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  1. Mac walked out of the alleyway next to the tavern, dressed in his usual suit and bowler hat. Yep, this appears to be the place. Hopefully I didn’t risk assassination for nothing. He pushed in the door and walked in, looking around for Laurelai. He spotted her and walked over to the bar, keeping an eye on the other patrons. “Now what do we have here?” He asked quietly. @Voidus @ZincAboutIt
  2. I will.
  3. Hi @WeebTrash at a glance the power of the character looks fine, but I will need to see a lot more detail before it can be approved. In the first and second post of this thread we have a series of guidelines and things that will really help flesh out the character and give the rest of us an idea about who this character is.
  4. Yes, assuming his weakness cancels out the excess investiture points.
  5. No, he doesn’t have to spend those points. He is 20 points over on general points, and he has 20 surplus skill points. His weakness will need to cancel out the investiture points, but he doesn’t need to spend the left over skill points.
  6. Actually voidus was the one who wrote the portion about the skills vs power points. But I was there when they wrote it up. The idea is that you have 100 general points. You can spend these on magic or equipment or skills. Then you have 50 skill points. These can only be used for skills. Not power or equipment.
  7. Yay! Welcome to the dark side! We have cookies. If you don’t mind me asking, what did you think the issue was before? I also would prefer to create plots that don’t have as many opportunities for character transition. It can be difficult to assure that that sort of thing happens all the time though. I think that limiting the possibility for universe transition will allow all plots to benefit from that without forcing them to not have those kind of moments. Am I making sense? EDIT: I mean sure we can. The DA has plans for massive benalloy time warping breeding programs. The alleys also don’t need to keep temporal unity, so once the initial seeds for the programs were collected the DA wouldn’t necessarily be maintaining a massive presence in those societies, unless they were strong enough to pose a threat.
  8. You don’t actually need 50 points of skill. 50 points is just the max. @Invocation I’m going to hold off on ranking this character for another day or two, sorry. The radiant portion of the index will be Redone tmrw, and 4th oath radiants will be a lot more points. I don’t want to rate this character to have to re-do it tmrw.
  9. I don’t think it would be a weakness. There are four aspects to being a drab: easily sick more dull not detectable by lifesense has no lifesense (can’t tell when people are watching them). No one gets sick in the RP, and being more dull as a person isn’t exactly something that would be worth anything in terms of point values. If I saw that on a weakness sheet I wouldn’t subtract anything for it. I would say the last two cancel each other out. Being undetectable by lifesense means that people can’t detent when you are there, this can also apply a little bit to non nalthisian’s, even though they don’t have breaths. This is canceled out in my opinion by not having a lifesense. Can’t tell when people are around you instinctively, can’t tell when people are watching you.
  10. You thought you could trick me. BUT YOU CANT! You never said that the letter needed to be the beginning of the word. Clearly you have changed him from nigh omnipotent to just Omnipotent.
  11. I am sorry itiah. Its too op. None clearly stands for Nigh Omnipotent. Clearly OP.
  12. Sorry, it posted that twice. It’s fixed now. 1. I don’t actually think of that like that. The guilds are a part of the entire setting. I wouldn’t say that this is alleyverse stuff influencing that the other stuff. I would say that they are shared elements of the entire backstory. For alleyverse stuff to influence the other universes it would need to be something like laws from the alleycity government applying there, or stuff from the other side of the world coming over, or specific pieces of alleyverse history impacting general history on that side (like the 7 day war decimating their economy). The guilds having a presence there is like all magic in the cosmere coming from investiture. 2. I understand, I was just trying to clear that up. 3. I want to keep characters separate, plots separate, and enough world building separate that you don’t have to read anything about the different universes to understand what’s going on in a specific universe. Ideally everything would be separate (to reduce complexity), but there would need to be some form of exchange because there will be some opportunity for characters to move to the new worlds, at least initially. The general public would probably be aware of the multiverses. 4-5. I was just pointing out that the type of story that it appears people want can’t be done on the other side of the world, which lends support to the multiverse idea. 6. My point in putting this there is that any sizable society that forms would be heavily influenced by the DA, which can be limiting on whatever stories you want to tell.
  13. Lol beantheboy I was editing my post with that when you replied As a mod, I can score weaknesses. @Marzipan I need to ask you a quick question about her claustrophobia. How severe is it? When will it be triggered and what effect will it have on her the more severe the more points it will take off. Also, I would encourage tying in the weakness to her back story. We know that all radiant are broken to some degree, and adding in that brokenness can really help flesh out a character. That isn’t required though. @Darth Woodrack do not advertise guilds in this thread.
  14. Yeah we noticed this actually. I did a revision of parts of the index before I was a mod and showed them to the mods, but we never got around to adding them to the index. I will say that I completely reworked the radiant section, but I decided to keep all the different orders at the same value. The idea is that while the index is combat slanted, it needs to take into account general usefulness. And all of the orders have similar usefulness imo I forget my edits to the half shards and stuff, but I did do heavy revision. Also the hemalurgic spikes are completely redone, essentially they act as if you had been given the ability normally with a few point deductions. I also reworked the nalthis section, because the way it’s laid out is kind of weird. I will post my edits here in a day or two, I don’t have access to me PC right now so I can’t acces it.