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  1. I'm here. I'll sign up as Mukluk Topper, a fancy top hat on a pair of worn out hiking boots.
  2. I'd vote, but I'm so very lost. What is even going on? I won't be on basically at all next cycle, apologies in advance
  3. 25%. A one in 4 that Lum wasn't evil.
  4. I missed a comma, thanks for pointing it out
  5. Goodness gravy people, this is a qf, why was there 6 freaking pages that I needed to read?! That's absolutely insane, Mr. Being of Chaos Easy. Who in their right mind would run against the firstname/lastname combo of Senator Senator Me voting for lum raises the chance of a misflip to 30%, which is a little high for my tastes.
  6. I had about 2 hours of sleep last night, so forgive me for getting everything said above jumbled in my head, but from what I understand, 10 votes is evil, people want to be governor, and Joe is a mad lad. That about sums it up? Also, what happens if we have 2 votes on all three constables? No more than 2 can be killed but all people who tie a lynch die.
  7. Can I be Senator Senator, someone who is only considered a senator because of their name?
  8. I'll join, but I'm going to give a heads up that I'll be on a plane the Wednesday after we start, but I'll be around before and after then
  9. That elim doc was a nightmare to type in
  10. I appreciate the sentiment They're now worth double
  11. Cadcom is a good choice, and I don't like that we almost had a breach when they claimed to be drawing a LoW
  12. It's not letting me quote this, but in this post, This is me. Instead of drawing a LoW, I went for the bucket of acid but someone else snatched it up
  13. @Butt Ad Venture there's not much I can say to defend myself from your claims. My habitual silence does look suspicious. It always has and it always will. @Snipexe I do have chalk. If things had gone differently night one I wouldn't have chalk Striker contacted me as well
  14. Sorry for not posting earlier. I'm here now. Everyone who is doing a LoW please find a way to inform the thread so that way we avoid wasting our chalk. Right now we only need whoever contacted Xino, but we may need someone else to add one tonight