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  1. We dodged a bullet, getting rid of a Third with the kill ability. A double kill night from the Thirds would be rough. Now to go through and read the bits that I missed, see what went down
  2. I'll hold of on voting Conquestor for now. @Illwei if you get a chance, could you explain your reasoning for voting Araris and your claim that TUN is never on a team with Mat
  3. I don't mind ties, I take issue with Conquestor's inconsistency. Ties can help encourage discussion as to why people voted for who they voted for
  4. I'm doing well, thanks. How are you doing? Conquestor's vote on TUN doesn't sit right with me. Not only did he accuse someone of making a tie by making another tie, but he also accused Mat in the RP and TUN in parenthesis, both colored red. I'm open to retracting the vote if someone more suspicious comes along
  5. In the case of being a SK, I would probably go for either someone who I felt threatened by or someone who provides the village with little information. I don't know who the Smedry would be threatened by, but as for the second one I would guess Kidpen or me Experience something they said doesn't jive well with me, I'll try to explain when I have some more time. Mind sharing?
  6. Straw is right, just a lighthearted comment about how all previous deaths were in between us. What about my statement implied Joe as the next death?
  7. That is a worrisome death pattern, especially for myself and Sart
  8. I am not a fan of the voting on TGK, though I do understand where it's coming from. I am willing to bet that the Smedry has a kill ability. Unless I'm reading it wrong, the Knights can't kill, only convert. A Trouble Magnet didn't die, and that was the only known role that could kill. Assuming that Elkanah was the only Knight (an unfounded assumption) we need to prioritize finding the Smedry as soon as possible. I'm going to be completely honest, I have no idea where to even begin with identifying them. I'd do an analysis, but I'm a little short on time today, so I probably won't be on again until tomorrow sometime. Sorry for silence
  9. Elandera(1): The_God_King Kynedath(1): Fifth Sart(1): xino Coda(1): Sart Locking someone up over lynching them seems to have minimal benefit. IDK if it was already answered, but are prisoners exempted from death by failure to create PMs? If not, then it's just a slow death vs an immediate one, unless a jail-breaker gets themselves involved
  10. I'd be down to reveal PMs this time cause they're random, but in the future it seems less useful
  11. Paper Tosser: This role throws a wadded up paper ball at another player, distracting them and making any action they took that cycle is delayed in the order of actions. Can be used once per cycle Anonymous Contact: Can anonymously send messages up to two people per cycle
  12. I'm here. I'll sign up as Mukluk Topper, a fancy top hat on a pair of worn out hiking boots.
  13. I'd vote, but I'm so very lost. What is even going on? I won't be on basically at all next cycle, apologies in advance