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  1. Kyle Norman had spent his whole life waiting for this moment. Having never experienced anything exciting or out of the ordinary, he'd begun his search for something strange at the ripe young age of 21. 5 years later, with nothing to show for it and a lot less money than he had started with, he decided to make his way to the White House. If he was gonna do one last thing before he returned to a normal life of working in a late stage capitalist society, he may as well visit the White House. And now he was here. And there was something strange going on. He'd never been more excited in his life. ~ Okay, I've read all of the rules and I'm caught up on everyone's posts, I just don't have many thoughts to give right now. Like always, xino's analysis of the roles and stuff is pretty good and I don't have much to say about that that hasn't already been said. I'll probably read over everything again in a bit to see if there's anything that might be worth commenting on that I forgot about since I last read the thread at almost 2 am last night.
  2. There would still be more traders than elims. Normally, the game ends when elims outnumber or which parity with the village, so it doesn't make sense to start the game off with more elims than villagers. In a game this size and with a normal elim team I'd expect 3-4 elims. If the elims don't have a doc and they don't know the identities of their teammates, I'd bet that number's closer to 5-6. 7 would be a bit too much, and 8 would absolutely be way too much.
  3. Hmmmm. This is definitely interesting. I didn't even initially consider the possibility of the elims not having a doc or even not knowing their teammates. I'm not sure that's what's going on here (though why else would Elkanah PAFO the question?), but I do know that I don't really like the idea. For me, the fun part of being an elim is getting to talk with your teammates and plot out the demise of the village. Otherwise, you're kind of a lone serial killer, except you don't even get complete control over your kill. I don't have any thoughts on anyone yet really. Though, I'd love it if xino was an elim just trying to throw us off the trail by making us think that the elims don't know each other when they actually do.
  4. Okay, so I'm gonna create a faction that's goal is to kill all of the Crystal Knights. I'll decide on a character later.
  5. @[email protected] Spaghetti If either of you are still looking for a non-Sanderson could pick this one. I've already got a plan for one, but if neither of you can do this one...I might have to.
  7. Yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and sign up. I've been missing playing, and I seem to have a lot more time than I used to. Shien, the name of a man no one recognizes yet claims to have studied at all the great universities of Arelon.
  8. So, I’ve realized that I definitely don’t have time to play this game, so I need to go ahead and just drop out. I’ll still take a spec doc link!
  9. @Zillah Your vote count was technically wrong. I expressed that I’d probably vote on Fifth, but didn’t actually vote. But I will now because I don’t have much else to go on and might forget to check again later. Fifth Scholar.
  10. I need to come up with a character eventually, but I’ll go ahead and sign up now.
  11. First off, I’d like to say it’s a good thing that this game is a mid-range because the last QF moved by way too fast for me with my class schedule and stuff. Second, this post is gonna be short because it’s getting late already. Third, I have a tentative trust of Elkanah. Not because what he said seems village-y to me, but the way he said it certainly does. Also, @Araris Valerian @Fifth Scholar (tagging both of you because I can’t remember which of you said the thing I’m responding to ), there is nothing stopping an elim from gathering information publicly. I did it just a couple games back, and if it weren’t for me tangling myself up with Sart early on in the game, I think it would’ve worked nearly perfectly. Fourth, something about Fifth’s post feels off to me, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. I’m gonna wait and see what other people say (and more from Fifth specifically) before I vote.
  12. Oh yeah, I signed up for this game. I’ve got a pretty busy day, so I probably won’t have time to refresh myself on the rules and post until tonight. Don’t lynch me while I’m gone, okay?
  13. I’m in. I’ll come up with a character at some point (hopefully) before the game.
  14. I really enjoyed playing this game, even though I wasn’t as active as I would’ve liked. @Zillah @The_God_King @Feruchemical Skybreaker it was really fun playing with you guys, and I hope to see you in more games in the future! Also, sorry to the elims I guess for accidentally leading to clearing a bunch of people.
  15. Before I forget and fall asleep, I’m just gonna go ahead and put a vote on The_God_King. You’re one of the only players I don’t really trust (those being Kynedath, FeruSky, and probably Rath), and I think there’s more circumstantial evidence against you than there is against Zillah.