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  1. Idealism, although i align quite well with Ruin.
  2. Awakening, with enough breaths you can do a lot of interesting things, besides I like to experiment and there a lot of comands left to discover,and if you add the Tension surge there are endless possibilities.
  3. Skybreakers, if someone is falling from the tower, please go and help them, and, no, "there aren't any rules against falling from the tower" is not a valid excuse.
  4. Bondsmiths, please, remember to ask permission before touching someone to learn their language, and touch them in a place they feel comfortable with. We have had complains.
  5. The only anime I am watching right now is the third season of My Hero Academia.
  6. English Dub in most cases, English Sub in others.
  7. *Hugs*
  8. There is a WoB about that:
  9. The 3 saddest words.
  10. I relate a lot to this:
  11. For me the things I didn't like were Amaran's end and how quickly everyone was ok with Szeth being in their side. I loved the rest of the book.
  12. My favourites are Vin and Elend, Kaladin and Syl, Vivenna and Vasher (As not romantic)
  13. People who use Imperial units.(Sorry)