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  1. Why is odium so salty? his God metal is sodium
  2. Why does Syl always leave Kaladin? her name is an acronym for See you later
  3. Sounds plausible and there is nothing to disprove it that I know of but is it even possible for shard blades to get covered in crem the way other substances are considering they can cut through anything.
  4. I think gas just called kaladin lordling because he was acting arrogant for his station as a bridge man. It's been a few months though so I'm unsure
  5. Just wanted to restart this Indium- Allomantic power is the ability to generate radiation. The feruchemical ability is to store light so while storing its as if you and the surrounding area would look like vantablack and when tapping you would look like a lamp or become as bright as the sun itself Lead- Allomantic use is that while you are burning it you can actively change features of your body like lengthen the length and density of your nails or just change general facial features for disguise. A more extreme example would be rearranging organs. It burns incredibly quickly that is about 3 times faster then atium. Feruchemicaly it allows you to store mental and physical sturdyness. While storing you can be easily insulted and are very weak willed kinda like electrum while you are also weaker in combat because you can just be pushed over and you'll give up while tapping it is somewhat like allomantic pewter but without the enhanced strength and it increases your mental fortitude like the Similar to the Kandra zinc blessing. I feel really unoriginal but this is the best I can come up with for new metals Tungsten- Allomantic Tungsten gives the user the ability to manipulate gravity in a bubble around them. They are able to increase the force of gravity multiple times to crush the life out of opponents but they themselves cannot be affected by their ability. The Feruchemical ability of Tungsten is the ability to store reaction speed so that while storing you will act like slowpoke always laughing to jokes late and being delayed in ending your storage of reaction speed. While tapping you can perceive the world around you incredibly well and to get some clutch dodges in. Stellite- The Allomantic ability of Stellite is to lessen the force of gravity in a room and this time the Stellite misting can be effected by it if they want allowing for pseudo flight superior to steel pushes and iron pulls but if combined would allow for effortless flight. The Feruchemical ability of Stellite is the ability to store foresight. While storing they have incredibly bad judgement have no idea what could happen in a given situation. They won't realise that what they do will have consequences so they might throw a rock at someone's head and wonder why they are mad. While tapping they gain insight into the spiritual realm so they gain a ability very similar to atium. At its max potential however it can look 10 seconds into the future but most tap enough for a constant tap of 2 seconds. The gravity bubble works different from the external time duo as the bubble moves with you instead of being stationary. Titanium Mistings are known as, who would've guessed? Titans. When burning Titanium they give off a incredibly powerful aura that strikes fear into the hearts of all those effected by it no matter what. It is on the level of TLR's soothing but the Titans are unable to use it very efficiently and it doesn't allow for the control of hemalurgic creations. Titanium Ferrings are known as Fearshapers. They automatically store while sleeping so that they store nightmares. When tapping those they target are subjected to the Illusion of what ever the Fearshaper stored however they will have the overwhelming sense that the Illusion is real and no matter what they cannot believe it is fake. Palladium Mistings are know as Paladins (creative I know). Instead of inspiring great fear when burning Palladium, Paladins make people around them feel great bravery and courage. This boosts the morale of men in battle and makes them fearless. This boost to their systems makes them fight like a pewter arm just with out the tougher body. The range of a Paladins influence is much farther then a Titans but unlike Titans the more people they effect the weaker their ability becomes. A Palladium Ferring is known Miraclegiver. While storing they become incredibly sick, weak, slow minded, unlucky, hungry, and get anemia. While tapping however they can either give the large amount of abilities they stored to another person or they can give it to themselves in one burst stead of over time. These abilities make Palladium twin borns highly sought after generals as their troops are highly efficient. Pewtium- While burning Pewtium the misting is capable of strengthening the weapon they are wielding so that even a fragile piece of glass becomes incredibly hard the break and it also makes a metal weapon incredibly hard to effect with allomancy. So you have a sword that is damnation near indestructible (includes being hit by a shardblade) and is impossible to effect with allomancy. On Scaadrial it would be considered one of the weaker allomantic abilities but on planets like Roshar it would be a incredible weapon against shardbearers because it could destroy plate in an instant and could block shardblade attacks. Tintium- While burning Tintium the misting is capable of removing the conciseness from the apponents body at a touch so that they have an out of body experience for a few seconds. This gives the Tintium misting plenty of time to kill their apponent. Nicrotium- Nicrotium Mistings have the ability to funnel investiture into an object. In something like metal it is able to use the investiture to enhance itself so you have an effect similar to Pewtium. However skilled users of Nicrotium are able to fling the investiture outwards like an energy attack or can draw it back into themselves to enhance their body like normal pewter. Most opt for a mix of the two which leads to Nicrotium being considered apart of the god metal teer along with pure lerasium atium and harmonium. These were my ideas from that thread.
  6. Just wondering that if you started to pump a whole lot of determination into your metal mind, could you reach a point where you lacked the determination to store determination?
  7. Terris genes so I'm a iron ferring. Iron lerasium alloy. Iron sword with a whole lot of investiture inside it that is keyed to me.
  8. Just wondering since it would probably have made him at least twice as powerful as he was with just his splinter powers that he gave himself.
  9. Notice how the line connecting breeze and wax is dotted? That means that a unspecified lumber of generations separates the two
  10. Bondsmith. God spren here I come
  11. Good to know
  12. I'm pretty sure that stormight 1-5 takes place during era 2. So no odium is still trapped in the greater rosharan system.
  13. Well hemalurgy can be used everywhere in the cosmere and can steal numerous abilities from different magic systems so I think it can be somewhat safe to say that other magic systems would work semi similar. also I'm probably wrong because I am always wrong.
  14. Duralumin with emotional allomancy so you can make the radiant feel extremely suicidal? Shard blade seppuku anyone? EDIT: ah didn't realize that. I would think that if the mistborn were powerful enough that even with duralumin and a whole lot of zinc or crass that they could pull it off. Unless shardplage does just make them completely immune.
  15. Twin born iron compounder ftw