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  1. @Child of Hodor do you believe that this personal goal of Rayse's can continue on then supposing he is not thwarted by external forces? I think that although it is a personal interpretation it is still fueled by the shardic intent, be that passion to see goal fulfilled or a transference of his ambition to kill the other shards into a hatred for those shards that allows him to continue in his fight. OR is it possible that Rayse's passion/hatred for the peoples and fellow shards on Roshar has something to do with him beinf stuck there (although he does seem to want to leave). Interesting point on the seeming autonomy of Rayse from the pure shardic intent of Odium. Despite all this I have to agree with @Chaos and go #teamOdium simply because the WoB supports that the shard that Rayse is a vessel for has always been Odium since the beginning... seems pretty definite.
  2. The salt is strong! @Argent
  3. Yes! Another podcast to fuel me with enough stormlight to get me through the week! I felt very strongly about you ending the podcast so abruptly last episode @Chaos The shock nearly caused me to lose my divine breath, and it wasn't easy to get in the first place, not originally being from Nalthis and with Endowment and I barely on writing terms. Still I hope to find myself suitably invested as I absorb all that you and your friends at the 17th shard have to offer.
  4. Yay @FeatherWriter you are the best! (but don't tell the other 17th sharders!) I listen to about 3-4 of your guy's podcasts a day at work so naturally I've run out of most of the main podcast material. Thanks for all your book reading reactions!
  5. Awesome! I have predicted the future... Odium Reigns! *Don't slay me Jasnah*
  6. @Chaos @thegatorgirl00 @WeiryWriter @Argent as always, I love your discussions and theories,be they crack or otherwise. I was just wondering if you know from a WoB ot if you have speculated yourself about the possibility of someone taking up the power of a shard but having a separate intent after the vessel has long since died. I am specifically thinking of the possibility of Dalinar becoming a shard called Unity instead of taking up Honors splintered investiture and ascending to that shard and it's intent. If the shattering of Adonalsium created the possibility for 16 individuals to take up a seperate divine attribute,then could not the shattering of a single shard (Honor) also create the potential for subcategories of that divine attribute (unity, the part of an oath that binds one person/spren/etc. to another) Basically I am asking if you guys and if others here on the 17th shard think that either the intent of a splintered shard that is unified can change or whether that shard being splintered can create the potential for people to ascend to a different but related shard or perhaps demi-shard, which could be what is happening with Dalinar thus far. Thanks for consistently great content guys and gals!
  7. @Windrunner @WeiryWriter @Chaos and Kerry (sorry I don’t know your 17th shard tag) I was also wondering what you thought of in terms of something I heard about the unmade being Cultivations version of Honor’s ten heralds, but that 9 of them were coopted/ corrupted by Odium and only the 10th one remained Cultivations which could be the nightwatcher (note: I possibly heard this from you guys in an earlier podcast or possibly from cosmere comversations or elsewhere).This is an awesome idea to me but not sure if it holds water.
  8. Hey shardcast crew, your podcasts continually blow my mind and also allow me to gain some different perspective and insight on thoughts and theories I’ve had. In this episode you touched on the idea of a Shards intent, vs. Vessels interpretation of said intent and specifically @Chaos mentioned something I would agree with, in the idea that over time the actual intent of the shard would overrule the interpretation of the individual vessel that holds it. However, what do you all think of the idea that at the event of the shattering of Adonalsium, that it was actually the individual intents of each of the would-be vessels for killing Adonalsium that shaped the intents of the 16shards that Adonalsium shattered into. For clearer illustration: Rayse’s motivation for killing Adonalsium was born of a passionate hatred towards Adonalsium him/herself/itself, possibly a hatred for the way things were or for others in general (which seems likely given Cephandrius’ description of Rayse in the 1st letter) Ati’s motivation for killing adonalsium was born not out of hatred but perhaps of a conviction that all things must end, and specifically Ati was curious about what it would mean for “God” himself, to end. Tanavast believed that Adonalsium impeded the honor of men and was allowing dishonor to reign amongst his/her/its subjects. Tanavast felt, therefore, that to restore honor to mankind, Adonalsium would have to be destroyed and someone more honorable would be able to take his place. The vessel of cultivation wanted to cultivate a new world to grow something from the ashes of Adonalsium or along those lines. Bavadin wanted all people to be free and Autonomous (much like Paalm in SOS) And the vessel of Ambition just wanted to climb the ladder through Adonalsiums death... etc. (not sure how preservation, devotion and dominion fit yet) My reason for shards having slightly different intents then what there vessels may have wished for (if this theory had any truth to it) would be similar to the reason why nightbloods command/intent to “destroy evil” did not apperantly work out the way Vasher ans sashara intended. However, the main difference is that one intent is endowed to inanimate steal while the other would be impressed upon a large amount of raw investiture that has always had sentience and sapience byond any of the vessels themselves. I know there is a WoB thatan be found in the lovely Arcanum (thank you @WeiryWriter) that says that Adonalsium didn’t necessarily have to be shattered into 16 per se but that this was a function of how it was split (and presumably who split Adonalsium) and so this is what leaves me to believe that it was split based off of individual intent of each of the vessels that killed adonalsium. Would love to hear your thoughts on this. Appreciate all of you so much and i will continue to listen along to every podcast and have fun theorizing with you all!
  9. Exactly, I was actually quite disapointed with Taravangian's request from Odium. It is the least ambitious request I coule think of save for the requwst to save his own skin only. At first I thought King T was going to be able to have the capacity to save the world as he asked feom the night watcher, however, it is quite clear that his definition of "the world" has become a lot smaller, and it feels like such a dissapointment to me as I viewed King T as being somewhat in control... however, I just remembered that Odium came to King T during one of his dumber days and that Taravangian himself thinks something along the lines of: of course, Odium wouldn't come on King T's days of brilliance, where King T would have been much less pliable and in a position of power to bargain with Odium, rather than become subservient to him. Also thanks to the person who started this thread, I was wonderinf myself who the traitor was!
  10. Watch out for cookies to come, I took a cookie and it was laced with a hemalurgic spike. And now, although I have feruchemical healing from my golden cookie spike, I can't heal myself of this corrupted investiture. Oh Harmony! So choose your cookies carefully friend. Light eyes or no, the bakeries have no discrimination. Welcome to the cosmere fandom, officially, but realize that, although wonderful, it can be a rather dangerous place... tata for now, I have to go elsewhere to find something that will hear my oaths, maybe one day I shall be rid of this terrible spike!
  11. Hi. Millie!
  12. Thank you, I was told this IRL but I did not know that the Wax and Wayne novels were set after first 5 of SA and before Back 5 SA... if the faceless immortal is Odium's then I really do fear for the ending of Stormlight Archive after book 5. Odium goes all "Empire Strikes Back" and likely released, (perhaps forcing the worldhoppers to get into the game a bit more and stop being so storming mysterious and non-confrontational.
  13. Oh for sure, they are so similar and the characters are very similar but I think the main and important difference between these two magic systems is that where Shallan makes lies that can devieve others and even herself, there is no reality/experience tied to this. They are great works of creation but they are not like the re-writing of a persons soul or history like what Shai does eith soulstamping her own essence marks. But what if, as Shallan progresses through lightweaving AND, let's not forget, Soulcasting... what do you think that the result of this shall be? My guess is that as Shallan progresses through her oaths and becomes a full radiant saying all 5 of her truths... her lies will also become truth, and the histories she writes for herself (and possibly others) and there experiences will actually rewrite her soul (while infused with stormlight, to truly be that other person and have their experiences! This would give us something very like Shais Forging but powered by stormlight instead of soulstamps. Good questions my friend. I guess we will all just have to RAFO
  14. @Julio and @Ookla the oathgate If red signifies one shard corrupting or co-opting another shards power then my main theory now is that when Suit says that the Set has "faceless immortals" of their own, this simply means that the Set literally has faceless immortals, Kandra, of their own, but that these faceless immortals are corrupted or have been co-opted by Bavadin/Autonomy (or Rayse/Odium if mistbron era 2 takes place after SA and Odium was released from his prison on Roshar)
  15. @Ookla the Noble you have abandoned me to the darkness... my mind is taken... oh Harmony!