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  1. Day 4 - It Was A Quiet Night It seemed that, after the chaos of the day, most of the officers seemed to just want to go to sleep or talk amongst themselves. Draff was perfectly fine with that, because he wasn’t sure how much kore stress he could take before something bad happened again. Because he knew it would. Since nothing incriminating had been found in Sart’s possession, people were beginning to suspect Wilco of being a rebel. Obviously, he adamantly denied these claims. Some believed him, some didn’t. Draff felt it was best to stay out of that. If he voiced his opinion either way, who knew if Wilco would survive the night. Draff couldn’t sleep that night because he kept getting nightmares about a strange monster ravaging the city, except no one could see it. Finally, he decided to just walk through the halls of the station to keep his mind off things. That’s when he found Thomas’s body. The poor man. He’d survived the last beating just to die with a knife in his back this time. Draff began mentally preparing himself to write yet another letter to some unlucky family. ~ MrakeDarshall was killed! They were a Police Tineye! PMs are open, but remember that each player may only make one new PM each turn. Remember to include me and Mailliw in all PMs, and group PMs ARE allowed. There is a two-vote minimum for a lynch and a tied lynch results in one of the tied lynchees’ death. Player List I’m moving rollover back a couple hours because this will make my life easier once I leave for Italy at the beginning of July. This turn will last 50.5 hours and will end at 10 PM CDT on June 20th
  2. I’m a minute late, but the turn is over!!!
  3. Night 3 - Truth and Lies The day had started off calm enough, with just a few scattered discussions going on around the station. But then it seemed as if Ruin himself came back to whisper in everyone’s ears. There were so many claims being made about the few officers that people were now afraid of, Wilco, Thomas, and Sart. Plus, apparently some people had been making untrue claims about whether or not they had allomantic abilities. Draff knew there would be trouble today, but he couldn’t be in all places at once. So, he decided he’d patrol the lobby, hallways, and every room he could think of where someone might try to kill one of the people being accused of being a rebel now. He was making his seventh rotation around the station when he heard yet another scream from a nearby room. Cursing under his breath, he ran to go see who had died now. He found Sart in the room, just barely breathing. Apparently whoever had been attacking him had decided he couldn’t be a rebel. Draff had him taken to the infirmary, then settled down on one of the benches in the lobby. There were only so many of them left now, and they couldn’t afford to keep doing this to each other. All of the lying, half-truths, and beatings were going to tear them apart. ~ (7) Sart: Fifth Scholar, Amanuensis, Ventyl, _Stick_, Devotary, Aonar, Lumgol (4) Aman: Sart, Araris, Rath, MrakeDarshall Sart was lynched! They were a Police Lurcher! Player List: PMs are open, but remember that each player may only make one new PM each turn. Remember to include me and Mailliw in all PMs, and group PMs ARE allowed. This turn will last 24 hours and will end at 7:30 PM CDT on June 18th.
  4. The cycle is now over! I lost track of time, so the next cycle probably won't be out for about another half hour or so. PMs will be out just before that.
  5. It's actually about just over 4 hours.
  6. Day 3 - Disaster Strikes The night started off peaceful enough. Maybe too peaceful, as if it was the calm before the storm. Draff felt the tension in the air intensify as everyone left the lobby to go to sleep. Quick glances between officers, whispered words into ears. It all seemed too much for him. He ended up laying in his bed, staring at the ceiling when the first scream came. He got up as quickly as he could, sprinting down the hall towards where he heard the scream coming from. Draff rounded the corner of a hallway to see someone disappearing around the other side of the hallway, with Thomas limping towards Draff. Thank Harmony, Draff thought, he managed to- There was a loud crash from somewhere else in the station. Quickly, he ran to the sound, but he knew he would be too late, it was just too far away. He found Nedar Latfin dead in his bed. This time, he didn’t even get a chance to think before he heard another scream. Draff couldn’t take it anymore, so he just slumped to the ground and put his head between his knees and began to weep. Sometime later, another officer came and found him and told him the news. Someone had heard a struggle coming from Xino’s room, and went to go check on him. He was dead in his bed. But they’d found hidden notes throughout the room about some of the bombings throughout the city. He was a Rebel. Draff felt disgusted at how happy he felt. No one’s death should be celebrated...but Xino had caused the death of so many innocent civilians, so maybe it was for the best. ~ MrakeDarshall was attacked, but survived! Young Bard was removed by the inactivity filter! They were a Police Officer! xinoehp512 was killed! They were a Rebel Officer! Player List: PMs are open, but remember that each player may only make one new PM each turn. Remember to include me and Mailliw in all PMs, and group PMs ARE allowed. There is a two-vote minimum for a lynch and a tied lynch results in one of the tied lynchees’ death. This turn will last 45 hours and will end at 7:30 PM on June 17th.
  7. That's it, turn is over! I'm working really hard to get the write up finished, and then I'll send out PMs and post the next Turn!
  8. I'm gonna be leaving in about an hour or so to start getting ready for work, and I probably won't be able to get on until maybe the last 15-25 minutes before rollover, so I'm gonna go ahead and remind everyone that there's just a little less than 8 hours left before rollover! Here are the players who have not met the post requirement: @Amanuensis @Lumgol @Araris Valerian @Rathmaskal @Young Bard @Aonar @Snipexe @Straw @MrakeDarshall @xinoehp512
  9. Just realized the player list I copied and pasted had Walin in it still instead of Young Bard. I just fixed it.
  10. Lachlan McZombie hated four things in life. First, he really hated the zombies. Ironic, considering his family name was McZombie.... Second, he hates counting. Thirdly, he hates working with others. Thankfully though, Lachlan was willing to put aside his hatred of working together as a team in order to fight his first hatred, zombies. He pulled out his trusty pocket knife and began to start cutting off branches from the nearby trees. Next, he started whittling down the ends with his knife in order to make good spears for the rest of the party. Finally, he noticed that Manny appeared to be ordering all the garbage trucks in town...considering the fact that they were not really close to any towns, as far as he was aware, he thought that wouldn't be much help with the two zombies they'd spotted.
  11. So, do we spend the next 24 hours talking in the thread about how to combat the zombies? Or do we take actions in PMs? Or do we post our actions in here?
  12. @Alvron So...has the game officially started?