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  1. They could be carried, by a windspren. It could grip it by the hilt!
  2. I would agree with all these points, though I would hasten to add, it's not like I didn't enjoy reading Starsight. I did like the way it portrayed the multi-species interaction, and the way the Superiority's patronizing philosophy was basically policing thoughtcrime. At least it turned out that Vapor, the "figment", had cottoned to Spensa's true nature early on, as befits the fact that the advanced hologram tech she was using to disguise herself with was of figment origin. And Winzik the varvax using a willing human cytonic in Brade to make a power play over Cuna and the dione-controlled Superiority was an interesting turn at the end. Especially when I went back and finally read Defending Elysium. And the Doomslug-is-a-cytonic-hyperdrive reveal had been pretty clearly telegraphed even back in Skyward. All in all, it felt more like Skyward could be a self-contained novel after which you could sit back and imagine lots of things where things would go next, while Starsight was very much a bridge novel to a bigger conclusion. Most of Sanderson's works have endeavored to make each book satisfying on its own; this one was less so in that regard than most. I wonder if I'd have felt the same way had I read The Well of Ascension as it came out, instead of reading the entire Mistborn Era 1 trilogy in one pass?
  3. The fan consensus (I don't think there's an explicit "WoB" about it) seems to be that: Brandon changed his mind at some point about TLR having hemalurgic spikes or not. At one point he had said he did; now, he says not, the metalmind "piercings" were just that, not hemalurgic in nature. He has wiggle room in the published text, anyway, so he's just twiddling his own side comments. He's also flip-flopped on why TLR was super-strong in Allomancy He didn't ingest a lerasium bead or use hemalurgy (he'd said or hinted at both at one time or another); he modified his own Spiritweb while Ascended Since strength in Allomancy is a function of one's spiritual Connection to Preservation, this makes sense Even without hemalurgic spikes, Ruin would be able to communicate with TLR directly due to his having Ascended and thus "stretched his spirit" If you read Mistborn: Secret History, you'll learn more about who Ruin/Preservation can talk to and why, and that Ascension has aftereffects on a spirit even after de-Ascending
  4. disscusion

    Besides which, why would you want to stamp a single molecule instead of the entire object? And even if you could, depending on what you were trying to achieve, it'd actually make it less plausible to end up the object you wanted by changing a property that fundamental, instead of the backstory. For example, it'd probably be much easier to Forge an iron fireplace poker into a steel sword than by rewriting its history to make that the smith's goal in the first place, than to Forge it at a molecular level to turn iron into steel, trying to get a stainless steel fireplace poker. Instead of "the apprentice sat there making a bunch simple iron pokers, one per iron ingot, from a pile in front of him", now the story goes "...but then the master smith ran in, grabbed the ingot from the top of the apprentice's pile, and tossed it into the furnace with some coal to immediately start making that steel sword Lord Whatsisface had commissioned for the ceremony tommorrow morning, that he'd completely forgotten about. Days and Nights!". But who would bother to want to make a stainless steel fireplace poker in smithy days? You'd have to come up with something much less plausible and further from the object's actual history. Even if you managed it, the stamp wouldn't "stick" very well.
  5. Tcha. Did you think a cultured and refined man like Mraize would walk about his home barefoot?
  6. This is the crux of it, really. Ultimately, to call him "a good man" boils down to not only that Rashek managed to stonewall Ruin for a thousand years, a difficult feat, but that he bothered to try to do so at all, as the only reason to do that would be to hedge against the scenario where Ruin managed to kill him before the Well refilled for him to renew the prison, and not having any way to know what he was doing would work. But he did it anyway. Rashek could easily have done all the same brutal social engineering he did while intending to repeat the cycles of renewal only so long as he was on top as a god-ruler, with no plan for a scenario where he did not rule. "I am the Final Sliver of Preservation; if I fall, so falls the world to Ruin." Instead, he made defeating or resisting Ruin the focus of his nigh-immortal existence. All the power trappings of his "Final Empire" were done to create and to maintain a stable society according to his domineering, cruel, and resentful nature. To make a hierarchy of dominance, with himself at the pinnacle, created and enforced with Allomantic (and hemalurgic) brutality. But in the end, he still remained faithful to the primary tenet of the Terris religion: Preservation vs. Ruin. We are of Preservation. SURVIVE! Another person, especially a non-Terris person, who temporarily Ascended at the Well may well have been kinder and gentler than Rashek with the social engineering, but likely would not have had the focus and the will to hide 90% of the atium in the world so well over a thousand year period, or thought to create Ruin-hidden shelters stocked with supplies. And that's what actually allowed humanity to survive long enough for Sazed to remake the world anew. You don't know what it is I do for mankind, he said while dying. And at the end, Vin realized: And we didn't. Thank you.
  7. Storms, i was hoping for The Music of the Knight
  8. Well Brandon says he should “stand out more” on Roshar, but it’s not like he’s a kandra or a Returned who’s modifying his body. Dalinar’s POV description of him in Ch. 114 of Oathbringer goes: I think it’s his natural use of Alethi that stands out as unusually local. Other than Hoid, most other confirmed worldhoppers have vocabulary tics that strike locals as odd that give them away even if their appearance doesn’t particularly stand out (Vasher, Vivenna, the trio at the Purelake), and even Hoid will slip sometimes and mention bunnies on Roshar or something. Felt only cryptically comments on how he’s more foreign to the Nightwatcher than Dalinar is.
  9. Two comments, I guess: 1) As a matter of fact, in the reworked ending (the only one I've ever read, as it's both my hardbound and Kindle version of WoR), Kaladin changes Syl from a spear into a sword to draw Szeth out of his attack pattern. (I'd be curious to read the "original" if it's available anywhere, though... Is it?) 2) I kind of believe Kaladin's personality would find it hard to kill, more or less in cold blood, someone who's admitted to having murdered while "only following orders" under conditions he evidently now realizes were false. ("It is true. The Knights Radiant have returned. I was never Truthless... My orders... I could have stopped the murders at any time...") and then raised his blade to surrender to a mortal blow. The specific phrase "pity, perhaps?" line echoed just a bit too much of Bilbo Baggins v. Gollum to me, though no doubt that was an intentional reference by Brandon. But yeah, if he'd decided he wouldn't be the agent of dealing death to Szeth, how come he didn't save his life? I guess that comes down to Syl being so very insistent that "that Blade" not be lost. And from the way Szeth was falling, with all the Light having left him, perhaps it appeared he was already dead?
  10. So really it's question of which comes first: the metal spike taking on the hemalurgical charge (and thereby stealing whatever it was stealing from the Mistborn - perhaps the very ability to burn the metal the spike is made of?!), or the Allomancer's ability to burn metals "inside" their body, right? Maybe the timing would have to be so very precise and immediate that it would only be possible to pull off the stunt while (already) burning atium, which is Ruin's body, to counter Ruin's power in hemalurgy. Ha! How do you like that! I Ruined your hemalurgy! Ah, rusts.
  11. Actually very possible! Every SA novel title so far has been the name of an in-world work as well. "Stones Unhallowed" being the working title of Szeth's book sounds like it could be the Shin holy writ, and whatever name will be used for Eshonai/Venli's book will likely be the name of a song of the Listeners...
  12. So if Bondsmiths can "boost" another Radiant's Surgebinding, and since there can be up to three Bondsmiths at a time, would two Bondsmiths working together achieve a kind of duralumin-level Surgeboost?
  13. You got me good. And hey. Combine this with the other theory about the End of Roshar, and maybe Ash literally falls from the sky in Era 3!
  14. Oh, why did you use that word? Now I have Jim Morrison's voice in my head on loop, intoning: When I was back in seminary school, there was a wanderer who put forth the proposition that you can petitition the Shards with letters. Petition the Shards. with letters. Petition the Shards, with letters. .... YOU CANNOT PETITION THE SHARDS, WITH LETTERS!!! Can you give me sanctuary, I must find a place to hide, a place for me to hide Can you find me soft asylum, I can't make it any more The Man is at the door.
  15. With all the WoBs about Felt, I'd pay close attention to what he says/does and think about what is going on off-screen in his head or in his life.