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  1. I'm pretty sure there's some reference to aluminum coming via meteorite, though I may be mixing worlds in my head.
  2. So in Secret History, Keslier is unable to assume the powers of Preservation, even for a short time, because he is insufficiently Connected to Preservation. However, he is a full Mistborn with no hemalurgic spikes, and allomancy is of Preservation. Does this mean that an important way to forge Connection with a shard is by embodying its intent? That's the only thing I can think of that matches these facts. And if this is the case, can you forge Connection with a shard not present on your planet in this way?
  3. I don't think this information has come out before, but I accidentally got Peter to own up to the canon carat values for spheres. Broam: 2 carat Mark: .5 carat Chip: .1 carat
  4. My understanding of the scene with the two ardents who measure the flamespren is meant more to foreshadow the nature of spren as Cognitive beings. They measure, and have a strong cognitive understanding of what the spren was to be, and the physical altered to match the cognitive. I'm not sure about some of this. The oaths seem to be less of a limiting factor to Knights Radiant, and more how they actually power up. They are allotted more power and ability by making a pledge on, essentially, how to use that power.
  5. Elendel has already started to monetize the Metallic Arts. We have examples of Coinshots being used as high-speed couriers, Thugs functioning as muscle (and I'm sure as a welcome addition to the constabulary), and Soothing parlors. Once nicrosil enters into their consideration, you can bet it will lead to for-sale metalminds. Of course even regular Ferrings can use their abilities for money. I believe it was mentioned in SoS or BoM that Archivists make excellent clerks, Sentries could make excellent... well... sentries. In fact, that's one of the things I'm looking forward to most about Eras 2 and 3, seeing how this magic is used to interact with regular technological development. In our world, we have protein bars for hikers and for soldiers to take with them into the field. They'll have caloric metalminds instead. Heck, a modern-style military outfitted with a recycle-able system of metalminds would make for incredibly adept small units, able to function in all environments and with incredible effectiveness. Especially considering that as the population grows, so will the stock of Compounders who can create these things wholesale. And if hemalurgy enters into the common knowledge, they could probably sell their abilities on their deathbeds for handsome sums to be paid to their dependents, which can then be used to create corporate Compounders. Hmm. Your Olympics idea makes me wonder... would a chromium Misting be able to wipe the feruchemical charges from a metalmind?
  6. Well, we know for sure that the Splintering of D&D happened before the chasm happened. Because Odium took their Splintered power and shoved it into the Cognitive, and it BECAME the Dor. All Selish magic is achieved by shapes tied to location that manage to essentially tap the Dor, channeling it into a desired result. If the chasm screwed up Elantris access to the Dor, they had to have already had a fully developed system of accessing the Dor. In the case of off-world Elantrians... I suppose I don't really have proof, just a vague recollection of a WoB. My understanding had been that Selish magic was possible to have work off-world, it was just extraordinarily difficult.
  7. I gotta say, I never have liked the idea of Autonomy teaming up with Odium. The simple fact is that Shardic Intent should reject the idea of a team up, even more so the idea of being the subservient one in a partnership, as WoB indicates is the only way Odium would agree. I find it strange enough that Autonomy would make it a habit to interfere with other Shards in the first place. Unless... perhaps there exists some entity (likely another Shard) that has discovered a way to corrupt Shards?
  8. That... is an interesting correlation that I had not drawn. I've been poring through WoB without seeing anything about it, but that is a rather huge list. Edit: Got it! Difficult, but not impossible. My assumption would be that a feruchemist could tap sufficient Connection to "bond" with Nalthis, like how Southern Scadrians are able to communicate with Northern Scadrians except on a larger, more dramatic scale. This would probably also have to be coincidental, since we don't really understand the criteria necessary to Return, plus you could only sustain that level of Connection for so long, leaving a short window to die and come back. Second edit: Reformatted for better flow.
  9. For me, I would probably go with feruchemy based on what we know currently. And that's mostly because feruchemy, once you get past the basic metals, seems incredibly adept at breaking all the things. After that, probably a Knight Radiant, because I like what is essentially fantasy power armor. Not sure what Order yet, as I don't think Windrunner or Lightweaver suits me and we don't know much about the others. (Though falling for flying is pretty rad.)
  10. Essentially what it says in the title. I've been thinking of a lot of Cosmere questions lately, and I think this is one I'm most proud of, as it doesn't seem like anyone else has sparked on the idea yet. If a worldhopper traveled to Nalthis and died for whatever reason, would they be able to return? We know that Breath is one of the easiest magics for non-natives to wield, and since the Divine Breath of a Returned comes from Endowment, it stands to reason that a Shard would have an even easier time stamping Investment onto someone from the outside. I think there are some interesting possibilities here. I subsequently started wondering if, perhaps, the female Terris worldhopper was a member of the Court of the Returned. I think it would be really neat, and quite unexpected, though I understand that the nurse is the prevailing theory and more likely, considering the gleeful smile Brandon gave when asked.