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  1. Yup me too. I was legit confused when I first got on 17th with people saying he’d be a radiant though I might be misremembering that bit.
  2. Doesn't wyndle say something about how he heard stories of spren becoming bows. Its first few paragraphs of chapter 20 I have it in front of me I don't know if I'm interpreting that right.
  3. Maybe Azir though I can’t imagine how much paper work there would be going through customs. Maybe Thaylenah or Herdaz as well. I want some chouta from Herdaz.
  4. I mean and you could always multi class them with warlocks to summon weapons and stuff.
  5. I just turned 15. I started reading with the reckoners then my brother tried to read WoK out loud then gave up but a month or two later I started reading it and enjoy it very much this was about 2 1/2 years ago.
  6. I probable misread when she treated Kaladin badly but it always came off to me she was doing something that Roshone's son wanted her to.
  7. Hey I just came up with this jackpot theory what if Sigizl is going to be a Bondsmith. How he talked about Prostitution as imitating Oaths and how he wants to guide people. This is highly unlikely but still this could happen.
  8. I think there’s a WOB about this sayin in the battlefield Kaladin would win but Kelsir and Vin would win since they would just kill you in your sleep.
  9. I am mixed Chinese but I’m not Han Chinese my family tends to have darker skin and are short so I guess my family looks like reshi.
  10. sigizil

    Thank You for your thoughts. I was wondering because he only ever paid attention to the important people like when he was poking at Renarian and talking to Kaladin or Dalinar.
  11. sigizil

    I think pretty self explanatory what I’m wondering about. The reason I’m wondering this is because what did Hoid see in him?
  12. I choose other since skullduggery pleasant wasn't there. It's my favorite since it got me into fantasy.
  13. Just too point out something people have been know to battles with spearsvs guns case in point Zulu vs the British the British only one in the end because they had more people you can point me out on my history though but they one battles I just read the first page so for so sorry if I'm off topic
  14. No the 3 or 4 oath should be I will let the Skybreakers suspend my player
  15. The church thing can't remember name as a reflection of honor shattering.