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  1. I’d just like to say thanks for lynching me early on. I haven’t been in the greatest place mentally lately (getting ready to move to college, stresses of my job, etc), so it was nice to only have to worry about the QF. I wish I’d paid more attention to the game before Elandera got outed, but it was fun reading the thread once she was. I’m a little upset that @BrightnessRadiant got Inquisitor and didn’t immediately convert me. I was hoping I’d Snap eventually, but was really hoping I’d get converted more. XD Anyway, thank you Straw for running this game!
  2. ......good job, @DrakeMarshmallow. I figured most of the boxings were spread out more evenly, considering I started out with like 1. I didn’t even think to pay attention to how manny boxings people could’ve been accumulating by the lynch. Also, how did you get so many daggers? XD Anyway, that game was really fun at times. It dragged a little as the game reached it’s end, but that was probably more because we were all just waiting for the game to end eventually.
  3. Oh yeah, I forgot that’s how that worked. Also, was one of me or Drake’s votes bribed off of voting Drake for governor?
  4. Well dang. I scanned Fifth as village, and now he’s dead. @A Joe in the Bush Shouldn’t the ledger I used to scan him be in the market? Also, there only 8 of us left right now. At least one of Venture, Hael, HH, Rath, and Snip has to be evil. I say we go ahead and lynch Butt Ad Venture And at this point we need the governor to guarantee our lynches aren’t messed with, so Drake
  5. Okay. So, first off, let’s do some votes. Drake Araris Also, uh, I meant to post this hours ago, but apparently didn’t hit submit. Oops. I think we should probably lynch both Araris and Shqueeves. Both of them are at least slightly inactive, and Araris’s posts (the few he does have) just seem odd to me.
  6. That’s fair. I just feel like, for me at least, the risk of that villager you gave the ledger to scanning an elim is too high to risk it. Granted, if you have the boxings, you can always redirect the scan. But there’s only so many boxings, and there are other things the elim team needs to do (like bribing votes).
  7. He did scan me though. That’s how I got the ledger I used to scan Drake. Of course, an elim teammate of his could’ve used the ledger on me, but why would they do that?
  8. Honestly, I wouldn’t really mind. I really need to be focusing on other things soon anyway, so I wouldn’t be too upset if this game ended early.
  9. Maybe a villager redirected you so that you’d scan someone they wanted scanned? That’s literally the only way that you getting redirected and an elim-controlled lynch on Kidpen both happening make the most sense.
  10. So uhh...I turned out to be a lot busier today than I thought I would. I woke up late (didn't have work, thankfully), ate late, and then spent the rest of the afternoon doing errands for my mom. And then there was the DCI watch party at my friend's house. I just got home like half an hour ago, and I'm super tired, so I won't be on for much longer. I'll try my best to give my thoughts on people real quick. Before I do, I'd just like to say I literally have no idea why I voted on Araris. It made sense to my sleep-deprived brain at like 1 am last night, but I can't remember what my reasoning was now. I'd like to say that there are only 5 players in this game that I absolutely know the alignment of. Myself, Lum (because I scanned her as corrupt and she didn't try to claim she bribed anyone before getting lynched), Drake (scanned innocent), Fura (scanned innocent by Drake, therefore also innocent), and Kidpen (scanned corrupt by Fura). I'm not gonna bother analyzing Fura and Drake (besides for people's responses to them) because I already know their alignments. First, I'm going to address each of the dead/arrested players: Alvron: I tried to analyze his claim about the whole "helping the elims for daggers" thing to see if I trusted the lynch results for him...and I just kept confusing myself. So I'm just gonna say that I have no idea what his true alignment is, though I'm leaning towards the result being accurate. Ark/Ray: I'm willing to trust these results since the votes on him were much smaller, and I think he either was framed with the dagger being named as it was, or just used it on Burnt without thinking about the fact that she hasn't played in a long time. (I can't remember if Ark claimed about the dagger before he died, so ignore this if he did) Elbereth: If we assume Alv was telling the truth, she was an elim. If he wasn't telling the truth, she's probably not an elim. It's probably safest to just assume that she wasn't so we don't underestimate the elims' numbers. Burnt: I had no read of her before she died. Wow, that took way too long.... I'm not gonna go back and look through the entire thread right now, I'm way too tired for that. I'll just give some quick (spoiler alert: it wasn't quick ), off the top of my head thoughts for each of the remaining players. Araris Valerian: Like I mentioned before, I can't remember why I wanted to vote on him earlier. I think I was remembering getting a weird feeling from reading his posts, but I'm pretty sure his posts always give me that feeling. Neutral. Arraenae: She's started producing more content lately, which is great. I know I voted on her for a reason at some point, but I was mostly just following Drake's lead and can't remember what that reason was. I'm inclined to think she's village because of her latest posts. Bugsy: I know he's posted before, but I really can't remember anything he's said. He's been relatively inactive, which I think is because of IRL reasons. Neutral-elim because I'm almost certain that at least one of the elims is an inactive/slightly inactive. Butt Ad Venture: He's managed to talk a decent amount without really saying much. He's been pretty silly too, which seems pretty in character for him. But his lack of a willingness to try and produce AI content is making me lean elim on him. Devotary of Spontaneity: I don't think the fact that Devotary was willing to continue the ledger chain in the PMs after I told her about Lum being corrupt is AI. She could've not kept the chain going, but I was going to reveal to thread in the last couple hours myself if Hael hadn't been told by Devotary to do it. Devotary probably knew that, and would've kept the chain going, regardless if she was an elim. So, for now, neutral. Elandera: I do think she has a point about it being best for the village to generally avoid claims. But, I generally think that's a better strategy in the early game. At this point though, with at least two elims gone, it wouldn't take much work to figure out the elims if we could figure out where all the items and boxings are. I'm not saying we should absolutely do that though, as some people not find that much fun. Anyway, my point was that, generally speaking, it is usually in the elims' best interest to not want things claimed so they can hide in secret. I'll give her some points for being willing to claim she has a warrant, but I'm still leaning elim on her. For now, Elandera. Fifth Scholar: I don't trust him, but he is called an honorary elim for a reason. I don't think anything he's done has been worthy of a lynch though. Neutral read. Haelbarde: I know he's been decently active...I just can't remember how I feel about his posts right now. He did reveal that someone had scanned Lum as corrupt, I remember that. Neutral, I guess. Hemalurgic Headshot: Neutral-elim for seem reasons as Bugsy. Rathmaskal: Neutral-elim for seem reasons as Bugsy. Shqueeves: Neutral-elim for seem reasons as Bugsy. Snipexe: I'm inclined to lean village on him, because the whole dagger passing conspiracy just seems way too obvious. I think Snip is way too experienced of a player to try a move that obvious. Young Bard: The only reason I don't completely trust him is because of that one post that keeps coming back up. I could totally imagine myself voting, then changing my vote later in the post. But from the outside perspective, it looks very much like a way to show a willingness to lynch the corrupt constable without actually being committed to doing it. On the other hand, elim!Bard easily could've claimed to have scanned me as corrupt, which would've torn apart the whole confirmed ledger circle we got going on right now. Probably would've got me lynched too. He probably wouldn't have done that, because that would just have been asking for him to get scanned eventually. So, slight village read. This took me much longer than I thought it would. Don't expect anything else from me this turn, though I might stick around for another half hour or so before I fall asleep. EDIT: Wow, I was ninja'd by Elandera, who posted half an hour ago. XD
  11. I’m sorry I haven’t posted much today. I had work; then I went to go eat lunch with my best friend for her birthday, and then I was watching semifinals for the DCI World Championships, and I’m addicted to MTG, so I’ve been playing that the past few hours. Have I even voted on anything yet? If not, Araris Drake I’ll explain my reasons when I’m not exhausted later.
  12. Fifth has a warrant. I used it on him last cycle (or was it the cycle before that?). He didn’t have anything I could take though.
  13. I was just taking a look at the rules myself, and no, buying a specific item costs 7, while buying a random one costs 3.
  14. Hmm. This is weird. Why wouldn’t the elims just save their teammate by bribing instead of redirecting your scan to ONE OF THEIR OWN?? I believe you when you say Kidpen was evil (unless he actually just bribed someone the same turn he got lynched, but I don’t know why he’d do that), I’m just curious what the elims gained from having you scan him instead of trying to save him.
  15. could Drake be hoodwinking me? I’m the one that scanned him as good.