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  1. This was quite the game to play! I had a lot of fun playing this. I decided to start off as a run-of-the-mill agent of chaos, and I was surprised how much my random actions incited discussion and suspicion. However, my definite highlight of the game was teaming up with @Elbereth (who sends so many PMs!). Aman, I've got to say, you can put a spin on anything. Your gilded words never cease to amaze me. And thank you GMs for putting this together. Very fun.
  2. Unfortunately, I was roleblocked last night, and my Heiring action was blocked. So you aren’t my heir.
  3. Well, unless I want to die, Aman. Now, the Pain Knife hasn't gone anywhere, so with the votes tied like this it is likely I'm going to die. And if that happens, I would like everyone to kindly lynch Aman, who will have avoided the lynch twice that way. @Coda I'd like to know your reasoning behind your vote on me. You agree with Aman, but I personally doubt the soundness of Aman's conclusions. Right now, you stand between life and death (my life and death, that is). I'd very much prefer to live.
  4. Well, this is a conundrum. Aman has made me really think about his alignment. Storms, he's even made me really think about my alignment. Am I really a Rat? What am I doing on Roshar? These are the things that happen when stuff gets big-brained around here. Nevertheless, something must be done. Coda, this is not the time for tied votes. El is makes a good point about the Pain Knife. If you are going to tie the vote, you have to do it at the last second, like I did. I am going to stand with El here. Not only is she sticking up for me , she has made some good points. I'm less inclined to believe Aman's position, because most of it hinges on me being evil, and I know I'm not evil. So Aman.
  5. N1, I created a PM with Striker. I picked him solely because he was one of the few that seemed suspicious of me, and I wanted to follow up. He told me he wanted to form a plan, and wanted to get some more players in on it. The best way of that would have been for me to pass him the spanreed, but we ran out of time in the cycle (That’s why our PM is called Last Second, @Amanuensis). I wanted to hear what Striker has planned, but he kind of put it off and then became less active. I waited to hear what the plan was before I actually passed him the spanreed, but that didn’t happen. Though I had an individual PM with Striker, we never exchanged any role or item information other than that I have a spanreed. We didn’t even use it after the group PM was made.
  6. I have literally no solid suspicions. As things stand, Drake is lynched, that happens. However, if I were to place my vote on Sart, there is a chance that we figure out Sart's alignment and a chance we figure out Drake's alignment. I honestly don't have strict opinions on who it is, because honestly anyone could be an Elim. I have no idea.
  7. So the thing was I was planning to call Fura out for the voting shenanigans last cycle, but now he's dead, and I can't do that. However, someone that I'd like to hear from is @Rathmaskal, because he seems to have faded away. Do you happen to know anything about the attack on Sart? Also, @STINK, did something happen to your Spanreed or something?
  8. However, you phrased it like this: You voted on him to get a reaction. It seemed to me that you were more trying to incite discussion than actually express suspicion.
  9. True, true. Considering the options, Straw is my guess. Being inactive, there isn't much to be lost in ways of discussion, though I'd love to hear something from her. Going back to 2-3 Elims, I reckon two of them are actively participating in discussion. One is probably less-active or flying under the radar. Striker and Elbereth are meaningless votes. I'm not quite getting the push behind Sart. He was suggesting a course of action D1, hardly a vilifying action.
  10. Skitter, scamper; scritch, scratch. Peeking, hiding, watching, conniving. Squeak, Rat offered. The cremling gave no response. Aman's thing with Elandera's Pain Knife seems legit. I had totally forgotten about the other items (I should probably look over the rules again). 12 players of the original 15 are unknown, and there are 2-3 Elims out there. About a 25% chance to select an Elim randomly. I don't have any real suspicions other than Araris, because he's voting on me, so it would be as good as a guess to cast a vote right now. Straw and Xino have not said much at all. Perhaps they are lurking Elims? In general, there tends to be one inactive/less-active Elim, but that becomes more apparent in the late game. Who knows.
  11. @Furamirionind @Araris Valerian @StrikerEZ If anything, blame Siri. It did all the randomness. You can say what you want about how Apple is secretly a shadow cabal and all that, but I don't feel like getting out my calculator.
  12. Because votes are flying around like cremlings in a highstorm, I've decided to give my D1 vote as an offering to the RNGods. Using the numbering of the player list, I have randomly selected three numbers (15, 6, 9) then averaged them, which is 10. Which is STINK.
  13. *squeak* went Rat as it scurried through the corridors. So much to do, so much to see... why bother with normal hallways? At this, it slipped into a hole and disappeared. Whoa, lots of votes. I’m not sure what you all are getting at there, but have fun with it.
  14. Thoroughly legislated, Fifth. I shouldn't have any confusion over the rules, that is, if I ever get around to reading it all... And yes, I am signing up.
  15. Exciting game everyone! That switcharoo at the very end of the cycle, oh, that was exhilarating. Yes, I must say that I accept our new overlords, I mean, majority party. Thank you Elandera for the game, very fun.