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  1. 2 things that I wanted to comment on. 1. Does the first bullet for the first question in the current poll include to all of brandon's books that he's had a hand in writing? like things that he's not the main author in? 2. Another idea for the next era is instead of having a main plot we could have a lot of different side plots with one big final event leading up to the world being changed. I feel like this would allow people to only be involved in things that they feel like they would want to, instead of a big main plot that you might not want to participate in. If there is a main plot, a lot of people can feel pressure to include their characters even if they don't want to participate, but if instead we let there be a bunch of smaller plots then people would be able to pick and choose where they wanted to involve themselves.
  2. The Lead mime mimed to his side mime to spike him. The side mime mimed and actually handed the lead mime a spike that grated the ability to blow a prodigious, but silent, raspberry. Which the lead mime proceeded to do. At Silence.
  3. No one was quite sure what nodded. But they could all agree that something was nodding in satisfaction.
  4. Except he didn't quite realize that this wasn't a war. The poor mime who spoke didn't have a chance.
  5. Suddenly all of the mimes in the room stopped what they were doing and stared at the heretical traitor. Then they started miming shouting savage war cries and mimed beating the offending mime up with large sticks.
  6. I think the big complaints are that its generally confusing that we have an RP centered around one authors works, that more or less all fit together, and then an entire other legendarium that while there are several equivalents, doesn't really make sense or fit with the rest of the universe. Also, no offense to those who like it intended, but the fact that there is a very small minority of the RP that uses it, and that the only reasons for keeping it around are that its been around for a while and that this small minority enjoys RPing with it, are making people question why it's currently in the RP.
  7. Depending on the implications of their interactions, Most likely they would be rated as two separate characters, so long as it was a day by day thing and not a, as soon as scholar malu gets in a fight then fighting malu comes out sort of situation. Does that make sense?
  8. Mac walked back in, surveying the longest thread after having been gone for ages. He wasn’t pleased. “Is... is that a plot?!!! I need to act quickly.” Quickly he turned the plot into a small ugly hairless football sized creature (it was the closest visual representation of plots true nature he could manage). Then he grabbed the plot and drop kicked it far into the future. So that no one would have to deal with it for years. Looking around, his business concluded, he nodded to the other Narrators then walked back to the alleyverse, wishing that he could drop kick their plot as well.
  9. What if my problem is that all of my friends and family are being killed by ghostbloods?
  10. Oops, sorry I didn’t understand the quotes. People get misunderstood through writing all the time. My bad.
  11. I object to this. The DA are clearly the friends of the people. In any alleyway in the city you can stroll right in and leave with magic powers. TUBA doesn’t do that. DA disclaimer applies.
  12. main plot

  13. Yes! Uncle brandy is in this!
  14. I dont think we would add anything new. If anything we would look at what’s already in the index and try to figure out what people want to use and what people don’t, so we can focus on balancing the index with regards to the things that people want, as opposed to those that people don’t want.
  15. As of right now, we are discussing what we will try to do regarding the Era change. One of the ideas was putting it to a big poll to see what books and series we should allow magic from. Because people have had a variety of opinions on what should be included, and the people who have been in this RP has changed a lot since we first included many of the elements in it. Even if poltergeists are allowed, unless they are a complete non combatant they would have a tough time being approved. In addition using their unique abilities to overcome obstacles in a plot would be heavily discouraged.