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  1. My upvote to yours, my liking become yours!
  2. Well it's not too far from people deriving income, status, influence, etc., through accumulation of "retweets" and "likes" on social media. It'd also be interesting for the magic system if, like social media based status or for that matter, like Stormlight, it decayed or evaporated over time. Not only do you need to amass a certain amount to do certain things, but you have to do it while people "still care". The "accumulate resources given one per person" angle is a bit like Breath from Warbreaker, too, except that the people giving it don't lose it (it's not zero sum), or else they have one to give per day (kind of like how we are limited to N reputation upvotes per day on this forum).
  3. Hey that's pretty plausible. Except for the fact that Helaran walked around for 3+ years with at least the Blade before showing up to attack Amaram... Maybe he was just so bad at being bad that the Skybreakers couldn't get him to break a law in all that time, haha. "So, you went to confront your father. Did you kill him with the Blade we gave you?" "No, I just threatened him with it. And told him I had more important things to do now. Like becoming a Skybreaker!" "*Cough* Right. Well, ah, before we let you take the next round of squire tests, there's this Iriali shoemaker we want you to visit..." ... "So, did you find the cobbler?" "Yeah. Nice guy. Makes shoes for kids for free." "Did you find anything about his past? Anything illegal?" "Well, he moved around a lot when he was younger... And at one point, he was a courier for a loan shark or something." "That sounds bad." "Yeah, he quit that to become a cobbler after one of his deliveries turned out to be a poisonous gift of some kind." "Ah! That's very bad! Someone died! Did you kill him for this with your Blade?" "What?! No! That can't have been his fault." "Nalan thinks otherwise." "Well then, Nalan can go kill him. Or he or my master can order me to do it, once I'm a Skybreaker squire. I'm not going to do it on my own!" *cough*
  4. That also doesn't ring true... If they thought he was a Radiant of the Third Ideal of some other Order than the Skybreakers (as required for a Shardblade), Nalan would certainly have come to kill him personally. Giving him a deadspren Shardblade to see what he would do with it as their litmus test before making that call, well that is an interesting idea. It could match both rarity of scenario with scarcity of supply (how many such Shards they'd have on hand).
  5. TBH this part of Mraize's letter to Shallan didn't and still doesn't ring quite true. Not just about how a deadspren Blade would be tolerated in a candidate for a Nahel bond (after all, we see both Dalinar and Elhokar forming nascent Nahel bonds while bonded with such a Blade), but why the Skybreakers would have a full set of Shards on hand, AND would give them to an acolyte to use (someone who couldn't even draw Stormlight yet, as a squire to a master, requiring the Second Ideal). Helaran already had that Blade when he back to visit the Davar household and threatened his father with it, several years before he appeared on that battlefield to try to kill Amaram. So it wasn't something "on loan for a mission" from the Skybreakers; he had "personal use" of the Blade, if not the Plate, for some time. We see Skybreaker acolytes working with their would-be masters and with Nalan in Edgedancer and Oathbreaker, and they are not given any such equipment, nor is any such opportunity held over them as enticement, for all that Helaran was supposedly recruited "with a display of Shards and power". ...Unless it was in the same vein as Szeth being given Nightblood by Nalan, which was even more singular (as Nightblood is beyond any ordinary Shardblade, even a living one). Hmm. My take: either the Skybreakers had some very special regard or future plans in mind for Helaran, or Mraize is wrong about how or why he got them (either intentionally lying, or actually misled).
  6. Surely there are some Scottish fans, or perhaps those in Denver, Colorado, who use "airsick lowlander" IRL by now! As for me, the Rosharan swear term I've occasionally used IRL (and not to a known SA reader) is to refer to a person as a "cremstain". Even if you don't know what "crem" is, it sounds nasty. (Less canonically, in that I don't think it's ever been used in-world in SA, I've said "shut yer cremhole", LOL)
  7. If Soulforgery would work in a large enough area of Earth, and this offer of "pick your Investiture magic" was known to me... ...couldn't I do like Shai and make Soulstamps of myself, "if I'd chosen to be a Feruchemist", "if I'd chosen to be a Mistborn/Misting of type X", etc.? And they wouldn't be very hard Soulstamps to make, because under the circumstances, they would all be equally plausible choices to my having chosen to be a Forger! Though as far as being a Surgebinder goes, I wonder what would happen to the spren on the other end of the Nahel bond if I had a Soulstamp for, say, "if I'd bonded a cultivationspren", and then unsealed myself to be something other than an Edgedancer. Urk?
  8. I found that tidbit from RoW very interesting, because until then, we'd only heard via WoB that one of the reasons Rayse had gone a-Splinterin' instead of trying to absorb other Shards was because he felt Odium "suited him perfectly". And all along, what the Shard really wanted was Mad, Sad, Glad To Be Bad Taravangian.
  9. Ah right, I was actually thinking of conscious spren like Sylphrena in Stormlight as the canonical example of "has a presence in the Physical and Cognitive Realms, but not the Spiritual" (as far as we know). But Ashravan... Here's a pair of WoBs that together raise interesting questions: I'm not sure what to make of that...!
  10. OK, so this discussion drifts into a slightly different context than I started out with - my original point being, while we know the upper bounds of what a Fullborn can do and how, we don't know what an "unchecked" Surgebinder is like - but we have been given more than a few hints that that is what ALL the Surgebinders on Roshar are, now that Honor is dead. Leaving that as unambiguously RAFO territory, let's turn the discussion instead to "if a putative Rashek Jr. was a Fullborn with all sixteen Era 2 metals" - or perhaps, someone holding the Bands of Mourning with huge piles of all sixteen metals on hand to Compound with as needed - "and wanted to physically destroy Scadrial to the point where most of the people on it would choose to flee off-world, how would he go about it, and how long would it take him?" I am admitting it'd probably be possible, but it wouldn't be quick. And that even with a mini-army of clones at his command, it'd still take time. So let's say it's Rashek Jr. and his sixteen fanatically loyal Neo-Inquisitors spiked for Fullborn-ness, and he's decided to blow this popsicle joint called Scadrial after giving it the spanking it so sorely deserves for what they did to his father. What are they going to do?
  11. Isn't that implied to be the end result of The Emperor's Soul?
  12. The Words, Frustration! THE WORDS... SAY THEM!!!
  13. Too many. Not sure if this forum is RoW restricted, though, so Imma keep my nose clean. Suffice it to say that what I posited as a "crackpot theory" recently as a joke in a thread in the RoW General Thoughts forum, I have begun to suspect may have some actual merit...
  14. I am saying what you are giving as "50,000 tons" of weight from an ironmind, or being able to do "10,000,000 pounds" (did you mean foot-pounds as a unit of energy?) with a pewtermind, exceed what is actually shown as possible to gain in one go from a metalmind, using my "endless pasta at Olive Garden" analogy. While you have access to a never-ending amount of it, the pasta just don't come in that size.