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  1. So as quoted above, at one passage Lightsong reflects on the fact that consuming enough food and drink would eventually require him to "visit the privy" as with anybody else, but he hadn't reached that threshold to need to go just yet (in terms of the time he'd spent waiting for the Allmother). But do they need to eat food to survive? No - at least that's what Lightsong thinks on p. 45, shortly before getting his weekly Breath from the child. He thinks he "doesn't really need to eat" mundane food, but really, how would he know? As someone who Returned not only in T'telir, where he would be revered as a god, he did so in the presence of someone who was already a priest at the Court of Gods! Short of actually Returning in the Court itself, one can hardly imagine a quicker path to divine pampering, LOL. So, despite what he thinks, he's never had to go without food for long enough to know what would happen to him without it. But he does know, and can feel, that he's near to death from running out of Investiture, since the Hallandren priests keep the Returned rationed to the minimum one Breath per week.
  2. Yes, and this is why: In the Epilogue to MB1, the newly Ascended Sazed writes to Spook: I tried to bring them back, but apparently fixing the bodies doesn’t return the souls. I will get better at this with time, I expect. However, be assured that I have spoken with our friends, and they are quite happy where they are. They deserve a rest, I think. As we have seen with other Cosmere mechanics, "Returning the souls" to their bodies after dying requires either immediate magical intervention (as with Gawx or Szeth), or some volition on the part of the longer-departed (Lightsong's memory of being offered the chance "to Return", or Wax's "red pill choice" after his Walk With God in the Temple of the Sovereign in BoM). In MB: Secret History, Harmony offers Vin and Elend this choice, and they refuse it: "That unseen, distant point" - they passed to the Beyond, which is a one-way trip past the Spiritual Realm, a Beyond to which Harmony's power cannot reach, and likely no Shard can. When first asked about this sort of thing, back in 2008-09 after the first trilogy was published but before most of the rest of the Cosmere, Sanderson had left the door open a bit; but since then he's openly talked about how the Beyond and whatever the nature or existence of a "God Beyond" was meant to be firmly "off-screen" for the Cosmere and its denizens, including Shards who Ascended from being a denizen. If he won't even go so far as to confirm or deny that the quiet voice, "so familar to him" that says I forgive you to Dalinar as he becomes Unity for the first time, was in fact him hearing Evi "live and direct" from Beyond versus a memory or echo of her... Then obviously he would never haul a character back to life who has clearly passed Beyond (like Vin and Elend have), and not merely been hanging out or hiding in the Cognitive Realm for an extended period (Kelsier, maybe others) - because that character would then be living proof. "Obviously there IS an afterlife, because X made a round trip to there and lived again to tell about it!" Actually, his even calling it a RAFO question ("read and find out") is not quite accurate - he's explicitly saying a reader would NEVER "find out" because he wants to leave it ambiguous. So, that makes it a RANFO? RADFY ("read and decide for yourself")?
  3. But you just guessed it so now it can't be that, ... so now when it isn't, I WILL BLAME YOU!!! (hoping the reverse jinx thing works)
  4. Cultivation does comment that "Odium's power... ruled Rayse, driving him to destroy", but we have also had WoBs to the effect that Odium's actions to Splinter rather than to absorb other Shards had to do with Rayse (the Vessel) not wanting to be influenced by other Shardic intents, that Odium "suited him perfectly". And Hoid mentioned a few times in his letters that Rayse holding Odium was a particularly dangerous combination. Both imply that another Vessel of Odium could or would take things in a different direction. (And let's not forget that Rayse was apparently struggling with Odium's intent towards the end.) So, why did Cultivation groom Taravangian, of all people, to replace Rayse? The obvious answer is that she didn't exactly have a lot of choices at hand to work with. She may have decided that it was worth eliminating Rayse when the extremely rare opportunity presented itself, when Taravangian the King of Kharbranth came to her seeking a boon specifically related to surviving Odium's wrath (what better cover to plot against Odium?), and then to figure out the rest later: "...all I could do was hope that if you succeeded, my gift would work. That I had changed you into someone who could bear this power with honor." Even so, I can't believe Cultivation would be surprised at how Taravangian is acting, or will act, as Odium. What she can or will do about it, once it becomes apparent that Taravangian may not be "bearing this power with honor" in the way that she hoped for (if in fact that is what he is doing), we can only imagine. As for her long game being a version of Odium that "self-destructs", I once made a joking post that perhaps the goal is to get Moash to take up Odium. He hates himself so much for what he's done to his friends that once Odium can't take away his pain (because he'd be Odium), he would end up a navel-gazing version instead of a Shard-Splintering version. ...Maybe that's not quite so farfetched an angle? If not Moash specifically, as the way to "contain" the Shard? But Taravangian has never hated himself for his actions, so he'd have to be a bridge to another Vessel for that to work.
  5. Well, I didn't mean that Cultivation was a "big bad" - more that Taravangian's triumphant thought, "Oh you wonderful creature, you have no idea what you've done", was way, way off base. She knows you better than you know yourself, Taravangian; she pruned you to Ascend, and the trellis you never felt upon you is still there as a Vessel!
  6. I agree - using a concrete example, the "unkeyed" goldmind highly invested with health that Wax removes from Kelesina and gives to Wayne to use - just as Wayne could access the health stored in it as a Bloodmaker Feruchemist, any Augur could burn it (it is gold, after all) and access the health as well. The difference is that Wayne can regulate how much he gets as any Feruchemist tapping a usable metalmind could do, while the Augur Allomancer would get a burst of healing - possibly a low burst, with a low burn, but much less control of it. I wonder what an "excess of health" would do? Oh, and somewhere around here I once wondered if you could mix in shavings of an unkeyed metalmind into an Allomancer's metals, like shaving some Identity-free invested F-iron into the iron flakes for a Lurcher and then having their Steelpulling suddenly (and to their POV, randomly) affected by a burst of increased weight (which would throw off their Pull as it would become a lot more effective all of a sudden). Or could an Allomancer sense the specific flakes of metal being a different "flavor" and choosing not to burn them?
  7. As of this reply, I see that the OP has one (1) post. This one. An impressive debut on the 17th Shard forum! Bravo! I don't think this was ever a realistic path for Taravangian, for he at no point considered the Diagram to have been "mistaken". Far from it - he had accepted his arrest and surrendered because he thought its work was done: he'd saved mankind from Odium's wrath, to the best of his ability. It turned out to be Kharbranth and all its people, to the third generation, when he'd hoped to save much more... But that was better than nothing. He would NOT betray Odium at the end and nullify their guarantee of protection from Odium to give Dalinar a better chance to save more, or even all, of humanity. What he meant in that scene with Dalinar was that he'd be happy to be proven wrong in the end if Dalinar managed to defeat Odium despite what he'd done - that Odium's victory was not inevitable. He didn't regret his actions because it meant saving Kharbranth: he assumed that if Dalinar won, the city and people of Kharbranth would still stand - Dalinar wouldn't destroy the city and its people Rift-style in retribution for their king having gone over to Odium. He freely admits he's rooting for Dalinar to pull that off, he just doesn't see how it's possible. However, you are absolutely right that there is a character component to Taravangian that has both a savior complex and an "I'm smarter than everyone else" attitude. After Ascending to Odium he still wants to "fix" things, the "chaos" of being "ruled by fools" and "presided over by broken gods", on Roshar and the wider Cosmere, whatever that means to him now. And while as the New Odium he has it in his power essentially to concede the Battle of Champions to Dalinar, he thinks he can do better by winning it. And because that POV is true to the Taravangian we saw create the Diagram, I think this direction for Odium WAS foreseen by Cultivation. That said, what would have happened if he had taken Renarin's hand? Would he have seen a vision of the version of him that was the "small point of light in the vast darkness" of his possible outcomes, the way Moash saw himself as a Bridge Four Windrunner in Hearthstone? But what would that have led to? I'm not sure that that's what that "point of light" outcome represented. Because if Taravangian did betray Odium to Dalinar - which would dissolve his agreement with Odium and put Kharbranth at risk again - and someone now used Nightblood to destroy Rayse, who would become the new Odium? An unclaimed Shard loose in the Cosmere is also a bad and dangerous thing...!
  8. I was hoping my Amazon Kindle would update with it... Nope Are the updates available maybe on Brandon's website?
  9. Huh? What? When?
  10. Yes and yes. And in the epilogue of Alloy of Law, Marsh is seen almost 350 years after the Catacendre still shaving his head; Why he does this, even without Ruin's control or in fact ever really being an obligator by choice, is up to the reader to assess in terms of Marsh's psychology. Perhaps growing his hair out again to look "more like the human Marsh would have" is something that would be painful to him.
  11. Well, what is Marsh up to in Era 2? His little encounter with Marasi in Elendel at the end of AoL is all we have to go on as a first person encounter. At the end of it, he simply covers up his head/face and and Steelpushes away over the tops of the buildings, as any Coinshot might do and would not be something of particular notice in a city like Elendel. This after speaking pretty knowingly of the kind of person "Lord Waxillium" is, and Marasi's identity as "Lady Marasi Colms". So either he moves about quite well disguised, or he has a network of agents available to him. He's also obliquely mentioned (much earlier in AoL) as an object of "reverence" by those following "Sliverism", a descendant sect of the worship of the Lord Ruler adhered to by the Yomens. And we have WoB stating that Inquisitors still need to do certain necessities of physical life, which implies eating food. So maybe it's the Sliverists? . But we also have a WoB from 2014 saying that Marsh is "investigating the Southern Continent of Scadrial", where his... Unusual features would not have any known reason or association. So who knows. Maybe Way Down South, Marsh is also revered/worshiped without any association with nearly causing the end of the world; in fact, he probably resembles The Sovereign in many ways, both with similar facial features and him having more than just the one spike through the eye. And he did say he considered Wax "doing my brother's work" as something he wanted to encourage, even against Harmony's wishes. So maybe Marsh has a Malwish cabana he can kick back in style without hiding himself, and only comes to Elendel in person on the occasion when he needs to prop up Sliverism or (as with Spook's book) take a personal hand in making sure something he wants done is done right.
  12. My upvote to yours, my liking become yours!
  13. Well it's not too far from people deriving income, status, influence, etc., through accumulation of "retweets" and "likes" on social media. It'd also be interesting for the magic system if, like social media based status or for that matter, like Stormlight, it decayed or evaporated over time. Not only do you need to amass a certain amount to do certain things, but you have to do it while people "still care". The "accumulate resources given one per person" angle is a bit like Breath from Warbreaker, too, except that the people giving it don't lose it (it's not zero sum), or else they have one to give per day (kind of like how we are limited to N reputation upvotes per day on this forum).
  14. Hey that's pretty plausible. Except for the fact that Helaran walked around for 3+ years with at least the Blade before showing up to attack Amaram... Maybe he was just so bad at being bad that the Skybreakers couldn't get him to break a law in all that time, haha. "So, you went to confront your father. Did you kill him with the Blade we gave you?" "No, I just threatened him with it. And told him I had more important things to do now. Like becoming a Skybreaker!" "*Cough* Right. Well, ah, before we let you take the next round of squire tests, there's this Iriali shoemaker we want you to visit..." ... "So, did you find the cobbler?" "Yeah. Nice guy. Makes shoes for kids for free." "Did you find anything about his past? Anything illegal?" "Well, he moved around a lot when he was younger... And at one point, he was a courier for a loan shark or something." "That sounds bad." "Yeah, he quit that to become a cobbler after one of his deliveries turned out to be a poisonous gift of some kind." "Ah! That's very bad! Someone died! Did you kill him for this with your Blade?" "What?! No! That can't have been his fault." "Nalan thinks otherwise." "Well then, Nalan can go kill him. Or he or my master can order me to do it, once I'm a Skybreaker squire. I'm not going to do it on my own!" *cough*
  15. That also doesn't ring true... If they thought he was a Radiant of the Third Ideal of some other Order than the Skybreakers (as required for a Shardblade), Nalan would certainly have come to kill him personally. Giving him a deadspren Shardblade to see what he would do with it as their litmus test before making that call, well that is an interesting idea. It could match both rarity of scenario with scarcity of supply (how many such Shards they'd have on hand).