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  1. So Rhythm of War gave us quite a few interesting tidbits about Mistspren. I'll start with the most startling observation: at the end of the book there are only 4 known bonds, and 2 of these have chosen to be corrupted by Sja-Anat. Considering that only a handful of higher spren have chosen this, it's rather interesting that the only 2 confirmed ones are Mistspren. But after consideration, I realized that it actually makes sense that if any type spren would volunteer, it's them. First, look at the humans the uncorrupted ones bonded or, in Ym's case, wanted to bond: misfits who try to help those even less fortunate than them, and have accepted 2 things: 1) no one is going to praise them for their work, 2) an imperfect world requires imperfect solutions. Hence why Ym tries to find the best type of shoes for the orphans he has in stock and why the Stump is willing to engage in money laundering. Secondly, the ancient Truthwatchers were 'scientists, scholars, and tinkers', and 'concerned with abuse of power, as well as finding out the truth'. Thirdly, the ancient Truthwatchers were involved in the binding of Ba-Ado-Mishram, and they may thus be aware of the links Kelek mentions between the Unmade, spren, and all of Roshar. Some residue of this knowledge may still be known among their (surviving) spren. Fourthly, according to Kelek several spren were considering joining Odium's forces. And fifthly: the 2 corrupted Mistspren have chosen candidates with the same criteria as the uncorrupted ones. Now imagine a type of spren which is inquisitive, interested in esoteric truths, and willing to use unorthodox methods. Wouldn't this type of spren be interested in exploring the phenonom of Sja-Anat's corruption as an alternative means to end the conflict? So my theory is that the Mistspren (or else: a group of them) deliberately agreed to let Sja-Anat corrupt a handful of them in order to study the effects of this corruption on them and on the Radiant bond.
  2. So yeah: I think it's pretty clear that this letter exchange is what lead Harmony to grooming Wax to become his sword.
  3. I too believe the present Thaidakar is Kelsier. And with regards the whole 'but the GBs are so evil' dilemma... I refer to Hoid's comment to Dalinar: Hoid, the familiar outsider, recognizes that Dalinar is an enlightened despot, but he is still a despot. To true outsiders like Kelsier, Roshar is a place where humanity has enslaved not only themselves but also the native sapient species, and where the dominant culture is very violent. In the past, there were true heroes but the Heralds abandoned one of their own, and the Radiants betrayed their allied spren. Quite frankly, Kelsier may see presentday Roshar as being little better than the Final Empire. We, the readers, have gotten to understand the Kholin family by reading their points of view. So we know these are good people. But the present Kholins are not traditionally good Alethi. And we literally had Kelek's pov when he chose to abandon Taln... more importantly, we know of Taln's gratitude that the other Heralds let him carry the burden on his own. To us, these are good, if flawed, people fighting to defend their homeplanet from evil. Much like Kelsier himself in Final Empire. And what was the first thing Kelsier learned after Final Empire? That there was much more going on in the Cosmere than he knew. That the Final Empire itself was the result of games among the Shards. So him no longer caring about the Shards and the games they play on a single planet? Especially one where he has no reason to like the native population? Makes sense.
  4. I just want to say: I absolutely love what you guys have written here. Before, I was absolutely horrified at the thought of Lift as Cultivation (and she's my favourite character), but this made me realize that she would remain Lift. And Lift... she cares, she listens and she understands. Combining that with the power of Cultivation would actually make a pretty good match. Completely different from Cultivation as she is now, but if there is a greater Cosmere-wide plan.. that'd actually make sense. Now I'm wondering if Cultivation will contact the Ghostbloods in order to make that happen.
  5. You are completely right. Urithiru is the Sibling's 'body', as is quite humorously made clear in the following quote:
  6. Given the fact that a lot of Reachers had disappeared from Shadesmar at the start of part II, I think we can conclude that the 'hundreds' of Spren that accompanied Venli were indeed Lightspren, looking to bond the ultimate freedom seeking people: the Listeners. However, given what happened both in the Tower and in Shadesmar during RoW, I wouldn't be surprised if a few other types of Spren would become curious about these people and seek them out as well. I personally hope that Kaladin will persuade a few Honorspren to seek out Leshwi and her handful of supporters in order to see if they could become Windrunners after all.
  7. "Nazh is a lanky man with a narrow, pinched face, blonde hair and blue eyes." ( So it does not appear that Sixteen is Nazsh. But thanks for making me check his decription because we do know Nazh is actually around on Roshar during this time (diving up Shallan's art, copying Bridge Four's tattoos, and studying under Navani's cartagropher), so this was a possibility. The description doesn't match Demoux either, right?
  8. Wasn't that letter meant for Frost, the writer of the firt letter in way of kings?
  9. Isn't there a WoB that Shallan was (except for Jashnah) the most advanced in her oaths after WoR? So I like your idea of Radiant having her Shardplate because Shallan doens;t feel she's able to wear it herself yet.
  10. No overt level of compasion? Seriously? Dalinar and Kaladin are also natural leaders, but they do not go out of their way to comfort the widowed and orphaned spouses and children of their fallen men, as we see Adolin do. Nor would they, in the middle of a climatic battle, forget all about it and just comfort a grieving mother, like Adolin does in Oathbringer. Honestly, to say that Adolin isn't Edgedancer material is an insult to both to him and the order.
  11. Most likely they feel it to be more correct since humans were revealed to have been the original voidbringers.
  12. Call me crazy, but is it possible that they made a mistake on this blurb? Because 'the one that is tree''s mission sounds like Navani's mssion, and 'the mother of machines' sounds like Shallan's mission.
  13. Your words, @Nathrangking, are similar to what many people are saying about Kaladin's fourth oath: that he has to accept that he cannot help everyone and that everyone has the right to make their own decisions. And if you did something that influenced their decisions, you simply have to accept this. What if this is in fact an aspect of all the higher oaths for the Knights Radiants? That with all their power and abilities, they cannot rescue everyone. With great power comes great responsibility, and they have to carry this burden. The Way of Kings Prime has a wonderful quote about this: In a way, Shallan and Kaladin are in a similar situation. Both left their families years ago and are now powerful persons in their own right. In this book, their families are nearby. But these are dangerous times and their responsibilities have grown. They cannot drop everything to save their loved ones in case of attack. I doubt I'm the only reader who fears their families will be in mortal danger in this book and Kaladin and Shallan will be faced with having to choose between saving them or fighting 'the greater fight'. The Sleepless refer to Shallan as 'the Traitor', and she may well be one: will she betray her brothers or will she betray Roshar?
  14. Nice theory! I actually also got the impression while reading this chapter that Urithuru was a prison.... but for the Bondsmith bonded to the Sibling. We know that Bondsmith never left Urithuru and the pillars of the Nine.... it just felt too familiar.... But I would not at all be surprised if an activated Urithuru could do things to the Fused, much like it did to the Singers.
  15. Not necessarily. In book 2, it is mentioned that Adolin is rare for not having named his sword. The reason (which he keeps to himself) is that he feels he should not give a name to something that already had one. But Kaladin didn't know this, or him, very well at the time... so him now referring to his sword as Maya will likely only be noticed by someone who knew him well enough beforehand to notice this.
  16. This is something I've been predicting for years, so I'm so happy to see that someone else agrees.:) So yeah: my theory is like yours. In the prologue of book 5 we see Gavilar trying to breath new life into the Oathpact by replacing the broken Heralds with himself (and some other worthy individuals). Throughout books 4 and 5 more Heralds will die. And at the end of book 5 some of our heroes realize that they need to become Heralds in order re-establish the Oathpact and buy Roshar more time. This will likely include all the surviving main characters from the first 5 books (Kaladin, Shallan, Dalinar, Venli, and Szeth). At least two Parshendi will take place as well since by the end of book 5 the Parsh will have realized that Odium is the true enemy and Parsh and humans need to work together. And another crazy theory on top of this: the new Heralds actually want to go to Braize in order to talk some sense into those Fused that are still sane, and figure out how to get rid of Odium without destroying the entire stars system.
  17. I think you are right, GudThymes. He wants to become immortal. And who says he needs to become Honor to do that? Becoming a Herald might be a means to do so as well. Sure, they have this 'tortured for milennia' thing which does not sound very appealing... but the original Heralds managed to avoid breaking for centuries at first and were capable of thoroughly defeating the Fused. In their present condition well... clearly they're no longer fit for the task. Imagine how Gavinar is... he knows another Desolation is coming and he's in contact with Kalak ('I want out') and Nale ("I want to prevent another Desolation at all costs'. The original Heralds were all extraordinary people, much as he views himself. So why not take up their mantle*, become immortal, lead all of humanity in another Desolation to victory, and become their God? And even if somehow this isn't the final Desolation and the Heralds have to go back to Braize afterwards ... well... he knows not all Heralds need to go to Braize in order to stave off the Fused. So he can stay on Roshar and use the time bought by his fellow Heralds* that time to lead and prepare Roshar for the next Desolation. (* Obviously he'd want some other extraordinary persons to take up the mantle of Herals as well.)
  18. I'm not so sure this one is true. A number of Kaladin's new squires are people whom he didn't know very well (Lyn) or even like (Colot). So while it is possible that they might have admired Kaladin from afar, it's unlikely they felt a strong bond with him. However, I'll grant that he is an inspiring guy and that might he have drawn potential squires who were inspired by him. In the same way, Shallan may well have inspired Vatah and Elhokar... both were men who felt like they were living a lie... and she showed them that doesn't mean you can't be a hero. So ultimately, I agree with Aemetha.
  19. I attended a signing yesterday and Brandon confirmed the next book’s flashback character would be Eshonai. In fact, he specifically referred to having earlier stated about writing a book whose flashback character was already dead... How it is going to work... I believe the end of Venli’s story provides a major clue. She is going to tell the former Parshmen about the Listeners. But her own life story is far from inspirational. But who was a major role model for the Listeners? Someone who enjoyed a life of exploration but who nevertheless accepted the burden of leadership and respected the History of the elders. Eshonai’s life story imho would be a fitting way to introduce Parshman to the Listeners and inspirere them ( and Venli herself) to break away from Odium before it is too late (like it was for her).
  20. There's another quote in OB that suggests this as well... when Dalinar and the Stormfather are talking about Cultivation "... normally she hides. Cowardice" "Perhaps wisdom", Dalinar said. Could this be an in-joke by Sanderson by having smart tactican Dalinar refer to a Shard in hiding as Wisdom? Or is this a red herring?
  21. Yes, Adolin is definitely Edgedancer material. Apart from this finale... haven't you noticed that both Adolin and Lift have the exact same effect on people? Yes, they're awesome (in very different ways) but people keep reflecting on them being weird and dismissing them as (in Nale's words) "... always so concerned with small-minded things... ". The funny thing is, that very small-mindedness may be just why a cultivationspren could be resurrected.
  22. I just reread the chapter 'Strength ' and it struck me.... wouldn't Navani be the perfect person to bond the Sibling? She literally thinks "She had no problem being a wife and mother to monarchs, but to be one herself -- storms, what a dark path that would lead them all down." She is also the one who's very interested in Fabrials, we get a reminder how she's dealing with getting Urithiru to work on a day to daily basis... And if the hints we get about the Sibling are true, its Bondsmith is bound to the Tower. With other fabrials... the spren is always the one bound, but with the Sibling... the human is bound to one place as well. And who knows what being bound to the Sibling and running the city might do to one's psyche, or physique (I'm getting Babylon 5 Machine flashbacks now). Whomever bonds the Sibling would thus have to be someone who is willing to make this sacrifice but also capable of understanding what it takes to run a city-state. And this chapter... imho it does suggest Navani could do this.
  23. Thank you for finding that reference, the one who connects. I also recall a theory that this implied that Shalash was turning into a Dustbringer. And I can totally see our crazy art destroying Herald coming to the ancient city in order to wreak havoc...
  24. Wouldn't this description apply more to Laral? And as for the 'other thing he needs to know'... how about the fact that Laral's engagement was not to Roshone (which they all believed back when Kaladin left) but instead was to the other Brightlord present at the time... Amaram. And she is here... maybe with her husband the Shardbearer who helped defend against the Voidbringers. But regardless... Laral being the person both Syl and Hesina refer to makes a lot more sense than a toddler sister/apprentice Kaladin never knew.
  25. To be fair, my first thoughts upon reading the prologue were exactly like yours and I was stunned to read that everyone else assumed it was Mr. T. So glad to read I wasn't the only one.:)