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  1. They already have an "aluminum clutch" to uncouple and re-couple the "power train" for directionality... I wonder if the next step would be to develop some kind of "fabrial gearing" to add magical leverage to the whole affair, and/or to smooth out the effort involved for rapid changes in direction, elevation, or speed. Even without mechanical or fabrial gearing, there are Surges that would help here, too. If Rock is a Windrunner who doesn't fight, why not have him stay in Urithiru and help to move those fabrial platforms with Lashes? If making the barge move around is a matter of making the fabrial-linked platform on the other side go in the opposite direction (with some "power loss"), then multiply Lashing the platform down or up would surely speed things up for the barge, right? Maybe he'd only do that in an emergency situation, but when a flight of Heavenly Ones appear on the horizon - this time with a mission to capture or destroy the Fourth Bridge - their suddenly seeing it go from "a bit faster than a ship can sail" to it "flying off as quickly as a Windrunner could go" would be pretty astonishing.
  2. This was "translated", I know, but the original words spoken by the "GLG" are worthy of note. Foreshadowing Lift's Third Ideal, of course.
  3. Well on the subject of grappling hooks, can Reverse Lashings be used more effectively? We've seen Kaladin apply Basic Lashings multiple times on something (including himself) to make it go faster or with greater force for the distance; so could he infuse something with a Reverse Lashing, like he did with the bridge to attract Parshendi arrows towards it, but something loose (like tent tarpaulin) instead of hard like the bridge was; and then a Basic Lashing to aim it at a Fused? How long would the Reverse Lashing have a "sticky" or suction-like property? Ooh, I replied before reading further down that your reply to the same post had much the same idea!
  4. He was petty, he was spiteful, he went along with authority figures he despised, but he also hated himself for being and acting the way that he did as a bridge sergeant. That's very Lightweaver-esque. Do we know if Shallan has ever done one of her Transforming sketches of Gaz? I don't remember now.
  5. I was wondering about the mention of "different types of metal" as well... I actually missed that detail about the Ghostbloods and Ialai in my first read-through, and the linking of Kaladin's discomfort with "doing nothing" being potentially tied to his block to the Fourth Oath. Nice. I thought the "loud humming" when she got through Sigzil's defenses was likely satisfaction, or whatever more destructive Odium-flavored Rhythm would match. The fact that she didn't do so later with Kaladin, I think, speaks somewhat to the burgeoning frenemy thing going on there. And yes, I totally think Navani seeing into Shadesmar and hearing that tone where Rushu doesn't appear to do so, is suggestive of something developing with Navani. You know what I'm talking about.
  6. Not more fuzzy, I'd say, but in fact more distinct. She's more fully compartmentalizing her personas into roles that they're good at. Veil is more suspicious and analyzing of people's hidden motives, because she's the ruthless and scheming side of Shallan herself - having Veil "sift over" her memories from before she fully formed the Veil persona is pretty useful. And she's continuing to develop these roles internally - they can work together (or argue with each other...) "in her head" fluidly and in real time, she does't have to flip out a sketchpad to take on their forms, and hasn't in some time. I just hope Veil doesn't ever turn on Radiant...
  7. Ah the video readings aloud of portions of Ch 7/8 from back in July? I didn't click on that because I figured, why would I want to hear that before reading anything from Ch 1-6? I still haven't clicked on it because I don't like being read to, I prefer the voices in my own head. (That came out wrong, or maybe it came out too accurately?) So I'll find out next Tuesday, I guess!
  8. Yeah, I immediatley picked up on this too. As well as Navani apparently briefly seeing into Shadesmar when Dalinar opens the perpendicularity, which Rushu does not, who also doesn't appear to hear the tone that she does (she doesn't mention it as part of what she experiences, only "a pulse, a powerful thump. For a moment I felt as if I were falling into eternity…"). Hmm.
  9. It's not atium making the shadow, it's that burning atium grants you "future vision" the way that Ruin can see it. (While apparently also giving you the predilection to maybe Ruin something with that information, why not.) The Cosmere version of "the future" is a free-will/non-determinate one, i.e., that last minute choices can cause timelines to fork off and split (as how Vin managed to defeat Zane), as well as a probabilistic one (as with how every vision of the future in Oathbringer predicted and confirmed Dalinar's ultimately falling to The Thrill). The higher you flare the atium burn, the further into the future you can see and understand at the same time. A lerasium Mistborn using duralumin and atium, as Elend did at the end to use it all up, can even see directly into the Spiritual Realm and... UNDERSTAND. (I always wondered, shouldn't that have very temporarily made him a kind of Splinter of Ruin?)
  10. Well it's kind of two separate legends rolled into one, with Kelsier in the middle of it (the whole question of "where did the Feruchemical abilities requires to make the Bands come from?" being set aside for now). First, from the Southerner's POV, "the Sovereign" came to them after the world froze over, and saved them from freezing to death by giving them "Excisors" and beginning the Firefathers and Firemothers (who we can infer are the source of brassmind medallions for body heat that apparently, all Southerners must use at least part of every day just to leave their well-heated homes, "all five peoples" of the Southern Hemisphere). The Sovereign had told them he came from the Northern Hemisphere, which region Allik referred to as "the land of the Sovereign", where he had been "your king and god" (speaking to Wax and co. as Northerners). He somehow engendered Metalborn among them (lerasium?), teaching them that they were "pieces of God" "though we didn't have any of those at first", as well as giving them with the Excisors, before leaving them... ...To create this Temple in the Northern mountains and a legend that, hidden there, he would leave his "Bands" that granted both Metalborn powers in all sixteen metals. Why describe them as Bands when they were in the form a spearhead all along? How likely is it that the word "band" a pun for the Southerner's languages the way it apparently is for Wax and Marasi, such that it could be used to describe arm bracers (which TLR was known to have worn) as well as interwoven stripes of metal? My thoughts and theories: 1) Legends or stories about The Lord Ruler's "bands" were already circulating in the Northern Hemisphere shortly after the Catacendre, or perhaps even before (shortly after TLR's fall). 2) It's strongly suggested by the ending to Mistborn: Secret History that Kelsier needed Spook's - er, The Lord Mistborn's - help to reincorporate in the physical world. 3) We have a WoB that Kelsier is not "possessing" Spook's body to become the Sovereign, though that would otherwise be the simplest way to explain how the Sovereign could describe himself as having been both "king" and "god" to the people in the North (Spook having led as King or Emperor for almost 100 years, and Kelsier a god). Besides, The Sovereign came to the people of the Southern Hemisphere "about ten years after the Ice Death happened", so unless The Lord Mistborn was prone to disappearing for months or years at a time just ten years into the rebuilding of society, he's ruled out as a physical medium. No, as with describing his "Bands" as armbands, Kelsier was already sowing the seeds to misdirect any Northerners who/when they learned of it to associate it with The Lord Ruler when he claimed to have been "the King in the North" (or else engaging in some Game of Thrones roleplaying). For whatever reason. 4) The Bands not only contain unsealed metalminds for Feruchemical powers, but the very creation of them requires using Feruchemy as well (for nicrosil and aluminum), which Kelsier did not naturally possess. My theory is that "The Sovereign" never achieved Feruchemy, not even with hemalurgy, but relied on the Bands himself to do all the Excisor creating stuff - then left the object at the Temple, perhaps as part of an agreement required by Harmony or whoever else assisted him in creating it in the first place. Harmony having a role in its creation would explain why the Bands grant such powerful Allomancy, and even caused mists to form and to swirl around Marasi when she tapped it. My pet, fringe, and unsupported theory is that the First Generation of kandra (who alone among all Generations had been born as human Feruchemists) were somehow able to provide some kind of Feruchemical assistance to Ghost Kelsier in the Cognitive Realm on their way to the Beyond, inasmuch as we see that hemalurgically transformed creatures revert to their original human selves in the CR after dying (koloss). (The catch there being that technically, kandra were not hemalurgically transformed but physically transformed with the power of Preservation, with hemalurgy used to restore their original cognition.) Think about it. A full Feruchemist, provided with all sixteen metals and taught about creating unsealed metalminds for Feruchemical abilities as well as for Feruchemical attribute stores, could create "half-Bands" that granted anyone the ability to be a full Feruchemist, all on their own. Then a Mistborn like Kelsier or Spook could pick it up and add Allomancy for all sixteen metals to the metalminds as well. Or sixteen Mistings of each metal. The only "full Metalborn" you need to make the Bands of Mourning is a Feruchemist. (And of course having one set of Bands, you could now create as many of them as you can make 16-metal-unioned metalminds... A terrifying prospect).
  11. Right, it's not "speed up time for yourself" it's "speed up your physical motions" (not including your thought - that's F-zinc). Tapping a steelmind allows someone to move faster than someone burning pewter would, but to do something really extreme - like Marasi moving so quickly as to generate a sonic boom effect - probably also required tapping a goldmind or burning pewter to withstand and to heal from the physical damage of wind resistance based friction.
  12. As far as Kelsier's mastery of steel and iron goes, for him to get so good with those metals so quickly must mean he had a natural prodigy-like affinity for them, but not a "savantism" resulting from long use of the Investiture... That should require a LOT of time burning a metal, and he's a Mistborn who only burns them part of the time (versus a Coinshot like Wax who burns steel all the time, when he's burning any metal at all). Plus, he only even Snapped as a Mistborn after several months at the Pits of Hathsin. We don't know exactly how long ago that was prior to the events of the first Mistborn book (do we?); given the time he spent training with Gemmel in the far Northern Dominance and planning his scheme and all that, that had to taken years. But still, compared to most Allomancers who Snapped as children (the noble ones getting a professional beating to see if it would happen if they hadn't already by a certain age), he's actually had a lot LESS time using his powers than usual by the time he does his Allomantic duel with the Inquisitor.
  13. And behold!, instant noodles have come to Roshar at last!
  14. You know, now I feel extra bad for the duralumin Mistings. Their aluminum gnat-brethren suddenly discover a dramatic use for their ability after all, but the duralumin gnats will still be gnats. Maybe they could operate Riino's Oracle as they would be Invested, just not in a way that would be standalone useful.