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  1. Oh gosh hey sorry guys. Life has been extremely crazy the last few weeks. Who knew being a teacher would turn out to be so much work? Plus I got pretty sick last week and missed two days of school. I almost certainly can’t run an LG right now. I already feel like I’m spending my evenings playing catch up for the next day. I can’t really afford to give my evenings up right now. I might have be put down as inactive in the spreadsheet until I figure my life out more as a teacher.
  2. I have to drop out. I've got way too much on my plate. Sorry guys.
  3. Congrats to the elim team for winning! And good job to all of the villagers as well! This was a fun game to watch, even if I ended up being pretty busy near the end. I was at a band convention trying to get a job. (I did get a job! Finally!) Thank you so much everyone for being such awesome players and making my life so much easier! Also everyone has already mostly done so, but keep giving Szeth all the love he deserves for running such an awesome game almost entirely by himself! He did a great job.
  4. Why not? I'll sign up. I'll come up with a character later.
  5. Yup! It happened pretty recently. And then life went and became crazy on me so I’ve been a little MIA myself the last couple months. But I’m here now!
  6. Hello everyone! It’s me, Striker! I’m your IM for this game! If you ever need to talk to someone about a moderation issue or vent about something related to the game, please reach out to me! You can PM me in your GM PM or DM me on discord. I am here for y’all. Now, go have fun murdering each other! Kindly!
  7. @Szeth_Pancakes Hey sorry I've been insanely busy. This summer is turning out to be more hectic than I'd planned. You can take the next MR, if you haven't already.
  8. I wish life would stop throwing curveballs at me. I’m actually way less free than I thought I would be. There’s no way I can get my rules ready and approved in time for the signups to go up Wednesday. I’m sorry. A lot of life stuff happened today that set me behind and I got reminded about a bunch of stuff coming up.
  9. Yeah just wanted to reiterate that the 24th is when I would be free for a game to start. And a QF would be perfect because a week is roughly how much free time I’d have to run a game. That’s assuming Fifth doesn’t want it though.
  10. Hello! I’m excited to be your IM for this game! If you are ever involved in a conflict between players, see one potentially arising, or just need to vent feel free to reach out to me! As a reminder, SE is just a game! Having fun and enjoying ourselves is the main goal of playing!
  11. mafia championship

    Everyone congratulate @_Stick_ on receiving the nomination! I’m excited to see her represent our community in the Mafia Universe Championships! Everyone wish her luck. And if you’re so willing, feel free to send her a gift to take into the Champs. She can have my Shield of the Lynch, if she wants that burden.
  12. Thanks for the compliments about my IMing! I'm glad that this game went so well! Congrats to @|TJ|, @Araris Valerian, and @The Wandering Wizard for winning! And everyone keep telling @Matrim's Dice he did a great job GMing this game. He deserves it! Also, Mat beat me to saying this, but please go ahead and vote for who you want to send to the Mafia Universe Championships! We'll be closing that poll in the next few days!
  13. mafia championship

    I just went ahead and made the poll! We've had several weeks to decide on nominees, so I don't think we need another day to get any last minute nominations in.
  14. mafia championship

    I just wanted to say that my availability has changed a little since I initially accepted, but I'm still free to do it. I won't be available May 30-June 5, June 11-24, and probably July 28-August 2. Any other time would work for me!
  15. As a reminder, please don't edit posts without also specifying what you change! Retroactively changing posts without clarifying the edits is against the rules! I don't think anyone has done this quite yet, but I see a lot of edits and wanted to give a little reminder. Also, please feel free to reach out if you are having trouble with anything, have a conflict with a player, or see a conflict between other players. Also, it's okay if you're proactive about this and it turns out everything's alright. Better safe than sorry!