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  1. alleyverse

    Ronald leaned back in his chair, his frail 70 year old frame fitting the rest of the dilapidated shop. I told Mack that building a medieval styled shop front was less durable then modern construction, but nooooo, he wouldn't listen. Said it had to be "for the aesthetic". To be fair, if Mack were still around, the shop would likely be in good shape, Elantrines were able to fix things like that, yet still, a nuclear bomb blowing up significant portions of the city, a massive war against Plasma Core a couple decades later, and the general chaos that happens here had took a toll on the store. Furthermore, Mack took all the profits, and left him behind with a bit of money to sell the rest of the stock, while he went on some philanthropic spending spree to try and fix the rest of the city, and then he just disappeared. Storming slontze. Not many people came buy to buy stuff anymore anyways. So Ronald lived on the upper floor, semi retired at best, living off of the savings while the world fell to pieces, as it usually did.
  2. Maybe if we said that he could only use his divine breath once that would be best. Iirc divine breath healing is more powerful then other types in that it isn't as filtered by perception. That could be a bit gamey if he decides to create a divine breath factory.
  3. Before I grade this I want to preface this by saying that the Index was created, partly, to prevent people gaming characters and making them OP. So to be frank I'm a little confused about how to rank this. While they are immortal, it doesn't seem like your purpose was to create an infinite source of divine breaths. Immortality + resurrections usually makes a character ridiculously OP, but considering that they aren't a fighter I'm willing to let it slide on the condition that you don't try to abuse the resurrections to make the character ridiculously wealthy/powerful in universe. Outside of the investiture, we are looking at 20 for scholarship of running a business, 10 for thieving. The Unluckyness isn't really worth all that much as many if not most of its effects are countered by the power of being able to die without consequence. The Apathy would probably be a minus 5. He still goes out and interacts with people, he just doesn't get invested with anything. If it was to a degree that he didn't want to get out of bed in the morning because it was all meaningless, then I would give it more points. All that said, your character is approved, please don't abuse it . Welcome to the Alleyverse! Also, for those who care, sorry about the double post.
  4. Awesome thanks for all the extra information! The characters approved, welcome to the alleyverse! Here’s the reasoning:
  5. Macks eyes opened briefly, his chapped lips opening to emit a small groan for help as a man passed by his crumpled form in a misty alleyway. The man turned, his eyes widening. He walked over and picked Mack up, his brown curly hair and mustachioed face seeming oddly familiar. Mack drifted again into unconsciousness. After what felt like a couple of seconds he opened his eyes again. This time in a brightly lit hospital. His head swimming, he looked around noticing a nurse call button on a controller lying in his bed. Mac pressed the button as he looked around some more. He was wired to an IV, and there was a TV on the far wall, playing the news. Suddenly the door to his room opened, revealing a nurse hurrying toward him. But as the nurse walked into the room, his mind jumped into overdrive, overpowered by centuries of memories that weren’t created by him. In his mind's eye he saw a spiritweb overlaying her; his eyes conditioned by the eons of unwanted memories trapped in his skull to find the points where a well placed spike would heal his current ailments. His hands immediately started drifting to the nearest metal object he could find, trained by a lifetime of murder and stabbing, he was stuck with despite it not being his life. But before he could stop moving and start to push the memories away, as he usually did when they overpowered him, he felt something else come into his mind. This uninvited companion however wasn’t a person however, instead it was something more primal, a force, it seemed. Mmmmmmmm it hummed. Without warning dozens or hundreds of vignettes rushed through his head. Images of well dressed men standing in alleys, silhouetted by the light of a fire that Mack could tell wasn’t quite an accident. Images of piles of corpses, constantly growing in the name of science. An image of a large spike, covered in carvings dedicated to a new world. These weren’t his memories, or the other man’s memories, but they weren’t just pictures either. Mack could understand things about them that weren’t obvious from a single glance. Mmmmmmmm the force hummed again. Welcome back. It communicated. Not through telepathy or sound, but through meaning? He could tell that this thing, whatever it was, was pleased that he was here. We have won. Again without language, Mack felt unadulterated elation both from the thing and from himself. Yet there was no reason he should feel this happy right now, almost as if the force was commanding him to feel that, and so his did. Again vignettes flashed through his mind, of two worlds. One torn apart by hate and danger and conflict, and another perfect. Free from those things that distracted and annoyed the forces ... creator? Mack saw images of this world, and the people inside that were happy, and peaceful. Without a history that was meaningful. Yet the thing didn’t care about the history. In fact it didn’t care about much of anything, except for accomplishing its purpose. It didn’t need context or meaning, all it cared about was doing what it was made too. At this revelation however, Mack furrowed his brow, wondering what its purpose was. Immediately the force changed, first with confusion, as it thought that he should clearly understand what was happening, then immediately switching to more vignettes to try to explain the situation. These new vignettes showed a tall imposing blonde man enjoyed a long earned break, relaxing with his daughter. They showed a man, or demon, who was finally able to escape the legends and myth, and enjoy the freedom of anonymity. And they showed a hemalurgy dressed as a gentleman lying in a hospital bed? Mack’s eyes widened as he suddenly realized what was happening. He had recognized Voidus, the Stranger, and the Gentleman Hemalurgist himself, who the force thought Mack was. NO. He mentally exclaimed. Fury rising inside him as his, Mack’s, memories of the so called Gentleman of Hemalurgy bubbled to the surface. I am NOT him. The things recoiled. Oh, it seemed to say, thats od… Mack looked up at the nurse as she approached his bed, she was saying something he realized. “I’m sorry,” He interrupted, trying to smile, “Can you say that again? I zoned out for a sec,” The nurse looked at him apologetically, “Sorry! I was asking if you were ok?” Mack glanced down, noticing that he was gripping the metal rim of his bed and that for some reason his heart was pumping, as if he were angry. He tried to relax himself. Why was he angry? He tried to think, yet couldn’t remember anything. “Yeah, I think I’m fine,” He mumbled, “Err do you know how I got here? All I remember is a well dressed man carrying me in an alley.” How did he get into the alley? His mind started running, trying to remember something with the urgency of a gazelle fleeing a hunting tiger. He quickly glimpsed a memory of him stumbling away from a ruined hellscape after freeing... a god? Voidus! Thats right he had been trapp... No, that didn’t happen. Weird destroyed cities, gods, wars, that would be crazy. Who was Voidus? Probably a character in a story. Must have been a story or a film. Immediately Mack felt a sense of satisfaction. Yes, a story, or a film, or something else. The thought came to his head suddenly, and yet he knew it was true, to some degree or another. The alternative was crazy and weird. Mack thought back to the last thing he could remember, he had been running his shop, the craftsmen. In the nalthis location, when he had been pushed into an alley? That must have been it. And then the oddly familiar man must have carried him to a surprisingly modern hospital for nalthis. The nurse checked a clipboard, “it says here that you were picked up outside an alley by the ambulance, and have been unresponsive for a couple days.” That’s odd, the well dressed man must have just dropped him at the end of the alley for some reason, not taking him to the hospital. Why would he do… ehh it probably wasn’t important. The man might have been in a hurry. Mack’s nagging suspicion was squashed. No need to question it. That’s what happened. He remembered it after all, his memory wouldn’t lie. Mack smiled at the nurse, “Thank you, could you uh bring me a glass of water? I’m parched,” As the nurse left the room, he closed his eyes again. Everything was fine, he was being taken care of and nothing was out of the ordinary, and yet for some reason his mind was still turning. He couldn’t quite recall what it was thinking about, but his unconscious mind seemed to be running at 100 mph. Oh well he thought. It’s probably not that important.
  6. Hello! Ik I'm not Voidus, but I'm also a mod for the AV. This is an awesome start for the character, but I do have a few reservations before I can approve it. I think it would really benefit from having the weaknesses fleshed out a little bit with maybe an example or two. Like is he physically incapable of talking to someone, or is he always nervous, but still able to hold a conversation. How bad is the myopia? Can he still function in normal society or is he blind as a bad if somethings more then a foot away? What does he do when he sees a TUBA member? How blindly loyal, and under what conditions does he get blindly loyal? Obviously the weaknesses don't need to be at either extreme, but with a bit more definition, the character would be more fleshed out and you might not need as many weaknesses to make the character within the point limit. If some of them are worse then others, then you might not need as many. Also a quick note: Its fine if for the public sheet if he has a memory gap in his backstory, but please PM me with what happened during that to make sure its all fleshed out.
  7. Hey @Gneorndin This is looking good. It's approved, I'll add it to the list. Welcome to the AV! Below I've put the breakdown of the weaknesses along with my reasoning for reference if you want to make additional characters.
  8. She was created spring 2019 I think, she and Cam are by far the newest OP department heads. Though I was referring primarily to the people behind the characters, 18th shard was one of the very first DA members.
  9. I think except for Voidus, you are the oldest Alleyverse member still here right? Fate is off and on, and you are several years before I showed up.
  10. It’s gonna be really fun. Hopefully. There’s possibly going to be lions and tigers and bears. Maybe. There might even be a call to HR, if we don’t get left on voice mail. These things are all in flux. DA Disclaimer applies as always. y’all should participate. It’s a lotta fun. we can always use more planners.
  11. Pretty nice I’d say, how are things going with you? Fantastic, so I’ll assume some basic skills of like embroidery/engraving just to be able to put Aons on things like cloaks or wands/staffs etc. Fantastic as well, and I can help you take a look at re-evaluating that if needed.
  12. So uh, my fellow mods, how's it going? Just have a couple of character questions if y'all got the time. 1. For the Elantrian part of the index, if someone is a level 10 Elantrian what would that constitute do y'all think? I'm planning on reviving an old character, Mack, and he's an elantrian. Would a level 10 be an example of someone who knows perfectly how to use and combine all the Aon's in programs? Would it also include a little bit of Aon combat and basic magitech/handicraft skills (like engraving aons on plates or building machines that use aons to work)? Or would I need to put extra points into combat/inteligence/handiwork etc? 2. I think this is the third time I've asked the question over the years, but how many points would you take off for an elantrian who is unable to draw Aons underpressure, ie combat and other situations with an imminent threat? They could use premade devices but wouldn't be able to creatively come up with new equations to suit their needs? @Voidus @AonEne
  13. alleyverse

  14. Of course! Take a whole bag! Give them to your friends! Everyone deserves a cookie!
  15. happy birthday!

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      Wishing you many more days of joy in your life, Mac! ^_^

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