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  1. Sorry. Posted in wrong topic. That's what I get for using my phone. Carry on.
  2. To me, Taravangian meeting Dalinar on a dumb day is a smart move. It's a great cover. The dumb, empathetic Mr. T is more likely to get more out of Dalinar than a keen and intelligent Mr. T. Adrotagia is there to keep him out of trouble, but is also there to listen/observe Dalinar's unguarded answers and actions. And all the while, no one suspecting Mr. T of any sort of heinous activity or future betrayal.
  3. I personally subscribe to the theory that she is still alive and is the one writing the words at the beginning of the chapters. People say that she is dead. Maybe a body was found, but in a world of soulcasters who is to say for sure. I have no proof. I just want it to be real to throw some sort of wrench in well laid plans.
  4. With this thought, I wonder when Shallan will start to think that Jasnah isn't as dead as she might believe.
  5. Yes, yes they are. But the truth is, the future is dark. We are talking about the Last Desolation here. It isn't going to be pretty. We don't know much about Truthwatchers. We know they see...something. Renarin just may not know how to say what he knows. Remember, he has other issues. And again, future sight has been labeled as bad, heresy, and evil in Alethi culture. That's a lot to overcome. I agree. Rayse has an edge and this may be it. As I said, we just know so little about Truthwatchers to really say one way or the other. Thanks for the discussion!
  6. Interesting idea, but it doesn't quite feel right to me. I don't think that because you can see into the future necessarily means you've got Odium on your contact list. In Way of Kings, Honor says that Cultivation is better at seeing the future than he is. I think that future sight comes from her. This ability has just received a bum rap because it has been associated with the Voidbringers. How do we know that is true and not some propaganda spread around by the Vorinism?
  7. How do we know that Shshshsh is dead? We only have the word of several characters, and if I am reading this topic right, perhaps only from Dalinar himself! If there is one thing I have learned from reading Brandon Sanderson is that you do not count anybody dead until you see the body fall down at your feet, impaled by several shardblades, with the head removed. And not even then! Perhaps Shshshsh wasn't kidnapped at all, but either led the rebellion in the city or at least sympathized with it. Feeling betrayed, Dalinar reacts as the Blackthorn would and there is a bloodbath, scores of people dead. At the end, Dalinar believes that he has killed his wife, but she is only mostly dead and survives. Maybe she has now sworn vengeance upon the Kholinars and is working with Odium to destroy the world. Of course, no evidence to support such a theory, and I have no idea what she would have been doing for the last ten years. I just like speculating.
  8. That right there make me rethink my assumption that it was Jasnah. Who is the author of Oathbringer. Some thoughts I have now are that it might be a Herald or maybe even Honor? Or is it a main character that we have seen and nothing has changed. Who has suffered something worst that death? My own personal theory is that the author is Shhshhh, and that she is going to bring all sorts of confusion and discord to Kholinar family when she comes out and says "Surpise! I'm not dead." Think of how awkward it would be for Navani.
  9. Could it be that Dalinar is not Renarin's father at all? If true, could it be a factor in Shhshhh's death? Pretty long stretch I know, and definitely without any evidence. But since we know almost next to nothing about her, it is fun to speculate.
  10. My library posted these questions, so I thought that I would post them here. Who is your favorite literary love-to-hate-'em villain? Who is your favorite literary hate-to-love'em villain?
  11. Pardon the thread necromancy, but for some reason I just now found this thread. Have to admit that I am surprised that no one has mentioned Robin Hobb and the books in her world of the Elderlings. FitzChivalry Farseer is by far one of my most favorite narrators. The stories are magical, humorous, and exciting. And ships that are alive...awesome! Stay away from the Soldier Son trilogy, though. That was bad.
  12. Kaladin flying for the first time (of course it is not so much "flying" as it is "falling with style). Totally had a Wax and Kelsier feel. Brandon really likes his characters to fly. Wit/Kaladin/Adolin/Shallan combo "You! Me!" was hilarious. Would like to have Seen more between Wit and Shall an. The stormfight at the end. Kaladin dropping from the sky like a blue comet with rain and thunder and mass chaos, ready to kick butt and take names. Priceless. Oh and everything else as well.
  13. With all that we have read from the chapter/interlude releases, it seems like spren and future Radiants are coming out the wahzoo! So my question is, based on the Divine Attributes that Knight Radiants exhibit and the idea that there is usually some sort of struggle with one or both of the attributes, who do you think has the right stuff to be one of the lustrous heroes? Or, who do you want to be one? I figure Moash would make a good Dustbringer since he is very Brave but I would say he definitely has to work on being Obedient. We know Renarin has a spren somewhere, so he might be a Just person who really needs to work on his Confidence. I foresee a future Skybreaker in the works. I would love to see Lopen become a Radiant. Just think of all the things that would come out of his mouth! I think he has the potential for a Lightweaver. Sure he is not Creative in the same way as Shallan, but the things he says hint for me a creative mind in his words. And maybe he hasn't been quite honest with how he lost his arm or why he was sent to the bridge crews. So who would you choose? I apologize if this has been done before.
  14. I was reading another topic and it was mentioned Kaladin reciting the Third Ideal during his battle with Szeth. So the thought is do you think that WoR will have the Third Ideal recited? And with no information on what the Third Ideal actually is, what situation would you like to see Kaladin in where is brought to do so? I think it would be cool to see the Third Ideal have something to do with Kaladin's relationship with Amaram. Like "I will protect those who are idiot jerks and deserve to tarred and feathered and then driven out of town" or something similar.There is a lot of potential for him to grow into his Radianhood with this.
  15. I think that Shen is slaveform who will learn to be something more than he is. The one doubt I have about Shen being is a spy is that I have a hard believing the Listeners would want to have a spy among the bridge crews? It makes more sense to have spies with the Alethi highprinces and other leaders where they can go unnoticed, picking up information. A parshman among the crews stands out, and would have a hard time learning anything. Of course, not that there is much a spy could learn about Alethi strategy in the crews. Though, a spy would be in a good position to do some sabotage.... Of course, do we know why Shen was placed with the bridge crews? Maybe he got caught doing something he shouldn't have... Hmmm..... I am not sure if I just talked myself into changing my mind or not.