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  1. happy birthday!

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      Wishing you many more days of joy in your life, Mac! ^_^

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  2. With all due respect, I think that this is a serious misrepresentation of Dalinar's entire arc. There was an entire scene in Oathbringer involved with Dalinar saying that "You cannot have my pain." I don't have the entire quote with me. But iirc Dalinar says quite clearly that even though he had Odium's and the unmade's influence, it was still him making those decisions. It was still him who made those terrible choices. He was able to be redeemed because he took responsibility for his actions. It's not a redemption arc if the character was never bad in the first place. By placing the blame on others, either by magical or non-magical reasons, the character was never evil. If, for example, Gavilar was found to being influenced by odium to such a degree that he had no choice in his abuse towards Navani then he wouldn't cease to be making bad choices, he would be incapable of making them. Intent matters a lot with regards to guilt, punishment, and justice. That's why there is a difference between murder and manslaughter, and one is noticeably worse then the other. But the only way for Gavilar to be redeemed is if he is responsible for his decisions. Saying otherwise removes his potential for growth, and invalidates experiences of people who have grown and redeemed themselves for anything in their life. I think that you can compare Dalinar and Gavilar, but not in the sense that one can be redeemed and another cannot. They both could be redeemed, but one is significantly less likely to be redeemed then the other. In fact, at this point in the timeline, it is interesting to note that dalinar and gavilar are probably about equal in the Evil-o-meter. Where their redemption arcs diverge is that G is killed tonight, and Dalinar starts trying to atone. I will say here that while the answers to the "why" and "hows" don't change what he did they are extremely important to understanding his character and thus the story, his relationship with the larger events of the world, and its ramifications and impacts on the story. Furthermore, the why's and hows do change how responsible he is for his actions. They don't redeem him, because justification isn't redemption, but if he is being 100% mind controlled by Odium, then it wouldn't make sense to place blame on Gavilar for these actions. On the other hand, the why's and how's can lend support to him being 100% in control and being an abuser. Brandon has a knack for giving us compelling and layered villains, and refusing to ask questions of the villains does Brandon a disservice. To quote Hoid "The purpose of a storyteller is not to tell you how to think, but to give you questions to think upon." Brandon's forced us to ask these questions of people who are far far worse then Gavilar, but while a lot of those characters may have a higher body count, or longer lives with more atrocities, they've also been farther removed from home. I would wager that none of us have had to deal with being abandoned by our friends and tortured in Hell for 4500 years, and we probably haven't had to deal with warlords burning down our cities and everyone in side. But many of us have had to deal with abuse, so Gavilar's comments and behavior hit far closer to home. I think that asking the why's and how's are just as important for everyone, regardless of what impact the answer may have.
  3. We'll miss you Mac.

    But to quote your about me:

    Pippin Took Someone watching a sharder leave: I didn't think it would end this way.

    Gandalf the White Me:
    End? No, the journey doesn't end here. Leaving the shard is just another path. One that we all may take. The white blue home page of this website shuts off, and all turns to black glass... then you see it!

    Pippin Took Someone watching a sharder leave:
    What? Mac? See what?

    Gandalf the White Me:
    New hobbies... and beyond. Different friends, and another start.

    Pippin Took Someone watching a sharder leave:
    Well, that isn't so bad.

    Gandalf the White Me:
    [smiles] No... no, it isn't.

  4. Mac solemnly stared at the statue, then started softly intoning a poem. "Strength does not follow the murd'rers Nor does rightness those who rule And Age gives not people more power Nor anymore right to be cruel Of late, these things I've forgotten A loss caused by Power and Time A snare I hope none else are caught in A path that is nobody's but mine" He turned quietly and reached into his pocket, pulling out his gold coin, with a bowler hat on one side and spikes criss-crossed on the back. "I've realized now, that I need to leave." He said to Temira, "I'm sorry that I couldn't stay long enough to help you. But I'm a relic, of an age long gone." He glanced at the statue sadly. "I've been wondering recently, why the world seems determined to destroy itself, and I've realized that maybe it's our fault. When you create something to be a final destination, a home at the end of a journey, there comes a time when you must step back, and let those who now live there, live their lives. When painting a picture an artist will sometimes step back and say 'that's enough, anything else that I add will make it worse' and now it is time for me to do that, to move onto a new phase of my life." Mac stopped and raised a fist to his mouth as if he were going to cough, but if you saw his eyes there would be drops of water forming in the corners. "Go to the scholars guild, there you will be able to learn enough to survive in the alleyverse, you can ask anyone for directions. Here, is the address to the boarding house. You can stay there indefinitely." Pausing, he lifted his other hand, revealing the golden coin he was holding. "Finally, Take this coin," he said, "It doesn't do anything save allow you to store health in it, but I want it to be a reminder for you. A reminder of an insane god, filled to the brim with regret." He reached out, grabbed her hand, and pressing the coin into it. "I won't ask you to live up to my legacy, but I want you to try and be the best you can, try to do what is right, and while hardship may follow, know that you are fixing a small part of this world." Mac let go of her hand and straightened. Turning toward the statue, he formally strode toward it, pulling out a small book, his monocle, his cane and his ever present bowler hat. The book would contain a story, an abridged version of his life, the other items contained a legacy. Hopefully those who found them would do better than he did. He laid them softly on top of the stone with the inscription at the base of his statue. Then with tears in his eyes, he whispered a final goodbye to the alleyverse. Silently and purposefully he straightened then walked out the door, into the bright noonday sun. Turning sharply to the right, he approached a shadowed alley with mist flowing out of it. Then, without looking back, The Gentleman Hemalurgist was enveloped by the mist, never to be seen again in the Alleyverse. @Sorana
  5. Hey guys, I'm going to get straight to the point: I've come to realize that it's time for me to leave the shard. I can't really balance the shard and real life things, especially with how university stuff is picking up for me now as I start the application process. Too many of my responsibilities off the shard are getting neglected, and after this weekend when a few things came crashing down around me I realized that my priorities are too focused on the shard and that I need to get my life in order and make that more of a priority. I've been with this community since the beginning and I'm going to miss it a lot, but unfortunately I need to focus on other things. I will still be present on discord, if anyone wishes to contact me, but I won't be on the shard anymore. While eventually, i.e. several years from now, there is a small chance that I could come back, I wouldn't plan on it. I will stay until wednesday to wrap up a few things, but come wednesday morning I won't respond to anything else. I love you guys, and I love this community, but sadly it's time for me to go. I wish you all success in your lives, and please, have a cookie on me! -Mac
  6. Huh, that’s cool! You learn a new thing every day.
  7. That’s beautiful! I will note that the quote did originally come from the wheel of time though, not voidus.
  8. The skeleton tried to slide out of the way, but couldn't move fast enough, its leg practically falling off as soon as it was hit by the sword. As it fell down it gave one last wild swing at Temira, hoping to hit something. If it couldn't protect the artifact, then hopefully no one would be able to grab it. Temira swiftly dodged the falling skeletons swing, countering with a downward strike at its arm, severing its third limb. The skeleton collapsed, defeated. Slowly it began to decay, the magic that kept it together no longer serving a purpose. The Dagger and armor that cloaked it disappeared leaving a broken skeleton behind with a Nicrosil ring. Mac smiled. "Thank you." Picking his way over to the bones he bent over and picked up the Ring, taking it off of the bone. He focused in on it, reading the Aons and tapping a little bit of the nicrosil on it. He grinned, Devaan didn't disappoint. "This is quite the ring! If im not mistaken it turns you into an elantrian temporarily, allowing you to touch these symbols and gain power." His skin turned a silvery sheen as he tapped the ring, then thumbed one of the Aons, edo, summoning a bright shield in front of him. This was a relic, a thing from ages long gone. Like him. Suddenly something changed, like a lightswitch had been flipped, Mac saw things through a new light. He wasn't a part of this world. He had helped make it, and was proud of what it had become, but like every good artist knew, there was a time when a piece must be left alone. When you had to move on. His skin returning to normal he walked over to Temira. "Take this." He said simply, "You can use it more than I can." With that he moved toward the ladder and climbed up to the Hall of Legends. @Sorana
  9. Mac turned as Temira asked him what he was doing, probably referring to the spikes. "I'm using som-" He cut off as he noticed an orange glow from behind him, spinning around, he gripped his cane awkwardly, knowing that it could be used as a weapon, but quite sure how. Who needed to know how to fight if they could bend reality? He tossed up a coin, then expertly shot it toward the skeleton, pushing to try and test the durability of the armor. As he watched, the orange glow of its eyes was blocked by Temira asking if she could fight it. He paused, weighing the unexpected choice in his head. Then he replied "If I get the ring on its finger, then be my guest." he stepped back, getting ready to watch her fight, the shadows of the corner banishing the uncertainty of having to fight, while the embarrassment of needing to step aside for this youth grew ever larger. @Sorana @Nohadon
  10. Mac sat on the edge of a cliff, thinking. When it came down to it, what was he? Why did he regret what he did? The nightmares had continued. Not nightly, but enough to be bothersome. Why he had them wasn't as big of an issue. He accepted that as a part of life. Most any denizen got nightmares. Once you became a full member you either broke your soul enough with spikes, or killed enough people that the cracks began to show though. No he wasn't concerned with why they were there. He was concerned with why he didn't stop them. Or even try to. The thought of spiking someone else's sanity over his wasn't appealing. Neither did he want to add more stability spikes. There was a disconnect in his mind. His subconscious instincts knew something that his brain didn't. Something made the usual methods of repair for a broken soul unappetizing. So what was it? When he started on his path, it was to protect his mother. Then when he came back and it was too late, he started pursuing vengeance. But what pushed him beyond simple vengeance? What pushed him to pursue a path for over 1000 years, with ruthless efficiency, caring only for himself. He tried to dig back in his memories. Blocking out the images and instead focusing on his feelings When he killed his father, he hadn't been happy or fulfilled. His mother was still gone, and at that point nothing could bring her back. If he was being honest with himself, he stayed because he couldn't bear the thought of leaving this new world behind. The opportunities were endless, and so he left, Joining the Alleys. But what had sparked this change in him? When he died, he realized he needed to be in control. At the time it was just for his image. The lethal hemalurgy who was in control was often more terrifying than the insane one with blood running down his lab coat. But he realized as he lived these last 20 years that being in control gave him more power. Builders could always do more than destroyers. But what changed these last 6 months? Why, for the first time in milenia did he concern himself with those who he killed? They were gone. No matter what he did he couldn't bring them back. Mac shook his head and got up. Walking to the buildings nearby then disappearing into the alley between them.
  11. I would mostly agree with furret, with a few changes to the skills. His armor and such come out to 70 points but for a weakened but skilled soldier I would give him about 80 points split up between melee, hand to hand, and long range combat. They would all be slightly below average due to his age. He also needs a backstory, and preferably more weaknesses then 'he is getting older' This weakness wouldn't be for points, but more for character development. @Grey Knight
  12. Gosh dang it @AonEne now I have ill make a man out of you stuck in my head.
  13. I edited out the word direct because it could be constituted that it direct response was an overstatement, despite the fact that your post was the only post asking about delay since his previous post on this thread. That said my point still stands, he’s spending several hours making these. Give him a break.
  14. Did you not read his previous post, Even when it was in response you yours? Hes spending his Friday evening making these, chill.