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  1. Fair warning, if you left the DA and you still know how to alleytravel, Cam from HR will see you as in possession of illegal information and will do his best to make you wish you were dead. Mainly through hours of filling out forms and seminars.
  2. Ok, so what about non life and death situation? Does his lack of ability to judge consequences extend to that? what are some examples of it? Like is he unable to understand that standing on a see saw will make the other side go up?
  3. We do have dragons in the alleyverse but he was from a previous era where characters were more powerful and we didn’t have the point system. He also wasn’t able to transform into a dragon due to an injury. I will talk with the other AV mods about how much we should rank being a dragon, mainly because the information we have on them is very vague. I would suggest adding more serious weaknesses and explaining his current one a little better. Like is he just unaware of his mortality without his aviar? Or unable to judge consequences? How would losing his aviar result in his death?
  4. Sorry zinc, but I can’t stop seeing Elsa and Anna.
  5. main plot

    Mac spoke up “The DA can shut down the vortex and study it to see what it’s purpose was. If we discover what the vortex can do we will be able to better predict what plasmacore was intending to do. Also, if anything goes wrong, DA scientists are most likely going to be able to handle it due to our enhanced durability We will look into using the alleys as a method for evacuations as well, though it may take some time for the alleys to be set up in a safe way.”
  6. main plot

    Mac leaned forward in his seat. Trying to figure out a way to avoid starting a guild war. Then, standing up, he looked at lusk and started speaking. “Lusk, unlike my colleges I do think that cleaning up the city is a worthy goal, and I know that personally, when the situation is stable, I would be willing to assist in that, however I think that your assessment of the situation is rather poor. And a decision to clean up the city rather premature.” He paused briefly to remember the last few days. “Your plan seems to rely on plasmacore being destroyed, but I haven’t seen anything to support that. First off, they appear to already have vast amounts of resources. When they asked the guilds to fund them two days ago, it was likely a ruse because clearly they already has started building this vortex and laid out their plan thus far. Second, from their letters they appear to be a large inter universal force, even though they appear to have abandoned their building they most likely have sent information on how to build the vortex to another base. Possibly in the alleyverse. Finally, their upper command structure appears to be alive, you have given me no indication that you have found lord Ajax or anyone other higher ups in the organization, so unless you are intending to try and clean up the city mid crisis so that it can be destroyed again I would suggest focusing your efforts on stoping those with the potential to destroy the city before attempting to clean it.”
  7. main plot

    Mac breathed a sigh of relief as the Void nearly immediately was dispersed. He stopped the bendalloy immediately. Only a little over two seconds had passed, good. With that potential mass destruction averted Mac began to listen to the presentation again. The letters were interesting, but the actual information they contained wasn't very much. Combined with their current knowledge about the initial burst that caused Voidus to pay attention, he could see why it's purpose would corrupt that of the void. Still, they would need to perform some measurements to be sure about what its purpose and goal was, and maybe through that they would be able to see what plasmacore's goal was.
  8. main plot

    Mac felt Voidus' attention focus on something, then watched as the area near him grew darker as Voidus drew closer to the void. Mac glanced around to see what he was looking at, and saw Laurelai. Aww storming heck. Seriously? He was almost as bad as some new recruits. If he Voidmade in here He was going to not only cause a guild war and permanently scar his daughter as well, but also bring HR down their backs for sharing protected secrets. He needed to stop him. Unfortunately. Quickly Mac ran through his options. He needed something subtle and humane. That ruled out contingency [REDACTED] and summoning HR. Storm it, those were his best options. He needed to see if anyone else had noticed. He quickly scanned the room and it didn't seem like anyone was focusing on him or his question yet, wait, Lita had noticed what was going on. Storms, this couldn't be contained. Regardless this might be his only chance, he would have to cut his losses. Maybe bendalloy. That could work. He had that on him right? Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out two vials, careful to hide them from anyone watching. He quickly, but carefully pressed an A-Bendalloy spike into his thigh, and then whispered quietly enough that no one would hear except for Lita: "Everything's fine, nothing is happening." With that he downed the second vial and started burning bendalloy. Counting the seconds in his head he quickly said "Voidus, don't. You will damage her if you try anything." 2 seconds had passed, barely a fourth of a second had passed outside. @Voidus
  9. OK thanks. Give him a few days to find a loophole and he will find a way. HR IS INEVITABLE.
  10. main plot

    Mac glanced at the Holograph, questions flying throughout his mind, but first and foremost, he needed to know the layout of the building. Coughing gently, he asked "Lusk, do you know where this was in the building? What kind of measuring equipment was around it, and any computer systems or papers about it?" While he was sure that this was the thing that had alerted Voidus during their training meeting, it was possible that it was different. At the very least studying it could provide important information about plasmacore's goals. @I think I am here.
  11. I was trying to find the last time they were approved to see what voidus had ranked their epic power as, but I can't find it. I will need @Voidus to weigh in. Being a returned would add 55 points to whatever score he had before. Also, I'm going to retire Mack, and replace him with Cam from HR, @Voidus can you give me a ranking on him?
  12. It’s ok lol, Mac is just very touchy about this subject because Cam from HR with a mustache looks exactly like him. Its gotten him in a quite a few sticky situations.