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  1. Are we sure that it's Honor talking? I don't remember Dalinar matching that voice to Tanavast's voice anywhere.
  2. I mean, the Stormfather did describe Honor as "infusing" him, not creating him. We know spren were there before the shards, so yeah, OB does confirm that.
  3. That still doesn't explain why Odium cowered. He killed Tanavast at the height of his powers. Surely, killing Dalinar 30 seconds after he'd taken up Honor wouldn't be a challenge. Look at Ati vs. Vin.
  4. Next RAFO question: "Is Adonalsium alive?"
  5. So, finished Oathbringer last night. I was talking with my husband, and he made an interesting point. When Dalinar reconstructed Honor's perpendicularity, it seemed to unite all three realms. Evidence: Stormlight doesn't originate in the cognitive realm (it manifests as a wave there too), but the perpendicularity released a huge amount of Stormlight. Whatever that means, I want to focus on Odium's reaction. Odium/Rayse looked on in horror and said "No! We killed you!". Note that he said we, not I. Since he hasn't used the royal we anywhere else, that means he was talking about a group of which he was a part. From this, I think he was looking at the Spiritual Realm and seeing Adonalsium, not Honor. Further evidence: whatever he saw made him shrink back in horror and lessen the Everstorm. The only thing that would be more powerful than a shard (save Harmony's two shards) is Adonalsium his/itself. I think that, in the Spiritual Realm where everything is perfected, Adonalsium never died. To paraphrase Navani, if it was really God, it couldn't have been killed. I think that the shardbearers merely broke the part of Adonalsium that showed up in the Physical and Cognitive Realms. What do you think, sirs?
  6. I'm personally of the opinion that Taravangian got the curse and blessing backwards. As someone who suffers from it, Taravangian has the symptoms of mania/bipolar. The feeling of extraordinary intelligence and the need to get it out RIGHT NOW are exactly what I experience when I have an attack. In one bad case, I even wrote my ideas out on the wall the same way he did. However, quite often my "great thoughts" during my attacks are dead wrong. When other people look at them, or when I look at them later, they usually contain a number of fatal flaws that I missed because I was going too fast. The lack of compassion is another symptom of mania that he matches exactly. I've had times when I had no compassion left in me, only the drive from the mania. I've wanted to hit people I love, and I was just barely able to stop myself. Furthermore, I know people with worse cases than mine that have beaten people in their worst cases. Basically, I've had to have treatment to really understand that compassion and intelligence are not inverse to each other. PS: Don't worry, I'm well treated for my disorder nowadays, and that sort of stuff doesn't happen to me anymore.
  7. Moulin Rouge!
  8. Here's one suggested by my husband: Is Adonalsium's power original to him/it, or did it come from somewhere else? That is, was Adonalsium granted power, or did he take it from someone/thing, or was it innate in Adonalsium?
  9. There's also the language of the followers of Trell. They're mostly complaining about how Harmony is "weak", and that they need "strength" in their god. They're using the language of hatred and aggression, which strongly suggests Odium himself.
  10. Interesting possibility, but if Rayse really was as, well, odious as Hoid said in The Letter, then I doubt that anyone who knew him will work with him willingly again. Then again, it could be unknowing manipulation...
  11. Since he's said that he's going through book 5 of Stormlight to begin, my guess is that Odium will escape Roshar there. Wax and Wayne is set after Stormlight 5 but before Stormlight 6, so between that and the red eyes, I'm pretty confident.
  12. For a first touch of wild speculation, Trell is Odium, or I'll eat Wayne's hat.
  13. Oh my... I'd have to split my answer two ways: Words of Radiance for the story/mythology, and Alloy of Law for the characters. Roshar's my favorite world and its magic system is strongest, but I could listen to Wayne gab for hours at a time. EDIT: by "Roshar's magic system is strongest", I mean that it's the one that fits best in its story.