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  1. Oh of course, how did I forget that! So I would not say Fused on Shardless mortal is in any way a fair fight, any more than ordinary soldiers had any chance against Szeth the Assassin in White (Shards or no). Especially when all but Moash were killed from behind and above. But there is some kind of battlefield honor in them, at least as much as the listeners (before the Everstorm) exhibited, that Kaladin noted while rescuing Dalinar's forces: they didn't attack the wounded or already down, and as you say, they respect giving a completely outclassed opponent (on paper) the honor of a one-on-one fight. Later on in Oathbringer, Leshwi breaks off her duel above Hearthstone with Kaladin to let him stop the Pursuer from brutalizing "civilians", though - perhaps Graves and Moash were leaving the warcamps disguised as (ordinary) soldiers, at least?
  2. Well, the ones that fly with Leshwi, anyway. As we saw in RoW, there were still Heavenly Ones who attacked the unconscious Radiants and their all-but-unarmed human shields; plus the ones that ambushed Graves and Moash fleeing the warcamps at the beginning of Oathbringer. Sure it turned out that they had Shards hidden in the cart behind them, but I doubt they had known that (they exclaimed in surprise/delight in examining the cart); looked like they simply attacked a small party of people fleeing "with stuff" to loot their stuff. Ch. 60 of The Way of Kings, the vision of Nohadon that Dalinar has (where he was Nohadon's advisor) where he said words aloud in the Dawnchant while in his trance that Navani was able to transliterate, and then to match up with what he remembered saying: "To be human is to want that which we cannot have." Before that, Nohadon looked out over a war-torn Kholinar, saying: So Alakavish was a Surgebinder who had formed his bond between Desolations and initiated some kind of war between human kingdoms; one who pre-dated Ishar or another Bondsmith imposing "precepts" (oaths and Ideals) on those who would form Nahel bonds?
  3. In the only examples of it we'd seen in Mistborn Era 1, hemalurgic spikes are typically created by piercing the victim/donor through the heart with a piece of the appropriate metal. Magical/spiritual effects aside, that is generally pretty fatal, unless surgical techniques rather than brutal/manual ones were in play in later Eras; after all, TLR, Inquisitors, koloss, and Ruin (all the known "spike creators") had no inclination even to try to have the donor survive. Quite the opposite.
  4. I have theorized this in the past myself - initially as a joke, but then in a huh, actually... kind of way. Moash is certainly passionate, and full of anger/hate... But at this point, largely at himself. And if he were the Vessel of Odium, he wouldn't be able to have Odium "take away his pain", he'd just be giving it back to himself! And a Vessel of Odium that by nature is not seeking to eliminate all the other Shards (Rayse), nor to "fix" the Cosmere that is so broken (Taravangian), but has a large component of regretful anger, would be quite interesting.
  5. That’s a good point - however, TLM may not “spoil” anything in SA5, but instead, drop something that doesn’t make sense until SA5 Where you read a passage and just shout on the train, “What?! Brandon blew my mind AGAIN”
  6. One wonders about the first mistwraiths, then. Rashek turned all living Feruchemists into mistwraiths, being unable to outright kill/destroy them with the power of Preservation, then "restored" his friends with a few hemalurgic spikes. It would have taken even Rashek a bit of time to kill enough people the right way to create 2xN Blessings spikes (N = however many "friends" he recovered that way; at least ten, the number of First Generation surviving to Sazed's time); until then, those friends would have suffered the same constant mental state of "something is missing, something is terribly wrong!" that MeLaan experienced without her spikes in BoM. And all the other former Feruchemists that hadn't been good enough with Rashek to get spikes? Yikes!
  7. In fact, perhaps the identity of the Shard behind "Trell" is not Autonomy after all, per your spoilered reference. I mean, we know that MB Era 2 takes place after SA5, right? Think about that...!
  8. Well, there is Intent in the latter case on the part of the donor host - I presumed you meant you thought the "beggar stolen from the streets" was killed to use as a host, which is what I was imagining, being as I'm imagining a kandra-style use for the corpse (to assume his form). But you are right, there is a known Cosmere mechanism for a willing transfer of one's own body to a Cognitive Shadow... Even if under somewhat false pretenses (the donor host doesn't have to know they'll die, just be willing to accept the incoming soul).
  9. I agree with those three likely scenarios, except I think it's #2. These have been "even more altered" than Paalm because she started out a kandra of Harmony (with normal Blessings), but instead were created as "trellium-based kandra" from the get-go (mistwraiths "born" with trellium). The red indicates "corrupted Investiture", which we also saw on the trellium spike that was harvested from Paalm's body - "corrupted" as in "Trell (presumed by most to be Autonomy, but who knows for sure just yet) has co-opted/redirected the magic of another Shard" And reject #3 as "really, this is the first time we see possession magic in the Cosmere, is this way?"
  10. So spaketh the Servant of Trell (as one of the Set's "Faceless Immortals") at the end of the Bands of Mourning, right before detonating an ettmetal bomb that wiped out Edwarn and itself in a huge explosion: "Thank you for your service; it has been accepted. You will be allowed to serve in another Realm." That's "realm" with a capital R. What do you think that might refer to? Edwarn's blown up, but his Cognitive Shadow will continue in service to further Trell's goals? What, are they going to make a Suit Seon? An Edwarn fabrial? The mind boggles!
  11. No, I would say what makes sense "given the language used" in Edwarn's inner dialogue (born and raised in Elendel), thinking to himself that "the Set had Faceless Immortals of their own" that Wax and his fools had no idea existed, is just that: they have the full equivalent of Faceless Immortals on their side, but ones that communicate with and report to Trell instead of Harmony (hence why it clearly outranks him by far, being able to speak of timelines, accepting service, and oh yes, removing life on Scadrial). If it was just a matter of "these servants of Trell can also appear as different people", well, that's only a fraction of what it means to be a Faceless Immortal, and he would probably have had a different term for it in his head. On a side note, we've also never seen any kind of "possession magic" in the Cosmere at all, in terms of an inteilligent entity occupying a human host (living or dead); having this be the first introduction of that mechanism under "Faceless Immortal" in the closing passages of a Mistborn book doesn't feel right, when we already know from Shadows of Self Trell can do a kind of hemalurgy by proxy that is invisible to Harmony.
  12. We don't actually know this at all. After all, Edwarn reflects to himself that the form of a person "with a ragged beard and wild hair" that came to visit him while imprisoned was probably one of the Set's Faceless Immortals via "a beggar stolen off the street". So they do need a human's bones to assume a human form, just like kandra do. And the "trellium" spike recovered from Paalm functioned in same (if corrupted) way that (one of) her original Blessings did, in terms of preserving her identity and memories, so however the mechanism works, it's more like a "co-opting" of hemalurgy's mechanics than a duplicating of effect. So the question is, are the Set's FIs more "rogue kandra" like Paalm was, or (more likely) mistwraiths brought to sentience via trellium spikes? The latter would never have been known to Harmony or the others at all. And it's implied by MeLaan that mistwraiths still exist somewhere, as she refutes to the idea that former Inquisitor spikes as used by Wax for an earring (and that successfully re-double-spiked Bleeder) would work as a Blessing, as "if that worked, we'd have already used all those spikes to make new children." There are mistwraiths out there to make into kandra with Blessings, if only they had them. So maybe for the Set, they do (of trellium).
  13. poll

    Consider that some of the most powerful Dark Side practitioners we've seen - as in Darth Vader and Kylo Ren - have still a spark of light in them that they have to continually stoke their rage/anger over to suppress... Maybe a Mistborn could duralumin Soothe/Riot them to flip them back to the Light Side. Even if that doesn't win the fight right there, it should at least cause a moment of emotional turmoil that leaves an opening for a well placed coin to the head or something. LOL But yeah, on the face of it, completely open-ended, no-balancing-cost magic like the Force and the One Power in the Wheel of Time are inherently more OP than anything in the Cosmere that we've seen (possibly except for AonDor for an Elantrian on home turf, or a Connection hack thereof)
  14. Hoid was present at the Shattering - and offered a Shard - which he declined. At the very least, that rules him out as having BEEN Adonalsium before the Shattering, and trying to reassemble himself into such (if that was one of the things you were putting forth?). Who the "backup Vessel" was (and for which Shard) we do not yet know, but it'd be funny if that was one of Rayse's original reasons for hating on Hoid, the two of who apparently already had "specific beef"* even before the Shattering. Nobody likes being the second choice! Per WoB, Hoid has been, but is not presently, a Dawnshard. This has affected him permanently, and is the reason he cannot physically harm another living being (including eating meat). Hoid is pursuing access to all the various Shardic magical powers, but he also already possessed some powers even before the Shattering (e.g., the "original Yolen version of Lightweaving"), so that is not indicative of a requirement to "super-Ascend" to Adonalsium. For Hoid (or any other "Cosmerite"**) to be trying to reassemble Adonalsium would require knowing or learning about what Adonalsium is/was, before the Shattering - not a lot of entities other than the Shards themselves can lay claim to that. Frost is one such being: the dragon on Yolen, or "old reptile", that corresponds with Hoid in some of the chapter headings in Stormlight Archive. He has a history with Hoid that goes back before the Shattering, and from the tone of his correspondence with Hoid, knows or guesses what he is pursuing and why, while disapproving. So, what is Hoid up to? Well, he writes to Frost, "You do not agree with my quest. I understand that, so much as it is possible to understand someone with whom I disagree so completely. ... You have accused me of arrogance in my quest. You have accused me of perpetuating my grudge against Rayse and Bavadin. Both accusations are true." And Frost replied, "...I'm disappointed. Perpetually, as you put it. Is not the destruction we have wrought enough? The worlds you now tread bear the touch and design of Adonalsium. Our interference so far has brought nothing but pain. ... You tow chaos behind you like a corpse dragged by one leg through the snow. Please, hearken to my plea. Leave that place and join me in my oath of nonintervention. The cosmere itself may depend upon our restraint." The way I read it, whatever Hoid is up to, it's not to "turn back the clock" on the Shattering so as to effectively undo it (with himself at the top, perhaps? hence the label of arrogance?), but more like continuing something he was already up to before the Shattering, the fact that two of his main targets had Ascended to Odium and Autonomy being a big obstacle. My personal theory on what Frost is alluding to as "the destruction we have wrought" in that letter is that it's not the Shattering, but whatever happened on Ashyn. Hence the mention of "the worlds you now tread" (Rosharan system) that "bear the touch and design of Adonalsium" (Roshar, its Invested highstorms, and the native singers all predate the Shattering), along with the interference that involved a "grudge against Bavadin and Rayse" that "has brought nothing but pain". And the arrogance is simply that Hoid continues to think he can "make things better" when all the other times, he's only made things worse (in Frost's opinion - and implied regret of past collusion). ---- *If I ever became a rapper or a pro wrestler, I would use the name "Specific Beef". **The preferred term is not "Cosmerite" but "Cosmerenaut", or possibly, "Cosmerepolitan". I may or may not have just made that up, though.
  15. We don't know what any of the TW oaths are, whether normal TW like the Stump, or enlightened mistspren TW like Renarin and Rlain. But we do have a WoB that the latter being "touched" will change things: