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  1. Hay, I am late to the party but, here is my limited understanding of the subject: Feruchemy stores your attributes, Allomancy is not yours, you kinda borrow it from preservation. So if you are a twinborn A-pewter and F-gold and store health let say 9 out of your 10 health points, then you burn pewter, and get like 8 more, great, now you feel better, but I don't think that extra health is store able. Well that's how I see it anyway.
  2. All of the Cosmere stuff (I think) the first of the Reckoners book, the first Legion novella (the rest are on a waiting list).
  3. If you don't know who that is, here is his IMDB page: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0427964/ Recently I was watching Star Trek Discovery and Doug Jones plays a soft spoken, placid, lanky and very tall alien named Saru, and it just clicked: If they ever make that fabled Mistborn movie, he would be a near perfect Sazed, he has the right build, he is an actor, those are all of the requirements I think, he might even be overjoyed to hear that Sazed is not a super makeup heavy character.
  4. Ah so good, this is what death coming towards you look like!
  5. Really cool, I know that the uniform will be blue but the white looks good on him, very regal, reminds me of Elend Venture
  6. Another gem from the land of the ugly crab things! The "Gravity cat is not amused" meme is weirdly appropriate for Kaladin