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  1. I’ll go ahead and bring back Variel again for this game.
  2. None taken! I wish I’d realized I had the Spy role. I would’ve been a lot more motivated to actually play this game, and maybe could’ve made use of the fact that HH PM’d me. Oh well.
  3. I think I’ll just sign up. I might regret it later, but why not?
  4. ....can I seriously not go two games without getting lynched C1? I guess I am the Shield of the Lynch for a reason. For what it’s worth, I didn’t think the whole role claiming thing would be taken so seriously. Like I’ve said before, I didn’t really mean it as a serious suggestion for C1. It was more me thinking aloud. I was thinking of who might be likely to claim this early, and how they’d spin it to their advantage. Anyway, this bandwagon feels very suspect to me. The moment Lemon, Coda, and I ended up tied for a moment (which would’ve resulted in all 3 of our deaths), there was all of a sudden a huge push to get me lynched. If they’re both elims, then the elims must’ve been going crazy trying to make sure they didn’t lose two teammates in the span of one cycle. Of the people that have voted on me, I think I trust Sart the least since he’s the one who broke the tie between me and Lemon. Wonko’s reasoning made sense at the time he voted on me (wish I’d had time to respond to his post, but there’s only half an hour now). Lum’s might be the most suspect, considering it put me as a viable option for a counterlynch. I never now how to read Straw, so I don’t know what to make of his vote. Anyway, if I do get lynched, I’d say the next targets, in order of importance, are Coda/Lemon, Sart, Lum, then Wonko. I’m gonna go hop in the shower, and hopefully I can get on before the end of cycle to see if I survive.
  5. Since we’re all poke voting people apparently, Sart Lemonelon. @Lemonelon They’re the only player who hasn’t posted that hasn’t already been poked.
  6. Kas’s nickname for me is pretty apt, don’t you think? That is a pretty valid point. A roleclaim this early would serve no purpose as no one knows for sure what their role does since they don’t know what type they have. It’ll take a couple cycles of experimenting for people to figure out what they can do. Yeah, I try not to guess at the distribution too much anymore. It’s very possible that none of the elims are allomancers, but it could also just be that the elims don’t belong in the school because they’re not good enough, have a bad record, etc. Yeah, I do agree on all that. Seeing stuff like Aman’s play from my game (LG56) is really fun, and it’d be a shame to prevent someone from doing that later on if they wanted to by revealing all the secrets now.
  7. I hadn’t even thought about the possibility of feruchemy in this game. I don’t think it’s very likely, considering this is supposedly an Allomantic school, but very much a possibility since it’s Era 2. I wasn’t really advocating for a role claim this early. Just speculating about whether someone would be likely to. And what we would gain and lose by someone doing so. For what it’s worth, I slightly agree that role claims are generally a bad idea. Of course, I do have a bad habit of panicking and role claiming in the later stages of the game if I feel like I’m about to get lynched, so maybe I’m not the best authority to talk to about the strategy behind role claims. I’m not quite sure how this all connects. I can understand that there’s no apparent correlation between role and alignment. I can understand that it’s probably not the best idea to role claim. I’m just confused as to how the former means the latter is true.
  8. How dare you accuse DA of being too sneaky. Sneaking is an important part of this game. Shame on you. Sart. @Lumgol I’m kinda curious to see if anyone claims on C1. We have basically no information, so that would actually almost help us. Of course, then the elims would have more info about who they should kill....
  9. Variel had spent his whole life on the streets of Elendel. He knew them like the back of his hands. The only reason he had enough boxings to afford going to this school was because he’d once helped a generous wealthy man avoid getting run over by a carriage. The man didn’t need to know that some of Variel’s friends had set up the accident beforehand.... As he read the letter saying that his, and all the other potential students’, records had been lost, he began to see red. He was not gonna lose all that he had worked for.
  10. At the expense of my finals: relatively active. If I actually focus on my finals: not so active.
  11. If you need more players, I’ll sign up, but I’d prefer not to because finals are about to start.
  12. Welcome to SE! I can’t wait to play with you on your first game!
  13. Good job everyone! This game was really fun, and I’m surprised at how well I did this game. This was definitely my best game as a villager, even if Fifth had me fooled until near the end. I wish I’d RP’d more, but it was hard to just find the time to read the thread and respond in PMs as it was. Anyway, thank you @Elbereth for running this amazing game!!!
  14. For what it’s worth, I’m not 100% sure you’re an elim. We won’t know until the game’s over. But I feel pretty confident that you and Wonko are elims. (I’ll probably be wrong about one of you, but I’m not sure which one, and I’m not willing to vote for either of you). (Also, I’m sorry about the way my last post sounded. I definitely didn’t mean for it to sound so harsh). That makes sense about the inactive thing. I still don’t trust you because I very much don’t trust Wonko. I mean, I was saying that if someone who’s been basically completely inactive this entire game came and voted on Wonko...I’d think that’s a little weird.