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  1. I’m really sorry for disappearing at the end there. I just recently moved back into my dorm at college and was dealing with that and the stress of starting marching band camp this week as well. I had a lot of fun playing while I had the time for it, and I was indeed the other double voter that claimed to Kas.
  2. To be fair, that isn’t too dissimilar to how you acted with your teammates (most of the time) in LG67. Not saying I’m convinced you’re an elim, but if I don’t have any leads by D5, I’ll probably be looking into you next.
  3. It might’ve been Sart then. I just couldn’t remember exactly who said it.
  4. I knew something I said wouldn’t be understandable. What I was trying to ask is if it was Araris saying that the lynch on Lotus was most likely an attempt to get a counter lynch going since there was an attempt to lynch Devotary pre-Sart. I’m pretty sure it was him, and I think he was right about that, especially with Lotus’s reveal now. Granted, this opinion is subject to review upon Straw’s imminent demise. Also, good to know that Lotus saw Straw’s target and not some other variation of what they could’ve seen. Would’ve preferred the action, but this is alright I guess.
  5. least one of the players I trust most is still alive. The lack of PMs is unfortunate though, I will say. I wasn’t using them enough, mind you, but I was hoping to start doing so soon. What’s with this sudden luck of catching elims doing the kills? Are we just getting really lucky all of a sudden? Or are the elims scared and trying to buy themselves time? I don’t want to spend a whole other cycle where nothing happens from the discussion because we’re all voting on Straw, though I do think it’s most likely that Lotus is correct. And if they are correct, I suspect they won’t last past N5. So it’s concerning that apparently both of our action scanners ended up claiming to out an elim at the expense of what is almost certain death. I mentioned something about the possibility of Lotus lying as well, right? If I didn’t, then I am now. I just don’t think it’s very likely, but it’s late and I’m feeling paranoid and need to think about it. Ultimately, I’m going to trust them until it is obvious that I shouldn’t. If Lotus does end up flipping elim, then we should go after Araris. Araris was the one saying Lotus was the most likely alternate lynch option to Devotary before we all bandwagoned on her, right? Or was that Sart? Not sure. Pretty sure it was Araris though. If it wasn’t, feel free to correct me. I still trust Araris right now, just saying I will probably put him at the top of my suspect list (along with Lotus) if Straw flips village. As for who else I suspect...I don’t suspect Kas, TJ, or Mat. I have a particularly strong indifference towards Ash, which at this point in the game is concerning. I hardly remember anything about Mint and Vapor, and thinking it’s likely that one of them is an elim, simply because there’s usually almost always one inactive(-ish) player on any given elim team. I’m leaning village on Illwei, though will probably revise my read on them if none of Ash, Mint, or Vapor are elims. Am I missing anyone? I hope not because I need to sleep. I hope some of that made sense, but I’m too tired to look back to make sure it does. EDIT: Was missing Elandera and Lahilt. Have nothing on Lahilt, so they’re tossed in the category of possible inactive(-ish) elim. Elandera makes going in the same category as Illwei, which is basically I don’t know, but will revise my opinions on them later. Though I do think it’s interesting that Elandera said what she did. Normally I’d probably read the beginning of her post as very elim leaning, but her question is very interesting. Is she possibly another roleblocker? Thinking she caught Lotus in a lie because she knows she roleblocked Straw? Or am I probably overthinking this? Guess I’ll find out when I wake up. EDIT2: @TJ Shade I see you’ve been recently looking. Just tagging you in case you didn’t see my edit.
  6. That makes a lot more sense why I thought Sart’s accusation of Devotary felt so hardcore. Makes me feel more comfortable lynching Devotary (and if we found out she’s actually village, then we lynch Sart and should have the manpower to ensure a lynch on him).
  7. So, I've been sitting back for a bit, and I'm not quite sure how to feel about Devotary right now. While her explanation does make sense, it seems like something that would be relatively easy to come up with after the accusation from Kas. And I don't like how she claims that there must be an elim hiding in a group of people that have all of the same abilities. Even in a normal game I think making alignment guesses based on role distribution is a bad idea, but this game especially seems like a bad time to do that. Powers and abilities were not assigned at the beginning of the game and have spread throughout the player base, so we have even less reason to assume that at least one of a large group of people with all the same power should be an elim. For now, I think I will be voting on Devotary.
  8. I didn’t take an action last night, so I can’t say whether you actually roleblocked me or not. Sorry.
  9. Do we know whether Gears would've known anything about what his background entails? So far, I've heard nothing about people's backgrounds having an effect on the game, just the diseases so far. If Gears had figured out something about his background, then he was a lot farther ahead than I am. And if he had, would we not have been informed what having a medical background means mechanically? Nah, it didn't seem snappy to me at all, no worries! Also, Ashbringer. That was really the only reason I was voting on you, and it seems I was mostly just not thinking straight. Do you care to explain the eliminator profiles you're thinking of and the one Araris mentioned? Also, why are you disturbed by it?
  10. @Kasimir Wait, why'd you have to go and make the same observation Ash made?
  11. Honestly, this post alone makes me want to vote for you. It just feels way too on the nose. Because of a lack of better leads right now (and probably some impulsiveness), Ashbringer. Why call attention to this fact in the way you did? Trying to throw suspicion onto all the people who have role claimed?
  12. Well, my guesses for what vote manipulation we had going on were very very off. So, it looks like there were...4 instances of vote manipulation? The added vote to Lahilt, Kas adding a vote to Sart, Lotus removing a vote from themself and their vote ending up on Pyro again, and someone adding a vote to Pyro. @Elkanah @The_God_King Can someone’s randomly redirected vote end up where it started? Just wanna confirm that this is indeed a possibility.
  13. For all we know, Pyro could've removed a vote on Lotus, and then his vote (which he hadn't placed himself yet) got randomly redirected to himself. @Elkanah @The_God_King Is this possible? That isn't the most likely scenario, however. What we're most likely looking at is 3 vote adders and 1 vote remover. Also, interesting how two of the players up for the lynch along with Pyro both voted on Pyro....
  14. I'm going to switch my vote to Gears Lahilt. There's some stuff from Kas which already encapsulates part of why I suspect them, but there's also the fact that their posts and reads seem to be very wishy-washy, like they're trying to have suspicions but don't really know how to find something suspicious where there is nothing, if that makes sense. Not saying their reads are completely wrong, just the unsureness of their reads gives me an odd vibe.
  15. So, I went to sleep thinking I'd wake up and put a vote on Mat (wanted to wait until he was able to get on and respond to the accusations and stuff) and now I'm thinking that the most likely scenario is that TJ and Mat is just village/village. I'm not sure if I still suspect Gears, but I'm also not sure how I feel about the sudden shift onto Araris either. I wasn't getting super bad vibes from his posts at all, and I think his voting pattern could be a villager one as well. I'd be more willing to lynch Illwei if anything else, personally.