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  1. For anyone interested in exploring the question of the previous lands i did a thread a while back where i tracked every instance in the cosmere i could find of golden eyes or golden hair (at least one appears in white sand, elantris and nalthis iirc) Anyway whether you agree with the theory or not it has potentially useful references you can find https://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/60048-iriali-and-the-long-trail/?do=findComment&comment=580775
  2. Silver. It's role in the Cosmere is uncertain, being a metal (pushable and pullable), allomantically inert and effective at warding off shades on Threnody. Well we got a tasty new WoB today, on another thing people have speculated about, what the silver chain being sold in Shadesmar during Oathbringer was. So that's rad. A reminder of the chain... We didn't know what the significance of the chain was, why it was so expensive, what that chain was made of (options like a silver alloy, aluminum, or even dragonsteel have been thrown around). We still don't know a lot for sure, but it being from Threnody is awesome as it largely confirms the chain is silver, given the importance of it there. And it says they use them in freaking Silverlight! A Cognitive Realm city. So the chain is obviously useful in the Cognitive Realm, and in a place where you get attacked by Cognitive Shadows. In other words, silver is significant to the Cognitive Realm, blocking and damaging corrupted Cognitive Shadows and being expensive and valuable in the Cognitive Realm. This fits with some WoBs we have, about its general significance. So given the chain is so expensive, what could it be made out of? Is it just silver, and silver is so important in the Cognitive Realm and so hard to get there that it's expensive? Is silver not enough, and it needs to be alloyed with a godmetal? Maybe, but then you'd think they'd be exceedingly rare. Is it a magical device, like a fabrial, that does something with silver? I doubt it, it's a simple chain, unless it's some woven form-based magic. I personally think it's most likely to create a barrier in the cognitive realm that purely cognitive entities can't pass without a physical body, essentially the Cognitive equivalent of what aluminum does in the Spiritual Realm (and credit to First_Midnight for putting in that way). It basically stops investiture in the Cognitive Realm from affecting things in the physical realm. That's why shades can't pass it without attacking and weakening the silver - they are actually destroying the silver's cognitive aspect, and then the silver in the Physical Realm is useless in stopping the shade from injecting its investiture into you and it transforming your physical aspect. That's why silver will stop the withering - under this theory, the shade attacks you with its corrupted investiture in the Cognitive Realm, and putting silver on it prevents that investiture from affecting you in the Physical Realm. The investiture that's been attacking you is returned to the CR and blocked from affecting you again. That could be why people in Silverlight would use them, they're safe as they have a physical aspect, but Cognitive-only beings couldn't penetrate the barrier and any investiture being used on you not work. And maybe that's why the necklace is so expensive, because that could make it hard to get silver into the Cognitive Realm through a perpendicularity. But so how useful can it be if shades just burn through it? Well, the answer is, I think, that the chain is not the cognitive aspect of silver in the Physical Realm, but is actually silver brought into the Cognitive Realm, And would actually be impassable by investiture, unlike silver in the Physical Realm, which just puts up a temporary cognitive barrier. Which is why it's rare and expensive, answering the chain question. I'm still not entirely sure I have the mechanics right, in terms of how a necklace may protect you entirely, or in terms of silver's effect in the Cognitive Realm. Love your views. Especially as I got tired of writing this and burned through the last but important parts And I'll leave you with some ridiculousness. The name Silverlight? What if it's actually silver, to keep Cognitive incursions out. The city's walls are made of silver that is fully in the Cognitive Realm.
  3. He really could've. It was a fascinating form of honor and telling of his original character that he simply didn't think he deserved it. Now we only need Vasher to teach Ash, heal her guilt Though does make me wonder why vasher, who killed his wife to stop knowledge of awakened sapient blades getting out only to (already or soon) find out Vivenna has one that isn't a Nightmare, doesn't remove his memory of killing her. Maybe because he would have to remove all memory of her and doesnt want to.
  4. An often forgotten use of Awakening is to forget. The Shardcast discussed this on the Five Scholars episode but the confusion inspired me to post my theory on this. The commonly assumed answer is a type of self awakening that creates a copied portion of the soul with Breath, that overlays on the real soul (like Forgery) and effectively excludes that memory. Well at least that was my previous theory and I think others. Go with it if you will. But as always I like the out-of-the-box ideas. We know that Awakening is unusual in that it can be powered by any investiture. (Relevant part in italics) We also know this from Vasher keeping his Divine Breath secured with Stormlight. You may already see where I'm going. It will use any investiture, including your own soul. So I propose that the Command to forget is simply a Command that makes the awakening draw on the investiture that makes up that part of the spiritweb that contains that memory, as fuel. What the Awakening achieves is irrelevant. What's relevant is that you no longer have that memory because the investiture that comprised it is eaten. Kind of like...you guessed it...hemalurgy. Well And in case you wonder how memories could be investiture, a Keeper does just that, converts memories into investiture to put into a metalmind. TLDR Awakening can feed on any investiture so the command to awaken, like excising part of the spiritweb like hemalurgy does, is a command that fuels itself with the investiture that the part of the spiritweb that stores that memory is made from. Footnote If memories are cognitive not spritual, my backup argument is that even if they're cognitive the cognitive aspect is for now made of investiture so it would be that instead of using the investiture in the spirit web as fuel you use the investiture that comprises that part of the cognitive aspect that forms the memory. Either way you're removing the memory by removing the investiture
  5. @Argent i proposed a similar thing before OB but within a rambling theory about Honor being invested in Braize and having to essentially go back there when the heralds go to roshar. Rubbish in retrospect but the point your making i agree with relating to weakening the prison instead To quote my lesser self
  6. As foretold, I dig it. It echoes some things I've said, some things I've thought, some things that were in my head but i never actively thought about, and some things that hadn't occurred to me. I think your ashynite connection is the weakest as it really came down to an infusion of investiture, which other systems also have on other shardworlds. Most of them in fact. I would draw attention to Ishar being called Binder of Gods before he was a Herald as an example of why I agree the old Ashyn system was a form of voidbinding. But i don't have much more explanation than you anyway. All in all a great summary of what we know or can figure out alongside some great extra observations, even if I'm not entirely convinced of all aspects of your framework.
  7. Not a bad Crusade But seriously great update dude, must've been such a blast!
  8. My working theory had been that it happened close to, but after, the Recreance using either an honorblade or a skybreaker, but could be before with any radiant. But it would be a startling thing to get away with with radiants around.
  9. Kurth is in Rira where I think they stole the oathgate from. And yeah there are two oathgate spren which is the complication. But I figure maybe one was torn away and screaming back at its mate. Or both and they combine to form Cusicesh.
  10. Cusicesh fascinates me. A giant spren that appears at the same time every day with dozens of changing male and female faces. I've wondered if its a bondsmith spren that suffered an oathbreaking, or an unmade that got damaged, or an adonalsium spren that got messed up. But an idea I had recently that fits a surprising amount of evidence is that Cusicesh is an Oathgate spren. So I'll call it a hypothesis rather than full theory. "What are you raving about Extesian", I hear you ask, "the Oathgate in Iri is in Rall Elorim". It is. Which is why my hypothesis is that Cusicesh is the result of the Iri stealing the Rira Oathgate. Iri has often had a somewhat domineering relationship with Rira. Iri has two major cities, Rall Elorim and Kasitor. What a wonderful thing it would be to have Oathgates in your two major cities. So they stole the Riran one. Oathgates have oathgate spren in the corresponding Cognitive Realm location that control the gate. What may happen if you physical moved an Oathgate from one physical realm location to another? The spren would presumably not move in the Cognitive Realm. So what happens when you activate the gate then? I'm not sure but something that could happen is the gate malfunctions and traps the spren in some kind of limbo, or perhaps separates one from the other. Either way it causes some kind of short circuit. And say there are a few hundred people standing on that oathgate platform at the time it is activated. People that are about to effectively pop in and out of investiture to teleport. Perhaps they are trapped in some kind of limbo state. Where is the Rira Oathgate supposed to be? Kurth. And where does Cusicesh face? Origin, Axies says. Directly eastward. But what is also directly eastward of Kasitor? Yeah you guessed it. Kurth. TLDR Iri stole the Rira Oathgate and put it in Kasitor. As the spren remained in Kurth in the CR, when Iri activated the gate it short circuited, trapping one of the Kurth oathgate spren, and all the people being transported, in a hideous loop, like a ghost, looking out at the same time each day toward the place in the CR where the oathgate is supposed to be. I know it's a hypothesis looking for evidence, but I think there's some and I think its a fun idea.
  11. Spool we've chatted on Discord about this but I'll put my initial thoughts here as well. I guess I'm struggling to see how framework isn't just the spiritweb, background investiture isn't just investiture in the SR and manifestation isn't just the way Leras described it With energy, matter and investiture all being different manifestations of the same thing, you simply have SR investiture becoming matter and energy in the PR, and sometimes just being free investiture in the PR (like stormlight or breath) I guess what I'm saying is i think i agree with you but only in that you seem to be saying what i already thought was apparent but using different terminology. You're background investiture is simply investiture in the SR that is, as you say, constantly providing a physical (matter) manifestation in the PR limited by the SR (where its flowing 'through') Where i don't think we agree is with the premise that feruchemy doesn't work with that. Feruchemy works yeah because that constant presentation of your investiture in the PR can be siphoned off into metal then added later. I think though the only reason you thought that was because you didn't already assume that leras sun model? I'm not sure if I'm being clear, maybe i misunderstand your issues. But it seems to accord with my understanding of literally what realmatics is, but using different terminology and having a problem statement that i didn't see as a problem? But good write up dude, its a detailed and well thought out post. Btw my first post in three weeks! Thanks for drawing back in with realmatics, the finest of all the fictional arts
  12. Are any sharders going to this event (or did you get your recorder working Kay)? Just want to make sure it gets recorded.
  13. It's an interesting observation. I really am inclined to think it's just normal unpainted shardplate, slate grey could be described as silvery in sunlight, and that observation was made from quite a distance. I don't think there's any significance. But it is interesting so maybe other have ideas.
  14. Kaladin danced with the wind.
  15. These are likely the references Jof is referring to. I don't know specific examples though.