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  1. ketek

    So I'll post my wedding invitation here coz it's the first real ketek I've ever done and I had to have SOME Brandon reference there, obviously...
  2. I couldn't disagree harder ever though I've never tried eggnog.
  3. I certainly knew nothing about these things until the community cracked the mystery of the shape of Roshar. Then that made me read about it still don't understand it but fractals sure are pretty. The Cosmere. Is there anything it can't teach us.
  4. The shape of the Rosharan continent is based on a slice of the Julia Set, a mathematical function. In this case a fractal. (Not that exact slice) My user pic is a different fractal, the Mandelbrot set. Stormlight spoilers for what is quantum mechanics based
  5. The confirmation is Brandon saying its in a continuity with one of his novels, and the use of Cytonic technology. We don't really need more confirmation than that but if official confirmation comes from Brandon I'll let you know.
  6. In that case I'll start with a spoiler that's only for the 17th chapter. The answer to which universe Skyward is set in. SPOILER for chapter 17
  7. A common view is that they're hemalurgic spikes, which 'excise' parts of the spirit web. But I'll leave the medallion experts to explain more, it's my weak area.
  8. I generally avoid this thread because it's less about realmatics than personalities, and because adolin is a nice guy who I don't find particularly interesting nor care much about, but that's a really boss post @Calderis . I'll have to think about whether i agree realmatically, but it's a cool way to look at it. I'm tentatively inclined to agree.
  9. It's a question that had bothered me as well until we got an answer last year Odd answer though.
  10. When, for the first time in your life, you're regularly voluntarily doing housework because it gives you the chance to catch up on Shardcast.
  11. You were, in the sense that it was one of the first things they considered therefore it was a good question. he just wisely built in that it doesn't happen, because Nightblood is already way too powerful to add automatic-universe-eating-black-hole generator to the list
  12. I'd like to think that as well. But he would not.
  13. Vashara Or George For sure one of the two
  14. Every Envisager.
  15. Interesting new WoB that leads to a micro-theory. So my theory is that they started as cognitive shadows of some sort, perhaps descendents of a CS that had children, or simply CS with a body (hence blood). I like the idea that it's of Threnodite origin, and the forces the IRE refer to. Curious to hear other ideas!