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  1. @TJ Shade Can we get a vote count? Also, @Breaker, that is a perfectly valid opinion on ties. I just like leaving things up to the Gods of Luck and Chance.
  2. I mean, I don’t want to exe you and I don’t want to exe Dannex. Who else am I supposed to vote for? Someone who’s not one of you two.
  3. @James Brafin For what it’s worth, we don’t need a majority to exe someone. We just need someone to have the most votes.
  4. Well...I’m certainly glad I couldn’t pull myself away from the thread for very long. Liranil. I don’t know if I necessarily completely believe you, but it would be very unfortunate to lose you this soon in the game. This is unfortunate though because now I’m the one that broke the tie I loved so much. And now I’m not sure who to vote for. I’m still leaning village on Dannex. Anyone willing to vote Ash? Their vote on Dannex just felt off to me.
  5. Okay, don’t have much time to make a post right now, but here’s a quick one. I’m going to vote on Liranil. I like ties (though I know many people don’t and I assume this tie will be broken soon) because it gives us a lot of information. Who do people want dying when it comes down to the wire like this? Who are the elims willing to show themselves saving, assuming they have vote manipulation? I love the information that comes about when we create ties. Plus the chaos of ties is always fun. As for why I’m voting Liranil, I also think that their voting pattern has been a bit odd, and I don’t know how I feel about their reasoning for why they’ve voted the way they have. I’m not sure how I feel about Dannex. I’m leaning more village than elim, but we’ll see. Also, I actually kind of read Reading as village. I, for one, didn’t notice the logical error in Reading’s post that Mat pointed out. And I think elims are more likely to notice those kinds of things before they post. Because elims tend to overthink everything before they post or vote or whatever.
  6. Honestly, I'm finding myself more confused than I think James might be. I don't know if I've played a game that had this much silliness and chaotic energy in once cycle.
  7. Honestly same. I think the gist of it is that everyone was suspecting Dannex for a bit? And now only some of us suspect him and now others of us suspect Connie? I'm not really sure where I stand, because I think Dannex could just be a very defensive player, so the defensiveness could just be that. But I also know that I get really defensive as an elim myself. And I don't even know why some of us suspect Connie. It's been going a bit too fast for me to make sense of that. And James seems to be a very aggressive player, in my opinion, but that seems to be because of the background he has in other types of mafia games. We're a lot more chill when we play here, focusing more on having fun.
  8. Guys. You have no idea how much not fun it was to try and get caught up on all of this. I didn't even really have a chance to guess at the size of the elim team like I normally do on D1. I'm gonna do it anyway. With 19 players, I'd bet there's no less than 4, and 5 is probably pushing the number of elims as well. Also, I don't really have much of a read on anyone yet, though it is a bit odd how fast the votes have all been flying around.
  9. I will gladly break TJ - I mean TJ's game. I will do it in your honor, oh great and mighty Kas.
  10. I'm definitely signing up. I'll be known as Star, a strange figure that you can't quite tell if they're a man or woman or something else. So, it's definitely been a long time since I read WoT, but that's fine.
  11. He certainly has a very interesting play style. Tends to make people confused, so they just read him as elim. I’m gonna blame this partly on the fact that I ended up having a much busier work schedule than I was anticipating for the course of this game. It was hard to keep up with the posts as they were happening, not even to mention trying to read back through old posts. I do feel a bit silly for trusting Snip so much, even after we had two village Heklos die. I just really thought that he would be village for some reason because of that PM he made with me very early on. I should’ve reconsidered as we got closer to the end and had two dead village Heklos, that maybe the third one was actually elim. Anyway, my one (1) successful protect was Straw. I do wish I’d waited to protect TJ. I probably would’ve protected him the cycle I needed to, if I hadn’t protected him the cycle before. Ah well, this was still really fun! It was fun trying to predict who the elims were gonna hit, even if I was very wrong. Also, good job to @Quinn0928 for gaining my trust until very near the end. And for kind of making me suspect TJ a little.
  12. That's certainly surprising! Normally I get read as elim no matter what I do.
  13. You always seem to what when we play together? And I did protect you. Just one cycle too early.