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  1. Sorry I haven’t said anything for a bit. Life decided to get messy right around the start of this game, and I haven’t had the mental energy to do much besides skim the threads since the first day, really. I’ve somewhat caught up on things since then, and I’m gonna go ahead and place a vote on Vapor. Something about their posts just seems like they’re trying to hedge their bets as much as possible while also getting a villager mislynched. So they can be like “oh, I was wrong, but I said I might be, so it’s all okay! Let’s lynch this other guy who I said will probably be an elim if this person I had us lynch turns out to be village!” I’m exaggerating obviously, but that’s a bit what it feels like. Also, I’ll be going to the garden.
  2. 18 players, right? I’m on mobile and I’m too lazy to check. I think we’ve most likely got 4 elims, maybe 5. I would think that 5 is a bit high for 18 players, but there could be a secret out there that would make that make sense.
  3. I'll be going to the kitchen then. Just pretend I did it in my first RP post.
  4. Variel had arrived to the party shortly before it started. He hadn't known whether or not to arrive early or late, and he decided it would be better to arrive early. That was the wrong decision. There were hardly any people there, so it was just Variel and Talbot awkwardly sitting in his study while Talbot's servants finished the last preparations for the party. They'd made some small talk, but the whole time all Variel could think about was the little bit of skin peeking out of the low collar Talbot was wearing. Variel shook his head, trying to focus on the words Talbot was saying, to some success. It was awkward, the two of them sitting her as nothing more acquaintances, when Variel used to know Talbot very well. As more guests made their way to the manor, Talbot eventually left to greet them as they entered, and Variel made an excuse to leave the man alone. Eventually, he found his way to the kitchen, where he proceeded to ask for the strongest drink the staff had. And not just the stuff they kept for guests. It may have been awhile, but at least the head chef recognized him and got him the fine wine. At some point, another man walked into the kitchen, and Variel knew exactly what he was here for too. "You here to drink your sorrows away as well?" Variel asked @Lahilt @Kasimir Do we vote in thread or in our PMs for which room we want to go to? And does it matter what color we make the vote in?
  5. Well...this is interesting to say the least. I’m a bit intrigued by the fact that a lynch train managed to form on me, and it seemed everyone was willing to go for it, then all of a sudden everyone swings for Ventyl instead? I honestly don’t understand either of these lynches, though I think I understand mine even less than Ventyl’s. With Ventyl, at least it makes sense. Many people cannot see a good reason for why he’s done what he’s done if he were a villager. Personally, I could see him doing this no matter what his alignment, as I think he’s crazy enough to do it either way. Or maybe dumb enough, depending on how you look at it. But at least the suspicion on him makes sense, even if I don’t agree with it. As far as I can tell, people want to lynch me because I asked a question? Like, it was a bit complicated, but the question came about because I was staring at El’s role chart thingy for who knows how long, just thinking about different ways all the surges could interact together. And people are still suspicious of my vote on Gears when I think I’ve made it pretty clear that 1) it was not based solely on a disagreement over roles and 2) it was based on the fact that I thought he was overstating the unreliability of one’s actions. At least I think these are the reasons people have decided to lynch me. If not, could someone shed some light on the situation for me? I don’t think the Gears lynch is going anywhere. I still think that the paranoia thing was a bit much, but I’m less certain of his alignment based on that fact now, based on how he’s responded and how others have reacted. I think I’ll be voting for TJ Shade. Partially in self preservation, and partially because I don’t like how much their vote has been flying around. I understand wanting to lynch someone (it is a point of the game ), but they seem almost...too eager to join on any new lynch train that’s forming, and tend to back off as soon as momentum dies down a little bit.
  6. I guess that makes sense. I'm just not too suspicious of that because that tends to be how Devotary plays most of the time. It's in the later game when stuff like that sets off my radar, because she normally starts to give more reads and stuff as the game reaches the middle/end.
  7. Orlok, I think it's time to pay up to wilson.
  8. Well...this is certainly interesting, to say the least. I'm not going to say much about the stuff with Ventyl besides for the fact that...I have no idea what to make of this. It seems exactly like the kind of harebrained stuff that he would come up with, regardless of alignment. I could easily come up with multiple scenarios for what he's trying to do with this for both possibilities of his alignment. I'm not going to bother speculating on which ones are the most likely until I start seeing some other things from him. @Gears Just so you know, I'm not voting for you because of a disagreement about roles, but because I think you're trying to sow too much paranoia in the village. @Araris Valerian I'm not sure why you voted on Devotary. I read the post a couple times, but I just didn't actually see a good reason for your vote anywhere? Either that or it was right there in front of my face and I missed it somehow.
  9. Is it a little excessive? Maybe. But did it spark some discussion and get people talking about me and Gears? Absolutely. And I think it was worth it. I do still think that Gears was being a bit too paranoid, though I’ll admit I was underestimating just how many redirects and roleblocks are probably in the game. I could see Gears being a villager, but I don’t know. Just something about how much he was pushing for us to be paranoid about the results of people’s actions just doesn’t sit right with me. I’ll be leaving my vote where it is for now, partially because of that and partially because I would rather not get lynched C1 again. It is specific. It’s because I was just looking through all the roles and was thinking about how they could interact with stuff. I was thinking that a village!Dustbringer would use Abrasion a lot to avoid kills, but if the elims have Adhesion, then their kill will go through he Abrasion anyway. And I was thinking about how the Dustbringer might want to get protection, but then realized if they’re using Abrasion to make sure the kill goes through, then they can’t be protected either. So I was just wondering if that thought process was right or if protection would work even with Abrasion. I hope that cleared up any confusion people were still having about me. I’m always open to more questions though.
  10. Devotary already said it better than I would, but an elim wouldn’t counter claim. And we lynch anyone who does will be lynched if the person they say is lying does and was telling the truth.
  11. First off, I would like to say that I don't think I was extolling the virtues of Transportation, more just arguing with Gears about the reliability of the redirects. I don't think I ever stated that I thought that it was better than Adhesion at finding elims, just saying that it wasn't completely useless when trying to find elims. And the vote redirect (Rioter) is super powerful because it doesn't even have the normal side effect of cancelling your own vote. Either way, I agree that Adhesion is probably better if you're trying to find an elim, but I don't think that Transportation is utterly useless. Also, I do agree that Elsecallers should probably be using Transformation rather than Transportation, but I don't see how Cohesion is necessarily better than Transportation. And I guess we'll have to just agree to disagree on whether or not role analysis is AI. I guess it might help if we define exactly what we're talking about. When I say role analysis, I'm usually talking about people going through and basically restating what each of the roles do but in their own words, with maybe some thoughts about the best way to do it. I don't think that's particularly helpful for the village at best and is a complete derailment of the thread (if it's done later in the first cycle) at worst. If people are giving thoughts about what specific roles should be doing to help the village, then I think we can get AI information from that. Does that make sense? Care to explain why you're confused? Maybe the beginning of this post clears up any confusion?
  12. Hmm...I hadn’t thought about that. My thought process was more focused on the player doing the redirecting, not the player getting redirected. If the redirecter claims (whether publicly or anonymously) that the redirected player must be an elim and no one counter claims (whether publicly or anonymously), I think it would be fairly safe to assume that the redirected player is actually a villager at that point. Obviously, if they claim village Dustbringer and another player claims that as well, we have to decide which claim to believe. In that case, the elims are highly unlikely to ever be the counterclaim as that will just result in the “fake” being revealed as not elim and result in the elim getting lynched for it. I guess they could play some IKYK games, but in most cases we should always lynch the player who makes a counterclaim if the first player turns out to not be an elim.
  13. What's so bad about alignment scans? I'm personally a big fan of them. *flashbacks to AG6* Hmm, this is true, and something I haven't really thought about before. I know that there is a valid reason to do poke votes...I just can't remember what it is. Also, I forgot that Straw tagged everyone in the first post. Voting on someone for no reason is meaningless, I'll agree. But a lot of the time, even if people can't explain why they're voting for someone exactly, there is still a reason for it, at a subconscious level. And by getting people to vote, even if they aren't quite sure why they're voting for someone (whether it's just gut, random chance, or because they just felt like it), we learn a lot about how players are unconsciously and consciously thinking about the game. Either that or I'm thinking way too hard about this. Even in this scenario, it's always better to assume that you are the direct reason for the lack of a kill, or I guess the choice of the kill. It would be way too much of a coincidence for someone to redirect a player's action and then the person they got redirected to dies. It's not 100% for sure damning evidence, but you can be pretty sure that you found the killer that way. I guess you would have to consider the fact that the redirected player might just be a village Dustbringer/Skybreaker, but you can wait to decide to see if that's the case after you confront the person you redirected and hear what they have to say for themselves. My point is that poke votes aren't meant to just be taken off as soon as the person gets on and says something. They should stay on the poked player for as long as it takes them to convince you to take it off. Or you can decide to just not take them off. Though, I will agree that voting based on discussion is always the superior way to vote, and at this point we have more than enough (I think) to start making reads and vote on players. I just want to repeat what I have said before: be careful about claiming your role, whether it's in thread or in PMs. Revealing anything puts a target on your head. I don't know if this was Ventyl's intent with his post, but it reads like something he'd say to me in person in an attempt to be super clever and witty. Which, is NAI, but that's just my thoughts on it. Anyway, I'm interested to see why Gears really thinks that people can't be so certain that when the roleblock/redirect someone and results in something that seems like they hit an elim, they should be cautious. Like, yes, you should always be cautious when dealing with that kind of thing. But the odds of the effects not being caused by your actions are really really slim. Seems like it could be a way to cover the elims in case that happens to them, like he's trying to sow paranoia in our minds and stuff. I really like all the role analysis he's been doing so far, but all of that is basically completely NAI as far as I can tell. I'm gonna go ahead and put a vote on Gears because I want to see what he has to say about this.
  14. To put pressure on them so they'll have a reason to get on and say something. And at that point you can decide whether to keep your vote on them or not, depending on how they act when they show up. I normally do it for that reason, if I do it at all. Sometimes, assuming you're tagging them when you poke vote them, it serves as a reminder for them to get on the game. I'm not sure why I understand why you're voting for TJ, or why Ventyl is voting for Joe, or why Araris just voted for Ventyl. I don't really see much of a reason to vote on anyone yet.
  15. First, I'm gonna ask Straw some questions. @Straw If/when PMs are open, are group PMs allowed? Can someone who is already a Radiant become someone else's squire? If Player A is using Abrasion on themselves, Player B targets Player A with Progression, and Player C targets Player A with a kill while using Gravitation, what happens to Player A? I really don't think there's very good way to coordinate the Illumination actions. Depending on the distribution, we probably have at least two people with it, maybe a third if we have two of either the Lightweavers or Truthwatchers (if we have two of either of them, I'm leaning towards Truthwatcher being doubled). The best way to do it is probably the way you said, but even then, what if all of our Illumiation users are in the top half of the player list, for example? It's just gonna be really tricky to coordinate it, until at least one of them makes a squire. Though the squire could just end up getting the other surge, and then the Radiant has to try again. This. The elims are just dying to know who the village Radiants are, so at best you should only claim to someone you scan as village or someone who mechanically must be a villager (which won't really be possible to figure out until the late game). Also, I think we probably have 5-6 elims, though I'm leaning towards 6, since that would be exactly 25% and I like that exactness. I think we can basically rule out any Dustbringers/Skybreakers as elims, though, obviously, please don't publicly claim these roles, at least not now. There's not enough protects in this game to guarantee that you'll survive at that point, and the elims have no reason not to try and kill you every night. As for what Radiants they might have, I'm thinking Windrunner, Edgedancer, and Stoneward are probably the most useful for the elims. Windrunner and Stoneward both have a vote manipulation ability and an ability that doesn't do basically the same thing for their second surge (i.e. Bondsmith). Windrunner and Edgedancer both have the ability to make it so an action can't be prevented, which is great for the elim kill. And Edgedancer has the protection as well. So, I think those are the three orders that are most likely to be elims. Granted, Straw could've gone completely crazy and giving them like a Lightweaver or something.