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  1. I might have broke it:
  2. I knew about him not being able to hurt people, but I don't remember this part. Could you refresh my memory?
  3. 346. If you see/hear some unknown liquid drink from the floor, do not slowly look up. Immediately sprint for the nearest safe area. More often than not it's drool or something similar, and if it's just a harmless leak you'll find out from the safety of somewhere else. 347. If animals are nervous for no apparent reason, there is definitely an important (likely deadly) reason. Be on high alert when this happens, and get to a safe area if possible. 348. Wear iron. A great number of supernatural creatures have a weakness against iron.
  4. These are some really good ones! I really liked the 2 Jim Croce songs.
  5. There was an update recently: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/craftygames/mistborn-house-war/posts/2524100 It shows off some really cool artwork coming in the expansion!
  6. I don’t get it. I think it's because triplet technically has 2 syllables, but musicians often count it with 3.
  7. I think this might work, though the issue might be whether the tree would be too stiff to move.
  8. I believe you could use this method to hold the coins in place in the air, but I don't think you could use this to make yourself fly.
  9. Surprisingly, it hasn't been. That's a good one.
  10. 293. In the event you are in charge of a fleet of spaceships or similar technology and you are approached by a single ship, order all ships to fire on the ship immediately. If it is not instantly destroyed, order everyone to retreat as fast as possible. The ship is either a trap or piloted by some ace pilot who can miraculously take you all out. 294. Instruct any companions/family members to run away if they see you fighting someone. This will help lower the odds of your enemy throwing an attack at them, forcing you to sacrifice yourself in a dramatic fashion. 295. Make sure your companions/family members know how to dodge, and make sure that they will do so in the event they ignore Rule 294. Stress the advantages of dodging instead of just standing there gaping as an attack heads towards you. 296. In the event your companions/family members are incredibly stupid and ignore your instructions from Rule 294 and 295, don't try to shield them from the attack. Tackle them out of the way instead. You will almost always have enough time to get both of you clear of the attack, so the emotional sacrifice really isn't necessary.
  11. *Throws name on top of pile and runs away*
  12. With respect to the "it's hard to affect heavily invested objects point", Atium doesn't really "affect" the things around it, so I don't think that rule would apply. As far as I know, the only thing Atium can't see is aluminum.
  13. This is great! It's terrifying.