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  1. Yeah these scenes are so epic and two of my favorites. Another moment is when Kaladin and Shallan are lost and they bump with a giant crab (I don't remember the name ). Stormlight is totally epic!
  2. I think that Kaladin's couple will be a character that will appear in the next books... I don't see Kaladin/Shallan and I don't believe Sanderson made a relationship Kaladin/Jasnah, but how know. On the other hand it seems clear that the relationship between Dalinar and Navani will advance, although it can arise any problem that does it more interesting .
  3. Hello, Sanderson fans!! After reading and rereading all books about the Cosmere I canĀ“t hope for the next. So, I've decide read theories and meet other fans! ... I don't know what else to say, so see you in the posts