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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. @Ashspren I understand busy but two weeks of no posts is more like "don't give a...." Maybe you can apoint someone to help you with the thread?
  3. I could go with the latest roast theme and stick to GirlSteeler the Long.... But I'm going to stay on Cosmere topic and go for SkySlayer the Courageous
  4. By far my worst rap, I'm bad at puns and I don't even know if I got the concept right. Just thought to give it a nice twist, making Yomen and Taan's girls break up with them and come home with Dusk. The silent man always has more in store..... Anyway without further ado, here's Sixth of the Dusk, ladies man.... btw, @I think I am here. awesome roast man, Big up!!!!
  5. I'm on it, but i'll need 24 more hours please.... Monday morning it's going to rapt up
  6. Wow, you weren't kidding when you said major twists This sounds like fun!!! will they stay in the tournament as a returned or as the original character?
  7. This sounds great!!! Been really busy lately with a move to the USA, but that means i'll be on your time I'll be happy to participate!!! I'll sign on as Sixth of the Dusk
  8. @Ashspren if I can make a suggestion, it would be nice to have those days to prepare a roast... Half finale roasts are kinda unfair as they are; the first two have 48 hours, but the second two have double the amount and more... So my suggestion is to announce all the half finalists, who is roasting who, and post them all togheter... In this way we'll get more time to prepare so you'll get better roasts and it will be more fair... What do you think?
  9. Great roasts all around But I have to say, I almost voted for TaravanGian, dude that is a master piece
  10. In the fight for supremacy of the 4th roast tournament, one round stands out…. The Nobility of Roshar is grouped together to roast each other… While the smoke rises from the Rift based roasts, in a clearing a figure steps out, dressed in a splendid coat made of the best Liaforian fabrics…. While the word HATE appears in golden flames on the ground, he starts to rap in a perfect beat, initiating the end of this round….
  11. Congratulations @Herowannabe, That was a good round Unfortunately couldn't do better because of a time restraint... I'll be back next tournament though!!!