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  1. I don't think Rock was even proto-Radiant as far back as when they challenged Sadeas; whatever is special about him that makes him able to see Syl all the time, I don't think it has to do with Surgebinding or using Stormlight (or he wouldn't have needed to be close to Kaladin to heal from his wounds in the attack on Bridge Four that lost the Honorblade). But yes, I agree that whatever Rock was/is hiding from Bridge Four, it has to do with the nature and the circumstance of their challenge to Sadeas. He said that he came down from the Peaks with his nuatoma to make the challenge as his cook, where his nuatoma was his cousin ("My nuatoma would not come down to the lowlands without his own cook!"), which I find suspicious. But the retinue was more than just Rock and his nuatoma and the other two "who raised weapons in vengeance" (if in fact, Rock himself was not the nuatoma, or some other role that was even more senior). As Rock related while milking the knobweed in The Way of Kings, "Some were made soldiers, others serve in his household. I fixed him one meal and he sent me to bridge crews." So it stands to reason there are, or were, Rock's clansmen still in Sadeas' household or army, after he was sent to Bridge Four.
  2. In Oathbringer, we see Rock's immediate family - his wife and children - arriving at the Shattered Plains from the Horneater Peaks, in response to letters he sent them after entering Dalinar's service with Bridge Four. But he originally came to the Shattered Plains with others of his clan, including his brothers, to challenge Sadeas for his Shardplate, with him and all their retinue (minus the brothers that Sadeas dishonorably killed, according to Rock's account) becoming the property of Sadeas in forfeit. For his creative use of chull dung, he was sent to be a bridgeman. But the rest of his clansmen are still with Sadeas' camp, now under Ialai's control, right? Earlier, Ialai had asked Elkohar to name Amaram as a regent highprince of Sadeas as the Torol's heir, his nephew (never named or seen), "is too young", while Highmarshal Amaram was one of the highest ranking and most respected figures in their princedom's forces. Which he did. After Amaram and the forces of Sadeas "go Odium", with Amaram himself actually bonding an Unmade, we are only told that "Ialai left Urithiru in disgrace" as Shallan prepares for her imminent wedding. I suppose Ialai could say (possibly even truthfully) that she and the rest of House Sadeas had no part in planning Amaram's treachery at Thaylen Fields, as the penalty for that kind of treason should be more severe than that. So that means Torol's nephew is now highprince, with no regent, right? Or does Jasnah's becoming the ruler of Alethkar set up a precedent for Ialai to simply name herself as the regent? And with a large part of their princedom's army gone(?), what's left to them?
  3. I think we can rule Rock out as a Radiant (so far) because he was hurt pretty badly enough when the Diagram attacked Urithiru and stole Jezrien's Honorblade from Bridge Four that he had to be carried to the Oathgate to Thaylen Fields, but once he went through and Kaladin was nearby, he immediately began to draw Stormlight and healed up. That sounds pretty squire-y to me. It's hard to imagine anyone intentionally suppressing Stormlight healing in a mortal situation - it would probably even be an unconscious thing. When we see him glowing while or after using the Shardbow he's presumably glowing with Stormlight, but as Kaladin thought to himself, that's not enough to explain how he was able to draw it. There's definitely something more, and it's almost certainly related to the "lies" he told Bridge Four about himself and his past, but it's not Radiancy. (My guess, as mentioned elsewhere, is that he is actually the leader of his clan, and now that he's a Full Shardbearer, can claim to be some kind of Horneater High King.)
  4. I put this in another thread somewhere, but I think that (a) Odium is only able to do his splintering thing with the aid of another Shard, presumably Autonomy from what we've seen so far in the Cosmere (and I'm not the first to put that idea forward), and that (b) this scepter is somehow a conduit or token of that "power boost". He uses the word "we" when reacting with shock to Dalinar's (temporary) Ascension to Honor ("No! We killed you!"), and perhaps even more tellingly, there's a WoB where Brandon describes Odium setting off on his Splintering Tour starting with Devotion and Dominion on Sel primarily because he located them the easiest, and that his real "top of the list" target was Ambition, who took more hunting down: He was afraid that this Shard that would rival him. And so he's like "This one is number one on the hit list. We're taking down Ambition." Obviously Brandon is phrasing this from Odium's POV, so the question is, who is or are the other parties in the plural "we" that Odium refers to? He doesn't use the "royal we" in speaking to Dalinar, Taravangian, or to any of his Fused minions, so it seems unlikely he'd suddenly use that very formal mode of speech when surprised, or in what appears to be an internal POV comment. All Shards started out exactly equal in power, and Vin as Preservation had to pay a cost of her own destruction as a Vessel to do the same to Ati as Ruin, so it stands to reason that for Odium to go a-hunting for Shards expecting to survive, he has an edge. Represented in that scepter!
  5. Right-o! -- it just occurred to me while reading this one, is all
  6. "We're" taking down Ambition? And he exclaims, "No! We killed you!" when Dalinar Ascends? Who's this "we"? Is that Odium using the Royal We? But he never does that when talking to Taravangian later, or to Dalinar earlier, or when addressing his Fused minions at Thaylen Fields. It feels like Autonomy is giving Odium a boost to be able to splinter other Shards, as all of them are naturally exactly equal in raw power to each other, no? And for Vin as Preservation to destroy Ati as Ruin, the price tag came with her own destruction as a Vessel as well. Maybe that scepter he's always waving around represents that boost. As to why Autonomy would do such a thing: perhaps the ultimate fulfillment of "Autonomy" as an Intent would be to free all people from divine (Shardic) control or influence, leaving only Splinters like AonDor on Sel or the Stormfather on Roshar. So he/she's leveraging Odium as a tool of destruction, with some longer term plan for suppressing or eliminating him when he's done with his hatchet jobs.
  7. True, and my sketching out of what a "Partial Radiant" effect might be like is, in some sense, also "obvious".
  8. I voted #1, that I wanted Adolin to bond a revived Mayalaran spren, but that's not 100% the same as wanting him to be a full Knight Radiant/Edgedancer. I think it'd be more interesting if reviving and bonding the Spren of a Broken Oath had some other implications, that he wouldn't become a "full" or "normal" Radiant, but something else. That way, like the not-dead Renarin, or the "pruned Dalinar", he'd be a hugely impactful "something else" that neither the Diagram nor the "consensus forecast" Odium Futurevision predicted. (Or us readers!) My personal prediction, if it goes that route: no Surgebinding, but he gains use of Stormlight (there are hints he healed, though not fully, to be able to walk so soon after a wall fell on him and seemingly shattered his legs, before Renarin healed him soon afterwards), "spren alerts" like when Maya managed to give him warning about the thunderclast, and low latency (<10s) but non-instant Shardblade summoning. Use of Maya as an Oathgate key. And who knows... Maybe even the ability to "advance" to gaining Shardplate, as he's kind of giotten a sidestep into the "Third Ideal" level with a partially bonded living Shardblade. However, I'd find an Edgedancer Adolin and a storyline of "so dead spren CAN be revived!" satisfactory, also - just a tad predictable. I'd prefer it over a storyline of "well what we see at the end of Oathbringer is as revived as Maya ever gets, she's just a talking sword to a never-Radiant Adolin", which has only the benefit of not being the predictable storyline, while having all the drawbacks of being extremely uninteresting (while leaving room for Sanderson to MAKE it interesting, of course).
  9. And as I said, I don't interpret Wax as having had the Bands when he inspected the statue. Basically, until I'm proven wrong, I'm putting forth the theory that the "aluminum belt" on the statue of the Sovereign at his temple was not just a decorative belt, but an aluminummind (the only other thing it could reasonably be that's "special"), and that Wax simply hasn't thought about that yet because he's had a lot of other stuff to deal with. I admit he COULD have inspected the aluminum belt for a feruchemical store with the Bands. I just don't think he did, and I don't think he thought enough about it to realize he might need to do so. I also think the text supports that, as he doesn't really have enough time to do it while in possession of the Bands. You'd have to be inferring all this investigation of the belt before giving the Bands to MeLaan as off-screen activity that was deeper than a simple, normal, everyday-Wax-type inspection of a metal object (visual, scientific, and Steelsight) meriting a casual POV thought from him that results in "Eh, not another Bands of Mourning, and it holds no kind of charge".
  10. Well we'll just have to disagree. Sazed was a Full Feruchemist; I don't think Wax, as a Ferring for iron (Skimmer), could sense a metalmind that wasn't an ironmind. The way I understand it, it's not true that a "feruchemist can sense a metalmind having a charge even if they can't use it themselves" - it has to be a sense for the power that is inaccessible due to the Identity keying, whereas a Ferring wouldn't sense anything in any other metal than "theirs" any more than a non-feruchemist would. But neither is made clear in the text, as far as I know; if there's a WoB about this, I'd be interested to read it.
  11. One reason could be thematic to the order of the Radiant, if that is the right word to use. For example, both Shallan and Jasnah have Transformation in the form of Soulcasting, but Jasnah is far more attuned to using it offensively, while Shallan seems to use it most naturally to make her illusions more real, to put little pieces of herself into them, like mini-splinters. Or in her inspirational sketches, which sometimes have the power to Transform a person into a more idealized version of themselves. So it could be that while Illumination for a Lightweaver is about weaving illusions, for a Truthwatcher it would somehow relate to "illuminating" in the sense of uncovering, rather than covering up or changing, the nature of something. Which is why the Odium-corrupted version of Glys imparts a vision of the future, "which is of the enemy". Perhaps the ordinary version of a Truthwatcher's illumination is similar - they see scenes played out before their eyes - but of the past or present instead of the future, or revealing disguises or subterfuge.
  12. Well if it IS storing someone's Identity for laterz, there can be little question as to whose Identity it would be, eh?
  13. So what you're saying is he only checked if they were another set of BoM type device (which would have a nicrosilmind band or ring somewhere with it) by picking it up and thinking "Go Go Sovereign Bands Power!" to no effect, and since it wasn't, concluded it was just plain aluminum. I agree that that is very likely what he did, but to my mind, the specific additional phrase "no kind of charge" suggests he is assuming it is nothing more than what it appears to be, an aluminum belt, without thinking how odd it is to decorate a statue with an aluminum belt, when aluminum is still a rare metal on Scadrial. I'm not saying Wax has ruled out it being an aluminummind. I'm saying Wax has not yet really thought about the possibility of it being an aluminummind. Because what would that mean, anyway, if aluminum stores Identity? It was described by VenDell as a kind of runoff mechanism to drain Identity while filling another metalmind, to create an unkeyed metalmind. Does that imply that one could never create an unkeyed aluminummind, since apparently, Identity is exactly what is causing the keying of metalminds in the first place? Wouldn't it be interesting if, by their very nature, all aluminumminds are "unkeyed" in that any Trueself Ferring could tap any aluminummind, and swap or overlay Identity with another Trueself Ferring? Think about it: Sazed and other Full Feruchemist Keepers of Era 1 didn't have aluminum handy to use as metalminds. Other than hints dropped via the Word of Harmony, all the understanding of feruchemical use of it for Identity comes from research based on Ferrings in the Terris community of Era 2, where the Ars Arcanum gives the name of "Trueself Ferring" for this power, and states that "this ability is not fully understood, and is rarely discussed outside of Terris communities". If the only use of an aluminummind by a Trueself Ferring was to store their own Identity into it and get it back again, how would that illuminate anything about "the spiritual sense of Identity" for Era 2 Terris researchers?
  14. The Bands must operate based on F-nicrosil; F-aluminum stores Identity. If the aluminum belt were a pure feruchemical store of Identity, keyed or otherwise, Wax couldn't know that without accessing the ability to tap it. In other words, I would consider Wax's assessment of them as "just aluminum" based on his normal inspection for Investiture based on Steelsight to be invalid, and he may not have realized this. He'd have to use the Bands to gain F-aluminum to check for it being an aluminummind (and only if it were unkeyed would he be able to tap it).
  15. Hmm How can he tell they have no charge (of Investiture)? He tests objects for being metalminds with Steelsight, but he can't Push on even ordinary aluminum. Of course he's also new to the idea of aluminumminds in the first place...