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  1. @MistbornAlpaca I’m currently about halfway through book 7, and I would say it’s been worth it so far. I think I’ve started to hit the slog though, because it’s gotten kind of a little boring, but books 4-6 were good enough that I’m pretty invested into the series now that I want to finish. I will admit that other people’s complaints about female characters are well deserved.
  2. character theme

    Have you read Oathbringer? If so, just use her interludes, and that should about sum up her story so far. Those and the little we learn of her from Eshonai in WoR.
  3. character theme

    @Spock I’d love to hear a Venli song!
  4. Have you ever thought about going to a local library and checking out the book? If you have access to one, obviously.
  5. I don’t have much else to add because I agree with what pretty much everyone has said so far. I feel like I can add a little more perspective to this issue as a bisexual male myself. I knew that Brandon was LDS long before I discovered the essay he wrote. I knew that he disagrees with me about homosexuality, or even bisexuality, yet that didn’t deter me from reading his books. Even after I read the essay (which, yes, the original does have its faults, but the foreword specifically addressed that, and I could tell through his more recent books that he has changed views anyway), I felt that he handled it relatively well, considering when he wrote it and what he believes. I don’t remember where I was going with this. Something about being friends with devout religious people who know I’m bi.
  6. Oh, I wasn’t really talking about that. I was talking more about semantics and stuff. My main point was to point out that you used sentience instead of sapience in the post I quoted, but in a subtle way.
  7. Basically, you think an intelligence is sentient, but not sapient, and a consciences is sapient?
  8. This is probably just a stylistic change that Brandon decided to make. I’m sure that in future publications of WoK and WoR, it won’t be capitalized anymore. Or the alternative: later publications of OB do have it capitalized.
  9. @HSuperLee I think the reason stormlight emits light when it’s in gems is because the stormlight basically acts as cord that plugs into the gem, connecting it to the Spiritual Realm. The gem glows because it is connected directly to the Spiritual Realm. In the case of normal gems, the imperfections allow the stormlight to leak out; we don’t notice stormlight leaking out much because the light of the gem glowing is probably brighter than the stormlight itself.
  10. Like others have said, I don’t think that’s really possible. In my opinion, what makes it possible for Larkin to eat Investiture like stormlight or voidlight in the first place is because it is not keyed to any specific Identity. The Investiture that sustains the Fused is almost definitely keyed to them by now, much in the same way that the Investiture that sustains the Heralds or other Cognitive Shadows we know about. I don’t think it would be possible for a Larkin to eat the Investiture that sustains the Fused, much like it is probably impossible for them to eat the Investiture that makes up humans in the Cosmere.
  11. @Winds Alight I can totally relate to your frustration. Right after Elhokar became more sympathetic, and right when he’s about to become a Radiant, Moash, the bastard, comes out of nowhere and kills him. I had to set the book down (of course, when I first read it, it was on my phone, but that’s beside the point) and go eat. It killed me holding in the rage and emotion as I talked to my little brother, also an avid Cosmere fan, and tried not to mention his death.
  12. Well, I just went back and reread the part you’re talking about, and the way it reads, not just the vengeance part, but what comes before it as well, it sounds like Spark wants vengeance on the humans, not the spren. If anything she (Spark is a girl) is more on the side of the spren, even those who are bonding humans.