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  1. Are we 100% sure David Bowie hasn't just moved into another dimension and isn't slowly populating it?
  2. Yay, we've almost killed 2016! AND I'm now officially the Chief of Robot Operations at a small startup making something really cool! (My real job pays more, but the title just can't compete)
  3. When I read the title I thought maybe people here had gone a bit over the top and started writing fan fiction about Brandon. *whew*
  4. Or one that points in both directions!
  5. I DO! Well, several, but I'm trying to narrow it down a bit. What I REALLY want to do is spend a week theorycrafting with him. Love that dude's brain.
  6. So much this. I thought she was a nuanced, complicated character that made quite a bit of sense. She's in WAY over her (or anyone's) head and her being cautious about what she communicates is pretty in-character. Kaladan seemed a bit overly anti-lighteyes there for a while and it seemed like he was a bit slow to grow up, which for a while made him one of the few characters Sanderson's created that I thought felt more controlled by the needs of the story than his own persona.
  7. But has he said definitively the Earth is not the origin of the Cosmere? Every answer I can find is either. 1) The Recokers isn't part of the Cosmere (which I totally buy, though the end of Calamity makes me wonder occasionally) 2) The Earth isn't IN the Cosmere. Which, if I had nuked the Earth to make Cosmere, are pretty much what I'd be saying too while being completely honest and direct. The Earth and Cosmere couldn't exist simultaneously at all in fact. Is there an answer anywhere that says definitively that Hoid was never on Earth for example? I've been looking all day (and looked a bunch a while ago) and can't find a thing that hits the question directly.
  8. This is one of the best headcanons I've read in months. Mind if I steal it in my brain? Great minds think alike (and so do we!) Oh, I've read all the quotes on the topic I could find. And so far every one sounds EXACTLY like what I'd say if I didn't want to reveal that a shattered Earth was the origins of the Cosmere and our home is long gone. Not saying I'm right...but I haven't seen him say anything that firmly contradicts that, and a few things that hint at there having been an Earth sometime in the past (especially Shinovar!) It is! And I may be WAY off. In fact I honestly doubt that the Reckoners universe is connected at all, that's more idle speculation on my part. But it's FUN speculation. Besides, I'm the sort of guy who makes up deliberately wrong theories when I decide something lets me down. Instead of pretending the Midi-chlorians don't exist, I make them awesome and turn 'a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away' into a warning. I fake-think the Game of Thrones takes place on the ruins of the Forest Moon of Endor and Battlestar Galactica is the last humans fleeing the Star Wars galaxy after the Droid Revolution (because they're jerks to droids! OMG!). Sometimes deliberately disrespecting the creators and letting their creations take on a life of their own is far more fun, right? But with the Exodus/Earth/Cosmere bit, I'm actually thinking Sanderson might be very clever and a teensey bit devious.
  9. As somebody who is very into biology, that level of convergent evolution doesn't make sense. Sure, it works for a lazy author, but Sanderson has shown that he's capable of creating things that don't specifically reference Earth with little effort. And why reference them in such detail? And AFTER creating things like the chull, yet on the same world? Chickens weren't previously associated with Yolen, were they? Sure, I could see other authors being that lazy, but not Sanderson. And I'm still not seeing anything close to 'validation' other than 'I can rationalize this'. I see a LOT more that contradicts the 'there never was an Earth' theory than I do that contradicts the 'Exodus' one.
  10. I don't find that very convincing. Brandon has demonstrated that he's fully capable of creating animals that are clearly NOT Earth-related. It looks more like he's deliberately planting seeds to me, especially with how specific some of the references are. I haven't seen a statement that 'there is no connection', just that one is not 'in' the other. That doesn't preclude the Cosmere being the result of some cataclysmic event on Earth and the things that sound like they're from Earth actually being from Earth. Also, as I mentioned... So, I'm not saying 'It can only be the Reckoners!' (In fact if not for Obliteration and the proto-shards I'd not go there) I'm saying ... 1) It very much appears there was an exodus from Earth 2a) Technically, there are a number of scenarios that spawn from the events at the end of Calamity that could create that exodus. 2b) If not, given Brandon's history, it seems likely that something interesting happened to the Earth. 3) (supplemental) There are a number of interesting (and even science-based) ways for the Cosmere to exist that either involve it being very distantly shifted in time or (I think more interestingly, as it allows for the creation of Realmatic theory) existing in a different substrate than the one we exist on (something like Benford's Etsy)
  11. GIR!!!!


    We now conclude this interruption.  Back to your regularly scheduled Sharding.

  12. Oh! Yeah! Sorry! It's NOT a super-solid link and I honestly don't think it's the sort of thing to lay a theory on...but in Arcanum Unbounded in one of the follow-up sections Brandon talks about some of his personal origins for Hoid...which was actually pretty delightful. He always imagined him as a 'person behind the scenes' in movies and such. (I think that says some kind of cool things about Brandon honestly) Alone honestly I don't think it's that meaningful, but when you factor in a bunch of other Earth-like things (anachronistic things in Mistborn as well as that lovely picture, Alodin describing something very much like a lion, chickens and strawberries in Shinovar, and so on) it points to some sort of...I don't know, migration maybe? (That's how Raymond Feist did it in the Mistwar books). Then when you tie the two together with the fact that Hoid was present at the sundering, and that does kind of hint that maybe Hoid was on Earth before he was in the Cosmere. Tenuous and hints, but interesting and fun. (And JUST as interesting if there's no Reckoners connection, but given that they have 'mini' shards already and Obliteration's one idea away from a cataclysmic event, it's intriguing to see if that connects, right?)
  13. I'm not seeing much of a weakness for Obliteration, and he's potentially got the ability to ramp his power up to 12. Up until now he only 'charged up' by hanging out and getting a tan. But in Calamity he had his first visit to space (AFAIK). If it occurs to him to teleport closer to the sun (even if it's just for little 'blinks') then we're potentially looking at literally Earth-shattering levels of power. Mind you, damaging the Earth too much would be just as bad for him as everyone else, but that's kind of his mission now, isn't it?
  14. This is REALLY well thought out! You put a lot of work into this, sir!
  15. theory

    That is delightfully wrong. I very much hope this is true. err...fantasy-true, you know what I mean.