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  1. I am traveling a lot currently, and as such, I am consuming books at an alarming rate, and now don't know what to read. Please suggest some books for me. Also consider I have already read: all Brandon, Licanius trilogy, Kingkiller Chronicles, Wheel of Time, GRRM, Tolkien,Farseer series, and more. Any help would be appreciated, bonus points for books with nice editions which will look good on my bookcase.
  2. I have a huge love for epic fantasy (loved Wheel of Time), so OB wins for me. However, I still love all of Mistborn, and, as above, I think I prefer SoS over BoM.
  3. We have also seen that with Kaladins scars, how you see yourself is important to how you physcially appear. So when the fused take over, they see themselves as how they always have been, and change the body accordingly. For the using abilities bit, I would guess they can't use them whilst dead, and they probably don't use them all the time when they are alive. So I say they have a much chance of being a savant as any other magic user.
  4. "'the most magically powerful number' like 7 is in harry potter" I think you meant to say 7 is the most magically powerful number like it is in The Tales of Alvin Maker
  5. For most books, I will read them first on kindle, as its just so much easier, and then if I like them, they are allowed to go on my bookshelf and make a fine addition to my collection. However, I have ended up with 3 different versions of Elantris on my bookshelf
  6. On the topics of Scadrians, it is confirmed that when a ferring stores weight, they are actually storing mass, and thanks to good old conservation of momentum, going fast through space is a possibility.
  7. Seeing as the UK edition of 10th anniversary has arrived, I am wondering if we will soon be expecting the leather bound? Hoping it arrives in time for christmas
  8. @Toaster Retribution It isn't in the original copies, but it can be found, I believe in the 10th aniversary and Leatherbound, after the deleted scenes I think.
  9. I like this theory, but what about shards? We know that ruin, a God and thus a LOT of investiture, could influence multiple ares of Scardrial at once, suggesting multiple trains of thought, which is pretty damnation smart. I think that the whole shard thing agrees with your overall theory, but less so with the human intelligence cap.
  10. You know when your a fan when you have Aon Sao tatooed on you
  11. I think people have been suggesting that whilst they could bw use'd as surrogates, the babies might inherit the Kandra's spiritual DNA, so that could make any baby a bit weird EDIT- didn't see the second page with the original reply, sorry if repetitive
  12. So if they get Kandra spuritual DNA... it might be one really messed up rabit?
  13. You might be missing something people, if the Kandra can copy DNA, who said that they have to make a human baby? That might take out the issue with spiritual DNA, unless preservation gave away some of himself to rabits.
  14. I'm hesitant to believe this as of the moment, but certaintly love the idea and work the amount of work gone into it
  15. In a turn of events I accidentally spend all night reading and finished it, and it is in fact explained. Treledees says that the God King cannot reproduce, but as the original king, who is the start of the original royal line could, there must be a way, but they are unsure of it. I think maybe I spend too much time on here reading theories...