things incorrectly after the first read through (You might see it in the first drawing I did of Kelsier and Vin I posted on the site, eheh). I am also open for suggestions from other fans, do you have a favourite scene/character you would like to see more of? Let me know, it is great to hear prompts and recommendations! Hope to hear from you guys soon! Fran
  5. Thank you guys! I feel very welcome and now I have a few more things to draw! Is there something I've missed about cookies, though?
  6. Thank you very much, I'm definitely trying to get better at expressions and I really liked Elends characterisation and dilemmas in the book, good and bad choices he made. ❤ so human!
  7. This is how I have imagined Elend while reading The Well of Ascension. That really small crown is too heavy for him! Just let him go back to his book :(
  8. Hello, thank you so much for the comment! I'm slightly fangirling here because you are one of the best cosmere fan artists around ❤❤ I'm very happy to hear you recognized my picture from Tumblr, I feel like a proud parent now, my baby is making a name for herself ahaha! But yeah, the story is just so good I had to draw it!!
  9. Shai from the Emperor's Soul, one of the best short stories I have ever read. Is she planning to escape?
  10. This is so good! Love her very much
  11. From early on in the FinalEmpire, the first time Kelsier brings Vin out in the mist to learn to use her abilities. I have discovered the Mistborn books late this year, and they have been a huge inspirations. This was the first drawings I made of them, and I have clearly got the mistcloaks wrong! It doesn't help that I have actually read the whole trilogy thinking they looked this way because I didn't let myself look at amy art for fear of spoilers. Worth it! I'm currently re-reading the first trilogy with the aim of illustrating much more of the salient scenes (and the get the clothes and descriptions of the characters right this time!).