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  1. I'll see you tonight too. ~ Elhokar found himself trapped in his own palace. And it was all Wit’s fault, too. Wit had encouraged Elhokar to write all those anonymous letters and have them published around the warcamps. And what had happened? Wit’s stupid advise just caused a mob to come charging against the palace. Wit ran off earlier, too, Elhokar thought. The storming bastard. I can’t even yell at him for getting me in this mess. I’ll just have to hope the guards are enough to keep them out of the palace. I don’t want to imagine what could happen if they get in here tonight…. ~ So, if it wasn’t obvious enough, I’m Elhokar. I will be surviving the exe shortly, though I’m sad that it came to this. I am glad that I decided to use that legal document last night though. To the village bodyguard (assuming we have one): I request that you protect me tonight. I haven’t decided whether I’m going to use my ability tonight or N7, but I’d rather have the security in knowing that, if something goes wrong, I’ll survive regardless of if I use my ability or not. As for how I got the Legal Document: I started with 3 spheres, so I had enough to buy it by N2.
  2. @Araris Valerian @Condensation @Ashbringer I assume there's still no chance of any of you voting for books?
  3. Sighhhh. Quinn, I'm tired of moving my vote around so much. Books (Connie) @Ashbringer @Condensation @forget me not any chance you'll vote on Books?
  4. Striker (4): Araris, Forge, Ash, Books Connie (3): TJ, Striker, Quinn I also agree that Books is a better alternative personally, but if TJ isn't willing to vote with us, I'd rather vote on someone that might let me survive. I really don't think that's the case, Araris. Plus, like Quinn said, the goal is to get an exe on Books. TJ will probably stay on Connie (since he has apparently gone to sleep and he should stay asleep). If we switch to Books, with even just one of Ash or Forge, then it's 3-3 with me and Books. And of course I got ninja'd three times while writing this.
  5. Connie (Books) @Quintessential Are you willing to change your vote to Connie? I understand that you'd probably prefer to vote Books (as would I), but if you really do think I'm village, I think Connie is our best bet. And I know it's not the best option, but hey, I'll take what I can get.
  6. Anyone else you'd be willing to vote for that isn't me, Quinn, or Books then? I'm leaning village on you right now, I think. And Ash. So, I guess I'd be fine with voting on anyone else., an Araris/Forge/Connie team just doesn't seem quite right to me, unless there's been something really funky happening this game. I still think it's possible that Books is an elim, but I'd be willing to vote on Araris or Connie. I don't think Forge is an elim.
  7. Well, with rollover being at that time, I definitely won't be on around rollover (a couple hours before or after), except for the start of the game and over the weekend.
  8. Striker (4): Araris, Forge, Ash, Books Books (2): Quinn, Striker Quinn (1): TJ So, with 2.5 hours left in the Day, we're only missing one vote (@Condensation) and I might die today. So, in order to not die, I'd like propose that we vote on 1 of two people. Either Books or TJ. Connie, @TJ Shade @Ashbringer @forget me not Are any of you willing to move onto Books with me? I feel more strongly about Books being an elim than TJ, and would prefer the vote going on to Books. In addition, Quinn's latest post feels definitely like a village thing to do, to me. I am way too easy of a target to all of a sudden decide that I'm village, when an exe on me can easily distract from an exe on an elim. And I think it's telling that Books has been mostly inactive and is now hopping onto me as soon as there's a slight chance they could get exed again, as in C3.
  9. @Ashbringer what time on Thursday will the game start? Anyway, I'm signing up as Variel. I might change my mind, but I should be able to handle this.
  10. I was on for the end of that cycle, and did feel that the last minute shift onto Whysper was surprising and concerning, though obviously my misgivings about the shift were wrong. As for who I'm willing to vote for, I'm willing to vote for any of Books, TJ, Araris, or Quinn (in order of my preference). I really doubt that Ash is an elim, I feel like Connie would be a bit more active if she'd got to pinch hit for an elim, and Forge doesn't feel like an elim to me.
  11. Of these options for possible teams I think 3 is the most likely, followed by 4, then 1, and obviously I believe 2 to be wrong. I mean, I can say that, on my end at least, I backed off mostly because I felt like Whysper was getting really riled up. I didn't want to make a whole big conflict between the two of us, so I gave her some credit for the points she was making and backed off. I still feel like Whysper went very very hard on me, and was very clearly trying to paint me as an elim, and only backed off when she saw that I wasn't going to fight her on it. I guess you can tinfoil that all you want, but I'd ask that others go back and reread that whole argument for themselves and come back and tell me they really think it was contrived and that I'm an elim because of it. Anyway, I can't find the post where you talked about me and Quinn voting together so I'll comment on that here. I'm voting alongside Quinn because I have my own suspicions of Books, and I've been willing to set aside my suspicion of Quinn for a long time now. I still have some underlying suspicion there, but I feel like that's more from our big thunderdome C4 than anything else, honestly. And I'm really starting to get the sinking feeling that all 3 of us (me, Quinn, Araris) are just villagers who've been going at each other's throats for far too long.
  12. Oh she voted for Books? I thought you said she voted for Tani in the post I quoted. I was working off of that assumption with that argument. I definitely read your post wrong. Anyway, with this in mind, my point honestly works better: why wouldn't she vote on Books for distancing? I mean, I think they make sense as elim things for Books, even if I said I was village reading them in C4. Which was mostly because I was reading all their posts with the thought of "oh, but they voted out Whysper," which at this point isn't something we can give guarantee village cred for, unless we want to say that only one of the non-Whysper voters on D3 was village. Which I just don't think is super likely.
  13. I mean, distancing doesn't have to involve actually voting on a player. And, when she was constantly voicing suspicion of Tani and Books, is it not telling that, of the two, she only ever voted on Tani? She obviously had a preference for which of the two of them died.
  14. Okay, I think we're missing each other's points. I've been assuming that at least one elim probably voted on Whysper C3. And that at least one voted on Whysper C2 as well, because the village cred from doing that would help if either of them ended up dying. Now, obviously the assumption about C2 is a lot shakier than the already pretty shaky assumption about C3. But I think these assumptions, plus the odd things about Books I saw when I reread the thread on D4 (see that post with the spoiler with all my thoughts in regards to past Books stuff), plus the fact that Books is still alive at this point at all, considering the types of kills the elim team has been making so far, makes Books not look very good.