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  2. This is incredibly unlikely. Reen and Vin traveled together for the majority of Vin's life before she met Kelsier, and he died at the hands of Inquisitors by refusing to betray Vin. He was also known to Camon's crew, and Ruin was only able to visibly manifest to those who were spiked after being released
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  6. I don't think I've been in a ffa game yet. Sign me up. This'll be fun. So you're saying it would be a draw basically
  7. I feel that they've done a good job at answering your question, but based on your phrasing, this wob will come as a surprise for you
  8. Yeah they do. My friend was on their FRC team, which was equally bad
  9. I heard a mix of JARVIS and whoever voiced the Ghost in Destiny
  10. I have friends who went to NUAMES. That said, while I think it is a decent school, you guys have a dissapointing VEX team
  11. I may eventually die if I stay on this rank for too long
  12. Zelda Timeline
  13. Sorry for being dead, I had to run a baby shower for my sis, which started an irl sidequest, but that's all taken care of. I'm going to read what I missed and give some opinion. I shall return within the next few hours EDIT: So a few hours have past, and I need sleep so I'll make this brief. The past messages in the "Personal Advertisements" have been on the flowery side, while this one is very to the point. This may be my addled state, but I'm inclined to believe that either we have several tineyes sending us messages, this pointing at Rath was last minute, or this might be our fist tineye message and the previous stuff was Wyrm messing with us. I'm going to sleep on it, I'll get back to y'all when I'm more awake