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  1. 442. If you have someone surrounded, and they say an odd, out-of-place phrase (ex: "The eagle flies south for winter"), only to be surprised when nothing happens, immediately finish your attack. They are definitely signaling some unseen party, and if you let them repeat their passphrase for dramatic/comedic effect, you will be finished off before you can attack.
  2. He was right. I did not see that coming
  3. Spoilered just in case
  4. One flaw is that you can't store/tap mass, only weight. That would mean scenarios 1 & 2 would't work.
  5. The Steelrunner would definitely win. Atium lets you see the future, but it doesn't matter if you aren't physically capable of reacting. Even if they see the Steelrunner's atium shadow, and (somehow) are able to react, the Steelrunner will just change whatever it is they are going to do, because steel gives you enough mental speed to function. It would be like fighting someone using atium and bendalloy at the same time. No matter what the Seer does, they will still be essentially frozen from the Steelrunner's perspective (or at least moving so slowly as to be basically frozen anyway). At that point there is nothing they can do with the 2-3 seconds of information they could have. As for the thing about hand-to-hand combat, and not being able to hit someone, I think that they would probably be fine. As seen in SoS, a Steelrunner can hold things like guns and knives. If they can run while holding those things, without them ripping out of their hand or injuring them, then they can probably hit things. Or at the very least pick something up and throw it.
  6. Words of Radiance
  7. Vin's power progression in a nutshell: Final Empire Well of Ascension Hero of Ages
  8. I'm doing my reread of the stormlight in preparation of RoW, and I saw something that I had initially forgotten about. At the end of Way of Kings, Mr. T showed Szeth his death hospitals, as well as made some ominous remarks about plans. Taking that, plus Szeth's various interactions with Diagram members, and it wouldn't be too big of a stretch that he has a piece-meal idea of the Diagram's existence/mission. Flash-forward to the end of Oathbringer, Szeth has sworn loyalty to Dalinar. Mr. T told Dalinar they used Szeth because a Herald had told them a Desolation was coming, but it seems like Dalinar could easily verify that story by asking Szeth himself. As for Szeth, he is acting as a bodyguard to Dalinar. It seems to me that a bodyguard would mention if one of your (somewhat) trusted allies is running a death hospital, among other suspicious activities. Is it reasonable to assume that Dalinar has some idea of the Diagram's existence by RoW, or are we supposed to believe neither Szeth or Dalinar compared notes?
  9. That's an interesting idea I hadn't considered. I was originally going for named characters because I liked the idea of being able to "use" your favorite characters as part of the game, but having pieces instead be a generic metal born type could make things easier, especially like in the case of the Set where there aren't as many named characters to choose from. If I were to make a version along those lines, it would probably be simpler to make both sides the same. That way you don't have to memorize a whole bunch of piece types and abilities. I like the idea. I might try to do this once I have some more free time.
  10. Oathbringer
  11. Oops. I missed that part. I wouldn't tell anyone. The way I see it, there isn't really a reason to do so. I'm not going to practice it, and I'm not going to try to get anyone else to practice it so there really isn't any reason to tell anyone that it exists. If someone did find out though, I think the effects wouldn't be too bad, since without the metallic arts the motivation for doing so really isn't significant.
  12. For clarification, would the other Metallic Arts also exist in this scenario, or is it just Hemalurgy?
  13. The edit button is a pathway to many abilities some consider... unnatural. 405. If someone you meet tells you not to trust anyone (including themselves), don't trust them. They are guaranteed to betray you, and potentially get you killed. 406. Don't mess with rites/items/etc. that are supposed to convey immortality. They have a tendency to dramatically reduce your lifespan if they go wrong.
  14. On Brandon Sanderson's site, there's a games & movies tab. Obviously there hasn't been a movie based off of Sanderson's work, but there have been a decent number of games. The only one listed though is the Mistborn adventure game. Is there a reason for that? Also, with the Stormlight Archive version of Call to Adventure coming out relatively soon, is there a chance that the page will be updated so that other games such as Mistborn: House War and the Reckoners boardgames might be added?
  15. In the last update, they were asking for backers to look over the rulebook for typos and visual errors. I found one on one of the later pages where it shows Zane's personality card (The resource on Zane's card has the wrong color, with Food being grey). Would someone who is a backer be able to point that out? @Herowannabe @RippleGylf @little wilson @Themasterhunter @Rubix @firstRainbowRose @Ecthelion III @Emerald101 @Elenion @ChaosModifier https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/craftygames/mistborn-house-war/posts/2825872