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  1. Didn't get to finish reading the thread, but wanted to respond to this before rollover.
  2. Don’t mind me, completely forgot this game existed and was starting already. The only things I’ve done so far have been to read and respond to my PMs. Haven’t even read the thread yet. I just want to post so that I don’t die. I’m gonna get caught up, but won’t be able to give any thoughts before rollover probably.
  3. I didn’t think it was you. Thought it was someone pretending to be you. I really didn’t try to hide my identity this game. Mostly because I was too tired most of the time to even attempt to try.
  4. I definitely thought you had caught I'm a bad liar. Anyway, it worked out just fine since you were a villager too! I'm definitely looking forward to those PMs too! It should be really fun!
  5. You didn’t even mention my 5 oops awards! I’m really glad that I wasn’t lynched super early this game. I’ve said this multiple times before, but I’m sorry to all the elims I killed ( @_Stick_ @A Joe in the Bush). @Elandera I’m really surprised I didn’t realize you were Scorpion. Makes so much sense in hindsight. @Arraenae I also feel stupid for not figuring out who you were until I read the spec doc and your comments about Destiny made that click with what I was seeing in the Discord server. @DeTess I should’ve realized you were Iguana sooner, because I think you were one of the first people to say you were reluctant to lynch me since I was giving off StrikerEZ vibes. @Kasimir I knew the moment you took over Toucan and PM’d me (after I realized you meant you were pinch hitting and not actually a brand new player to the game) that it was you. Thanks @Elbereth and @Fifth Scholar for running this amazing game! The write-ups were great and you guys provided lots of entertainment in the spec doc for when I tragically perished (finally). Anyway, I had a blast playing this game, and can’t wait to run my non-Sanderson game! (I’m currently thinking of doing a Legend of Zelda game, but maybe someone can convince me otherwise ).
  6. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to join or not since I haven’t read Alcatraz yet, but I can’t resist with how fun those rules are! I probably won’t be able to do any RP, partly because I haven’t read Alcatraz but also because the game will go by too fast for me to because of school. @The_God_King Welcome to SE! I’m glad to have you!
  7. It’s not a big deal. Life happens sometimes. I would’ve reminded you earlier in the cycle if I’d even remembered that the inactivity filter was a thing.
  8. So, I just got done reading the dead doc, and I like how much people were talking about me in there. I really do think I played a pretty good elim in this game. Though I am curious what @Twibanu meant when you said that I was almost distancing too much? Also, what do you mean I work well in a team with almost anyone?
  9. Yeah, that’s generally what I try to do when I play as an elim. It’s really hard to do that when you have to take actions that really don’t make sense from a villager standpoint though. @Elkanah already did it! But I’d just like to say that I definitely rambled a lot in that doc. Anyway, thanks Elkanah and @Sart for being awesome elim teammates! We were so close to winning, but it’s fine that we lost. This game was really really fun to play.
  10. I love the Whack-a-mole idea! Though, since this was Reckoners, we could probably come up with a Reckoners version. Like Whack-a-Meg(an) or Whack-a-Epic. I realized that was a good strategy to have, but didn’t really use it since I was never quite sure what action I wanted to take until near the end of the cycle.
  11. @Elandera If I remember correctly, part of the reason why I didn’t want to kill you was because I thought it’d be better to keep you around to help get lynches on other players going. Alas, it was not meant to be. @BrightnessRadiant Are you gonna post the links to the spec/dead and elim docs?
  12. Rip, I was so close to winning. @BrightnessRadiant Thank you so much for running this game! I completely understand how busy you got and how that impacted your ability to be able to run this game. Don’t let it eat you up too much or anything. @Kynedath I wasn’t lying when I said I was trying to play the game with lying as little as possible. Obviously though, I had to make a couple lies here and there.
  13. I mean, I still stand by what I said. I didn’t think elim!Sart would’ve voted like he had. It didn’t really make sense to me. I like to think I genuinely am a nice person. I’m glad to know you agreed. As for stealing from you, like I said, I was worried about getting killed at some point. I was paranoid about not getting lynched early and figured the elims were just gonna let me survive until I eventually got lynched or they decided to kill me. I guess I could’ve waited to buy one eventually, but I figured the kill would come sooner rather than later. I mean, you can read it like that if you want. Don’t think there’s much I can say that will change your mind on that. Anyway, I’m pretty sure at this point if we lynch me, one of you guys will win. I’m not sure who it is at this point, but good job to whoever it is. If the elims don’t win at parity, then there will be one more cycle where it’s a standoff between two players. Good luck to whoever survives!
  14. Hey, don’t feel bad. You should always take of yourself first before worrying about the game. I’m just glad you’re still here. Can you at least repeat why you’re suspicious of me? I wanna know why you’re suspicious of me if I’m gonna be lynched (unless @Elandera gets on and votes for you, tying things up).
  15. Well, we'll already over halfway through the cycle and there's only been 6 posts, the last one being about 20 hours ago. Even though I want to believe the elims were letting us tear ourselves apart while they were hiding in the shadows, nothing Kidpen's said has really screamed super elim-y to me. So I think I'll have to vote for Kynedath. Elandera has seemed more honest in our PMs, and I'm getting paranoid that all of my early PMs with Kynedath in the beginning of the game were just a way for him to pocket me.