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  1. I still get chills from the Warcraft 3 cinematic when Arthas kills his father. My personal favorite.
  2. Which book to start next...hmm...

  3. 4. Don't worry when it comes to combat. 99% of all enemy attacks will miss you, but 99% of your attacks will hit your enemies.
  4. The Imperial March from Star Wars!
  5. Going to try, but I'm sure I won't hit my goal. xD
  6. I made this one a looooong time ago (though I did steal the idea from someone else who did a similar one for GRRM):
  7. How does the hat float above the beard? What sorcery is at work here?
  8. Welcome to the geek den! Enjoy your stay!
  9. I didn't care for Moana. The songs weren't that great, in my opinion. I only really enjoyed one.
  10. Excellent, maybe he'll want a part in a future movie or TV show.
  11. In a world where gritty, dark, and "everyone is evil" fantasy has been big, Brandon's work is a breath of fresh air. It has real heroes. He also isn't afraid of high complexity in his novels and treats his readers as if we're intelligent. As for the man himself, one thing that strikes me about Brandon is that he really is one of us. He's a fan first.
  12. That's fair! I expect most people will start with Book 1. If you like audiobooks, Book 1 has a terrific audiobook narrator (John Pirhalla) -- and I have a few free Audible keys left, if you want one.
  13. Welcome to the forum! Don't worry, the more outlandish the theory, the better.
  14. Aww, thanks guys, you're all awesome. I love this forum, I swear.
  15. I got a book out today, I was hoping some of you would check it out. Some of you have been super helpful beta reading for me, and even Brandon himself was nice enough to respond to a message I sent him (I thought I got his assistant, but apparently it really was him.) I've been pretty excited, since it's in Amazon's top 10 (military fantasy) Hot New Releases with Oathbringer! Just being on the same page as that is a cause for me to celebrate. My books aren't quite as long as Brandon's, but you'll get a good story. I really care what you guys think!