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  1. (spoliers for BoM) Recently, I looked over the Feruchemical powers again and recalled the scene in BoM where the group finds the Nicrosil and Gold bracelet (I think) stored with an immense amount of Health that anyone could use because of the Investiture in the Nicrosil. It happens again in the epilogue with the coin and memory of Kelsier in the Final Empire. Now, after seeing Aluminum's Feruchemical power was Identity, I'm curious as to how it works. Do we know anything? My guess is that it may be a sort of protection against brainwashing, or in combination with Nicrosil, could literally make someone drawing both Investiture and Identity act like the Identity donor. What do you all think? Or what do we actually know?
  2. @Ookla the Lurker Probably Shadows of Self. It's just such a twist ending and the idea of hating God is really freaking cool to me.
  3. Hey everyone! Glad to be here. I used this about two years ago, then completely forgot about it. So I figured I'd reintroduce myself and all about me now that I'm back. So, in terms of the Cosmere, I've read all of the Mistborn Saga, Way of Kings through Edgedancer from Stormlight Archive, and have read parts of Emperor's Soul and Elantris. I'm usually too busy to read anymore, but am in the process of reading Oathbringer. As for things unrelated to the Cosmere, I consider myself a gamer and a musician. I play Destiny 2, Rainbow Six Siege, Skyrim, Elder Scrolls Online, you get the gist. I played the cello for five years before switching to the bass. I hope to meet you all in the forums! I'll try to post when I can. Let me know if you have any questions about me.
  4. Hey all, it's been a long time since I logged on here and have little idea about how this site really functions, so I'm just going to ask my question and hope it gets answered (I guess spoilers?) So, I write a lot of fanfiction for my various fandoms, but I typically keep it to myself. For one of my stories, I wanted to base a character on Sazed from the first trilogy. Is it possible for one to Snap into a Full Feruchemist? Or does Snapping only work for Allomancers / Mistborn?
  5. Ohhhh ok. Thanks for the clarification everyone. @Talanelat'Elin Stonesinew @Jondesu @Kurkistan
  6. Hey all! So, I have another question about Allomancy and Feruchemy, one that I'm not sure how to describe or bring up, but I'll try. In Alloy of Law, I believe, Wayne somehow gets injured pretty badly. Worrying, Wax rushes over and checks for a pulse, finding that Wayne indeed has one. Wax was worried, as I remember it, because Wayne had already used some of his healing earlier in the book and was running low. However, something about tapping the Gold metalmind slowly allowed Wayne to draw out more healing power? If that makes sense? Not entirely sure what I'm talking about, really just looking for clarification on Feruchemical Bloodmaker healing, and trying to use Alloy of Law as a reference point... Apologies that it's probably really confusing and vague, but I tried . (Also might be easier to just reread the book for an answer, but I'm a little tight on time right now.)
  7. Haha thanks for the welcome guys! And I'll look out for the cookies @Bugsy6912 @bleeder
  8. Haha thanks @KnightRadiant
  9. @Dunkum @KnightRadiant Yes! It all makes so much more sense now! Thanks for the clarifications.
  10. @KnightRadiant Sure, sorry for being a bit confusing. Yes, that is what I'm asking. It confused me that Malatium was never really mentioned after FE. Keep in mind, still reading BoM.
  11. @KnightRadiant I have, but very scarcely. Isn't it something like, all of Sanderson's books all take place in the same universe, known as the cosmere, or something?
  12. @KnightRadiant I think I might go for Stormlight next, then. I've seen A LOT of praise for them, but haven't read any content about them whatsoever, aside from the names.
  13. @Ookla the Endless Aha, but I've been warned not to accept them! Not entirely sure why, but I'll learn at some point...
  14. @KnightRadiant Sadly, no. Just the Mistborns up until BoM, but I don't intend to stop there! My friend told me the Steelheart books are really good, so I might read those next. Any other suggestions?
  15. Hey, so I've read the Mistborn books up until Bands of Mourning, and have a fairly simple question. Because of the adverse effects of Atium, Malatium, and Lerasium, should I consider Atium and Malatium to be allloys, if that makes sense? All metals seem to have some kind of opposite effect from their counterpart, but from many of the charts I've seen, they match up Atium and Lerasium instead of Atium and Malatium, which I don't understand because I don't really see a correlation between seeing into the future a few seconds and becoming a Mistborn/ Misting. Someone wanna clear the air for me?