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  1. Right, I got that; I was pointing out that "whatever bronze is common on Roshar", in terms of having a Shadesmar bead convert itself into that form, implies a latent alloy percentage that doesn't need Jasnah to specify it (though she probably could force one if she bothered, at the cost of extra Stormlight and concentration). The bead just follows a kind of "cognitive grooved pattern" for forming bronze that is probably going to align with the Allomantic alloy for reasons of underlying Cosmere magic. In short - yes, I think the bronze that Jasnah summoned up to plug a wall in Thaylen City would be safely, even ideally suited for Allomantic Seeking, even though she didn't do anything to make that the case.
  2. I don't think Soulcasting, as an external effect, depends on Jasnah's Identity; her Intention, yes, but when her Intention is to form bronze, her concept of bronze is probably not to the level of detail of a specific alloy. Even if she subconsciously imagined the bronze that she saw most often, and if that happened to be fabrial quality bronze, and if that happened to be the same alloy as Allomantic bronze (which seems likely), that still doesn't mean she'd be cognizant of X% copper and Y% whatever else, unless she'd personally done the metallurgy or read up on it at some point, which seems unlikely. It is interesting, though, because when we see Shallan try very elementary and beginner Soulcasting, Jasnah explains that it's easiest to transform things into one of the Ten Essences, which is what Jasnah later does most of the time in her offensive Soulcasting at Thaylen Fields: creating stone steps and walls from thin air, oil slicks, fire to ignite said oil slicks, turning enemies into smoke or crystal (that is a "catching" effect!), those are all of the Ten Essences (she never turns someone into blood, now that would be memorable). And Soulcaster fabrials that produce Soulcast meat for flangria use heliodors to make "flesh", exactly what kind of flesh I guess is up to the Soulcaster? And "metal" is one of the Ten Essences, which leaves a very broad field when telling a Shadesmar bead to transform. I can just imagine Shallan trying to replicate the feat at some point: "Become metal!" "What kind of metal?" "Something hard and showy... How about bronze!" "That's an alloy. How much copper should I use? 91%, maybe?" "Whuh, ninety-one percent? Why... Oh never mind, I hadn't thought much about it, I guess that's fine." "What about the other 9%? Tin? Lead? Nickel?" "I dunno, surprise me." "I... I will change. And you'll like the surprise!" How does Jasnah do this without an exhausting negotiation each time? Shallan wondered to herself.
  3. Well, Allomantic bronze is a specific alloy of copper and other metals, most likely tin. We don't know the proportions, but Allomantic pewter is specified to be 91% tin and 9% lead, so perhaps Allomantic bronze is 91% copper and 9% tin (or lead)? (I wonder where that 91:9 ratio comes from...?) In any case, when Supercharged Jasnah soulcast that enormous bronze plug to a broken section of wall at Thaylen Fields, did she have to imagine a specific proportion of metals for an alloy like bronze? It'd be cool if there were a Cosmere Default Bronze alloy, due to its magical properties as with fabrial construction, such that magically asking/telling an objectspren to "become bronze!" results in a universally ideal magical alloy.
  4. Per this update from a recent YouTube Livestream, Brandon has focused Nowhere as a Spensa-centric adventure, but not wanting to leave her Skyward flight so much out of things for another novel, has commissioned Janci Patterson as a co-writer to spinoff three POV novellas (presumably from different Skyward flight characters) to see parallel events happening without Spensa. That sounds pretty cool! I wonder if it will be three separate novellas, or a single larger volume with the three POVs interspersed? I kind of think the latter would be better in the long run, as a bookshelf management or re-reading kind of thing, but from a writerly POV I suppose it's easier to write three separate POVs in three separate streams?
  5. So in another thread somewhere, I commented on how Taravangian was able to do what Hoid had assumed Rayse would or could not do as Odium, and that was reach out and touch him with the power after being bound by the agreement with Dalinar not to harm him. And Taravangian thinks to himself, "I don't believe this would count as harming you..." as he searches for and removes the Breaths that contain the memories of Hoid's previous ten minutes or so. Coupled with Rayse, who is not exactly a good guy, saying stuff like "when you have an agreement with me, I will keep it in spirit and not only in word" - which is clearly NOT what Taravangian is like as Odium - it suggests that attitude maybe had been forced on Rayse, the way that Hoid cannot harm another person? Something from his human past, perhaps even something he took on as part of being able to participate in the Shattering of Adonalsium before Ascending, and something that therefore does not bind Taravangian as a Vessel.
  6. Maybe. There are now such things as unsealed coppermind medallions, as we saw at the end of Bands of Mourning... The nature of coppermind sharing is still a WoB/RAFO, but imagine if it became possible to "learn" things by tapping an already-filled coppermind, kind of like that scene in The Matrix where Neo learns kung-fu by staying neurally hooked up for ten hours straight (apparently a crazy thing to do)?
  7. WHOA, I didn't realize that a nicrosilmind worked like a coppermind in that, used properly, it wouldn't "leak". So medallions, once created, don't need to be "recharged" with the identity-less Investiture that grants a (Feruchemical) power? When you're done using the mumblemind in the medallion, the user naturally returns the "ability to use that mumblemind" back into the nicrosilmind? But wait. That would imply that the user could simply walk away and not refill the nicrosilmind, and have... gained the Feruchemical ability? That doesn't quite make sense, either, if it didn't "wear off" or have a way to require being "put back" into the medallion. Like, with all the nicrosilminds in the Bands of Mourning that granted Allomantic powers, someone could just... Not put them back into the Bands and become Lerasium Mistborn?
  8. Right, that fits in with what I thought was implied when I first read it, which was not one of the three options in the OP: that Odium could read the memory contents of his Breath store, and could act to destroy them (that surprised me a bit) but not to "edit" them (to insert false memories) as we've seen another Shard do with another Investiture based memory storage technique. And Hoid had used enough Breath to store them that he wobbled a bit under the Second Heightening, or maybe just felt "unbalanced" wrt his Breath store, after the excision. How destroying Hoid's Breath store doesn't fall under "harming" him is pretty questionable, and highlights one of the tremendous implications of having squidgy-dodgy semantics-threading Taravangian now be the holder of Odium's Shardic oaths and debts. Whatever else Rayse was, he appeared to have taken seriously the idea of holding to the spirit, not the letter of a promise. And hey. Perhaps this was something he personally took on as an oath or a binding measure prior to Ascending, perhaps as part of whatever happened to Shatter Adonalsium, similar to how Hoid's inability to harm another person is tied to something he did back in those days as well? Something that doesn't apply to Taravangian.
  9. I think it was a reference to what we see at the end of WoR, when Amaram is saved by Taln from not one but two darts from a blowgun shot at him by Iyatil
  10. Wow. That is an awesome prologue / deleted scene, and for Cosmere aficionados the interaction with Hoid is wonderful... But the way the TES works with Mary's feedback definitely makes it more elegant as a standalone story, and what moves it from A Great Cosmere Novella to Hugo Award Winning Novella.
  11. Baldurdash!
  12. Not in Era 1 - we see that people who had been "mistsnapped" didn't realize they were Allomancers now at all, much less cognizant of what kind of Misting, until they were provided with metal vials to test with. But in Era 2, not only has Harmony changed how Snapping works to be less brutal (with a possible side effect of making Allomancy less strong, though dilution over time distance from a lerasium ingesting ancestor also has that effect), but apparently has changed it so a Metalborn "knows" their affinity. This is because Wayne describes his history to Marasi as having come out to the Roughs when he was 16 years old (hmmm.... Sixteen?) "kinda" because he knew he was an Allomancer, and that he had "had an idea" about his Feruchemy because he father was also a Feruchemist (not known of what type), but that "bismuth and cadmium aren't the kind of metals you find in your corner store" and "storing health, it takes gold". The implication being that neither had been accessible to him where he'd come from, and he'd come out to the Roughs to try to gain access to them (stealing them directly, or enough money to gain access to them)... Yet he'd been aware of his ability to make use of them, if not practiced in the art.
  13. Well problem #2 would be that Ghost Kelsier would have to become a (Full) Feruchemist somewhere along the way... Maybe with The Lost Metal we'll finally see how the Excisors and the Bands were created. (I had this crazy theory, which I wrote up at one point with details but don't remember any more, is that he and Spook gained access to spikes for Feruchemy - or even a host with full Feruchemy built into it - via the First Generation of kandra, who were originally human Feruchemists like Rashek had been, and perhaps still were on a Spiritual or Cognitive level the way we see former koloss appearing as human again in Secret History)
  14. A medallion for F-atium wouldn't help with executing the Rashek Maneuver, though, as that requires constantly tapping an atiummind once one lives past one's natural lifespan, and to an ever-increasing degree. So relying on the medalion for the Feruchemical ability would mean running out of being able to use the atiummind at all once the medallion ran out, regardless of Compounding, unless you could also compound the (presumed) nicrosilmind that stored the Feruchemical ability, which would require being a Feruchemist (or something like the Bands). A Feruchemist who could naturally use the atiummind, though - whether being a full Feruchemist, or if there were such a thing as an atium Ferring, which it doesn't seem like there ought to be any more after the Catacendre - could use a medallion for A-atium to access the Allomantic ability every now and then to burn atium to Compound, and create or add to some highly Invested atiummind (keyed to themself).
  15. ahahaha, indeed. I had read it as suggesting to "remove 300-400 words", i.e., "could have been three our four hundred words [shorter]", which I see is not the actual quote