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  1. I don't think I actually answered the OP's question either. I think that SKA is far from over. I am of the opinion that Kaladin will move on for the time being, however Shallan will become acutely aware of the unresolved feelings for Kaladin that she refused to address in OB, particularly when she reintergrates. As it stands, she isn't even able to entertain the idea of being with Kaladin because she hasn't dealt with his part in Helaran's death. It's just counterintuitive to think that BS would include so much build up to Shalladin only for it to be thrown to the wayside. I have always been of the opinion that SKA will reflect navani/dalinar/gavilar, and I still believe this. I would love for BS to expand on that WOB where he stated that he intentionally made the SKA relationships mirror another.
  2. Wow, that preview picture is just gorgeous! I haven't played a card game since Yu-Gi-Oh but I'll definitely be picking these up!
  3. I completely agree with this. The very act of being in a betrothal means that you have a higher level of commitment to the union than normal courtship. That compounded by Adolin's superior social standing makes it that much more of a pressured situation. Shallan would also experience a greater deal of social stigma than Adolin would should the betrothal be broken. I also feel that there are other factors contributing to Shallan having gone through with the marriage. From one of Shallan's earlier passages from WoK, it can be inferred that she had a longstanding schema whereby she expected to be married off to another noble (picked out by her father) and fill the role of a married lighteyes lady. And then we have Adolin, who was picked out by Jasnah, and is able to provide her with the closest thing to the future that she was brought up to expect. He represents the correct course of her future - the union that is deemed most proper and beneficial. There's also something to be said about Shallan's unnatural reaction whenever she perceives Adolin as pulling away from her. I believe that it's this reaction that led her to diving headlong into the marriage. Adolin providing her with an option to leave likely put the fear of god in her, because the decision to continue with a relationship is far less daunting and final than deciding to end it altogether (which is what would have happened I imagine, because I'd expect Adolin to have enough pride not to go running back to her if she changed her mind). So she had the choice to stay in a secure, beneficial and pleasant union with one man, or to potentially be left alone with her demons in a state of uncertainty (there's no guarantee that a union with Kaladin was even possible, let alone would lead to a longterm relationship). It's human nature for people to tread the path of least resistance. She then proceeded to overcompensate to resecure her relationship with Adolin, even telling a half truth that Veil was the one in love with Kaladin, and had 'bad taste in men'. The latter is particularly laughable, because if Kaladin is the sort of choice that results from 'bad taste', then I'm not quite sure what actually constitutes good taste. It just feels so false that I had to start doubting everything that Shallan was saying in that passage.
  4. It was tough picking between Dalinar and Jasnah! I went for Dalinar in the end because I loved learning about his past in OB. That being said, I'm dying to find out more about Jasnah.
  5. I would say that they're a fairly good representation of what an arranged marriage is. Your marriage is proposed by family members, you meet and court for a very short period of time and then get married. Of course you get a say in the matter - arranged marriages are not synonymous with forced marriages (that's a different matter entirely). Although there's plenty of encouragement and/or pressure from family members. I would say that Navani's overzealous reaction and Jasnah's presumption to make arrangements before even telling Shallan reflects this. And then there's the artificial environment in which you get to know one another. I particularly disliked Shallan and Adolin's interactions during WoR, because so much of it was littered with thoughts of Shallan trying to impress Adolin and convey herself a certain way to gain his interest. It was all so cold and calculating. So when Shallan and Kaladin had such a wonderfully natural, uncontrived scene in the chasms, I found it very refreshing. Isn't it funny how our personal experiences shape our interpretations of text?
  6. Granted, but you have to spend the rest of your life as metapod (no chance of evolving). I wish I could get my cat to love me :'D
  7. You flatter me, good sir! (Also, 'Who is America' is on my list to watch!)
  8. I've never actually given a detailed opinion of this book, so I thought better late than never! My overall opinion of the book is that it is inferior to the other two SA books. There were times when it was so tedious to get through that I couldn't believe that I was reading something by BS. I've made two brief(ish) lists of some of the things I liked and disliked. It's just what I can remember at the moment, I'll almost certainly be adding to the lists constantly. The Good -Kaladin's reunion with his parents and meeting Oroden - I found this scene so emotional, and even teared up when Kaladin cried on meeting the little guy. To me, it signified his grief over the loss of Tien, intermingled with the new hope of a brother he could still protect. Happy and sad tears. Hit me right in the feels because my own little brothers are the most important people in my life. -Every flashback scene with Evi and Dalinar - I just found their story so fascinating, and I have to say that I'm a sucker for having my heart broken. Evi was too precious for this world. -The scene where little Renarin offers his father a drink. There aren't enough words to describe how heart-wrenchingly beautiful I found this scene to be. -'I AM UNITY!' - Need I say more? -The Girl Who Stood Up. This was a wonderful chapter and a step towards the right direction for Shallan. I also love the relationship that Wit and Shallan have, especially the fact that he still actively looks out for her even though he has his own far greater burdens to bear. -Jasnah being Jasnah. Move aside Shallan. The Bad -Lack of consequences for Adolin killing Sadeas - I personally would love to see an 'Adolin going dark' arc, because as he is currently, I find him to be terribly boring. If not that, then I had at least hoped for some kind of tension to arise from this plotline. -Shadesmar - The image of mystery and danger I associated with shadesmar from the previous books has forever been ruined by beaded trees and tinned food. -Shallan's mental state in general. To sum it up - 'Girl, what is you doing?' (but in all seriousness, her character took several steps backward IMO. I miss WoR Shallan) -Szeth's return - I love the guy, but the impact from his demise in WoR is diminished. -Kaladin taking a back seat - I think that his character really suffered due to this. Previously a multi-dimensional, complex character, I felt he was relegated to a flanderised version of himself to make room for other characters. P̶l̶u̶s̶ ̶I̶ ̶j̶u̶s̶t̶ ̶l̶o̶v̶e̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶n̶e̶e̶d̶ ̶m̶o̶r̶e̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶h̶i̶m̶.̶ -The 'twist' that the humans are the voidbringers. I more or less suspected this, but it was confirmed from Venli's passage during the Kholinar siege where she states that Kholinar rightfully belonged to them (or something to that effect). -Shallan's decision to marry - Oh boy, do I find this problematic to say the least. In her current state, she shouldn't be marrying ANYONE. Yes, I am a shalladin shipper before anyone asks, but I would still think it was wrong even if the marriage was to Kaladin at this stage. Maybe this is my medical background talking, but it's debatable whether she even possesses the capacity to make an informed decision at present (and such an important and life-altering one at that)! More on this in the SKA thread. -The aftermath of Elhokar' death - To put it bluntly, there wasn't one. We saw some grief on Navani's part and that was it. -Not enough Kadolin bromance. Seriously, it was a definite step down from WoR. -The chapter about Tarah. Yes, I understand that it was important to reiterate Kaladin's inability to let go of the dead and live for the present. But when I think that I could have got another chapter of hoid hurling insults at people, I get sad. Or even bridge 4 bants. The possibilities are endless.
  9. I'm watching Made in Abyss right now. I was hooked from the start - the premise, music and beautiful atmosphere gave this anime the potential to be one of my favourites. The build up prior to descending in to the abyss was amazing; just incredibly suspenseful and well done. But sadly the show really suffers from a pacing problem IMO. It slowed down so much in the middle, and now I'm struggling to finish it! I will of course, because I've heard from multiple people that it gets better. Other than this, I am waiting to start watching FMP: IV with my older brother. We're both die hard FMP fans, so we were over the moon when the new season was announced after 10+ years!
  10. Brooklyn 99 season 2! I'm aware that I'm very late to this party but I just love it! Favourite characters being Peralta and Holt, special mentions to Boyle and Rosa. And Terri. And Gina. You know what? I love em all!
  11. I know you posted this some time back, but that is just awesome! I would be star struck too for sure! I've considered writing to Brandon on numerous occasions, and have actually written out a few draft copies but then I always get embarassed and shy about it. Somewhat reminiscent of the time I went to his signing in Edinburgh and all I could get out was 'I-I...I LOVE WORDS OF RADIANCE!' before scuttling away.
  12. I really hope he turns the trope on it's head too. I come from a culture where arranged marriages are still the norm. And I honestly think it's one of the most toxic and outdated traditions that needs to be rid of. My parents, who had an arranged marriage at age 17, have had the most vitriolic, acrimonious marriage I can think of. At best, I've seen arranged marriages where the partners form a symbiotic and practical relationship built out of necessity. Sometimes love builds over time, but the former is far more common. So it's a real pet peeve of mine when this type of relationship is romanticised. So I have all my fingers and toes crossed that he'll subvert this one.
  13. Words of Radiance > The Way of Kings > Oathbringer WoR had the best scenes of SA, my favourites being the 4v3 duel, the chasm scene and Kaladin saving Dalinar.
  14. I really loved the movie. It was marvellous to behold, the characters endearing, and fresh without sacrificing too much of the familiar in my opinion. Kylo and Rey were the main stars for me, and though the ending feels resolute in terms of Kylo turning to the darkness, I can't help but hope that he will find redemption. I've been lurking on the Jedi Council forums since I watched it, and am largely unsurprised by the intensity of backlash it's received. The main issues seem to be the following; 1) Rey being a nobody - I actually loved this development. And it's hard for me to understand why so many fans insist that she be a Skywalker/Solo/Kenobi, and I don't think her worth as a protagonist is tied to her lineage. The extent of anger over this makes me wonder if JJ Abrams will pander to the fans and reverse the decision in E9, as it was left in a way that would allow for this. I really hope not though! I hate when fans have that much sway over the progression of a story. 2) Leia flying through space like superman - To be fair, I didn't particularly enjoy this either. 3) Luke Skywalker's end - I was okay with this, if a little sad. I'm fine with the fact that the OT characters are slowly being phased out to make way for the new generation. I think the general consensus on the JC forums is that people expected him to have greater involvement in episodes 8 and 9. They felt that his death wasn't befitting of a jedi (Yoda anyone?) and indeed that many of his actions were out of character (refusing to help Rey, considering killing Kylo Ren in the hut etc). But i'm actually glad that he didn't stay the same for 30 years, and that he's become a more jaded person. It makes sense given everything he's been through. All in all, I do believe that the SW fandom can be toxic at times and it made me glad to be a part of one as civilised as this. But it also highlighted the way that fans can raise their expectations sky high through theorising between movies, only to lash out when their fantasies aren't realised. I hope RJ doesn't get too much crap from fans, as I think he did a great job.
  15. Having read the final draft, I see what you mean about the missing paragraphs! It's a great piece of feedback.