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  1. I really like Song of Secrets because it sounds cool and it fits thematically with the Eshonai/Venli/Singer focus of the book. As for the acronym, we could just call it Song.
  2. Oh, sorry, that wasn’t what I was trying to say. I was just going on a mini rant about why both British and American English bother me.
  3. @Servillius Okay, I can understand being upset with gray and aluminum because grey looks cooler and aluminium is the proper way to spell it and American are just stupid in that regard. But color and honor, really? I just don’t understand why you would ever add a ‘u’ to those words. It doesn’t change the pronunciation at all, and it just looks weird. Do you want us to start spelling all words that end in ‘or’ with ‘our’? Obligatour? Misdemeanour? Acceleratour?
  4. Yes, I’ve been bothered by the title as well. Disgust just has such a negative connotation and sound.
  5. Don't even get me started.
  6. As someone who has taken (basic) music theory, I wanna add something. Assuming Brandon is basing his idea of Resonances on actual music theory, you could probably have about 5-6 different powers and still get a Resonance, though anything higher than that could get funky.
  7. @Draginon @Fanghur Rahl I don't know why you guys think that there needs to be another "evil" Shard. Brandon has specifically talked about how he doesn't consider any of the Shards to truly be evil. When certain Vessels hold them and influence the intent, then you can get into whether or not their evil, but the intents of the Shards are not evil by themselves. If there is going to be a big bad I'm a huge fan of it being Autonomy, but I don't think there necessarily needs to be a big bad.
  8. It'd be so perfect because the Edgedancer Oaths are all about rembering those forgotten. Adolin often forgets himself and his own wants and desires to help others. Bonding Maya would help him care more for himself.
  9. So, I was actually incorrect. The Firebird is actually another work of Stravinsky's, and we're using some music from the soundtrack to Dancer in the Dark, which Björk composed.
  10. This is slightly off-topic, but I'm curious: why does it bug you?
  11. Why would cultivationspren be different from all the others though? That doesn't really make any sense. Plus, Lift implies that she only started to bond Wyndle recently before her first interlude, while she says that she visited the Nightwatcher about three years prior.
  12. I play regular clarinet during marching season and bass clarinet during concert season.
  13. I've been listening to the recording of the most recent runthrough of my marching band's opener to our show this year over and over again. It's soooooo good. It's got some of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring and also Bjork's The Firebird. I'm so excited for our show this year.
  14. I'm a little behind, but yes! I loved that book and it's sequel. The series is weird at first, but pretty easy to get into once you get past the "unconventional" storytelling method.
  15. So the marching band I'm in finally found out the show theme this year about a week ago. It's gonna be so cool. Everyone is so hyped up this year, the show sounds like it's gonna be pretty awesome, and we have storming amazing music this year. I think if we keep the energy going until state finals we have a pretty damnation good chance of winning this year. Also, I got an audio recording of the opener from our most recent full-band runthrough...I've listened to it way too many times to count now.