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  1. Thank you, I really need one that's very nice of you
  2. I am having a really bad week So I have been talking for some time with this girl and we really connected and were really supportive with each other, I felt we were building something special, until this week. We usually talked almost everyday, but she was having a rough time and didn't want to talk, so I just send her some messages wishing her good luck with her day and all that, just the typical stuff I do when someone I care about is not well. Well, then she answer me at the beginning of this week telling me that she had many people on her life and couldn't indulge all of us and she couldn't give all their relationships her all, then stopped talking to me for the whole week. Then today she talked to me again, I told her I was hurt by how she told me that and leave, because it made me feel expendable to her, like she don't care for me really, and told her that I was sorry if I was a pest and that I understood if she wanted to talk less often with me.She told me everyone has expendable really and that she didn't know but she preferred that I stopped talking to her, that she will talk to me when she feels like it and need me. The saddest thing is I was kinda expecting it, since she begun talking to a guy she likes she has been less entusiasthic with me, and now she does this while been all happy and fun and enthusiastic with him on social media makes me think that I simply wasn't worth enough to try and work to mantain this friendship, all her talk about how much she cherished our relationship and how important I was for her didn't matter at the end. This has happended to me time and time again, I connect with someone and everything is great until i am feeling more confident and then they just meet someone better and stop caring about me, suddenly I am just a burden for them. I am sorry for the rant, but I really needed to tell this and vent a little.
  3. Yeah, I actually though his oath would be "I will accept that you cant protect people from their own choices"
  4. What are your favourites theories that were right?
  5. Thanks, i am a little better now that i have blown some steam, i guess some people are just like that. But thank you for the offering it really mean everything to me right now. *Hugs* isolation it's a horrible thing, but if you ever need to talk, we are here.
  6. Thank you! I really needed it today.
  7. So, someone who I considered a friend has decided she has enough of me and has stopped talking to me the momento she has met other people to talk with, apparently I was good enough when she was alone but now that she has more options, I am just a bother to her. The sad part is that it has happened to me over and over again with mostly everyone I meet. Sorry to sound so whiny, but needed to vent it a little bit.
  8. I got Windrunner 74%, Edgedancer 73% and Truthwatcher 69%. For what i have seen i seems that people usually get windrunner and edgedancer really close, which make sense.
  9. Worse job ever. PD: Kings don't taste as good as they think.
  10. I got Windrunner at 74% and Edgedancer at 73% in second place. Getting Windrunner so high is quite unexpected, honestly. Edgedancer is more like me i would think.
  11. This got me really hype to se how other bondsmiths powers differs from dalinar's, although it might be not as easy to discern it because of how/if honor's splintering changed the SF's bondsmith set of powers.
  12. I got Windrunner with edgedancer a really close second, with only 1% less. Edgedancer is not a surprise, but Windrunner really is.
  13. I took it a couples of times to be certain and both times i got the basically the same results, First Windrunner at around 75% and really close begin Edgedancer. I myself feel like edgedancer is probably the right order for me.
  14. Idealism, although i align quite well with Ruin.
  15. Awakening, with enough breaths you can do a lot of interesting things, besides I like to experiment and there a lot of comands left to discover,and if you add the Tension surge there are endless possibilities.