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  1. Vin pushed and pulled on atium beads in her fight with Zane.
  2. This is so cool! I've been looking forward to seeing how all the metals work.
  3. 280. If a magic sword/object shows you visions, or you hear voices calling you to use it, it is generally a good idea to avoid said magic object. 281. If you happen to find yourself in the middle of a large battle and some loved one is with you, kiss them. 9/10 times, this will make every enemy ignore you, and any hazards will miss. These effects will continue for at least 1 minute, or until the kiss ends. 282. Bad things happen on boats. Don't go on boats. Land travel is always preferable. 283. In the event you are forced to use a boat, choose one with a grumpy (potentially old) captain. They will likely know some safe passage or important folklore that could save your life. 284. Avoid planes. See Rule 282. 285. Always be kind to beggars.
  4. That is a really good one! 276. Don't be an innkeeper. Bad things tend to happen at inns. 277. Same goes for being a barkeep.
  5. It's good to hear the design is going well. I'm excited to see how it has changed from the idea they had earlier.
  6. Just out of curiosity, has there been any news regarding the Siege of Luthadel expansion?
  7. Going to go ahead and throw my hat in the ring.
  8. @Kurkistan Thanks for the clarifications! That's what I thought, but someone during a game pointed out that the card says "all terms of this deal are binding" and made the argument that agreed upon Favor distribution amounts count as a term. We play it that way now since it makes people use the cards more often, but I just wanted to check to see what the general consensus was.
  9. @Herowannabe @Kurkistan Wanted to ask about some more rule clarifications: 1. If a person plays the obligator/high prelan, this means that no deal changing cards (The Slanderer, Con Artist, The Stallion) can be played, correct? 2. Despite being a very powerful personality card, The Inquisitor can still be haze killed normally, correct? 3. Is it legal to "overpay" for a problem? Ex: A problem costs 6 resources, let's say 3 food and 3 skaa. The active player decides to solve this problem and they have an excess of resources, including 3 food, 2 skaa, 2 soldiers, and 2 prestige. They decide to use the 2 skaa normally, and the 2 soldiers to pay for the remaining skaa. However, for the 3 food, they decide to use 1 food normally, and 2 instances of 1 food + 1 prestige in order to pay for the remaining food. Would this be legal? The rules say you can "spend any 2 resources as any other 1 resource", but I'm not sure if this means a player could use the requested resource to "double up" This specific question came up when a player was trying to get rid of all their resources before a problem erupted that would require them to destroy 3. 4. I was perusing the rules, and noticed this line that I had missed before "You may convert resources like this as often as you like, though you may NOT combine resources with another player when converting." referring to the "spend any 2 resources as any other 1 resource" rule. Does this mean you can't work together with other people in order to create a resource? Ex: the problem requires x amount food and skaa, but no player gains skaa. A player decides to combine their resource with another player in order take care of the skaa, since no one else has any. 5. It says to discard the obligator and high prelan "when all terms are met". Does this also apply to when a player can't meet the terms of agreement and the card's punishing effect occurs? Or does the Obligator/High Prelan stay until the player is finally able to meet the terms. I've always assumed it was the first, but wanted to check. Ex: A player promises to help another with their next problem with the use of a thug. However, another player steals their thug with a seeker. Does the promising player have to keep giving back resources until they can meet the terms of agreement? Or would the card disappear after the fine is applied? 6. I feel like I've asked this question before, but can't find any record of it: For problems that say players can't play personality cards when solving or closing deals, can players still play personality cards (soothers, rioters, etc.) before the active player actually chooses the problem? 7. For Problems which target a specific player's resources, such as Major Heist or The Eleventh Metal, can the active player choose a player with no resources? 8. Can thugs, tineyes, etc, be redirected to another problem that is not being worked on?
  10. Kingkiller chronicles (Books 1 & 2) (Alternate)
  11. Continuing from 263. 264. If you are a dock worker/mover and you or somebody else notices a container which appears to open from the inside, leave immediately and get as far away from the area as possible. It is almost always a vampire. 265. In the event you come across an abandoned vehicle, whether it be a boat/car/truck, don't go to inspect it. Turn around immediately and forget you ever saw anything. 266. No matter where you are, no matter how safe you feel, always look behind you.
  12. The problem with melting him is that he has access to f-brass, which would keep the heat from killing him. It would probably melt his metal minds though, so it could be a first step. Got to get him into the volcano though... For a gold compounder though, that would definitely work.
  13. @Herowannabe I also did not make that card. Looks pretty interesting though. There are definitely times in the game where you might know you're not one of the strong contenders for highest or lowest score, and this could be an interesting new option.
  14. Ghost Trick