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  1. I was picturing the latter. Taking an existing army of Lifeless and arming them with Nightblood-like weapons would simply involve giving them extra Breath and telling them to go somewhere or to someone, on some condition, then to draw their NBlade and start whacking. You could probably even Command them well enough to sheathe the NBlade when they got close to running down, to then come back to base for more Breath.
  2. Well, I'd imagine that Nightblood could rip out the one Breath used to Awaken the Lifeless... Ordinarily that is too "sticky" to remove with "Your breath to mine" from its creator, but I bet Nightblood could get at it. Then it'd collapse and all you'd have left is a corpse, same as if Nightblood "ate" a human wielder of all Investiture, I suppose. So it's not like the Lifeless could continue wielding Nightblood, but by definition a Lifeless is expendable and reusable, so yeah, pumping Lifeless with hundreds of Breath and setting one loose with Nightblood would be terrifying.
  3. Well at the end of Hero of Ages, Elend burns duralumin and then flares all his remaining atium... And he saw it. He saw it ALL.
  4. Ooh the audiobooks convey this too? How about the way he sounded in TFE as a human?
  5. Sazed arrived to TLR's throne room after Vin removed his metalminds, in time to witness Rashek's last words and Vin's killing him with a spear through the heart... And also to hear Marsh speak to Rashek as well, before his death: "Your obligators will forget you. I will see to that. The other Inquisitors are dead, slain by my own hand. Yet, the gathered prelans saw you transfer power to the Canton of Inquisition. I am the only Inquisitor left in Luthadel. I rule your church now." And later, he had time to chat with the both of them as well about the nature of TLR's power, making an educated guess that the mechanism revolved around compounding Feruchemy with Allomancy, before Marsh left to try to take up control of the obligators. The next time Sazed meets Marsh is in The Well of Ascension, when he was in a skaa dwelling teaching - forcing - some of the children to learn to read and write, when a woman comes up to tell him "The Lord Ruler" had "come back". Instead, it was an Inquisitor, Marsh, who had been actively looking for Sazed, to bring him with him to the Conventical of Seran (for reasons still not yet revealed): It didn't have to do with Ruin being close to escaping; it was a sound that Sazed already associated with Inquisitors, but had NOT yet associated with Marsh. So whatever caused Marsh's voice to change in timbre, it hadn't happened yet in the throne room. That was relatively soon after Marsh's Inquisitorization, so maybe it took a bit of time, somehow? Given the time delay it can't have just been a side effect of the hemalurgy involved in making him an Inquisitor, which should have happened at the same time as all the other changes to his body, so I wondered if it was a Cognitive thing, like with Kaladin's brands. Maybe Marsh had not yet "accepted" himself as an Inquisitor by nature yet then, but had done so by the next time he saw Sazed? But then, in Era 2, Marasi meets and speaks with him at the end of Alloy of Law, and later gives feedback to Wayne on the accuracy of his accent when imitating him as Death, in The Bands of Mourning: So Marsh is back to sounding fully human again, albeit with his native accent which is now over 300 years out of date and unrecognizable to Marasi! Brandon's pretty careful with his choice of words, and I doubt the statement of Marsh NOT sounding "grindy" was a coincidence, when he'd also written in an explicit mention of how shockingly "grindy" his voice had changed to become before (long before).
  6. Per the label on the empty display case at Lady Kelesina's party in BoM, "the lost metal" is obviously atium. Which is why, in terms of the book title reference to conclude the Era 2 story arc, it will obviously... Not be atium. Because when you think zig Brandon doesn't just go zag, he goes... Um... Ziggity-zag? Or he might make it so the characters in the book think about atium a lot, like maybe it turns out one of the nicrosil bands in the Bonds of Mourning grants A-atium and they're like, what the heck can I do with this if there is no atium to burn? And then some kind of twist reveals why or how this is A Thing. Or maybe someone just full on mugs Marsh for some atium. Yeah, I'd like to see them try!
  7. Now that Venli's formed a Nahel Bond and sworn the First Ideal, we can look forward to dancing to the beat of the Rhythm of the Knight. (Maybe only after the Third Ideal?)
  8. Soulcast a computer? Or Awaken it with a Command?
  9. Whoa! #7 blew my mind!!!
  10. Exactly. And he'd be like the Stormfather, in any case. "I am the Survivor! I will not be bound in such a way as to kill me!" I think it would involve dancing. And afterward, you could infer the bonding by the way they use their walk, and if they have no time to talk.
  11. The religions in my portfolio weren't useless after all... None of them were. They weren't all true. But they all had truth. As someone who is presently agnostic but has spent a lot of time researching most of the world's major religions, dead and alive, in a search for meaning, this really hit home.
  12. Well, Suit straight up said he'd left Wax for dead when he got back to the airships via Steelpush, right before Marasi figured out about the spearhead being the real BoM. Inasmuch as Harmony gave Marasi a hint, it would probably be to remind her what she knew already from dealing firsthand with Miles Hundredlives, that a goldmind could heal even deadly wounds if enough consciousness remained in a person to tap it and the goldmind were Invested enough, which the Bands would allow... If she got it to Wax as quickly as possible.
  13. I don't think the soul of a child in the Cosmere is a combination from the souls of its parents - I doubt the parents are losing pieces of their souls when they have children! Whatever the "spark of life" is, Cosmere-speaking of course, it's (a) related to or composed of Investiture and (b) something related to the Spiritual Realm, Identity, consciousness, and the Beyond. Most people in the Cosmere are descended from pre-Shattering populations, so whatever mechanism is in place to implant that spark into people as they're born was already there when various Shards began tinkering or linking up with it for their local populations. The deepest Connection would be from Preservation to Scadrians, who were created from nothing by the concerted action of him and Ruin, and to who he "gave more of himself" to kickstart the Spark of Life engine.
  14. Yabbut Brandon doesn't have to know. It's the kandra who have to know, and they have had plenty of time to practice! Maybe this is why they're not allowed to go out on missions until they're over 300 years old!
  15. Opened opened, or after-the-prologue opened? Because every Stormlight book in the first five-book arc, at least, has opened with another person's POV from the banquet when Szeth killed Gavilar. Not counting the prologue prologue to TWoK which was the breaking of the Oathpact.