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  1. I’d say hit them up on discord if you can/if they have it. If they haven’t shown up on here, they’re probably not free enough to run it right now.
  2. I think the spoiler period ends on this coming Tuesday. So the 17th.
  3. So, I just want to say a few thoughts. I’m finally home from my leadership retreat for marching band, though I’m absolutely exhausted. So my thoughts are probably going to be short and not make much sense. First off: I think the way the PM/Mavset-im mechanics played out in this game was a huge problem. No matter what we did with the malibu kill, it was going to be way too easy to catch Ash. Easily mechanically confirmable mechanics like that are always rough to have in a game in my opinion. Second, I will second (hehe) Elandera’s comment that the elim forms weren’t super balanced compared to the village forms. All of the most beneficial powers for our team (extra life, extra votes, losing a vote on yourself) were in the village stash. And the forms we did have just weren’t super useful. Stormform would’ve been useful if there was a village kill, decayform would’ve been useful if it destroyed forms, not just the gems. Smokeform…I’m not sure what sort of change you could make to this role to even make useful for the elims. Lastly, I just want to say that this game stressed me out so much. I don’t know if you guys can tell just how frustrated I was through my comments in the doc, but the amount of frustration I was having was legitimately unhealthy. I was constantly thinking about this game, and any time anything went wrong (which happened more often closer to when I died) it really genuinely would make my day worse. And to top it all off, the past month or so has been really hard on me mentally and physically. I don’t think it was anyone’s fault, just kind of unfortunate. And I think is a sign of a general trend I’ve seen in my playing over the past…maybe 10-15 games I’ve played. That I get way too invested in the game and let it affect how I’m feeling. I said this in the dead doc already, but I think I’m going to be taking a break from games for a bit. Mostly because of marching band starting up and the fact that I’ll have a lot of extra responsibilities on top of that because I’m leader. I think I would’ve wanted to take a break after this game, even if I didn’t have marching band to worry about. I think I need to take care of myself a bit before I come back to get my 50th game.
  4. I should absolutely be asleep right now, but I can’t fall asleep, so time to give my thoughts. I really enjoyed playing this game for the little bit that I got to play. It was a blast, and I was definitely trying to play super chill and relaxed, and that’s what I got. I am proud that at different points throughout the game, 3/4 of my elim guessed were right. I apparently pegged TUO from the start, same for Araris. I thought he was way too amused in RP about the cards he got, and that Voidbinger comment. I suspected Archer at one point, though I can’t remember if that was before or after I died. But I definitely thought the team was Drake, Archer, and one of Araris/TUO. Even if I was a little off, I’m still proud. Also, I think that, personally, for a game that can move really fast, limiting the Clevers to only every other turn isn’t the best limitation on their ability. I’m not sure what a better one would be, but it can be very easy to gain cards in this game if luck favors you. And not getting to play any of your cards because you have to wait every other turn kinda sucks. Also, from a villager perspective after hearing about Archer’s stockpile of cards, I’d definitely say that the elim kill should take a role action, not a card action, in any future runs, in my opinion. Regardless, thank you @Lotus and @Illwei for running a really fun game. I am one step closer to 50 games now.
  5. Fabien
  6. Drake, TUO. I’m willing to die in a 3-way tie if it takes out one of my elim suspects and a quiet new player who might be hiding as an elim.
  7. I feel like his insistence on going for you and no one else for awhile is counterproductive. Plus, half the time I’m having trouble trying to figure out what he’s saying, so knowing his alignment and then deciding if there might be any actual info in his posts would be helpful. As for why he’s my second, it’s that I think my suspicions on TUO are a little more founded.
  8. If someone else (probably Drake at this point) does something that makes me really suspicious of them over TUO, that's probably what would make me change my vote.
  9. I think I’m going to place a vote on TUO. I was typing this up earlier last night and got distracted then fell asleep before I could finish. @Kasimir I’m voting for TUO because I think their hasty retraction when put under pressure is most likely to be an elim tell. And if I had to exe someone else, my next choice would be Drake.
  10. @Lotus mind giving us the VC in the post as well? That's interesting. Mat was an interesting choice for a first kill.
  11. Yeah this is exactly how us Texans talk. Anyway, I want my vote to kill someone actually matter, and I do agree that TUO just immediately backing off for honestly not that harsh of a reaction probably points more towards an elim mindset than a villager mindset. Araris, TUO. I might change my mind and try to make a tie once @Illwei posts another VC, but I think this works for for now. Though I legitimately wouldn’t be opposed to exing Drake (besides for the fact that I don’t often get to play with him so I probably won’t this cycle). I trust Kas, mostly because I just don’t think making the GC elim makes much sense, and his analysis and stuff feels like it always does: very helpful and like he’s actually trying to help. I can’t even imagine what elim!Kas would look like at this point.
  12. It’s all the emojis, isn’t it? This is the best interpretation. It’s probably because I’m trying to be more chill and stuff this game, at least to start. I have a tendency to get a little too invested into games sometimes, and I’m trying to actively combat that. The tie thing is definitely a Striker thing, and I would prefer to not get into a tie debate this game, because I know we disagree on ties for ties sake. (If anyone is curious, I do legitimately think ties are helpful for gathering information, both in the case of someone breaking the tie or the tie going through) And with the helpfulness but little practical use thing, are you talking about me guessing the elim team size? I normally try and do something like that at the start of each game, and sometimes I go for crazy elim team size guesses, just to get reactions out of people. And that now gives me the idea of a 4 person elim team who are all Honest or a 1 person elim team with a Lucky Guard Captain I do actually think that Araris has given me some interesting vibes, mostly just because I could totally see him doing that RP stuff about being unsurprised or something by the cards he got meaning he got elim again. I don’t know if my vote will actually stay here till the end of the cycle, but we’ll see.
  13. ……Mat, if you’re not going to tell me while we’re in the game, can you at least tell me after the game? Because I am so genuinely curious what you’re even on about.
  14. Same. The one important-ish thing I’ve gleaned from my skim read of it is that Drake might actually be an Honest player, and he was trying to not lie when he said that we he didn’t have an order to use a sword on Kas, but he’s actually planning on using the elim kill on Kas. This is obviously the only thing that makes sense.
  15. The potential for a tie tempted my little heart way too much.