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  1. I don't really know where to put this, its not a meme, but it's about me..me. but you're my community so I must share Anyway I present to you Mr and Mrs Extesian
  2. Kaladin danced with the wind.
  3. These are likely the references Jof is referring to. I don't know specific examples though.
  4. Love it. Would only be better if the rank was called "The Other One" And I guess given my rank, I can only ask of what service I may be, m'lord. ADMIRE MY PASSION
  5. I'll take a brief break from my painful series of cute-animals-as-shards in favor of a far more painful historically-based strained pun :-| I really should be banned from this thread
  6. A fine enough fellow – bought me drinks once
  7. Yeah I'll just keep going with these
  8. Um
  9. Ah that made me laugh @Jofwu. I hadn't realized that history. Though the error always bugged me because Paliah isn't symmetrical
  10. Ain't it cool. I'm confident Destiny is fortune and its a way more accurate word for what we know about it. I think abilities are stuff like memory and intelligence (from copper)? More 'core' than juggling or skill but less magical. And copper is interesting to me - with the questions we've had about compounding copper perhaps it does more feruchemically than just memory.
  11. Next in my ad hoc series of cute-animals-I-see-that-remind-me-of-a-Shard memes
  12. I dig it. Don't know enough to know if there are physics issues (especially whatever factor there is with compressing space and if that should be noticeable to an outside observer) but makes a lot of sense.
  13. He punched Leras in the Cognitive Realm and Ati in the Physical Realm. Interestingly he also punched Hoid, who's kinda shard-ish, as a physical person in the Cognitive Realm. Now he only needs to punch the rest. End of Era 4 "Rust and Ruin Kel, how did you manage to reunite the shards and become the God of Ages?" - Hoid "They tried to hold back these guns bruh, but I Connected". Adokelsium