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  1. I thought Cytonic was too slow and expositiony. It was a mcguffin quest that could have been summarized in one chapter.
  2. What is Odium's metal called? Before it was Raysium, but now that there's a new vessel, Is it Taravangium? Odiumium?
  3. Hold up hold up, why is Autonomy evil?
  4. Hey I was wondering how and when and if these questions get answered. I'm sure this question's been asked before, but there's alot of material in this post.
  5. At the end of WoR Jasnah says that "God is dead" and Hoid responds something along the lines of "I think you'll find that he lives on in the hearts of men". Jasnah finds that remark very clever. It is my theory that part of Honor's trap was placing a tiny pieces of himself into the people of Roshar, (kind of like Preservation placing pieces of himself into the people of Scadrial) thus somehow insuring that the prison will stand even after he is dead. This would explain why Odium is playing such an active roll in the utter destruction of Roshar (contrary to his pattern of coming, splintering the shard, then leaving): to completely free it of the influence of Honor and the power that holds him captive.
  6. I didn't think so, I was just curious. As for the Desolation, I imagine that's when Odium surges out of his prison trying to escape, so I don't think Hoid would necessarily cheer it on...
  7. theory

    On a different thread, I wonder if there were full Mistborns at the beginning of Scadrial, but the bloodline got stretched thin. Meanwhile in Terris Feruchemists bred true.
  8. theory

    I agree with this one completely. When Wax smells cologne coming from the beggar and asks him about it, the beggar temporarily looks surprised. He said he was drinking it to throw Wax off.
  9. This idea is probably way out there: but what if? What if Hoid has given up on instant noodles? I know he's just messing with us, but what if he's giving a clue? I dunno, let me know what you think about this idea.
  10. That's a fascinating idea that Trell is a corrupted shard, or combination of shards. I would also submit that he is another whole shard/shards of Adonalsium (Shard of Chaos as opposite to Harmony possibly? i.e. Honor and Odium are opposites) or maybe he is from outside Adonalsium. Either another whole deific entity, or a shard of Adonalsium's opposite/counterpart.
  11. I love how this started as a discussion of cookies, then turned to deep philosophizing over hemalurgy and other related topics...
  12. theory

    Are you suggesting that Feruchemy is more... "native" to Scadrial than Allomancy?
  13. Also, what's with the cookies...?
  14. Thank you sir! Sorry about the profile pic similarity, I changed it X)
  15. Wax is a Savant. [] in case you can't see the quote I included.]