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  1. 401. Try to ensure that you are not associated with people that were born on auspicous days or circumstances. (Seventh son of seventh son, born on All Hallows Eve, born under a comet, etc)
  2. 376. When you kill the Big Bad, destroy anything that can resurrect people or at the very least gather them in one place to safeguard them.
  3. I'll sign up as Molsier Randaller, former servant of House Leradox.
  4. Of course, its not like I misread 338 as 399. /s
  5. 339. If you see a guy in a creepy mask, don’t stop to do a double take, just get the heck out of dodge.
  6. *gets un-squashed by the POWER OF PAIN*
  7. *wins despite not participating on the thread for several months*
  8. Its okay, I’ll gladly take it from you.
  9. 315. Instead of trying to hasten a prophecy or try to stop it, just let it devolep naturally while keeping an eye on it.
  10. 312. If you are an apprentice to some old guy that is a bit on the odd side, pay attention to whatever they tell you to do becuase chances are, they probably were some grand archmage a couple decades back.
  11. Is it a type of meat?
  12. Is it a fruit?
  13. Could it be used for writing?
  14. If Sanderson wrote screenplays, there would be higher quality movies.
  15. 308. Be sure to not have a special someone ie girlfriend, boyfriend, dog. Because if you have to go off to war, chance are they are not going to wait for you or they would just Dear John you while your out on the front.