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  1. I choose Syl but could've chosen Design, Pattern, Rua, Wyndle, Maya, and Phendorana. There all so funny and awesome. I wish Phendorana didn't die though.
  2. That would be interesting. I wonder how he would act to spren in Shadesmar.
  3. We'll get to see in his Novella.
  4. Okay that might've been a misunderstanding on my part. I get that especially with the potential educational opportunities it would've provided them but I guess he is stubborn and I see what you meant before.
  5. I can kinda get that, I might've gone to far with the comparison, but I do feel it would be wrong for Lirin to leave all those Refugees to suffer without proper care. I guess I just view Lirin's actions through a different lens. I think I might view him through Kaladin's idelistic version of his father than what might actually be happening. I do wonder if there's an emotional attachment to Hearthstone for Lirin or if just doesn't like new places as some reasons he doesn't move. I hope I don't come across as aggressive and if I'm approaching being disrespectful let me know.
  6. I disagree as someone who's grown up in a less than ideal place that causes my whole family besides my dad to be sick on a regular basis because my dad is a physician it makes total sense that Lirin wants to stay in Hearthstone. Physicians build relationships with the community they are serving and Lirin to leave his duty behind and go because of his family is selfish. It's like saying physicians shouldn't help us during the pandemic because they have a family and the consequences of it could harm their family, however if Lirin told his whole family to stay in place and not go unless he's going I could see you're point. It wasn't Lirin's fault that Kaladin stopped being a surgeon it was Kaladin's choice to go be with Tien to protect him. It was also the army's fault that Kaladin wasn't a medic. Also as many people have mentioned most of who Kaladin is is because of values Lirin instilled in him. I agree that Lirin is most defiantly a jerk, is way to stubborn and emotional dumb but I don't think he's the worst or a coward or a inherently selfish man.
  7. That's a hot take. I'd prefer Lirin over almost every cosmere dad. Yes he is bad at communication and was unnecessarly hard on Kal but Oh boy you'd take Straff over him? You'd take Dedalin over him? I think the visceral hate is because the things Lirin does poorly is more relatable to most of but he's not the worst dad in the Cosmere.
  8. Vote Moash for Villian of the year. He gets stuff done. You heard that right. That's all I could hear while reading this post. Great post. I still can't believe that the dude from the first book become so Hateable.
  9. I disagree he is a coward he stays firm in his beliefs and continues to heal people in occupations. He never runs away from his problems. Just because he's not a moral-relativist doesn't mean his point of view is wrong in general. He doesn't care what creed, class, race, or eye color he trys to heal. He's just not that emotionally smart and has trauma too. Yes Lirin could've totally handled his relationship with Kal a whole lot better. Yes he is somewhat of a jerk. Do I like him maybe, maybe not. I think at the very least he is well-written and I can relate to the dynamics between him and Kal. Can any of y'all believe we somehow predicted Lirin to die but not Teft?
  10. I loved Adolin and Shallan hugging and then Pattern hugging them and saying he likes to talk
  11. This reminded me of this worf gifIt basically fits the whole chapter when it comes to Kaladin.
  12. Thanks that makes sense and yes I'm kinda excited.
  13. What does Sylpel mean?
  14. "I'll protect every Gancho even the fools" I also hope we get it since Lopen basically wished into existence his bond unlike others.
  15. I mean there is a Mistborn roleplaying game which is really fun already. Stormlight is an interesting to think about how to adapt of mention this before but using warlock as a base to then build off of with Nahel bonds make sense.