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  1. I'm tired and on mobile, so I'll make this short. I'm a little surprised that the elims killed elandera, but it wasn't a terrible choice on their part. I think some of you are focusing a little too much on Sart. I have no immediate suspicions right now, but I'll recheck tomorrow morning after some sleep. Current vote is Lumgol(2): Levitaph, Ark1002 Fifth Scholar(1): Sart Shqueeves(1): Fifth Scholar,
  2. My vote increases my chances of being bonded. That was large reason for it. The reasoning behind using a random vote instead of better analysis is i will be out of commission for the majority of the latter half of this cycle, which is usually where a lot of discussion occurs. A stab in the dark is better than no stab at all.
  3. Because I don't trust myself with voting tomorrow, Fifth Scholar, rng has chosen you as a target. I have nothing substantial to add right now, I'm going to reread the rules a few times and see if anything will come to me.
  4. Despite the fact that I'm going to be under some crazy drugs soon after this starts, I'm signing up. Just don't expect much from the the 19th/20th. I'll still be around, but wisdom teeth remove wisdom shortly after they're gone
  5. CURSES, I missed the one rep rank
  6. Yellow is a wonderful color and you shouldn't be insulting it.
  7. This is just an error in the Coppermind. Thank you for pointing it out
  8. Hello y'all. I'm currently sick so I shan't be super active over the next few days, but I exist in my nameless form