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  1. As in, how would their powers interact? How could they combine? Could they be combined reasonably? What would this do to one's psyche? What would life be like with these powers?
  2. You're really good!
  3. "Acquire apathy" ...I don't know, I just want to see what'd happen...
  4. Eh, I prefer Venladin myself (the ship started out as a joke, but someone actually came up with sound reasoning as to why they'd go together, and I actually started to legitimately ship them...) Still, nice art!
  5. I vote Venladin too. I think I have a minor case of Stockholm Syndrome or something, 'cos I'm actually beginning to ship them...
  6. So... now that this is a serious ship (it was originally intended as a joke), what should we call it?
  7. Did... did you just make Venli x Kaladin actually sound like a semi-rational ship? ... I have no words...
  8. ... No. Just no.
  9. ISP calls himself cancer all the time, but, yeah, I guess you're right
  10. I normally don't do shipping of any kind, but I've been watching some cancerous YouTube channels like iSorrowproductions (his productions have nothing to do with shipping, instead, he just plays map games with people with funny mustaches trying to kill each other in them), and I'm pretty sure the cancer is contagious. I don't know how I ended up deciding to express it with a crack ship, though...
  11. Okay, so I admit that the only reason I posted this was to get attention and let everyone know I'm semi-officially off hiatus. I feel like the title says it all, so I'm not going to go into details about motivations and stuff. Well, maybe my motivations for posting this cancer. I did it because every other even remotely plausible ship (and many even less plausible ones) seemed to be taken, and nobody else seemed to be posting about this. Also, Kaladin seemed a bit lonely on his island of being an extremely screwed up grumpy woobie, so I figured I might as well give him company in that. Please don't like this trash. The attention it generates is enough. You can discuss it if you want in the comment section below, though. That's what the comment section is for.
  12. I storming loved Sixth of the Dusk! Sanderson never fails to write entertaining and unconventional stories!
  13. Granted. Now nobody ever calls you anything other than "that guy", "you", or other equally vague terms. Even you slowly start to forget your name. By the time you die, the only thing on your grave is "That Guy. We don't know their actual name anymore. Or their usernames or anything. ??? - ???" I wish people who should know better, pretentious know-it-alls who actually don't know anything, and just plain historically ignorant people would just stop associating the German Empire with the Nazi party. Yes, I did have an argument with a guy who thought that. He didn't know what the Schlieffen Plan was, and thought that the German Empire had been around since the 1700s "at least", but the Dunning-Kruger Effect was in full swing, and he just wouldn't shut up about it. Sorry for ranting, it's just... geez... we can always dream, right?
  14. That would go down even worse...
  15. Granted, but Odium loves pork roast, so he moves out of Roshar and makes a desolation on Earth before you can eat your pork roast. You are cornered by Fused warriors, and told to give up the pork roast or die. What a choice, eh? I wish I had the powers of all of the magical traditions in Desolation but would only get 1/10 of the burn.