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  1. This award will be mine! You hear me @Kasimir? I’m coming for you Ouch, you didn’t have to call me out! Just for that I’m telling you to go to sleep. Anyway, maybe this isn’t the best idea considering I’m also running the LG with Bip, but I’m signing up! I’ll be Variel, a man with a nervous habit of wiping off dirt from his clothes as often as possible, which is mostly ineffective in his current line of work.
  2. I'd say the Yiga's goal is to bring in the Calamity at any cost, so yeah, if no one survives, I think we'll call it an elim win.
  3. It’s definitely really exciting as the GM as well. Especially considering it’s only been a little over a day. And that Bip’s told me that some of her friends from a LoZ discord server might be joining as well, which means even more players! Exciting!
  4. I relate to this. Maybe not the crying, but I’ve watched the trailer many times now. I have that one 3/4 (or 6/4 or however it’s split up) part in the music stuck in my head on loop now. It’s so cool. I KNOOOOOOW. POG
  5. Have you ever played any LoZ games? You could look at examples of names from characters in different Zelda names and just mash some together. Or you could just come up with whatever and use something, regardless of if it actually makes sense in the Zelda universe.
  6. Shhhhh, you can’t just say that in thread, then everyone will know we were gonna give it to you. You got a character?
  7. @Ashbringer I promise nothing Also, I'm surprised that empty space at the end of your post wasn't white text.
  8. And it’s an excuse I will continue to use, regardless of my alignment.
  9. Ah shoot. I’m sorry Illwei. We didn’t add you to the GM PM for personal reasons, and it just completely slipped my mind to show you the player PMs because those had been closed since after D1, when the Tineye died. I’m sorry. :/