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  2. and in case the embed doesn't work:
  3. Huh, it's showing up embedded for me. Try this:
  4. Including character art for Conflux, Nightwielder, someone I'm fairly sure is Faultline, and several other Epics who seem to be original to the game.
  5. Video of the stream is available on YouTube. Here is a full video, including discussion of the history, operations, and vision of Nauvoo Games and an unrelated guessing game at the end. Here is an abbreviated video including only the discussion of the Reckoners game itself. Highlights: The game is designed for 1-6 players (yes, you can play by yourself if you want to). A typical game session is estimated to take about 75 minutes. Play is entirely cooperative. Players take the roles of the Reckoners, each of whom has access to different tools and abilities. Their goals are to prevent Steelheart and his lackeys from killing civilians and ultimately to discover his weakness and kill him. On each turn players have options including researching weaknesses, buying new equipment, attacking enemies, moving from one area of the city to another etc. Different Epics have powers which affect the game in different ways (for example Faultline, the earth-shaking Epic, can create obstacles that make it harder for player characters to move around). Kickstarter date is being pushed back to February 13th. Original content written by Brandon Sanderson will be available as a KS reward! The price is expected to be in the $60-$80 range. Developers are considering at least two special versions: one with metal figurines instead of plastic, one with figurines painted in full detail. Special versions may cost up to $100. People who pre-order through Kickstarter will receive a discount. The base game is set entirely in Newcago; expansions for Babilar and Ildithia are planned if the game does well. The game and all expansions are designed to be spoiler-free for the whole series. The art for the game was created by Miguel Coimbra. Here's his website.
  6. I think they'll make it if they think people will buy tickets. I don't see why the existence of a Steelheart movie would undermine the popularity of a massive franchise like the Marvel movies.
  7. When I made the post, the person I quoted had created a separate thread for the same thing. The mods seem to have merged the two.
  8. There's already an Explain A Plot Badly thread, which includes Sanderson books and other works of fiction.
  9. A followup series is planned, although we don't know when it's going to come out yet. It will explore more of the multiverse.
  10. Blah, forgot about that. Sorry. Here you go: Firefight: The others (this image is bigger than it looks, click through for full size):
  11. The launch date of the Kickstarter campaign for the game has been moved from October 24th to sometime late in January to allow more time for artwork and other preparations. Some art samples have been released: Firefight Deathpoint, Fortuity, Refractionary, and Curveball
  12. I figured he couldn't teleport while fully charged, mostly because of the thing with the bombs, which (as mentioned) I believe he spelled out in Calamity. I could be missing something though.
  13. He mentioned a reason in Calamity. Since he began his mission of destruction, word has gotten around about who he is and what he does. When people see him charging up in their city, they recognize him and flee. The bombs are easier to conceal and less likely to be identified as a threat than he is.
  14. The developers of the Reckoners board game have created a thread over on requesting fans' suggestions for Epic names and powers. I've seen a lot of interesting ideas for Epics in this forum and in the roleplay; I'm sure they would be appreciated.