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  1. Please reach out to me first for PMs. I will be sleeping soon and have work for much of tomorrow so won’t have a whole lot of time to try and make PMs myself. But will gladly check PMs that get sent my way.
  2. I feel like I should go into one of the secret factions. It just feels right, for some reason.
  3. Signing up as Yeyeni Nosef, a middle aged Hallendren woman who sold her Breath away years ago and doesn’t take no crap from her two kids.
  4. So, with the QF just finishing up, we should probably figure out who's running the next MR, right? I'm at the top of the list and want to run a game. I have a lot of game ideas, but don't know which one I want to run right now. So I'm going to post the rules for a few of them and have you guys vote on which one I run! (And will obviously send them all to the committee people) MRXX: Escape From Odium: Similar to Steel's singer conversion game he ran last year, just sort of my take on it. MRXX: The Simple Life of a Village in The Final Empire: A pretty simple Mistborn game with a few added things and slight variations on the basic Mistborn roles. MRXX: The Council of Honor: An amalgamation of SE, Avalon, and Secret Hitler. All in a Stormlight-themed package. Here is a poll to go vote on which game you want me to run! I'm doing it this way, just so it's easier for me to keep track of what people are wanting.
  5. Yeah, I'm passing. I can do the next LG probably though.
  6. What's next, a QF? I'm 8th in line for that and it would probably run during a time when I very much can't run it, so I'm an obvious pass. The top 5 on the list are as follows: @|TJ| @Illwei @Fifth Scholar @Szeth_Pancakes @xinoehp512
  7. *insert praise to RNGesus for sparing me* *insert question about how this result compares to VC before the turn ended*
  8. *insert confusion at not being listed as something Mat liked or didn't like* *insert witty remark about apparently being completely bland to Mat* *insert defense of Alvron based upon thinking he is village based on tone* *insert second defense of Alvron purely because he is a returning player*
  9. Okay, so either Emulaton is an elim and Devotary is their teammate, or Devotary is an elim just securing a sure exe, or neither of them are elims and we've played ourselves.
  10. *insert offended comment about Illwei's comment saying I'm bad with TMI* *insert admittance of being bad at TMI* *insert confirmation that the rules do say that exes are a 2-vote minimum*
  11. We aren't told that before the game starts. But on SE there's what's called the 25% rule. Basically, the number of elims is usually roughly 20-25% of the total players. Which means we probably have 3 elims. So this is probably ExLo (meaning we have to get an EXe on an elim or we LOse). I know I am village. I can't decide if Emulaton is, even though I am voting for them. Their claimed result either means that all three of us exterminators were village, or Emulaton is an elim. So I think I am going to leave my vote on them, because I can't imagine all three of us being villagers. I think Illwei is a villager. Same for Bort. I think Mat is an elim. Can't decide on the other players.
  12. *insert brilliant defense against Araris’s attack, which is almost perfect, yet not quite because Araris’s attack was just too good*
  13. For what it’s worth, TUN did add a question mark at the end of him saying I cleared the skyeels from Bort’s house (paraphrased, obviously) because I think he was just a confused as I was by my actions submission. Because I worded it weirdly because I didn’t understand my powers, even after lots of questions.
  14. I don’t know why my brain just could not comprehend these rules until you just explained it now. I know this, yeah. I just assumed that I’d succeeded because I thought that Bort would’ve died if I hadn’t visited his house. And the fact that we only saw one death made me assume that the skyeel attack was blocked. @EmulatonStromenkiin who did you visit? Or did you visit anyone?