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  1. main plot

  2. main plot

  3. Joining a guild, no you don't need approval. Sweaing an oath? Yes you would need some form of approval because it represents a major increase of power. Also please try to avoid double posting in the future.
  4. Sorry! I forgot to say that that was the raw score. I would subtract about 10 points for the second oath, and 20 for the weakness. That’s 150 your character is good! He’s at first oath, plus his skills means that he is ok! I will add them to the list in a couple of hours.
  5. OK, so at what oath would he be? 105 for magic and 75 for skills. I would ask for a little bit more definition on the Words: How far out can she see them? can she only see them in light or if she's in a dark room will she not be able to see them? Also, what was her second oath?
  6. I have one main question about oren: Is he the equivalent of a knight radiant? As can make a shard blade, has oaths and can breath in stormlight for healing? Or does he just have the surges?
  7. worldbuilding

    Oh Sorry! I didn't know that you were doing that. Do you want to try and compare notes and see what can be fit together to work?
  8. worldbuilding

    Hey guys, sorry for the double post, but do we have anyone controlling the monster in the main thread? I would like to try and move the plot along a little if possible, but if not its ok.
  9. worldbuilding

    The fair folk are definitely still around, but I wouldn’t say that they have a noticeably civilization. Most things from that time would fear natural magic as it was initially a weapon against them. So they would try to remain unknown. I’m general, I don’t think that any stories would be told of this time unless they were heavily warped, because they would have suppressed them. Tho I am open to any change that people want.
  10. worldbuilding

    I am assuming that you are referring to our characters when they get trapped in the world. So my initial idea was that they would be trapped in the world with only the stuff they had on them. This would have been like arriving on earth when it was still a boiling mess of volcanoes, its not life sustaining, and there is no and has been no civilization. The only way things are built is if they made them. If you are referring to modern civilization, then I would say not much. Most of the gods would have no need for sustenance, because they use the spiritual realm for power. They wouldn’t have to build anything except to house their creations. the Fair Folk on the other hand, would leave a lot of different ruins and weapons around. They would be pretty careless as they went completely overboard on immortality, not only do they not die of old age they have also tied their souls to the planet, and thus get resurrected.
  11. Mac smiled inwardly. It seemed that he was getting the hang of it. "Well." He started slowly, "I suppose that I should begin learning finesse with these powers, so as not to damage the spirit web." The question was, how to do that? He thought back to what he knew of voidmaking thus far and how to access it. It was fueled by will power, which in this case was powered by emotion. He could try to have more control by letting off on the throttle? On one hand then he would have less power to work with. If Voidmaking was like a bike, he didn't want to go so slowly that he couldn't stand up. On the other he didn't want to over do it and crash into a rock. He needed to get the balance just right. Hopefully this would work. It would work. But what if it didn't? It would work; extrapolating information was his greatest strength. It would work. Looking at the pile of marks, he started to gather his hate. His desire for them to cease to exist. Once it was there, he reached out to them, but restrained himself. He didn't drag them into the void, instead he gently, but firmly latched onto one of the marks, and focused on that stormlight, then pulled just that into the void. He grinned with satisfaction, that he had stolen a single enemy and destroyed them completely. Then he carefully reached out and destroyed another. And another. It wasn't his favorite activity, but he did like it. It was less of a hammer and more of a scalpel. Like a spy instead of a Juggernaut. He continued through the pile, picking each one randomly, then draining the investiture. He experimented different ways, trying instead of holding back the hatred, he would try to provide barely enough. It ended up being harder, like trying to sew when your hands were cold, so he went back to tempering back the over abundance of will power. While this felt a bit like trying to walk on tiptoes, it made finesse much easier. After the last Mark was drained, he let out of a breath and sat down. Wiping a little sweat from his forehead. "How did I do?" He asked.
  12. The mods will look at, and we can give you rough ratings on the powers. Night watcher things are easier to look at in the context of a character though, because there is often synergy between weakness and or powers and nightwatcher stuff.
  13. worldbuilding

    Yay! People like my idea! Some other stuff that I was thinking of that would be interesting: Due to Maq's unique nature, he would be able to understand all of ritual Magic, because he can see all of the spiritual realm. He would use this to give himself and the others the ability to use the full strength of the ley lines, and a near ultimate understanding of Ritual Magic. What he could do, is try to give a limited version of that ability to some people that they create, and that creates the 'fair folk' as they were known in the common tongue. These are basically innates who can see the whole of the spirit realm. Through them marrying other humans, this gets diluted into what we call innate magic today. The FF would be immortal, as they would instinctively know how to do that from birth, and they could be responsible for some of the great and terrible acts of wizardry/sorcery that make up the big stories, the legends, they wouldn't have the ability to reshape anything too large, as they still lack a large enough power source, but they certainly could try. In my mind, the OG characters would be the Valar and the Maiar, while the Fair folk would be the original Noldor. Feanor and the such, who created the palantir and the Silmarillions, capable of mighty feats, but not of godlike abilities. What the gods could do, is instead of using ritual Magic to do everything, they could connect themselves, using the ley lines as power, to certain aspects of the environment or world. Like Mack would connect himself to the earth and the metals and the Jewels, so that he could craft amazing things. They would gain incredible control over these things, and they could structure it in a way to make it easier. A metaphor for this one would be programming languages. Ritual Magic is like using Binary. It has a ton of versatility, but you can't do jack because it's so complicated. What the characters would do is create other programming languages for them to edit the world more easily. They would create html to make web pages. They would make it so they could instinctively create different forms of life, or create things. Another thing that could happen, was that in order to wage war against the other gods, one god could create Natural Magic, then create armies of people and say that the other gods are doomed to lose. Everyone's belief would force them to eventually lose without more natural magic. Finally, one thing that I kind of want to have is rings of power. Like the Fair Folk tried to trap the essence of a star in a ring, and make it that they could control it. Or something similar.
  14. worldbuilding

    Hey guys, so I was thinking about the origin of our world and its corresponding mythology, and trying to make one that would fit. So I turned to the best example of worldbuilding in a fantasy setting known to man: The Silmarillion and the Lord of the Rings. I looked through that and was inspired to suggest a few things. The first, is how the world was founded. The idea I have now, is that For some reason there were a bunch of people in the alleys, from all the guilds. This would maybe be a few people from present day alleyverse. They would be walking, and then the DA would have another random black hole, or dimensional collapse that would leave them stranded on a barren rocky planet with nothing but what they had on them. The planet would be the original version of jörð. All it would have would be Ritual Magic and the leylines/investiture crystals. Through one mean or another, our people would discover ritual magic, (probably via Maq, who can see the entirety of the spirit realm.) they would use this power to connect them to the planet and use the ley lines for sustenance, like the Dor, giving them immortality. They would proceed to basically reconstruct the world, as any path back to the alleyverse would be lost. They would become the original gods, the Valar of Tolkiens world (arda). They could build up the world to where it is now, essentially saying that they will stay out of it and let people live their lives as much as they can. If we want to iron this out, and pursue it further, I have thought about how we can do it using ritual magic and have the details, but If we want to start it as a parallel plot, I can also explain it in character. I figured that if I included all of the details it would bog down the post. Or, if you guys don't like the idea, we can not do it. Thoughts?
  15. Thorstein walked slowly through the fens, using his shepherds ax as a walking stick, flipping his coin to provide light. He heard sounds of conflict ahead, maybe this was the group. Peeking his head around the corner, he looked at the scene. As far as he could tell, there were some people attacking what looked like a giant shadow. Hmm. These people were definitely better fighters than he was, but he had Magic, how could he help? Shadows, naturally hated things of light, of beauty. It was in their nature ever since Melkor became Mor- wait, no he wasn't there anymore. Roshek. Thats where he was. Still though, it was a common theme that shadows hated light. So he should try to make some light. What did he have that could light up? He had his coin, but that depended on movement for light, so it wouldn't work well. None of his axe's lit up. He didn't have any weapons Desolar, so he couldn't use those. What could he use? All he had were a few toys like blocks and Marbles. Wait, Marbles. He started grinning as he reached into his bag, these Marbles lit up and stayed lit when they hit each other. He swung the bags around then turned and opened them up, throwing them into the room as he did so. He watched as its tentacles of darkness withdrew from the lit spheres. "Fyrir Ljoss." He said, then picked up his Ax and charged at the monster, hacking at the places that were still hanging on until everyone was safe.